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Found 275 results

  1. Huggy444

    1990 Polo Saloon

    Hi All, First post in here, but frequent a few other forums (mainly Jap Car Forums.....). Just been and purchased my 1990 1.0 5 spd Saloon yesterday, bought it on a whim as my 'slammed' Mk5 Golf TDi daily decided to break and I really can't be bothered to fix it yet in this cold Its a very tidy looking car, the bodywork is pristine except and I haven't noticed any rust yet (Fingers crossed!). Has a few niggly little problems, the handbrake cable has snapped, the exhaust sits very low and rattles like a bugger, plus it cuts out when stopping for red lights etc (presumably due to the idle mixture?). It's also in need of some engine mounts, presumably the rear as the engine rocks when on/off throttle... Wheres the best place to find one?! Alex
  2. PSWPolo

    1.8T in 9N or 9N3

    Did anyone ever put a 1.8T engine in a 9N3 or 9N? Also, did anyone ever put a 9N/9N3 on air ride suspension?
  3. Hi, I have had my 2002 Polo since 2011 and never had to change the battery. It stands most of the time unused outside our house with occasional runs. I took it out this afternoon and ran it for half an hour and parked up, radio, sidelights and blower on for about 20 mins forgetting myself of the consequences. I came to fire it up and the battery was completely dead. Not even a sluggish whrr you usually get when turning the ignition. I got a jump start and it imediatley started and ran as normal. Just parked up and left outside. What I do notice is the car seems more sluggish to drive, not as perky as it has been. I have a yearly service and it had it's MOT in October. Does this seem like it needs a new battery ?
  4. Any one know where I can get 22 of these: N 90279001 hexagon collar nut For camshaft bearing caps. There are like £4 each on ebay = ouch Unless I just use a nut and a washer?
  5. Eilirthomas


  6. Hi guys just a quick one has anyone ever replaced the top engine mount before if so how much of a pig are they?
  7. Hi Everyone, new to the forum, I have a Passat 1.8T wagon but stumped with the issue on the wife’s Polo 1.4 16v BBY 89k, car drives fine mrs can drive it to work and home 4mile round trip and it’s fine, if stopped in traffic or left idleing for a few minutes when warm the EPC starts flashing, car starts to misfire on Number 4 16688, if turned off and restarted the misfire and epc disappears and all is fine, I have tried new coils and plugs and swapped them round, no signs of head gasket failure and no smoke at all. No vac leaks, no other fault codes, I also unplugged the egr and made no difference, TB is spotless, possible injector, Valves, EGR, CTS? Just want to see if anyone has had the same before I take to our local Indy for compression/fault testing. Thanks
  8. Joe_partington

    Engine bay clean up

    Not sure if this has been asked before and I'm new to cars but what is the black stuff in the engine bay that is on either side?
  9. Can someone please confirm the G40 oil sump gasket is the same as the MK2f 1991 polo because I am using a shallow sump from the MK2 on the 6N which fits. I have seen baffle plates available for the G40 1.3 1986 - 1994 where the fitting looks identical to the sump I am using now for the 6N. Please see picture.
  10. Adamk

    Polo 6n2 Got build

    Iv just got a Polo 6n2 gti my plans are to pretty much strip it clean it and rebuild it with new parts aswel as powder coat as much as I can. So far iv Stripped all the interior out cleaned it all. Refurbed all the calipers and painted back red. New discs and pads all round Cleaned and treated inner arches New inner rear arch liners New arche screw And clips Rear top powerflex bushes New rear brake lines Rear axle stripped treated and painted will be powder coating Rear cross member replaced painted Rear bumper painted I'll try and upload photos
  11. Hi all, I was hoping my first thread to be me starting with my Polo project, but that needs to wait until I fix my other Polo, for which I need a bit of help as a quick search didn't pan out :( Basically the troublesome Polo has issues with cold start. It starts and cuts off almost immediately. After 5 minutes of struggle to rev it, it manages to stay on, and after a while (as it warms up), there is no problem with starting it again... Starting it directly on LPG also has no issues. So generally I though the petrol pump was bust, but I checked with another one, and there is no difference. The only error it has is about the lambda sensor. It had it way before any issues where presented. At some point the catalytic converter was also removed. The throttle body is also clean and working properly. So as I have another 6n2 Polo with the same engine, I wanted to swap the lambda sensors and check if it would change anything. We only managed to swap the MAP sensors and make sure it is not from them, as the lambda sensors apparently are different. So the question at the moment is why are they different? The troublesome Polo is using a square plug sensor, where the other one is using the way cheaper flat plug sensor :) If I get a flat one for the troublesome Polo and just rewire the plug will it work, as this is normally done with other vehicles, using universal lambda sensors with the existing original wiring?
  12. micky1991

    New lease of life to an old derby!

    Ok guys I’m new to the forum and new to v dubs! I acquired this car some years ago and didn’t really have much interest in it so stored it until I decided what to, at the time was well deep into the renault sport world so can only apologise for taking so long to do anything with it! Its a 1984 mk2 polo classic (derby) I believe! Corrections if needed please as I say I’m new to this scene. Everythjng is orginal with only 91,000 miles and being in the same family for around 20 years before I purchased it, was always dry stored and well maintained and looked after. Here come the good bits, any advice, guidance and overall comments are greatly appreciated and welcomed and I’m happy to be involved with what looks like a friendly no funny business forum! Enjoy guys thanks, Mick Appleby
  13. KBM

    Petrol to Diesel

    My friend and i are starting a project to convert my 6n2 1.0 to a 1.4 TDI. I understand its a big job (really don't need another lecture) To cut a long story short, has anyone else done this?. Thanks in advance :p.
  14. Hyptix

    new guy from Telford here

    Hi guys im from telford, had a few polos all 6n2s currently got a red 6n2 tdi 3 door, which is a daily project, also looking at buying a polo 6n estate to drop a vr6 in (see my other thread) looking to go to the dyno run in February as the derv should have about 110hp -120hp by then unless ive finished the estate off always looking for mad ideas with polos and got a soft spot for the mk3s so im sure my collection will only grow
  15. rozza92

    I'm Back! Ross' GTI

    Hi all! So after some years since owning my last polo I am once again a polo owner! Had a 6n 16v as my first car which I loved and spent too much money on. I am sure the build thread is still on here somewhere. Here is a quick picture of it before I sold it Then the urge for more power kicked in so I upgraded to a MK4 Golf GTI which I wish I never sold. Again, spent far to much on this one as well (will see a common theme going on with my cars here) Then came the biggest mistake I ever made, moving away from VW. Brought this money pit of an Astra which had nothing but problems. Brought it as I needed a diesel and it was cheap at the time although now I know why it was cheap! Now as I am moving into london I only need a cheap run around I thought I would get a polo again. This GTI popped up cheap so it was brought this afternoon for £900. Its got just under 100k on the clock and is in great condition. Got a few bits to sort as with any 16 year old car but overall I am very pleased with it Going to try not to spend much on this one but I'm sure that wont last long as usual!
  16. Hi guys looking for some information about what it takes to take the vr6 engine out a mk3 golf and drop it into the 6n estate, not much coming up on the web besides a really old thread on here just showing it finished. i know the two cars run the same chassis so subframe wise it should bolt in, but i cannot think of any serious problems with swapping the engines. so can some one correct me or should it be straight front as swap the ecu and loom then swap and bolt all the engine bits across including driveshafts, only think i think may be an issue is the drive shaft spline on a vr6 would be different to the polo. if any one can shed some light onto this as im looking into buying a clean estate.
  17. Hey guys! Winter is coming and I don't really plan to need my Polo that much Thus I'm thinking to invest some time in tinkering with it. I will soon start a build thread for it, as I initially got it just for a backup car, but now I want to "play" with it . Before that thou, I wanted to ask some questions, about things that I'm not fully clear on I do have some power issues with the car. The clutch cable and the clutch itself were garbage when I got the car, and I fixed them, but the shop didn't do a good job with the clutch cable and I'll need to replace it again - the clutch pedal is very heavy, noisy, sticks often and doesn't release smoothly. Still when I compare the car to my brother's Polo (same engine but AUA), there is very noticeable difference in how the car accelerates and how much easier and quicker it revs - it did also have clutch and cable changed at about the same time. It is good to mention that the AUA Polo hasn't seen proper maintenance in about 3-4 years, while in the past 2 years it was running with a faulty head - losing a lot of oil and coolant regularly. Still after a simple head gasket change, clutch and cable it runs times better than the AHW Polo that seemingly doesn't have anything wrong with it... Both Polos have their Cats removed, where for the AHW I have a whole new exhaust, except the manifold. So, either way I do plan to service the engine of the AHW Polo. And I do have the bold idea of trying to do it myself, mostly as a challenge What I want to do: 1. Service the head: - new set of inlet and exhaust valves - new valve seals - polish on the head and the valve beds - outsource - new gasket 2. Block - probably just cleaning the cylinders and changing the rings 3. Timing belt - belt, pulleys, water pump, etc. Most of the things above are fairly well documented, and I shouldn't find it very hard to do, but I do plan on upgrading the engine in the future at two-three stages, and wanted to know if I should plan ahead, if I'm opening the head Stage 1 - GTI upgrade I already have inlet and exhaust manifolds + throttle body from a GTI. I do plan of adding them after servicing the engine. And as far as I know I will need to remap the ECU for the new throttle body Question 1: Should I even bother with trying to remap the ECU myself, when the change is only the throttle body. An ECU tool is fairly cheap and I think it should be a nice entry level job At a later stage I might go for the supercharging fun, but wanted to ask about the engine mods that I see being done around it - fast road camshafts, decompression plates, bigger valves, etc. Question 2: Should these things be done to the engine only when adding the supercharger, or they can be done earlier? - are these the cams I should be looking for? - can somebody quote me which bigger valves are being used in such a set up - would a CLK W208 supercharger do the trick? Question 3: If I decide not to go for airflow mods, should I just add better cam shafts to the GTI mod and call it a day? Do the new cam shaft (either from a 101hp 1.4 16v or a fast road one) require a remap? Note: I was thinking about an engine swap, but I decided to play with this engine. I do have a bigger engine car and I am not really looking to make this Polo be something crazy.
  18. Hi, i know that this question has been asked for dozen of times. I have bought a plug n play remote keyless entry adapter for my polo 6n2. I have Installed it with the plug n play cable within 5 minutes and it works without any problems but there is still something missing which is actually very important for me. I want my indicator lights to flash when i close or open the doors. As per the information I get from the people on the internet, I need to connect brown cables to the rear left and right lights. But as far as i see, there is a bulk of cables which goes to the real bulb holder card (cluster) both on the right and left side of the trunk. Now the piece of information i have found on the internet states that I need to connect one of the brown cables to the black and white cables on the left side and to the green and black wires on the right side. Actually i don't know how to do this as I was not able to find any pictures about it. I am afraid that I might cut those wires. Are there any options without cutting and soldering those wires? Also from one of the forums I have seen that you can connect the brown cables directly to the blink socket of the rear bulb cluster. But I guess this is not valid for vw polo 6n2 because I can see 3 different kinds of sockets which one of them with 2 legs and the other two are with 3 and 5 legs. Anyway any help any diagram for the indicator lights setup would be really helpful for me. I appreciate your help. Thank you very much in advance...
  19. Not sure what engine oil to buy have been told semi synthetic but I don’t know what te numbers mean as I’m new to cars. Any help would be great. Cheers :) i have a 1989 mk2 polo s 1.3L Petrol.
  20. Joe_partington

    Cambelt kit

    Hi guys, I need to replace the cambelt on my 1989 polo s however I can’t seem to find a kit with it all in (water pump etc). If anyone has any advise I’d appreciate it. 1.3l engine 4speed Cheers :)
  21. Hey Guys Hope you can help me with this one, as its starting to really do my head in. Last Saturday my car died after pulling out from a junction, got it to the side of the road and tried starting it again. It was cranking over but not starting and the locks started locking and unlocking.. Thinking it was something serious I rang the RAC. RAC man came out and scanned the car, fault was to do with the engine control relay, cleared the code and then the car started fine, so drove it home. Few days later the car died again, scanned it myself and got P0688, car wouldn't start but still cranked so bought a new relay fitted it under the steering column. Car then worked fine for a few days, until yesterday when i started her up, picked the girlfriend up from work, and then parked outside our house. Ten minutes later I go out to the car to go out and the car wont even crank, absolutely nothing when i try to start the car. Like before the locks pop up and down on the turn of the key but no cranking this time. To get the car started I had to get a jump start, which allowed the car to start up fine. Scanned the car again and this time got P0685 which is a different code. Put the car on charge over night and seems to be okay for the time being, but can only be a matter of time before it lets go again. Some Google searching has suggested the J271 Relay under the bonnet. Could this be the cause? Any idea what this could be guys? Car is a Polo 9n3 Gti. Cheers in advance RamJam
  22. My polo started making a weird noise a few days ago. Any ideas what it might be? It only starts making the noise when the car is warmed up and doesn’t seem to do it when sat still and ticking over or when reversing. Only thing I can think of is a belt maybe? I’ve never heard a noise like it on any car. Any ideas would be a huge help. Link to sound below https://youtu.be/DdjgHpeYPH8
  23. jrrhatton@aol.com

    My 1991 polo coupe - 14 hour drive to collect!

    Think this is my first post on here but had a few posts up on Facebook in the usual polo groups and have been told I should make a build thread. well I'm not usually about showing off the work ive been doing I prefer to just take my car to shows to look good but I think this would be a good way of keeping on track of what all ive done and also might be able to help out a few people if they have any questions ect and hopefully give some people a bit of inspiration to get there projects underway. Anyways I bough my 1991 polo coupe in may 2016, drove it 14hours up the road from Bristol to Fraserburgh. wouldn't have taken that long if the fan would have worked but never mind, I got it up the road eventually. when I bought it I bought it from an apprentice painter who did a closed door re-spray which makes the car look amazing till you opened either the boot, bonnet or looked underneath, he also had a set of polo 6n steels banded and he painted them himself too, I personally like them, it was sat on 60/40 TA lowering spring that were far too soft for the car! it had a leaky sunroof which I suspect is aftermarket. I had been looking for insurance for quite some time before I decided to just wait a year till its cheaper and more manageable so since it was going to be off the road for about a while I decided to start getting things tidied and freshened up. first thing I did was change the coolant, fitted a new fan and coolant temperature switch I also painted the fan couling as I am a fan of having things looking smart. I also fitted a new coolant reservoir just to sproose things up abit. I then got full set of alpine speakers to replace the original and rather perished speakers, I also got an original VW radio to fit it too. I took it into my head to take out most of the interior mainly to check for rust as I wasn't convinced it wasn't rotten just yet haha. I was rather pleased to find it was solid under the carpet too, but before putting everything back in I repaired a few dents and gouges in the inner rear wheel arches and rubbed down and painted the inside of the boot as it just looked tired and abused. I then started with the back, removed the rear axle rubbed it all down and painted it, fitted new bushes and also painted the hangers on the car side, bought new drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, brake pipe flexis and handbrake cables, but before I fitted the axle again I removed the rear suspension and painted the inner arches. I then fitted shiny new TA technics coilovers bolted on the axle, stub pins fitted all the brakes to the rear. doesn't seam like a lot but doing everything yourself it take a lot of time and effort, I then set about the front... so at the front I removed the struts, track rods, brake flexi pipes I than painted in the inner arches and fitted new ta technic coilovers with new stone guards new hubs new wheel bearings new track rods and flexi pipes, painted the callipers and carriers fitted new discs and pads too. think that's about it but probably missed a few things, I should have made a build thread as and when I was doing things.
  24. polo 6N Can someone please confirm the below: hand tight tensioner place the tensioner pointer so it is inline with the final prong then while you hold the pointer there , you have to torque up the main bolt. The problem I have is when you torque the bolt down , it does not hold the pointer. the pointer just springs back. Broken tensioner? No way of keeping it there. This engine was bought from a breakers and the cambelt was assembled and tensioned. I then took the engine apart. Can a tensioner break from just removing it . Find that odd.
  25. I recently bought a MK2F polo, and when i started work on it, I snapped my cam cover bolt, if anyone could refer me to somewhere that stocks these, or if anyone has one, I will pay for postage, as I recently went to a genuine VW parts shop, and they told me the parts had stopped being manufactured back in like 2011, 2012 Thanks
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