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Found 296 results

  1. I had a bit of a problem I wanted to fit Vauxhall Brakes got the carrier and calliper and had new brake hoses made. Problem is they don't fit under the wheel by a nats nuts. I think I need different carrier has anyone else done the Vauxhall set? Or I go back to the 1H0615123C standard callipers until I get bigger wheels or be brave enough to shave the carriers
  2. residentmelon

    MK2 Saloon it's been while

    It's been a while that I have posted or done anything on my car it's been a hard few years in life. But had enough and I want the car finished and ready for me to get married in. This was the old one I got this from Phil J, unfortunately, dies from rust.near seat belt points. New Shell no engine no suspension just a bare shell What is used to look like The engine bay has been stripped of all the smoothing as it was all flaking off. under the smoothing and a ton of filler there were a few bad bits which have now been sorted I will upload more pictures once I find a better photobucket
  3. NillaPolo

    EPC light

    Hi guys, I currently have a problem with my car and just wondering if anyone can help me out at all. The EPC signal is coming up on my car and I'm not really sure what it is. My car is currently not in use as I'm no longer learning in it and waiting for my test to come up, this has caused a flat battery. The battery went flat the other month and I jump started it using a friends car and on that day the car worked and drove perfectly fine and no signals came up, however it's not been used since, hence the flat battery again, but a few days after this I checked the car again and the EPC light came on. Does anyone know what the problem may be when this signal appears and if it's easily fixable? Thanks :)
  4. ElliotTowler

    Polo 6n2 Automatic

    Looking for help, my mums got a 6n2 auto, it's cutting out on short drives like as you come to stop it's cutting the engine out. Rather annoying when you're driving slow and it cuts out all of a sudden. Does it on roundabouts and when slowing down for corners. Any help much appreciated.
  5. Matty4113

    Hello from Hampshire

    Hi All, had polos for years but thought I'd show my new baby off! 21k Miles from new and a full VW history; she's like brand new. Anyway here's a picture and looking forward to gaining some knowledge. matt
  6. Tatoobob64

    Polo 6N2 GTI . From Holland

    Hello, My name is Bob and i live in Leiden,Holland. I have an 6n 1.4 and 6n2 GTI. Now i'm looking for some UK parts for the 6N2. So maybe guys you can help me . I'm looking for the rearlight on the right side.
  7. Arasspillihp


    Car is juddering in first gear, fine idling, fine in every other gear, but juddering in first. Any ideas ?
  8. Just wondering if 5w30 semi synthetic oil is okay to use in my polo? If not what oil is best? Thanks Jack
  9. Over the past few days ive noticed that 5th is starting to crunch above about 2k. Im guessing its 5th syncro. Does anybody know if you can take the end case off the gearbox whilst its still in the car, and replace 5th and syncro? Or is it a full strip down? many thanks
  10. Breaking for spares polo gti Alloys with almost new tyres £250 coilovers about 1 year old £100 Gti interior £100 Engine and gearbox with new clutch recently fitted 104k recent cam belt less than 6k ago with wiring if needed £500 5door wind deflectors £20 Xenon headlights £100 Gti bumpers with fogs £100 pair Anything else needed just ask and il give you a price Open to offers on all listed Located near acle Norfolk Freddie
  11. Hello guys, doing engine change on my polo 6n2 1.4 8v match model, and I'm new to the forum I'm going to be putting a 1.6 arc engine into my 1.4 8v and it's going to have everything else needed for the conversion (brakes, rear disk beam) so just gunna be engine running gear ect, all I really need to know is what I actually need to change the motor, I believe it's just the following: engine loom ecu gearbox driveshafts radiator steering column steering rack Does the gti loom just plug into my interior loom and it will work or have I got to do some electrical wizardry? also is there anything I've missed, and how easy is it as it's my only car I use to get to work and don't want it overhanging the week I plan to take off to do this. any help appreciated and sorry if it's In the wrong section. Thankyou!!!
  12. Let me know on price etc more local to dudley the better
  13. callumensor

    Polo Blue GT

    Looking at getting my Blue GT remapped, does anyone have their Blue GT remapped and can provide figures such as 0-60 times etc. Has fuel improved? Keen to see whether this car remapped is similar spec to a gti or faster? Cheers in advance :)
  14. What Car? Magazine are planning to do a video celebrating 40 years of the What Car? Car of the Year award - and we hope to include every previous winner. In 1995 they named the Volkswagen Polo as our Car of the Year, so they're trying to find a model from that year (but any Mk3 would do) to use in their video that they'll be shooting on 1st September in Alconbury. Can you help or do you happen to know anyone that could help? Any help would be hugely appreciated! There isn't much time left to get this sorted so if you could give DOUG a call or send him an email asap that would be great. Contact Details: ZERO 78875072 TWO EIGHT doug.revolta[AT]haymarket[DOT]com Thanks
  15. Hi i have a 1.4 3 door 85bhp polo 11 plate i want tips on how to make my exhaust louder any tips?
  16. Jordan 0177

    New Member

    Hi all brand new member and proud owner of an 11 plate polo 1.4 3 door anything i should know about the car?
  17. Has anyone got any polo 6n2 or golf mk3 seats for sale please if anyone has the mk3 golf seats in the lighter colour instead of black ??? Sorry if it's in wrong one wouldn't let me post in different forum for some reason
  18. eurorob

    Breadvan inspiration

    Recently bought myself a breadvan, had one years ago and when I saw this forsake it brought back memories so I just had to buy it, looking for a bit of inspiration for what to do with her, I'm fancing a bit of a retro stance kind of look for it but what pics have you guys got to give me inspiration
  19. stormtrooper

    Lots of fault codes.

    I've just bought a Polo for my girlfriend after having a 6n. The engine even management light came on, on the way home from the garage. We took the car back and of course the light never came back. I borrowed a scanner from a friend and it came up with the following codes. Help with how to fix these would be much appreciated! Engine control module - 01314 : Check DTC Memory. Engine speed sensor (g28) - 16706 : No signal : P0322. Airbag deactivation warning lamp - passenger side : 01578. High pressure sensor (g65) - 00819 static signal too low. The not so bad sounding ones.. Loudspeaker (s) front - 00852 sporadic open circuit. Heated outside mirrors - 00920 : drivers side (z4) passenger side (z5) Supply voltage B+ - 00532 : signal too low Radio - 01304 : 004 no signal/communication Supply voltage - terminal 30 - 00668 : signal too low. Power train data bus: missing message from a/c controller - p1635 : 18043 Heated rear window (z1) short circuit to positive : 00975 Drive battery voltage - 01598 There's also a section for a 'readiness test' it failed on the following.. -Catalyst -o2 sensor -heated o2 -EGR system Obviously the top ones are the worst but would like to get rid of all/most of them. I just scanned my mk5 gti and no faults were found. ?
  20. I recently bought a 9n 54 plate Polo. We haven't refuelled it yet and the fuel flap doesn't open automatically. Should it open when the car is unlocked? I read that I can manually over ride it from inside the boot by pushing the actuator up with a screw driver but obviously this isn't ideal. Is this common and what's the fix? Not sure if it's related but the passenger door doesn't lock as it should when you lock the drivers side.
  21. Moly220

    New Black GTI on the road

    Hey guys Welcome all a new GTI on the roads.. Test drove the ST and vxr but the Gti won quite clearly lol love the thing to bits even though it took forever to arrive lol Anyone been to any track days? Looking into Oulton Park this summer
  22. Hi all, Long time member, minimal poster, unless it's when there's an emergency! I've had a stock 2001 6N2 GTI 5dr in Silver since 2008 and is rapidly approaching 160K on the clock and was looking for some insight into what to do next in terms of keeping this car on the road and in it's best condition and wanted to learn from anyone elses experiences. Some basic facts: Purchased 2008 - 35K on the clock approx. Has been regularly serviced every year or 10,000 miles Recent Cambelt and Waterpump change at 158K having perhaps missed one or two since 90K Recent Alternator swapout after the original finally gave up Running Eagle F1's all round on original 15" BBS split rims Was part of the Pedal Box recall or missed the boat on the issues, not sure but remember not being a cause for concern when I looked into it -Gearbox still sounds quiet and shifts ok with some stickyness, expected from an old car, none of the usual bearing issues that were known of. -Aircon doesn't work anymore - compressor clutch activates, gas in the system but does not activate when switched on, signal not reaching solenoid so I'm guessing bad wiring somewhere. -Intermittent ABS light - suspected from faulty NSR wheel sensor -Temperature gauge fails to work, every 3rd-4th start? Again, probably some wiring. -Headlamps doing their usual deterioration, need a restoration -Wheels in desperate need of a refurb So this may seem like a pretty arbitrary run down of all my cars faults and niggles, but having owned this car for almost ten years and genuinely being in love with it from styling to handling, I want to give it the best attention possible whilst remaining stock. Are there any suggestions for either stock or slightly uprated parts I can look into, or what the next steps would be to maintaing it's life expectancy or things I should prepare myself for down the line? Any info, much appreciated, Tom
  23. Found a camshaft for a 1.3 and the numbers on the shaft between the lobes is 030 9c is this a GT camshaft
  24. Alex&his6n2

    My Red 6n2 Build Thread?

    Hi everyone! My name is Alex and im new to club polo, i drive a flash red 5 door 6n2 polo and i love it! ive had the car for a while now and have started to do some modifications to get it how i want it to look, i am on a student budget so coilovers will have to wait until i can save up - anyway, here is my build thread so far! So the little polo had been sat for years in a bush with a broken gearbox and plants growing all over it, until i came along and with help from friends and family we got her a new box and got her on the road. This is her stock on standard steelies - such a pretty little machine! First thing i new i wanted was wheels, so my dad got in touch with a mate and managed to get me some BBS RAs - from a mk2 golf gti! Then i decided to paint a few things. First i did my front grill black to make it stand out a bit more - i also painted my front splitter red to make the bumper look a bit smoother, what a difference that made! i got a hold of some new door speakers for free so i installed those with new grates - they sound way better than my standard ones i thought my front end could do with an added touch so i took the 16v badge from my engine cover and glued it to my grill - looking good! also got a guy on facebook to photoshop my car slammed! Its gonna look so good! hopefully i will remember to upload some more photos as the build progresses! Or simply follow me on instagram @alex.6n2 ??
  25. Hi, In the first week of July we are driving from Dover to the north cost of Devon & Cornwall and back with our purple Polo G40. Our Polo (7/1994) has driven already more than 500.000 km. If you like, you can watch two video's of our car on Youtube. Please feel free to comment on these video's. And, if you see us please say Hello and we will buy you a drink! :-) Best regards, Koen and Wilma http://www.g40.nl/smf/index.php?topic=11732.0 1. Actually reaching the 500.000 km (2 min): 2. Professional video for Automotive Magazine "Autoweek" (English subtitled!)
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