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Found 289 results

  1. My polo 1.0 se’s Blower would only work on number 4, so I did some research and discovered that it was the heater resistor. I replaced it and now the blower works on all 4, however there is a fishy burning sort of smell when the blower is on either 1,2 or 3. I wondered if anyone knows what the cause of this is and what I should do?
  2. Zeeuk1

    My Polo

    Hey! I'm a new member of ClubPolo.co.uk. Here's my 1994 MK2F 1.3 Polo.
  3. Recently I have bought a VW Polo 6n2 1.4. Been doing a little bit of research on wheels as the alloys that came with the car are pretty scuffed up and not really wanting to refurb them. I have bought a set of mx5 (4 x 100 ) which when I’ve looked up said they were the same fitmemt as the alloys originally on however the spigot seems to be slightly too small, the wheel won’t slide on 😕 does anybody have any recommendations into making them to fit? Or have I been stupid and got something wrong? Cheers Charles
  4. Hi to all fellow VW enthusiasts! So I just recently purchased my 2F “Match” edition which was the last of the run out models so came with the sport radar alloys and Sony flip stereo as standard (so a slightly special model 🤣) What IS so special about this particular car though is that it used to belong to my grandad from brand new and I remember the day that he got it back in 94. Growing up I spent many an hour in the back of his Polo on trips out with my brother. Long story short but the car was sold 8 years ago (my grandad sadly passed away) and that was that...... Fast forward to the present day and after attending a few car shows I have been wanting an old VW in my life to play with (it was an itch I had to scratch) I never thought though that I would actually track down my grandads old Polo!! Even though it had been off the road a few years, a deal was struck (she had changed hands 3 more times and was just festering on a driveway) some fettling and a new battery got the old girl going and I have started to bring her back to her former self (so far, new steering column with ignition, new front wing, tyres, brakes and a service) and I intend to keep her standard as the day my grandad bought her 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Thanks for reading my story, welcome any thoughts/ideas/suggestions! 👌🏻
  5. Ladies & Gents Within a few weeks of collecting my Polo SEL in May of this year I managed to scratch the centre vent console whilst taking out the USB cable used to power my mobile. Rather than simply leaving it I couldn't resist trying to get the scratch out and, yes you've guessed it, I've made a right mess of it and really can't live with it for the next five years or so. My less than helpful dealer eventually gave me what they said was the part number - V2G2858415ACRGK - and quoted £270 which appears excessive for what appears to be a relatively small pop in/pop out console? I've searched the net under the part number but have had no hits. I would appreciate any help please. Regards Sheps
  6. Hello, I have recently purchased a 2006 polo TDI knowing it had a few electrical faults. One of these faults is that when the weather gets cold the central locking and windows fail to work. Stereo interior lights still work. Any ideas of where this issue could lie? Many thanks
  7. Marshall

    Mansfield area anyone?

    Would be good to know some local VW guys, pm me
  8. prankstar2003

    Lots of Polo Parts

    Lots of polo parts from MK2s mostly, although a few from other models. Prices are upon request as there are so many, but for the purposes of forum rules, everything is £5. In reality I'll just want to cover postage costs and maybe a few pounds to fund the ongoing restoration. Parts range from tiny trim clips to whole panels. List is accessed via the link below https://1drv.ms/x/s!AjU5ikMqY-bbcx1FaUX-e28LASU
  9. Hi guys! Massive issue! I don’t know is anyone here can help! Ive got air ride fitted to my Polo 6n2 and I’ve just went to air up (raise the car) and it made a strange air noise come from the rear I’ve been to investigate and the top mount is around 10cm out of the holder.. I’m rapidly loosing pressure in that bag also! Any my help is massively appreciated!! 74E46E97-79C0-4AF7-AC2B-760FD2B3033D.MOV
  10. Djf94

    17' Polo GTI mods?

    New to this site so hoping I'm doing this right. I own a 2017 Polo Gti and am looking to do a few mods to make it different. Looking for some websites or any pointers / advice. Was going to upload a pic of my car but seems to be too large an image size...
  11. Hello everyone. Ill double this post as my greet as neither seemed long enough for seperate posts. Im felix. Always enjoy a good forum and ive always loved vws but nwver had one. Just got my first 6n2. And within 48 hours i breakdown. Had engine management light. And around 2 hours later battery light.(to which i started to head home around 13miles and brokedown after 10 miles) and just prior to it dieing had the ecm. Abs. Temp. Airbags and oil pressure lights come on. Car then died and would just click and not start. I think ive traced it to either alternator or the alternator to battery lead. Id really appreciate input/advice as im self taught and may be going wrong! Also if anyone knows anyone in cardiff who comes out with a fancy vag laptop to diagnose please holla! Nice to meet you all and thanks 🙂
  12. I have recently bought a 2007 1.4 VW Polo. I am still adjusting to driving the car and one thing I have managed quite a few times is going uphill in too higher gear or shifting up too soon (my previous car had a bigger engine). However when I do this in the polo I have noticed it shudders - I assumed this was normal as when I shifted down a gear it would stop shuddering and I could shift up once I picked up some more speed. What worries me is sometimes when I do this the check engine light flashed for maybe 3 seconds until I shift down and then it goes out. After it does this I always check for error codes using my odb scanner but no errors are every found... Is this maybe just normal behaviour for the polo because it gets close to stalling? The car runs fine otherwise and the CEL never comes on at any other time.
  13. chrisrhyl1959

    Polo MK4 or MK6 ?

    Just brought my first polo this week a Jan 2005 registered 1.2L 3 Cylinder and I am confuse as to which model I have ?. I thought it was a MK4 but on here it appears to be a mk6 yet I look on other places including Wikipedia and they have the 2018 model as a MK6. From an easily confused polo owner
  14. took engine out and thought while it's out change a few things at same time. power steering hoses , i think theres two of them. they both look abit rusty in some places. anyway of cleaning them down, take rust off and spray some paint on them? new ones cost 70-80 pounds each
  15. Hi I'm really struggling to find the most ideal performance upgrades for my polo, I was just wondering what people have done to their 1.3 carbed 6 speed engines as I really want to get the power up but I'm not sure what's the best for it. Thanks
  16. My polo mk2f was broken into and the steering column twisted round 90degrees, as they tried stealing it! They didnt succed but i now need a complete steering column.. and other stuff that im waiting for my garage to send me the full list. I really dont want to have to scrap my car, so any help with the parts would be very handy😔
  17. Fault code 07683 control limit surpassed has shown up on my vcds has anyone got any idea what this fault is please?
  18. Hi, i have lowered my VW Polo 6n and seem to be getting positive camber in the front only on one side though... so basically instead of the wheel sitting out it’s pointing inwards! Very strange I think the previous owner has used washers on the rear... does anyone have a clue how I can resolve this? I don’t mind using washers if I have to! Just want to stop it driving odd and feel like I’m driving on my outer sidewall! Any helo would be grand!
  19. Decided to have a crack at replacing the sensor as it seems like a 2 min job, however being a complete noob, my brain was frazzled after opening the engine cover. Is the green thing in the photo the sensor? Any help would be appreciated, cheers.
  20. Hi I need some help finding some wheels fro my polo and maybe some help with the widest i can get my wheeks , and what diameter etc. I am looking for wheels with a wider offset or wider wheels. and some help on stretch tyres Thanks for your help and time
  21. Has anyone brought anything off polo performance parts recently? I can't seem to get a reply to emails or even after iv brought some bushes I haven't had a confirmation email or anything, I know these guys are busy do other stuff but there local to be and wanted to support the store.
  22. this black hose from the cannister must be made from some special kind of rubber ? it keeps dirtying the rag everytime I try to wipe it down. as if rubbers coming off it all time. is this how it's supposed to be or do I replace it. has the fuel vapours breaking it up?
  23. 6N AFH. Don't think these spacers were not on when removing the driveshafts unless the were disguised in grease. Part no 3 on diagram Are they even necessary? I'm renewing the bolts. 12 oem's for £20.

    Polo wing mirror

    Evening all, today my right polo wing mirror has fallen out of its casing, only the heating wire is holding the mirror. does anyone know any good adhesive etc to use? cheers.
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