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Found 44 results

  1. Hi Again! Back once again looking for answers; I've got a 6n2 1,4 AUA engine and gearbox ETD Have been looking around for a new gearbox as mine is completely knackered* Found a DKE gearbox for cheap, aware that the ratios differ but can't be picky when used boxes directly interchangable with the ETD start at 450 Euros, not including clutchkit and such. My question this evening is what kind of clutch kit should I buy? One that fits the AUA engine or one that fits the 1,6 engine the gearbox came from? AUA seems like the logical answer or am I way of?
  2. Hi My 1990 1043cc HZ egnined has a dragging clutch which appears to be caused by broken fingers. Looking online and back on the forum here, I'm confused which type I need. Some threads suggest fitting one listed for a much later engine? Some refer to 180 or 190 mm but both sizes seem to refer to the same engine. Is there a definitive way of identifying the clutch required before I remove it from the car? Trying to avoid leaving the car in a friends garage with the gearbox out for a week whilst I measure and order a new clutch. Thanks in advance, K
  3. Hi guys, I have posted on here before regarding this issue, but I've had more of a look at the car now, based on previous comments. Basically, when driving from cold, the car is pretty much spot on gear change wise, the linkage noise is a bit more apparent than in other cars but that's about it. Once it's warmed up, it's like a totally different car. The clutch pedal goes stiff, and it creaks pretty badly, it hates downshifting (when turning in/approaching a roundabout etc). It also crunches into gear quite often, and there is a whine when decelerating. If I'm at a set of lights, it won't go into first unless I press the pedal a couple of times. The next day, once it's cooled down, it's fine again. It never pops out of gear, and the clutch doesn't slip. Once in gear it drives fine apart from the whining. We jacked it up and checked the level, fluid came out of the fill hole quite a lot, so we drained about 1/2 a litre until it trickled out, the fluid looked pretty fresh, when I bought the car the previous owner had clearly kept his eye on it, as he gave me some fluid with it. My mate adjusted my clutch cable at the same time, and it seemed a lot better, but again once it had warmed up it went back to being a massive annoyance! The clutch cable is pretty new, but I didn't fit it Can anyone shed some light on this for me. I've had one of these before, and whilst it changed gear fine, it did whine. Part of me thinks the whining is gearbox related, and the rest is another issue. Thanks for any help!
  4. I live in Sweden where VW sells a premium model of the 9N Polo called Cross Polo (17" BBS tires and some differences from the standard model however you guys know more, hence i'm here. A friend serviced the drivetrain a week a go, not sure of the exact words however everything - however everything from the clutch to the tires. 300£ in parts! Had the clutch changed a year ago at a shop. Feels alright to me, however the repairshop didn't put fit the rubber "gaskets" with original tightening clips and the right lube, thus the service now. Anyway.. 20miles after the service i get this strange sound that sounds like a screwdriver. Sounds like it comes from under the car. Around the "pilar" where the doors front and backdoor meets. Had to drive it this week in spite, however the noice comes and goes. Over maybe 300 more miles the noice is much darker sounding. Now it can be 50miles with no noice and then lots of noice over a period of 1 and 5minutes with and differs in intensity from noticeable and "oh my god the whole car is breaking down". Clutch in or out makes no difference, nor does what gear i'm in, speed or RPM. Clueless as to what made the car start sounding like that however it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the drivetrain. Sometimes i can make the noice go away by driving a certain rpm for 30 seconds Clutch, gearbox, exhaust or resonance in some kind of metal plate? 57100miles, fresh engine oil. It's been 14months as above have no issues with the clutch. Cam chain not replaced. That's about all the information i can provide.. Hope someone out there has a a fix!
  5. Hey all, i recently picked up an '86 breadvan and its awesome! However.. the clutch pedal is really stiff to push down, and the gears are sometimes hard to get out of, like it sticks in gear and have to wiggle it a bit! The biting point of the clutch is pretty high on the pedal, barely have to push it down, not sure if thats relevant but if anyone could lead me in the right direction as to what might be causing the stiffness that would be awesome!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post so I apologise for any discrepancies in advance. I drive a 51 plate, Polo 9N, 1.2 three-cylinder, AZQ engine code with 120k miles on the clock. Recently my polo has developed a problem when idling which at first appeared to be intermittent although now has become constant. normally idling at around 8-900 rpm, the rpm would "dip" to around 500 rpm sounding as if the engine was about to stall, at which point the idle would erratically increase to around 1000-1100 rpm and then stabilise again at the norm. This occurs a couple times a minute. Also, my clutch is soon to be on the way out and the clutch bearing makes a huge racket, although when I press the clutch down, the noise goes away and the idle "dips" seem to be less frequent, could there be any connection between the two? Furthermore, I've recently changed the throttle body for another from a scrapy and also bought a new temp sensor as I know that they are a common issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Yuri
  7. Don't really know where to go from here. Anything else that could be causing the problem?
  8. Hello all, I have a 6n2 Polo GTi 1.6 16v AVY, At 83k the clutch was on its way out so I have just changed the clutch plate, pressure plate, release bearing (all LUK OEM parts) and cable. Before I changed it the clutch pedal was fairly firm with an obvious biting point, after fitting the parts the clutch pedal is very soft, almost as though there is nothing there, there is barely any resistance (so much so the first time I pressed it I thought I put my foot through the floor!), also the biting point is not very strong, if that's the right word, its not very obvious, very faint. My question is, this being the first car I have had with a new clutch, is this normal? the pedal being so soft that it seems like there is nothing there and the biting point being very vague? (it does make it slightly hard to drive) Also I guess similar to brakes, there is a 'break-in' procedure for the clutch? If I am right, any recommendations as to the best way to break it in. ( I do about 240 miles a week, mainly motorway) Any help is much appreciated as always :) Cheers Jack.
  9. I'm finally getting round to changing my clutch Which got So stiff it broke my pedal box. I've been driving it for ages using the alternative pedal box fix but It's now so stiff it feels like the actual pedal is going to snap. I've got the part and a Haynes manual But they can be difficult to follow sometimes and don't always Give the most effective way to do things. I was just wondering if anyone had a step by step idiots guide, or video guide. Thanks!
  10. Hi there! this is my first thread and I need help! I have a seat Arosa mk1...same as vw polo 6n1 1.0L and rod type linkage! ...club Lupo seems to be dead so I thought here is my best option! The car is an autosolo car - not a road car so doesn't have to be mot/nct, in Ireland the car doesn't even need to be registered to enter! anyway... Me and my friend put a new clutch in that we got from a scrappy! all good! we got the car rolling again and all gears were good but reverse just isn't there, right before the clutch went the gear linkage went so the one in the car is another one from a scrap yard ( we are both 16 and money is tight ) we have played around with the gear linkage under the car holding the gear stick etc everything that I have found from googleing! but still no luck ! we need reverse because if we mess up we will have egg on our face trying to push it back, although it's very light hahah, but what could it be? do I keep messing with the gear linkage? or is the one I have from the scrap yard too long from being stretched in the car it came out of? also where the gear linkage connects to the sub fame that connection is broken! but when got the car reverse was working fine without it being connected to that? what is the problem here? I need to get it working in under 30 days because the last round of the championship is on! thanks for reading and if you can shed any light on my issue that would be much appreciated!
  11. Morning all, newbie and first time poster here, so here's my story, hopefully you an help... Wouldn't you know it, decide to go to the VW showroom Saturday, maybe she knew and decided to p*ss me off :( anyway, on route the clutch pedal seems to be getting lower (not higher which is what I’d expect for a f**ked clutch... and making squeaking noises, just about reach the VW showroom after some progressively forceful gear changes.... and pedal is COMPLETELY on bottom now :( Asked the engineer to have a cheeky free look, he has a nose and says pedal box or clutch, and the dealership guy then proceeds to quote me an offensively shocking £795 for a new one... oh and a 'proper' assessment would be £51... so, I really need use of the car, hopefully fixed this week... conclusion? whats wron, what needed and how much :(
  12. Hi all, Just a quick question. Below is a video of my clutch pedal in action. (1.03min in you can see what I'm on about) The bracket that I see moving behind it I assume shouldnt be moving and it indicated I have cracked welds? Do I need to replace the pedal box assembly? Thx Paul. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmzQXWo6h-E
  13. Hi guys, so a few nights ago I got in my car, with it already in reverse I engaged the clutch all the way in then started the engine to reverse out of the space, as I started the engine the car started to move on it's own without me lifting the clutch, I quickly knocked it out of gear and went to select 1st but it wouldn't budge into any gear at all. At this point I decided to use the old trick of selecting 2nd engine off and starting without the clutch so I could atleast get her home, half way back in 2nd I tried the clutch again and everything seemed fine. This problem has occurred a few times the past few days. My initial thought was that my clutch had gone but with the problem being intermediate I'm starting to doubt. What else could be causing this release bearing ? Or my latest thought the actual fork, needing some advise ! Polo 6n 1.0L 114k Clutch replaced last August.
  14. Okay, so I've developed a rattle/knock... It only happens at idle (700 RPM). It happens 50% of the time. When I press down the clutch it stops. When I then lift the clutch it rattles/ knocks again. If I rev the engine it stops, but then starts again as it goes below 800 RPM. It's not a heavy rattle but it does sound like a diesel, Haha. What do you think? Kind regards, MongLowe
  15. hi, need my clutch done on my 6n, thinking about getting a clutch from euro parts or ebay etc. probably a valeo or something like that and then paying a garage to get it fitted. do think its worth it? and would i save much money, garages near me charge £40-£60 p/h.
  16. oktoberthomas

    Change clutch

    Hello Clubpolo I have a Polo 6n1 from 98. I need to change the clutch and has decided to do it my self. I have aquired the Haynes repair manual. It states that in order to remove the gearbox, to get to the clutch, I need to remove the entire engine from the engine bay. This seems at bit much :-) I would like to ask if this is really nessecary? Can any of you perhaps quickly list the steps I need to go through to remove the gearbox. Thanks in advance Have a merry christmas. Br Thomas
  17. oktoberthomas

    Clutch problem

    Hello friends I have a problem with my clutch in my polo 6n from 98. I am from Denmark so I unfortunately don’t know all the correct car terms in English, so please bear with me :-) Yesterday I went driving and gradually it became harder and harder to get the car to go into reverse, first and second gear. When I just let my food of the gas and put down the clutch it didn’t let entirely release the gear from the engine. So the clutch wasn’t working correctly. Today I examined the engine compartment and could see that the clutch cable was looser than I expected – a lot looser. Please see the pictures of the clutch cable self-adjustment mechanism and clutch arm. I can without any trouble or resistance at all flip the cable out of the socket just by using a single finger. For you information the clutch arm starts affecting the clutch at 11:45 if 12 is parallel with the gearbox. I have checked the pedal box and to my knowledge it seems fine without any wear and tear. I hope and suspect this is a due to a faulty clutch cable. What do you think? Best regards Thomas
  18. AlexHillTVR

    Gearbox Issue?

    Hi guys, I'm new here but signed up to see if anyone has had any experience with my problem I'm currently getting when the car is well up to temperature. I drive 70 miles by motorway everyday so does get quite annoying when I get off and have to use more than just 5th. I get this noise in neutral (clutch out only) and 1st gear clutch out and in. Not an issue when car is cold. Just had a gearbox rebuild. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8em85mU9Ls Bit more detail in the video description Thanks!
  19. Hey I was wondering if someone may be able to help. I have a slight right to left movement (about 3/4 inch) in my clutch pedal and I'm not too sure what is causing it? The pedal box was replaced about 4 weeks ago, so I'll be suprised if that has gone again. There is also a slight squeek when lifting the pedal up and down. this only happens when the engine is on. Its not coming from the gear box, but it may be coming from the clutch. I have a feeling that it may be the presure plate in the clutch but not too sure. the clutch was only replaced 5 months ago, so this also seems unlikely. Any help, or suggestions to what may be causing these problems would be great? Cheers.
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