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Found 84 results

  1. Misterbashi

    New member

    Hi All, Just a quick intro, I'm here as I'm helping a friend keep his Mk2 Polo on the road... he's not the most internet savvy! I've had numerous VWs along the road... Mk1&2 Golfs, Mk2 Polo Coupe, Vento, Bora... so know my way around a bit. I'm looking for a 4 Speed gearbox for his car, and this seemed like a great place to start.
  2. Misterbashi

    Mk2 4-Speed Gearbox AKW

    Time Left: 18 days and 19 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hi all, I'm looking for a 4-speed box AKW code to fit a 1993 Mk2 Polo coupe. Anyone got one for sale? Thanks


  3. Time Left: 1 month and 10 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hi, I'm after a replacement 4-speed gearbox and exhaust manifold for a '93 mk II (86C) Anyone out there got any tips on where to find them, they seem hard to come-by these days. Cheers


  4. Hi guys bought a lovely wee 6n2 polo at auction. It's a 1.4 16v I believe. Drives great apart from when I go to select 5th gear it just wont go in and grinds. I can see it has been leaking gearbox oil. Is it a case of a new gearbox or can this be fixed
  5. So I'm (thankfully) down to just the selector shaft seal leak on my '93 Polo now and want to have a crack at replacing it next week. I've got an OEM seal and 3l of oil - do i need a replacement bush as well? One of these guys? https://www.vwheritage.com/001301209-guide-bush-for-gearbox-selector-rod-vw-spare
  6. Any ideas of the strongest box for an 86c 1.3. Or where I can get uprated gear set.
  7. Hi there, Running a polo 6n2 1.0 Y reg with only 60k miles. Recently noticed a whining noise in 5th and a bit of movement when going on and coming off the throttle. Pal advised me to change oil but haven't got round to it. However last night something went as I was on the motorway in 5th. Car still goes into every gear and drives fine but in 5th there is a crunching/grinding noise when driving. Excuse my lack of basic knowledge but can anyone tell me what might be wrong and what might need fixed? Cheers
  8. So, I’m looking at buying a 2000 6n2, 1.0 mpi. Apparently it “needs a new gearbox” but have also been told “it was stuck in gear, and could be a selector issue”. Now, this car will be a track car (keeping the 1.0 mpi) and potentially a daily (whilst my T4 gets some much needed loving). So what gearbox would be best? I am assuming the gear ratios are different from the 1.0 to the 1.4? Will a diesel gearbox fit - and are there any benefits, or boxes to avoid? Anywhere I can find the ratios of the 6n2 boxes? Many thanks in advance, pie
  9. Hi, I've got a flapping sound coming from my clutch/ gearbox on my 2000 polo 6n2 afk engine type (never buy an afk engine! ggggrrrr) When the engine is in neutral driving or stationary there's no odd sounds (sounds sweet as a nut, no tapping nothing :) neither on tick over or revs :) When any gear is engaged you can here the flapping, at any speed 😞 But when you engage the clutch the sound is gone 😕 Bit odd any ideas?
  10. Hi all. Anyone know someone that sells or wants to sell a refurbed gearbox for a 2001 Polo 6n2 GTI 16v. My gearbox bearing failed and the bearing parts has gone into the gears and made a right mess of it. Any help on this would be massively appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi what gearbox oil grade do I need for 2001 polo 9n 1.4 TDI PD (Sports), engine code AMF. Is it worth buying from euro car parts or should I just buy from VW dealers? thanks
  12. breadvan baker

    Sloppy gear lever

    Hi, anyone know if there is a kit available to rectify/improve the gear lever linkages on the Mk2 Breadvan style Polo. Mind is as sloppy as stirring a bowl of thin porridge !!! Checked through FAQ and could only find a reference to the later Polo . Looking for a kit similar to those available for Mk1 and 2 Golfs and of course Sciroccos. Thanks for any help .
  13. Hi people, I’m sure this question has been asked many times but I’m looking for the general idea. What is the best gearbox to fit to an afh in a 1990 mk2? Any help is appreciated
  14. Hello everyone. This is my first post here and I can say that I came here for a desperate situation that I've been through in the last days. So my car is a 2000 6n2 gti 1.6 16v engine and I bought it last year. Everything ok at the beginning until one day (about 2 months after I bought it) I noticed the clutch was slipping a bit (the car had 4 people and luggage) . So I always thought that soon I would need a new clutch. In the past couple weeks I was having fun with some mates at the roadway and after that, the clutch started to whine (nothing super loud, radio could perfectly "cover" that noise). Yesterday night I got in my car, I put the 1st gear and some metallic noises started to come from the clutch (not sure if it's the clutch) and my car lost a lot of power specially on hills (clutch slipping). Now I try to drive it and it's almost impossible, the noise it's incredibly loud, everything cracks down there and everytime I change a gear, it vibrates a lot. Now even on neutral, it whines loud and I looked under the car and it's leaking oil from the clutch housing hole (not a lot, some black drops) when the engine is running. So, yea, I think it's easy to conclude that my clutch is completely fried and I need a new one, but what about the oil? Where does it come from? Is the gearbox done for good? Take note that since I turned off my car the last time I cannot put any gear, even whit the clutch pedal pressed. Any tip, advice, technical information would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about my English. Best regards from Lisbon - Portugal Ricardo :)
  15. Where to start??? (i'll make it as short as possible) Noise when idling which goes away once clutch is depressed.. After much research possibly two culprits; 1. release bearing. 2. input shaft bearing. Took gearbox out to GEARBOX SPECIALIST who gave it a external examine (spinning & listening to the moving parts) Advised by said specialist to change clutch as it could be just that and it may be more cost effective as, if he opens it up and finds nothing it'll cost, popped new clutch it, got gearbox on (replaced gear oil) started car, noise still there but a little quieter (a little). So new clutch, pressure plate, release bearing, release fork, gear oil. ***Not fixed** input shaft bearing guys? I don't wanna take the gearbox off again if it isn't that So noise at idle, clutch down = no noise Has anyone had a similar issue? p.s I have a spare clutch now
  16. Honestly I feel like burning the fucker now lol, but why would I be going through 7 gearboxes in a year and a half ?is there a fault in them, it’s breaking my heart having to put a new one in it every turn about ? I would understand if I was driving the shit out of the car but I’m not ? any advice before I just park it up and leave it lol ?
  17. Afternoon. I have a 1.4 TDI 6N2 with the EXB cable change 5 speed box. I've come across a 2003 9N 1.4TDI box which looks similar. Would if fit in my car? The selector tower looks different but perhaps that could be swapped over.
  18. I know iv posted about this before and recently but I'm having alot of trouble with my selector seal. At first I couldn't get it off and now it's fell to bits and alot of it is still stuck in the box, from what iv read it was meant to be a 5 minute job which makes me think iv done something wrong, does anyone have a picture off a gearbox with the seal removed? Because if not the next step is take the engine and gearbox out in my opinion. It's a CEG box on a mk2f
  19. Hi I'm currently replacing the selector seal on my mk2f and after taking the linkage off without any problems I can't get the actual seal out and now the seal is falling to pieces and leaking even worse. Any advice would be great.
  20. So I'm currently putting my mk2f/MK3 back together after the head gasket failed, since iv owned the car my selector seal has leaked slowly getting worse but iv been topping it up when it started to feel abit off. It tends to whine in 1st and 3rd but when I noticed it I would top the oil up, anyway I'm replacing the selector seal and I'm wondering if my gearbox will eventually break and if so how long do you think its got? It's CEG 5 speed box.
  21. Hi! So I installed a new gearbox and now the car is not starting. Starter is just turning the motor over but it is not igniting I guess? After I try to start the car oil level light comes on in the dashboard although I checked and oil level is normal. Any ideas why it is not starting? OP has now Fixed the problem
  22. Hi! So I am not sure whether my gearbox is properly mounted to the engine. The rear mount looks like it is not properly in. Other places look fine. Here is a picture: If it is not correctly mounted how can I get it right? Edit: it is a 98 polo 6n 1.4
  23. Hi! I am looking for what this part is named? It is connected to the engine/gearbox and gear changeing cables go through it. Pictures: .
  24. Hi! So I am in the middle of changing my gearbox and just discovered that my old gearbox had cable type gear selector but the new one has rod type. Old gearbox is DFK new one is DCJ. I tried taking the cable mechanism from my old gearbox but the new one does not have holes to fix it to it. Is it possible to change gear changing mechanism or should I look for a new box that has cable type gear selector?
  25. karajimiman13

    Polo 6n injectors

    Hello mates from Greece, i have polo 6n 16v i have a bottom end from a GTI crankshaft and rods, exhasut from the cat and back without cat, i think the diameter is 50mm or 55, and a really bad short gearbox almost 85kmh at 5th gear 3000rpm(i want to change that , tell me what gearbox can fit,i want alonger one ) Now the main subject WHAT injectors can i fit (of course bigger ones except the 6n2 gti)?? By the way i ordered an ebay fuel adjustable regulator i hope its gonna work! Help and thanks!!!
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