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Found 13 results

  1. Time Left: 17 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Polo gt engine with and new high torque clutch and a cec gearbox with similar ratios to a g40 for higer torque output £400 collected crawley


  2. Time Left: 1 month and 17 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Polo gt front and rear black badges all clips in place 40 posted


  3. Dannm997

    Gearbox codes for mk2

    Hey guys, im just looking for some advice really, im picking up a polo gt with the 3f engine soon, however the 5 speed box has lost the 5th gear so i am looking for a syncro ring or where i could find one. im not sure if this is the 084 or the 085 gearbox and because i haven't picked it up yet im not sure what the factory box code is. any help is much appreciated.
  4. kiran_182

    Polo ownership from start to finish

    For some of you this will be familiure but for most itll be new. This thread is a time line from my first polo to its end and all the polos ive had along the way and what happened to them Ive had: • black cl coupe • white cl coupe • silver breadvan • blue gt • black gt • black gt
  5. I've been getting a fault code on my polo Gt (3F engine code) for the inlet air temperature sensor. Investigating in VWtool shows it reading 20 degrees C lower than ambient air temperature Yesterday, by measuring resistance between pins 1&4 I got 7000ohms, which is too high (according to autodata). Basically does it mean it's goosed? I thought I'd ask as it'll mean replacing the airflow meter, as it's part of he same unit. (attached is sensor vlues from vwtool - the yellow figure is the inlet air temperature) Cheers
  6. Hi, I am doing a rear brake conversion on my Mk2f coupe gt conversion got mk2 golf stub axels Calipers carriers discs and pads, was informed just to use Mk2f handbrake cables wondering how I would connect cable to Calipers, also got a brake bias valve but unsure where to mount, any help would be much appreciated cheers, Ross
  7. Hello Can anyone help me with the following. I stirred my polo from it's Winter slumber yesterday and it was a bit hesitant under acceleration. I put it on my diagnostic leads and got the following codes with VWTool: 523-- ------- Intake air temp sensor (G42) No Signal 518-- ------- Throttle position sensor (G69) No Signal I put a new throttle position sensor on it last year, so it could be the wiring? What would the intake sensor do? I have an induction kit, so does the ECU care? Which data block is it in VWTool? There is one reading -15, does this mean the intake temp sensor is dead?
  8. ive started a swap ..mk2 polo to 3f mpi injection etc the 2 yellow wires for the diagnostics ...the diagram i have shows it going to the interior loom white wire which is heater speed 1 ? doesnt sound right to disable the heater has anyone go a working diagnostic socket on a mk2 swap ...i need pics /help
  9. Lee@1973

    05 Polo 1.9 GT 6speed 5door

    Hi there, I am negotiating a purchase of a 2005, 1.9 TD, GT 130 bhp, 6 Speed, 5 Doors VW polo. As my intention is to keep this car as a collectors piece I would like to find out as much as possible about it. I notice that many people list them as rare motors with only 550 produced for the UK market. I have being told by the seller that it was just the 5 door six Speed version that is rare, can anybody comment on this point. I would like to hear from any owners on points that would need looking at to save major issues later. Thank you all. Regards Mr L Allen
  10. hello, recently added this to my rocco, self adhesive soud deadening. although diffrent from the factory one it might be possible to have them made for the polo they currently make them for the scirocco, golf and corrado delivered for around £45 i have enquired in the past about producing a polo set but they dont see the market being large enough to warrent the work if a mod is interested it may be possible to get a deal on if you can make the templates for them and get a bulk of orders inline, might even be somethibg to add to the shop? ive not mentioned this to them recently just thought id put it out here and see what you think
  11. kiran_182

    information - mk2f GT tuning

    some info on improving your mk2f GT, not a comprehensive post so feel free to add you tips these are the quick power gains • high lift cam 264 / 268 / 270 - the biggest gain is made here. dont forget new tappets • 4 branch manifold and exhaust system - dont go to large or it will cost you power • bigger injectors • better air filter • chipped ecu those probably account for 95% of the gain you can get from the engine the next lot help to pull a few extra horses out for those who really want to put the work in: • skimmed head / port matched with inlet / exhaust • de-wedged ported throttle body • lightened flywheel - not really power but will spin the engine up faster. be warned if the fly is to light the crank will wear its bearings in opposition to porting the inlet you can use a NZ/G40 inlet with smaller holes to fill in the gap created by the highlift cam moving the powerband higher above all refresh the electric and cooling systems to have a solid runner
  12. There are three types of multipoint injection engine, the G40 is quite easy to spot. This guide is to help you spot a NZ from a GT This is a GT engine (some light modding) This is a NZ engine The NZ is a multipoint version of the AAV engine which was later developed into the GT (3F). • The NZ has the same camshaft as the AAV and was meant to produce the same 55BHP but because of the improved air and fuelling some NZ produce 60+ • The NZ throttle body has a throttle open sensor not a position sensor like the GT • The NZ has the same gearbox as the AAV • The NZ has the same compression ratio as the AAV Electrical items that are different: • Engine loom • Ecu • Distributor • Ignition coil • Throttlebody Electrical items that are the same: • Airflow meter • Temperhature senders • Oil pressure switches • Fuel injectors • Idle stabilisation valve Visible differences: • The distributor has a vacuum hose connecting it to the throttle body • The ignition coil has a 5 pin connector on top • The coolent expansion tank doesn't have a sensor • The NZ has the AAV exhaust manifold The NZ is a capable engine and with the addition of a GT cam has almost identicle power
  13. Hi all, first post here. I've spent the last fortnight hammering Google to research a solid run-around car to replace an old and expensive to run Golf VR6 and I reckon I'm going to go for a Polo. I have a few questions that I'd appreciate your help with: 1. What is the difference between a (2005) Polo GT and a (2003) Polo PD Sport? (Pics of the two I'm looking at, attached) 2. Will the Montreal alloys from the GT fit a Sport? 3. Can the 100bhp be mapped to a similar level of performance as the 130bhp model? 4. Is the 1.9 TDI engine in the later (Mk7?) Polo the same as the Mk6? 5. The model seems to have changed in 2005, is this model better ...or just newer? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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