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Club Polo Parts

Parts you need for your Polo, commissioned by the people who know the cars the best.

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  1. Pair of number plate holders. Will require the use to screws to attach to the car, screws not included.


    Some modification may be required for the perfect fitment.

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  2. Club Polo Anti Roll Bar Blocks

    Fits Polo 1974 - 1995 (86 and 86c - Mk1 to 2f)


    A must for lowered cars, these blocks provide a tight grip on the front ARB, adding stiffness to front end. They also pull the bar forwards to correct camber errors which are introduced when lowering the car.


    These are supplied with new bolts and bar clamps.


    Easy to fit with basic tools (just a 13mm socket and an allen key) - Please note, be careful when tightening, as overtighting can strip the captive nuts on the car.

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  3. Slimline Hi-Torque starter motor to fit all Polos that use an 085 style gearbox and early pre-1994 flywheel. They are perfect for those with an AFH, ARC or AVY conversion in an early Polo as it allows you to use the early flywheel which is lighter than the post 1995 (6n onwards) versions. Also the starters are able to cope with the high compression ratios of these engines and various hybrids.


    If using with an ARC or AVY block there is a slight modification that is recommended. Please contact us for details before purchase. 

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