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Found 23 results

  1. Hi there, Running a polo 6n2 1.0 Y reg with only 60k miles. Recently noticed a whining noise in 5th and a bit of movement when going on and coming off the throttle. Pal advised me to change oil but haven't got round to it. However last night something went as I was on the motorway in 5th. Car still goes into every gear and drives fine but in 5th there is a crunching/grinding noise when driving. Excuse my lack of basic knowledge but can anyone tell me what might be wrong and what might need fixed? Cheers
  2. Wolfgang_Wolf

    '94 Mk2 Fox Coupé

    After having my driving licence for about 14 years, I thought it was maybe time to get around to buying a car. Registered in mid '94 it must be one of the last Mk2s. It lived all its life in North-East England til I brought it up to the granite city. 50k miles. The paint is a respray by the previous owner, it's quite nice if you don't look too closely. Runs and drives alright, so I have no plans to do any serious work on the car for the time being, just trying to keep it in shape and replace things as they wear out. Shout out to anyone else running a mk2 in Aberdeen/NE, I know you're out there...
  3. WRight, I’m in need of help. I have a 1.0 mpi, and I need help from knowledgeable people in where I can gain power - if any at all. Now, I’ll be using this for Club1000, so there are limits in what I can do to the car. The rules of Club1000 are; • Road-legal cars originally fitted with engines up to 1049cc • Cars must use the original chassis and original motors with original un-modified internals, only like-for-like replacements are allowed. No fitting Fiesta engines to Pumas, no de-stroking a 1.4 K-series to 1.0, or fitting Schrick cams to a Polo. • Standard cam-timing, standard pulleys.No bike engine kit-cars, no turbos/superchargers (original or aftermarket), no nitrous, no methanol.Intakes and exhausts are free. (Remember those cams and cranks are stock, so your £4k Jenvey throttle bodies aren’t going to have much of an effect) • Minimum safety requirements for participation on track will be half-cage, fixed-back bucket seat and road-legal 4-point harness, helmet and a hand-held fire extinguisher securely fastened. • A control tyre will be chosen that offers a good blend of performance and price and availability in the relevant sizes (13″, 14″ and 15″). Expect a maximum width of 165 to 175! • Suspension: Dampers, springs and anti-roll bars are free, BUT no coil-overs or height adjustable platforms. • Weight-saving is fine, but ultimately the car should be considered road-legal by the Germans when entering the Nürburgring. So don’t think you can cut the roof off, or replace the windscreen with a sheet of sticky-back plastic. Glass front windscreens and intact body panels are compulsory, as are mirrors and windscreen wipers! • Dashboards must be stock, door-cards must protect both driver and passenger from any sharp-edges. So first I’ll be ditching the interior and any other weight I can - suggestions welcome. Then I’ll replace the exhaust system with a custom one - i’m guessing the cat restricts the flow a fair amount. But then where next? ECU? Throttle body? Yes I know it’s a 1 litre mpi, but that’s what makes Club1000 fun. All the help and suggestions are welcomed. cheers, pie
  4. Hello everybody! I swapped my 1.0 AER engine to a 1.6 16V AVY, replaced the engine loom, the ecu, the chip in my keys, and the little receiver around the ignition barrel, (and a lot of other stuff, like pedal box, etc) but I couldn't replace the immo box, because my loom has 6 cables, and the donor car's box has 8. (I have a 98 model, so I have the later wiring) Is there a way to connect the new immo to the car without a professional? Or what should I do? Thank you in advance!
  5. kizerfluid

    MK2F AAU Tuning

    Hey guys so the engine swap to the 1.6 AEE engine has gone on hold as my girlfriend can't afford the insurance price with that engine swap done so we are looking to get a little more power out of the little 1.0 AAU now i have some parts kicking about from my old MK2F which was a 1.3 AAV but i changed engine for 3F. Parts i have laying arround are: 1.3 AAV ECU 1.3 AAV Wiring loom 1.3 AAV Air Doughnut 1.3 AAV 5spd Gearbox 1.4 ABD SPI Throttle body 1.4 ABD Induction elbow (maybe a little overkill) 1.8 ADZ SPI Throttle Body 1.8 ADZ Induction Elbow 1.8 ADZ Airbox & Filter (whole ADZ engine & wiring loom) Im thinking maybe: 1.3 AAV ECU 1.4 ABD / 1.8 ADZ SPI throttle body 1.8 ADZ Induction Elbow 1.8 ADZ Airbox & Filter Think that should give it a little more power under the pedal? got quite a bit like i said so if anyone else knows of a way to get a little more power out of the AAU with the parts i have listed above please let me know
  6. right my polo mk2f has a f**ked inline fuel pump, its the 1.3 spi AAV engine. My question is will any spi inline fuel pump do the job i.e one off a 1.0 spi engine? any input would help or if anyone knows another solution/replacement.
  7. joaopneves

    '89 Polo II Steilheck

    Hello! I'm João, from Portugal, and this is my Polo. It's a 1989 Mark II Typ 86C Steilheck model, powered by a 1.0l engine with about 45hp. Bought it 6 years ago, with about 11.200km. It has now about 55.300km and it's my daily. It's totally original (and in need of some small things) and the objetive is not having a "project car" by the definition of it, but have it as is, the most OEM possible while possible, so the maintenance will be the most important thing on this project. This breadvans are not that common here in Portugal, and when I need some sort of part, it's not easy to find it. When I join your club, I was looking for some parts, but then I realize how popular is/was this model in UK, so I decided to be part of the family and since that I'm not sorry. I did not made many friends here, but I feel I'm part of it (also, I believe, because I'm not from UK and because of that I cannot join meets and other events). I've said it when I had the other topic, but I'll say it again. My Polo is not the best on forum, and I know that. Also, to be honest, I'm quite far from "the best out there". There are many excelente projects out there, and many awesome topics. Mainly not that original as mine I believe, but nevertheless worst. To be quite honest, I do think my Polo is not that bad, nor phisically or mecanically, but I know that there's always work to do, and that's also why I love cars. They are never ready, and we bond with them and with other people alike. Right now I'll post some photos of how it looks, but I want to get the older photos (all of them, that I had on the other topic!) in order to post them here. That way I can have a updated topic and with all the big things I've done in these years. General Info: Maker: Volkswagen Model: Polo II Typ 86C Steilheck (Squareback) Year: 1989 Color: Alpinweiß (L90E) Engine: 4 straight cylinder, 1043cc 45cv/hp @ 5600rpm (carb Weber 32TL) Gearbox: 4 speed, manual Weight: 735kg (1625lbs) SpritMonitor: http://www.spritmonitor.de/de/detailansicht/543596.html Manufacturer MPG: 8.0l/100Km P.S.: This is not a new entry here, on forum. Actually, I had a topic of my own about this very Polo. Yet, I had some issues with the images I've posted, and because of that I decided to delete the old topic and create a new one.
  8. So I've swapped out my old 1 litre 4 speed for a 1.3 5 speed. Literally just put it in and done up the engine mounts, connected the gear linkage and drive shafts. I was just wondering if I needed a 5 speed gear linkage as I can only find 3 gears? I was also wondering if I needed an ecu from a 1.3 as well? I didn't know if there was any difference in them? Anything else you think I might need too would be a great help. thank you
  9. Hi, My 1.0 6n2 is making a rather annoying creaking sound when accelerating (especially uphill) and after taking it to the garage last week it's become clear my rear shocks are on the way out, so I'm just wondering if there is any way I can get hold of two rear suspension struts fully assembled (shocks & springs) so then I can straight swap them in? Is there any sites that sell them fully assembled? Cheers for any help guys, really is driving me mad ????
  10. Hi I am thinking of changing the cam on my mk2 with a standard 1.05L HZ Engine. I know a GT cam would be the obvious choice but the chance of finding one and being able to afford it is remote. So I was wondering if a Camshaft out of a different engine would fit straight in and still give a power increase? Doesn't matter about the mechanical fuel pump side of things because the car has an electric pump fitted. And another question... My mate has given me an exhaust manifold and headers off a 1.3 mk2f, which has the twin down pipes (4-2-1) instead of the single (4-1) pipe on the 1.0. Firstly will this fit on my polo without fouling on the Anit-Roll Bar? and secondly will it give any power increase? Thought id better ask before I start cutting and welding exhaust pipes worthlessly. :P
  11. Hi, We have a W reg 1.0 polo with critical suspension damage but a good engine (new cambelt & other parts) I'm investigating buying one with a dead engine but otherwise sound and of similar vintage into which we could put our good engine & gearbox. Just trying to scope out the work involved as I haven't changed an engine for a while. Other than the ECU, if we got a 1.4 or 1.2 donor car & ditched the original engine, are there any other gotchas? Many thanks
  12. Hi guys! I recently bought an 1987 MK2 polo. The log book says that it is an 1272 cc engine with 37Kw/ 50Hp. I dont think there is such engine out there since most 1.0 and 1.1 liter engines have 50Hp. My car has 4 gears if that helps. Any ideas how it is possible?
  13. Hello Club Polo, I am having a lot of issues sourcing a Carburettor Flange for my 1983, Breadvan 1.0. The specific part number is 052129765B. I was able to source 052129765A – but it is too small for my model (A version is about 80mm long – B model is about 100mm). Pictures attached for all parts and VIN. Can only seem to find parts in China – and not clear that these can be purchased in small amounts. Any advice on where in UK or Europe this part can be found? Or are there any alternative parts that might be suitable? If the only alternative is replacing the whole carburettor – any advice on which one to replace it with would be very welcome too. Any and all suggestions very welcome. Many thanks and Mery Chrismas, Cian.
  14. Hi i have a 1.0 polo with the engine code HZ is there anything i can do to make it abit quicker? is a webber or bike carbs worth it? cant do a swap either as i wont be able to get insured on it.
  15. TomDUBS

    mk2f alpine white stinker!

    Just bought a mk2f 94' polo Alpine white for a sum of £391 My background in motorcycles hopefully might give me a bit of an understanding of the fundamentals of these four wheeled contraptions With my CG125 Café racer being sold tomorrow I'm gonna have some money for springs and various bits and bobs, speakers, sub etc. Having done a few little mods to it so far, de-bump stripped, tinted the standard lights GT style (too budget to buy new lights ) Fitted a speaker to the parcel shelf and now plan on spraying rear door cards, carpeting the boot, new rear seats maybe if I can pick some up cheap enough. Seat covers will have to do for now in the front until I find a decent set of either buckets or leathers from a GTI or a pug maybe! Also need to repair some body work when the weather will allow me! Got a sunroof fitted as well! Bonus!!! Here's the much awaited pics!
  16. I'm after a little help if anyone could give some advice it would be appreciated! I have an 86 breadvan 1.0 and when i start it from cold it runs super lumpy and rough and before i go anywhere i have to sit for 10 minutes or so with my foot on the accelerator to stop it cutting out, it smells really fumey too and cuts out at junctions when i have to stop/slow down... when its warmed up its not AS bad but when stood still the engine revs up and down slightly..any ideas? I've cleaned a couple of the accessable from the top of the carb too but no joy!
  17. as title breaking my polo 1.0 with 1.4 16v afh engine Contact me for quicker response or if anything thats not listed you might be after have full car and half a car for stripping 07527222236 Full engine package including gearbox, ecu, loom, starter motor, alternator , Radiator and all pipes to Downpipe and manifold to middle box. Everything needed to make it run. £280 Leather Reclining bucket seats AND Rear Valver seats in very good condition £80 Smoked Headlights Insides opened up and painted with Led Bulbs £55 8000K Hid Kit 2 Weeks old £30 14" Alloy wheels with 3 like new tyres and one that has slightly less tread £80 16v Bumpers Front And Rear With fog lights, includes fog light loom and switch £80 Central Locking Conversion Kit £20 Electric Window Conversion Kit including Switches £25 Full 16v Sport Loom From Engine Bay to rear of car all working perfect £35 Rear Coilovers NOT siezed and work perfectly £40 1.0 Shell with mot til early march full v5 With 5 owners, 48k Solid car no rot slight surface rust on rear arches £130 All prices are collection i can however post but would rather collection. Offers on everything is welcome. http://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s637/sparesrepairz/Polo%206n/E708053C-BB4B-418C-85E0-64137F3246B4_zpsdis8mxlv.jpg~original http://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s637/sparesrepairz/Polo%206n/BAD803D1-D45C-416A-A26D-42328566938F_zpsfhp0igah.jpg~original http://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s637/sparesrepairz/Polo%206n/4462CDA7-B6E7-481C-A2CB-6A4098FD7BCF_zpsjf3tntor.jpg~original http://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s637/sparesrepairz/Polo%206n/9B7D7D2E-CDA5-4465-A89F-EE260AD3860B_zps3eyhqeut.jpg~original
  18. Hi. I've got a Polo 6n2 1.0L (code ALD) and I've been thinking about swapping in a 1.4L 16V (code AUB). What needs to be changed apart from the gearbox? I'm new to this forum so sorry if its posted in the wrong place :) Any help is very appreciated. Thanks
  19. dbusheman

    Dbusheman's 6n2

  20. ry4n6n2

    Blue 6n2 1.0 First Car

    Hi guys, Thought I should start a thread of my progress with my polo, its a 1.0 in Mercato blue with only 51,000 miles on the clock which I picked up for £1500 as my first car. Progress has been quite slow so far due to the lack of money as I'm only 17 at 6th form (worst decision of my life deciding to go there) but I've got plenty of big plans for the future which should keep me motivated. So, first thing I did after only having the car for a day was to de-badge it, small mod but pretty effective. I then bought a headlight restoration kit from halfrauds to try and tidy up the headlights and it worked a treat. Before: After: De-wipered: Had a right mission trying to get it off but after an hour it finally came loose. Got some pressed plates: While I was doing wiper off I decided to re route the wiper hose so it would point at pedestrians when i passed which is pretty funny http://s1054.photobucket.com/albums/s493/ryandanielphillips/20140421_185808_zps38f2cd4d.mp4.html I then got a sub off a mate for 50 quid and a chavy stereo from halfrauds I then decided to get a Sharan badge off of eBay, for just a fiver I couldn't resist. It makes quite a big difference to the rear end! I then colour coded the front, rear and side bump strips as they look crap black: think it looks so much better! I then found some old merc trims off ebay for £30 and had a go at tidying them up, well chuffed with the results! Thats it so far but was just wondering whether you think the plate looks better here: or here: Hope you like the progress so far! Ryan
  21. charlie123

    hello from milton keynes!

    Hi, I just bought a 1.0 6n2, 2000 reg! it came with coilovers and BBS alloys already on it I'm looking to do more to it, but not sure what.. any ideas?
  22. Okay, so I've developed a rattle/knock... It only happens at idle (700 RPM). It happens 50% of the time. When I press down the clutch it stops. When I then lift the clutch it rattles/ knocks again. If I rev the engine it stops, but then starts again as it goes below 800 RPM. It's not a heavy rattle but it does sound like a diesel, Haha. What do you think? Kind regards, MongLowe
  23. vwtank

    Polly Polo 98 6n

    So two years a acquired my 1.0 polo.... for a couple months it was just a car... after a while...I wanted some alloys....I had some bbs ra's but I fancied something different...and I came across some orginal 6N gti wheels....the actual 6n gti limited to Germany... and then I aqquired some valver bumpers...as I started to get in deeper with my polo, getting to like Volkswagens more! I loved this as it was...but then all changed when I started going shows....getting to know more people...so a year ago.... I lowered it...and brought some dished wheels... custom exhaust, 6n2 rear lights, hid etc then had it resprayed same colour but roof and mirros gloss black and got Ibiza half leathers then lowered some more and smoothed the front bumper then had my wheels repolished and sprayed gold. Now, I've just brought this... (28/8/13) and I've started stripping the car down ready to take out and rebuild for the red one (5/9/13) Will keep y'all updated. it'll all be on instagram aswell... @vwtank
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