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Found 40 results

  1. Hi All I have a 1994 VW Polo Mk2 Facelift Genesis with 45400 miles on the clock available. The car has 2 owners from new and was last owned by my next-door neighbour’s dad who passed away a couple of years ago. The intention was to give the car a quick go over and back on the road, but I started doing this, and then that, then circumstances changed and now the car is up for breaking or someone who wants a job lot. I need the space back and willing to give it a couple of months but then Mr scrap man will have a treat. I will get some pictures up over the next week. Interior is in near perfect condition, abit dust and the dash has a mark where some sticky tape was but apart from that, not torn or worn front or back. Engine has done 45400 miles, I drove it into my drive from next door, sounded ok, with a blown exhaust, looks like it could do with a new dizzy cap and rotor along with a rubber rocker seal. 5 speed gearbox all gears working and smooth. Basically, all parts are up for grabs; panels, glass, looms, seals, trims, lights...... All items are ‘make me an offer’. I am located between Basingstoke and Fleet. Bad parts I am thinking the spings/shocks are original so will be no good, they are not leaking but prob not worth it. If anyone is interested in the shell; Front slam panel has had minor bump and where the fuel filler neck rusted out it got abit of the sill and arch which I have started to fix, one sides basically done. Passenger rear arch needs attention. Ok/Pretty good parts New drivers wing has been fitted and sealed already but can come off. Passenger wing, it had a minor dent on delivery which is easy to fix. Bonnet was perfect before I started to rub it down so will need finishing off and a spray. Bumpers are not cracked but the brackets might need attention for a 100% as new fit. I have refurbished the doors as the bottoms had the usual minor rust, they basically need a rubdown and spraying. Interior is all good from carpet to sunroof. Brand new parts – all prices are ‘make me an offer’, we all know/can lookup the new price and willing to take a second-hand to almost giveaway if buying multiple items. Front disc / pad brakes, pagid Fuel tank Clear front indicators Rear brake drum cylinders + brake shoes Tie rods x2, brand new, fitted only used to roll the car in and out 3 or 4 times. Both steering arms ARB rubbers, front OEM
  2. Slowly breaking a 1.3SPI AAV white breadvan 1993. Let me know if you want anything. Dash fully stripped. Wings sold. Engine bare block sold. Door rotted out at bottom. Seats not good. Gearbox, ARB staying with me. Located Somerset TA19
  3. Ed Morgan

    Mk2f 1.3 engine

    Time Left: 1 month and 29 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for a 1.3 engine for my mk2f project. Preferably the updated 1.3 engine. GT or not doesn’t matter.


  4. Time Left: 1 month and 22 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Looking for a 1.3 manifold cover/ heat shield for a mk2 golf with mh block posted to England.



  5. Just made an account to ask this question as I thought it’d be the best place to ask! Possibly a slightly daft question... For any experts on the older engines. I have an 86 1.3 mh block golf (not a polo I know but I’ve been told this is the best spot for 1.3 info) chased down overheating issues to leaking and warped thermostat housing/ cover/ elbow thing. Installed a new housing elbow which is quickly warping again and going back to the shape of the one that wouldn’t seal right. just to make sure I’ve got the right gear for the job which thermostat and seal should I be using? I’ve seen some which have a seal around the edge of the thermostat that look like they have a groove that the outer edge of the thermostat sits in. And I’ve seen some that say to just use the o ring on the thermostat housing with none for the ‘stat itself. Reasonsbly new to this so any help would be appreciated!
  6. jordoan

    Jordan's MK2F breadvan

    Hi all been wanting to do one of these for a while but only just got the chance i bought my mk2f breadvan from stockport around september 2017 & it's been an on going daily project ever since. i painted it blue with graffiti paint lowered it on an ebay lowering kit & started doing shows in 2018. after blowing the first 1l engine up i did a quick engine change to another 1l for under £100 just to keep the car on the road. comes to november 2018 time & i wanted to start a winter build. started with painting the car, the car is now melon yellow - done with montana graffiti cans. yes i painted over the windows because i liked the look of a panel van & couldn't be bothered trying to track down some actual panels. bought a GT conversion with the 5 speed short ratio box, stainless manifold and a few extra bits. i liked the idea of having brand new parts even if the old ones were fine.. driveshafts, front coilovers, top mounts, bottom arms, track rod arms/ends, ARB Blocks etc. this build isn't the best thing ever but certainly is a eye catcher & i love the thing aha. this car is built to what i like... not what other people think. if i listened to everyone else it'd be sat here with a 40/60 lowering kit on bbs hahaa STRIP - DROP - RATTLE - ROLL (a motto i like to use from a club called DUBRATZ) if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. photos may not be in order the car currently isnt finished & i'm waiting for a few parts to arrive, i've just bought a new bonnet & wings as ones on the car had dents. follow me on insta: _jordoan_
  7. Zeeuk1

    My Polo

    Hey! I'm a new member of ClubPolo.co.uk. Here's my 1994 MK2F 1.3 Polo.
  8. Can someone please help me? yesterday after i started my polo it ran fine till i started to drive and it would not idle. I had to keep starting and rev the engine to make it home. i pulled carbs out and cleaned carbs and changed air filter. No Change! i start it up and it warms up and idles, once i tap gas it just stalls. In the past i had a problem when i was coming to a stop and put car in neutral it would stall after long drive to work. not sure if that was a sign of the same problem just worse now. Can anybody help me please? is it an idle screw problem? etc.......
  9. After the breather pipe that goes out the crankcase into the oil separator what is the pipe that is supposed to come out of the oil separator, and where is it supposed to go?
  10. So I know there’s a lot of bike carb forums about but I cannot for the life of me find one with the problems I’m having, so I’m all set and ready I’ve got a set of cbr600 carbs they may need balancing and tuning for the engine but fuelling the carbs is setting me back, I’ve gone for the bike pump route and I’ve wired it up to the relay above the fuse box in the mk2 pump runs when the key is turned but it doesn’t turn off? It just keeps pumping and eventually fuel starts coming out the brass holes which I assume are breathers below the trumpets, so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great, thank!
  11. Was sold a mk2 1.3 engine but the engine code has worn down and is impossible to read. Was just wondering if the number on the back of the block relates to the cc? As mine has a 10 on it which would suggest it’s a 1 litre rather than 1.3. Great if anyone could help me identify the engine
  12. Hi everyone, if anyone could help me diagnose my problem that would be amazing! I'm sure its down to something electrical? I have recently got back hold of the car (off road since'15) I had her firing a few times but running naff (always near enough flooding) so since these things I have changed; spark plugs, battery, replaced 1 HT lead (misfire), dizzy cap, oil sensor, blue and black coolant temp sensors, full service (oil, air & fuel) and also added and exhaust system. I have also added a gasket to the throttle body which was missing and fixed the one which sits between this and the carb (thick black one). Only after getting this far with the car today I've managed to see how bad the carbs flooding, if anyone has any ideas what it could be please let me know OR if you get the nail on the head I will PP you a beer token! :) Many thanks video here -
  13. Hi I’m relatively new to the polo scene but have build a reasonable amount of knowledge on them already. I brought a non running mk2 Coupé s as a project. The previous owner had done a 1.4 afh engine swap, but the cam belt slipped so has suspected bend valves etc. I am looking to swap it back to the 1275cc standard engine. So have brought a mk2f breadvan as a donner ( mostly for engine parts ) and am wondering what some of the best things I can do to that engine (and the car in general) to increase BHP, performance etc ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It already has a 5 speed gear box fitted. Thanks Jack ps sorry for accidentally posting 3 times
  14. Hi everyone I am new to VW and really enjoying my 89 breadvan with a 1.3 manual choke Weber carb. I have recently been having a problem with the engine it has started to misfire and will only run if the choke is out hot or cold and won't idle it just cuts out. You can drive it with the choke out but you can feel it misfiring at low engine RPM, if you accelerate it's fine and doesn't miss but with choke in and dip the clutch it just immediately dies. Can anyone help it would be much appreciated I am completely stumped as where to begin looking. Thanks
  15. Jewky

    New Breadvan owner

    Name: Craig Age: 35 Location: Burntwood, Staffordshire Polo owner, if so which? Or looking to get?: just picked up an L reg Breadvan 1.3 Previous car history: MK2 Golf 1.3, BMW E30 318i, Clio 172 Cup, Focus ST 225 (still got) Hobbies/interests: Cars, Music , Gigs , Footballs, gaming Occupation: Neighbourhood Manager for a Housing Association How did you hear about us?: Google
  16. Hi peeps, i am beginning the process of striping my 1.3 MH engine and then rebuilding enhancing as many parts i can. I've found its not the most common engine and hard to find aftermarket parts for, sometimes even standard! So my question is, does anyone have any recommendations, links or tips for tuning & sourcing aftermarket parts.? also gearbox & clutch included I'm not after engine conversions, tons of electronics or turbos! I'm taking the route of old school tuning to hopefully be achieving a torquey high reving solid engine as it is what i know best and easiest to fix! my bucket list so far: Webber dcoe twin 40s piper 268 degree camshaft adjustable vernier pully ported, polished & matched head electronic fuel pump 4-2-1 SS exhaust manifold with straight through pipe & backbox possible flywheel lightening my target is to achieve 60-70bhp (could be optimistic but challanges are fun) although I've never read about tuning these engines a its easier to fit a AFH or something similar. I've not had my polo long so not completely clued up on them so any help would be much appreciated some may think tuning a 1.3 is a waste of time but I'm after a sweet little fun car to drive at its max, not a tarmac shredding monster that u can use 50% power :P any help & ideas will be taken on board & much appreciated thanks heres the little lemon..
  17. i am wondering if there is thread or someone can help me on how to take the carb off. I have never delt with carbs on a car.
  18. right my polo mk2f has a f**ked inline fuel pump, its the 1.3 spi AAV engine. My question is will any spi inline fuel pump do the job i.e one off a 1.0 spi engine? any input would help or if anyone knows another solution/replacement.
  19. So I've swapped out my old 1 litre 4 speed for a 1.3 5 speed. Literally just put it in and done up the engine mounts, connected the gear linkage and drive shafts. I was just wondering if I needed a 5 speed gear linkage as I can only find 3 gears? I was also wondering if I needed an ecu from a 1.3 as well? I didn't know if there was any difference in them? Anything else you think I might need too would be a great help. thank you
  20. Just bought a nice low mileage 1993 1.3 genesis coupe, to replace my old CL which was written off, however whenever it is started from cold it will either start right up, splutter and die, or start right up, splutter for a couple of seconds and then run fine. It generally starts fine when warm although it still splutters a little. It doesn't miss a beat otherwise once its running. I assumed it was the bastard blue temp sensor but I swapped it from the one off the engine out of my own car and it does the same. Tbh It doesn't seem to run as well with this sensor in so I've ordered another, but anyone got any ideas what else it could be? On a side note sometimes the car will not fire at all and just turn over, although a couple of cycles of the ignition sorts it, I'm assuming that's a fuel pump relay going bad or something. Cheers
  21. vladimirr32

    Cold idle issue

    Hey guys, my mk2f polo has a cold idle issue, seems to be rough running and will cut out every so often. its ok when it's warm. its a 1.3 Aav thanks
  22. Hi all, just us a quick question, I'm going to replace the crankcase breather pod on my 91 coupe 1.3 aav spi. Has anyone replaced this before as I can't seem to find any info on the method or whether it needs some kind of of ring seal etc. any help appreciated:) cheers guys
  23. Hi guys, had a bit of trouble with my j reg 1.3 spi . Started it up for the first time in a while. After a couple of minutes gave it a big Rev and all of a sudden something went and it now runs really bad and very very lumpy. had a look and noticed the end of the crankcase breather pipe has snapped off and there is a small red snapped plastic fitting in the end... does anyone think this could be the cause and does anyone know where the end of this hose connects up. any advice really appreciated
  24. Jordanuac

    Marco - 1990 Polo Coupe Project

    So I recently purchased my first Polo Coupe (long overdue, I have been dreaming about one of these for a good few years). I found him not too far away from where I was living, on an eBay auction, with a starting bid of £400 with a week to run. After a short, hurried test drive in a thunderstorm and a brief checkover in a multi-storey car park I followed my heart over my head and made an offer of £500 to buy and collect that evening. It was agreed, and I had a new best friend. Ignore the quality of the photo's, they were taken off the ad as you can see there was a lot of work to do as I quickly decided that this was going to be a show project. I wanted him ready for the show and shine at Bug Jam 24/07/16. 5 weeks after purchase. I know he won't win yet, but I want him to give some of the others a run for their money! I will update the road to Bug Jam here:
  25. hey guys! I have an 1987 Polo coupe and it eats a lot more than it should. Factory fuel usegage is 5-8 Liters, mine ate 11 on my last trip? What can i do to fix this? Is it because i have a Sport exhaust? Or the bigger wheels? Also when i drive with 140-150 km/h the engine sometimes nearly stalls. and i have to reduce the speed to like 130...
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