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Found 8 results

  1. Par

    Par's Polo

    Hi, I'm new to the site but not that new to Polos. My first car was an S reg Polo 6n, but in 2005 I bought a 6n2 - 2001 VW Polo 1.4 16v 100bhp edition. I've had it for 14 years now and loved it every time I've driven or looked at it. I've recently decided to fix it up a bit cosmetically and mechanically, if need be, so I joined this site for some inspiration and assistance. And to see if there's still love out there for this now 18 year-old car! It has already been a lot of help reading what people have done (and how they've done it) - cheers guys! There's not that many posts recently so I'd thought I'd contribute with my little motor and what I've been doing. It's not very far from stock, but even stock is a great looking car! Comments and suggestions welcomed! 🙂 About 9 months ago I finally got tired of my lack of 21st Century music and the fact that the V had fallen off the front of my Polo 😞 Aim of the game: • Small (low cost) cosmetic changes or fixes - to make my car feel new again or just for the sake of a visual change after having it for 14 years. • Mechanical upgrades/refresh - to keep my car running well for as long as possible Upgraded head unit to Atoto A6. Android head unit for some compatibility with how I actually listen to music these days! Can also use Plex for movies/TV for passengers on long journeys. Plus all the other usual phone>car navigation and stuff 🙂 More recently decided to fix my V at the front, by de-badging the back and super glue the V from the back to the front. Treated interior to a new gear stick gaiter and new mats Indicator needed replacing so I replaced the headlights too. Made a massive difference! Bought myself some Plasti-dip for the rear badge, and then decided to spray my front grilles too Changed the side repeaters to LEDs, black with a chrome bezel but tbh I'm still not sure about them - might go back to stock Lastly, and kind of least favourite so far, I fitted new seat covers with a bit of colour just for a change. I wasn't expecting to be wowed, and I wasn't. The fit isn't bad but it's not perfect, and I shouldn't have got the airbag compatible version because there's just a big hole in the side for no reason . At least it might protect my real interior for a while as that's starting to get a little worn. Only a few other things on my to do list: • Paint my callipers red • Pair of rear mud flaps • Fit remote locking kit • Fix rust on rear NS wheel arch • Few minor scratches to touch up • Possibly refurb wheels as mine have corroded causing slow flats • Or maybe just buy new alloys 🙂 • Possibly front splitter from a GTI (but they're hard to find!) I've always loved the look of the 6n2 so I'm not looking to do anything too drastic (bodykits etc), but I'd be happy to hear suggestions, or any other general comments. I'll put up some glam shots when I've given it a good wash
  2. Schnooky

    She's back! 6n2 1.4 16v estate

    She's back on the road! And i did it all myself! After buying her last year March, I only got to drive her for a couple of months, then she didn't respond to the gas pedal any more, I was told to scrap her as it would be too costly to repair, I was gutted as there's only a handful of this model left, I didn't want to sell or even scrap her so she was left on my drive for a year, then I had a hunch and managed to fix her, it cost me a whole £25!!! I since have done lots to her and she passed Mot last week with flying colours! Im so very proud of myself, and so very happy she's back on the road
  3. Been offered a refurb Bosch Alternator with 2 year warranted for AFH 1.4 16V 1998 Can someone please check part number and also the info below. Part no: 021903017A Voltage (V) 12 Amperage (A) 90 Rotation CW Pulley Type Fixed Pulley Grooves 6 Plug Code 25 thank you.
  4. Hi Everyone, new to the forum, I have a Passat 1.8T wagon but stumped with the issue on the wife’s Polo 1.4 16v BBY 89k, car drives fine mrs can drive it to work and home 4mile round trip and it’s fine, if stopped in traffic or left idleing for a few minutes when warm the EPC starts flashing, car starts to misfire on Number 4 16688, if turned off and restarted the misfire and epc disappears and all is fine, I have tried new coils and plugs and swapped them round, no signs of head gasket failure and no smoke at all. No vac leaks, no other fault codes, I also unplugged the egr and made no difference, TB is spotless, possible injector, Valves, EGR, CTS? Just want to see if anyone has had the same before I take to our local Indy for compression/fault testing. Thanks
  5. vwsportsman

    mk2 polo afk

    hi all i have acquired an afk 1.4 100bhp engine from a lupo sport i want to put this in my mk2 polo im just wondering if anyone has done this before also what are the differences between the afh and the afk engine can i do a dizzy conversion to the afk engine so i dont have to run injection and engine management. can i use the 5 speed box that comes with the afk engine? what driveshafts would i need to use? thanks for all the help
  6. I have a 6n2 polo 1.4 16v 2001. My car cut out on me the other day. The interior light had been left on and I needed bump starting. Drove 30 miles and stopped for about 40 mins. Restarted the car no worries. However after another mile the cut just lost all power and cut out on me. Restarted it and it sounded horrendous. The following day I restarted it and it was fine. charged up the battery no worries. I plugged in a OBD reader and it said there was a misfire in cylinder 1,2,3. Changed the coil pack and the leads and thats sorted that out. However, now it is struggling to run again losing power. starts up fine but as soon as i start to move it tries to cut out. Put my foot on the gas and there is no revs. Re plugged in the code reader and it is showing the P0170 fault. Fuel trim bank 1. Been told it could be maf sensor, oxygen sensor or worst case, ignition coils, cam or crank shaft. Any help would be greatly apprichiated,
  7. I have left the following out of a Polo 1.4 16V AFH Mk4 5 speed Gearbox £100 Mk4 ECU £15 Mk4 Windscreen wiper motor mechanism £15 Mk4 alternator £25 Mk4 Starter Motor £20 Mk4 Coolant Bottle £7 Mk4 Distributor £20 Mk4 Coil, amp, ignition loom £25 Mk4 egr valve £25 Mk4 Throttle body £35 Mk4 Drive shafts £15 each Mk4 inlet manifold £25 Please message or call me for offers on 07958939584 Items are all located near Hanger Lane, West London. Thanks Akis
  8. jed6n2

    Hello from Dorset!

    i'm new to this forum lark but here goes! i'm Josh i'm 19 and driving a 6n2 1.4 16v which i bought back in February, it was a bit mechanically ratty when i bought it but after plenty of hard work the mods have started! As i bought the car! The first mod that was completed by myself was the deep dish Steering wheel and boss which I bought off a pair of brothers, one which had a mentally modded 6n, who had the boss, and one who currently owns a mark 2 Breadvan, who the suede steering wheel is from! I bought the Klutch SL1 around two weeks ago, i'm currently fitting it with camber bolts (for the front) and camber shims (on the back) for that nicer fitment! Hope to all see you at the Polo show!
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