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Found 23 results

  1. Hi! I have an issue with my current (and previous engine to some extent) I have this noise that drives me nuts, previous engine was quite worse, but IIRC pretty much similar. On the previous engine I changed rod bearings, tappets, even piston rings (while I was in there as I wanted to check if there is any play in the wrist pin), and the noise still persisted. On the current one I only swapped out the tappets to ones that felt solid to squish. Is this tappet noise? Youtube link here Any help would be appreciated. P.S. it sort of loud as I currently don't have an exhaust on postcat.
  2. Hello all, this is my first time posting to this forum. I currently drive a 1998 golf MK3 1.6 cl which has the AEE lump. Recently it has started burning oil and producing blue smoke. I have managed to buy a replacement 1.6 AEE engine from a 1999 S reg polo 6n1 automatic. looking at the engines I can see that the blocks have slightly different mounting holes for the gearbox bell housing bolts. I know that the polo uses the 085 box and the MK3 uses an 02K DGH box. Is there a possibility that the polo engine could work with the 02K gearbox with a few missing bolts? Or do I now have a rather large AEE paper weight 😂😂😫 Thank you!
  3. Hello you Guys, I am working on a motor conversion. A 1.6 AEE engine in my RHD polo MK1. it is the only RHD polo in the Netherlands. There is no brake booster in the polo. I would like to build in 1. I think there is too little space to build in a brake booster. Are there any members who have built a 1.6 (16V) engine in a 86(c) in combination with a brake booster. or I just do not have to whine and kick harder on the pedal. the last option is to convert the polo to LHD. Although I would find it a shame, it is still quite unique a RHD polo in the Netherlands.
  4. Hello everybody! I swapped my 1.0 AER engine to a 1.6 16V AVY, replaced the engine loom, the ecu, the chip in my keys, and the little receiver around the ignition barrel, (and a lot of other stuff, like pedal box, etc) but I couldn't replace the immo box, because my loom has 6 cables, and the donor car's box has 8. (I have a 98 model, so I have the later wiring) Is there a way to connect the new immo to the car without a professional? Or what should I do? Thank you in advance!
  5. kainy

    Polo 6n2 GTI - twin colored

    Originally I joined as I got a 1.4 16v coupe 6n2 as a backup car. I have a 3.0tdi A6 that I like to tinker with a lot, and still have a ton of electrical issues with it, the most significant being related to a manual to automatic transmission swap... so I do tend to keep it at a shop a lot. Also it did proove not much practical for a daily use. But as my mother’s 6n2 gave birth to all of its fluids, I decided to give her mine and get something better, as I was already looking at a possible engine swap for the 1.4... As a result I got a pretty sweet GTI. I did’t expect much. Got it from a dealer, which was already a bad omen , but the car was in a surprisingly good visual condition. It hasn’t been driven since at least an year (January 2017) with less then 7000km done in 2016. I got it on 138 000km, and its last history is from Switzerland from 2013 at 118 000km. It is kinda believable that it could have done only 20 000km in 2014 and 2015, but here rewinding the milage is still very much a thing. Still it looks like being close to that arlt least. The car had its gearbox repaired while at the dealer. Everything else was in order. Of course for the first several days there were no brakes , until the calipers remembered how to work. I got it from another city, so it wasn’t the smartest idea to bring it home directly after sitting for so long, but it performed flawlessly. Of course by Murphy’s law, exactly on the next day, I got the ABS lamp on, and a bit after that the Engine check on also. Thse were because of a rear light speed sensor and a misfire in cilinder 1. Alongside the standart service, I changed the spark plugs, the spark leads and the spark coil and the speed sensor. But still occasionally (I think when I sit in traffic) it does log a misfire, which I can’t even register. Will do a compression check next year before installing the LPG system, as nothing else looks suspicious. The only other issue it had was that the left window didn’t work, while from the driver’s door I could only open the passenger’s windows with both positions of the switch. Also the central locking button on the door could lock the car but couldn’t unlock it. Today I repaired it by fixing a cut wire between the door and the body. What I plan to do with the car: - repaint the red parts - the current paint job is ridiculous and I’m not sure I like that it is not metallic. - repaint the calipers - also pretty badly done - reupholster the steering wheel with red stiches and reupholster the ceiling - update all the speakers (some are torn) - get 14” alloys as it came with 15” ones, and my winter tires are 14... Will keep the 15 for the summer - soundproofing - that is a must. Not only for better audio, but also for the rare cases where I need to get it on the highway... It really lacks a 6th gear - refurbish the headlights and get new blinkers - fix the hooks for the rear seats, because, of course, they both tore the moment I tried them - at some point I’ll add rear speakrs and an amp - as mentioned above - LPG system with lightweight bottle.
  6. Hi Got a bit of a problem with the car. While driving at 100kph and coming to slow down and down shifting to 4th gear and trying to rev match, when pressing the accerlator slightly, the car would not rev up at all unless you press harder which case over revs. Also when accelerating from stand still, the car hesitates very badly and feels like it doesnt want to rev. Once you get past 2000 rpm it goes ok but below that it just feels like it doesnt want to rev at all. I've only noticed this today when i drove it. Weather was very bad, rain and hailing like crazy . not sure if maybe got in anywhere?? also noticed that the temperature gauge didnt really move at all from the cold position. The weather was very cold outside however. Related? any ideas
  7. Chrispop

    Polo 1.6 L 6kv2 1997 Saloon

    Starting a fresh thread for my Polo Saloon 1997! Thought it was best as I first debuted it on the introductions thread page I have owned it since October, and have sadly not really had much time (or money mainly) to do anything to it. It's been an awesome daily, and is fun to drive. It really does need work though. I'm going to attach some pictures of it, and update this thread whenever I do anything to it, hopefully you guys will enjoy! Regarding the plans for it, the first thing that needs doing is it's clutch, then sort out it's perishables, then get me some nicer wheels!
  8. hey polo peeps!! I've fitted 6n2 GTI hubs onto my 6n2 1.4 8v and now the wheels are toed in massively ! the hole for the track rod end to go into is 10mm closer to the steering rack than the 1.4 hubs and I've now been 2 weeks without my only car trying to figure it out. so far the only solution myself and the mechanic at the garage doing it while I'm at work have is to put threads further up the track rod and chop the ends off to make it fit but surely there's something were missing ? some part that needs changing???? I'm at a loss and I want my car back from what shouldve been a 20 minute job ? anybhelo appreciated- we've checked ball joints, track rod ends, checking wishbones soon but everything seems to be the same !!!
  9. rozza92

    I'm Back! Ross' GTI

    Hi all! So after some years since owning my last polo I am once again a polo owner! Had a 6n 16v as my first car which I loved and spent too much money on. I am sure the build thread is still on here somewhere. Here is a quick picture of it before I sold it Then the urge for more power kicked in so I upgraded to a MK4 Golf GTI which I wish I never sold. Again, spent far to much on this one as well (will see a common theme going on with my cars here) Then came the biggest mistake I ever made, moving away from VW. Brought this money pit of an Astra which had nothing but problems. Brought it as I needed a diesel and it was cheap at the time although now I know why it was cheap! Now as I am moving into london I only need a cheap run around I thought I would get a polo again. This GTI popped up cheap so it was brought this afternoon for £900. Its got just under 100k on the clock and is in great condition. Got a few bits to sort as with any 16 year old car but overall I am very pleased with it Going to try not to spend much on this one but I'm sure that wont last long as usual!
  10. Hello, Im currently buildding / buying parts for my AFH/ARC hybrid lump. Im stuck finding some technical info! I need to know the o.e standard block hight and also the o.e standard head hight as they have been skimmed but i have no idea by how much. im now trying to find out as I need to give piston supplier mesurements to design me a piston .Dont know what do tbh I work at a seat main dealer and even our system elsa has no technical messurement specs for AFH lump even though it was used in some of there cars 1997-1999. Has anyone got any info or know where i can get a decent manual with these messurements? Thanks hopeing some one will reply random Pictures relateing to build shiney beast high lift cams lol
  11. Henry Powell

    Red Polo GTI

    All I'm keeping from this is the engine, box, loom and everything of the driving gear. Bonnet - £40 Wings - £40 each Boot with spoiler (bad paint) - £40 Doors - £50 each (5 door) - all window regs/motors/speakers extra £20 per door 4x Door cards - £75 Leather seats £150 (drivers bolster is ripped) Carpet - £40 (boot carpet +£5) Gear knob & gaiter - £30 Lower Dash and Centre console - £60 Headlights (HID) - £50 Rear Lights - £40 Window motors - £20 The more you buy the cheaper it becomes, all parts are located near Frome (BA115HE) 07895543304 for more questions and images due to upload limit Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, I've bought a mk 2 project with the intention of doing an engine swap... found a 1.4 mk3 golf donor car that from what I've been reading should fit straight in (abd code) but the 60bhp seems not worth the hassle.. will a 1.6 polo/golf motor fit? Are they short blocks? Don't mind making mounts and converting to carbs.. just need a bit of a heads up before I get donor car... cheers
  13. Hi lads, I've a 99 polo 1.0 and as everyone I need more grunt. So last week I found something that I couldn't refuse. A 1.6 aee engine "full conversion" add. And for once itlooks like it's full conversion. So I went up to the lad and got: 1.6 aee engine with g40 cams and 1.8 throttle body, G40 box with clutch and fly to match, Driveshafts, exhaust, ecu, wiring loom. Now I need a few questions answered before I start the conversion, as it's my daily and has to be done in a weekend. Will the 1.0 mpi fuel pump feed enough petrol for this big lump? How much different the gear ratios are? (tried searching but couldn't find them, a link would be perfect) Should I get the golf mk2 8v gti injectors? And would they work good? What are the common problems that people find with this conversion? Or is it just straight swap as I'm hoping for? Any help is appreciated. Even links to older conversions. Just need guidance as this has to be done in 48 hours :-D Thanks in advance.
  14. Good Morning, my name is Paul, I'm a new member to this forum. My daughters year 2000 Polo Gti had its MOT yesterday, but it failed on the emissions These were the details on the MOT failure sheet: 001 Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content at idle excessive (7.3.D.4) 002 Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (7.3.D.3) 003 Exhaust emissions lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits (7.3.D.3) Emissions Test Sheet as follows: See attachment below. Any help would be so much appreciated, I've got an OBD II code reader if this is any help. I would like to fix this myself if possible, i generally do all the maintenance on our vehicles myself, its just the emissions seem to be a hard one. Have a good day Many thanks Paul
  15. Hey guys, Last summer I swapped the plastic thermostat housing and radiator on the Polo 6N with 1.6 AEA/AEE engine. I still have some minor coolant leakage on the corner of the radiator, and suspect the original hoses to be the sinner. (Any other likely suspects, shout out.) Are there any alternatives around that suits? Samco, do88, etc silicone based hoses that fits? Finding parts these days are not the best for these odd cars...
  16. Hi all, I need some help! I've got a 6n2 GTI that needs an top end rebuild as the engine was tapping. I thought it may be a sticky hydraulic tappet, so I shoved some engine flush through as a kill or cure solution. Typically, as my luck would have it... I killed it! The valve stem oil seals are shot and the tapping has stayed. So I need to have a bit of a rebuild. The last engine that I rebuilt was an aircooled Beetle engine, so I need a bit of advice on what parts I should buy in readiness for the engine removal, strip down, rebuild and re-installation. I'm thinking I need: Valve stem oil seals x 16 Head gasket Exhaust gasket 'Instant' gasket for rocker cover and sump Cambelt kit... might as well while it's in bits! I was hoping to find some miracle kit on GSF or similar like I used to buy for my aircooled engines, but it's not that simple! Can I ask for your help to make sure I get all I need? Any suggestions welcome. Cheers Andy
  17. Breadvan Princess

    Crankshaft 8v MK2/ 2f

    Hi there, I know there is a 1.6 ABU crankshaft available for these engines (1.05, 1.3), but is there a 1.8? I know it sounds loony, but I'm basically after loads of torque plus a way to fully utilize a weber DMTL (my 1.3 never really gave it optimum signal). I'll go with the 1.6 if that's the only way, but I don't want to go 16v because I want that hardy/ smooth low-end torque that you get from the 8vs. cheers!
  18. Hi guys Am currently doing a conversion on my 6N2. Have got the engine loom (only engine loom, not bay loom). Have also got ecu, key with chips, immobiliser box etc. Just wondering if any of you guys could shed some light on whether I will get away with just replacing the engine loom and ecu? Or perhaps I need the bay loom also? I know the engine loom have some gefty plugs on it that look fairly universal. Cheers guys!
  19. Hi folks! After being without a car for over a year, I decided to get myself a usefull car for a change :) I decided to go for a Polo 6N Estate (two dogs :P) with 1.6 engine. Found a nice one just outside where I live - white, just serviced, a tad under 100K miles made. The car seemed in pretty good condition, no major issues with it, no rust, everything in working order. It even has a mad bulldog sticker on the boot (I do have Huskies tho...:P)! Gave it a spin and test ride - deal done. Here are some pics: So far, I've only managed to do 500 miles with it but I'm very pleased with what I got for mere 750 GBP. The car drives nicely, it's solid and compact. The engine is really great. 1.6 8V multipoint gives the impression of being stronger than it really is - pulls very well from low rpms. Could, of course, be due to the fact my shoes weight more than this Anyways, so far, I'm loving it and despite the fact I'm used to driving cars from a completely different league, I enjoy driving it quite a bit. I've decided to put together a + and - list - hopefully, this can be of help to someone thinking of buying it. Here we go: + - nice, responsive engine - feels airtight and quite well made - good steering - slick gearbox - very roomy for it's size (I fit in easily and I'm 6,2) - pretty darn economical for the engine size and age - practical (love the rear seats folding) - it's quite high so no issues when driving on rough terrain :) - surprisingly comfy - probably me only, but I love the fact that, appart from electrical windows, it's got no equipment - roof racks come standard - - it's quite high - and it rolls quite a bit - perhaps a bit unfair considering the fact I gave this engine a + but I could easily live with high rev happier engine (all fun stops @ app. 4500-5000 rpm) - reverse gear needs very, very gentle and precise handling - allthough it's got some space, there may be issues getting larger objects in the trunk (inner width between arches, boot edge very high) - seats are fixed - you can only tilt the seating position (I did manage to get it set right for my bum) - fuel cap and doors have no lock - no glove compartment, no nice trays, cup holders... (quite an issue when entering the car with a coffee to go! ) The car isn't completly issue-free. I do have to add, I can be quite meticulous so the following list should be taken with a little reserve. If anyone knows about the solutions for these "problems", I'd be more than happy to hear about it! Issues (any feedback appreaciated!): - wobbly ride - the car setup is soft by default but I think the suspension has seen it's better days - braking is shakey (disks need changing) - the right wheel bearing is a bit lound on full lock (turning left) - reverse shifting is a bit painful as it sometimes crunches. Also, I need to press the clutch all the way down in order to do it (is the cable self adjusting?) - I notice some fuely smell when starting it cold - the economy is great though (managed to do 47 mpg on highway + B-roads!) - idle is a bit restless - not harsh and barely noticeable, but it's there (idle motor needs cleaning / setting? ) - according to the rev counter it also seems to idle a bit high @ app. 850 and 900 rpm - is that normal? - the main belt pulley seems to dance just a bit - is that common with Polos? - handbrake grabs too late (8+ clicks) - middle exhaust protection is loose as it rattles So, to summarize it, it will need: breaks change / overhaul, suspension change, idle motor checkup, new HT leads, rotor and cap (just to be safe), exhaust protection refit. I intend to use it as a daily driver, mostly for weekend journeys to the hills and mountain areas, vacation. If it proves to be just as good as I think it might, I do have some plans though (again, help here more than welcome!): Plans: - suspension change > I was thing to go with AP fixed / coilovers as I 've only heard great stuff about them. Besides, I've been told they're nowhere near extreme as far as the height (-40/-30) and firmness go. Cnsidering the fact they're relatively cheap, seems they're the perfect way to go. I would like to lower the car just a bit and make it a bit firmer but still keep it very usable as a daily driver. Anyone done that with AP on theirs? Alternatives perhaps? - brake overhaul / upgrade > what kinda brakes fit the Polo cheap without any bigger issues? If it's a hassle, I'll just go for original disks... - wheels and tires upgrade > The car now drives on 14'' steelies and 175/60 winter tires so I feel this is what I'll deal with first. I'm a big sucker for widened black steelies but the law over here dissaproves so I'll probably go with regular, wider ones (7, 7,5 J). Haven't really decided yet, about this one, but black 14 '' steelies with smaller ET seem as a good option. I might however go with a more regular, 15'' setup and a decent 195 rubber. Any suggestions? I'd be more than happy to hear about it. Steelies are a safer option given the car is white but I'd love to hear about good looking 15'' alloy alternatives. I must also add, I was allways more about the performance than looks, so weight plays a certain role here :) - Yakima or Thule wind barrier on roof (as soon as I get ahold of one cheap - quite pricey these!) - rubber"edged" protector in the boot (done!) and a dog guard frame (ordered) - rear red lights (this stuff seems hard to find) > Question - do indicators glow red or orange with these? If red, it's a no go (yeah, the law). - maybe pair of Golf GTI front seats - not a sucker for audio but maybe a decent USB capable radio as the one I have is a cassette player ) - a big if - engine tune up (any proven to be good and worthy mods on a 1.6 8V unit)?) So, all in all, nothing big, nothing drastic - just want to make this good servant to look a tiny bit better and drive a tiny bit tighter. Here are two pics showing what I had in mind looks-wise: That would be it - sorry for the lenghty introduction - I usually get carried away with this stuff easily ...and, yeah, thanx for the welcome and any help in advance! Best, F
  20. Hi. So my timing belt has gone by and my engine has broke, so now I am going to replace it. The current engine is a 1.4 16v gti, and the engine I want to replace it with is a 1.6 16v gti AVY or ARC. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to fit this engine straight in without modifications, or do I have to modify anything for it to work? Thanks /Axel
  21. Hello I bought a k&n typhoon kit for my 1.6 polo gti. I'm an amateur at fitting things but still thought id give it ago myself. I didn't have any problems accept fitting the bottom half of the pipe which leads to the front side grill. my instructions cut off most of the pictures etc due to a rubbish print and I have downloaded the instructions online but I still cant figure it out. i've taken it back off the car now and put my std airbox back on. But if I can get some good pics or instructions to fit the bottom bracket then ill put it back on. :)
  22. I am a new member on club polo and was interested to see what people had done with my shape polo, 59 plate 5 door 1.6tdi 6r After some browsing on the internet i found....http://www.more-bhp.com/polo/vw-polo-16-tdi-cr-75-ecu-remap.html Now they claim: BHP Before: 75 BHP After: 145 NM Torque Before: 195 NM Torque After: 320 This seems an almost unreal jump...but if anyone has had one done or knows anyone with one please give your opinions Thanks everyone
  23. all items can be posted at cost hear i have ye old faithful, loved this little car but when the gearbox went bang i decided to move to a 1.9 golf being older and insirance going down great little pokey car and if anyone wants the buy the car as a whole we can reach a reasonable deal as i just need to see it gone now extras include flip up headunit with gps and bt £120 unrated speakers all round, all fli 12inch 1200 watt fli sub and amp £50 JOM adjustable coilovers £70 k and n mushroom filter, £10 black 15 inch 205/45/15 wheels and tyres NEARLY NEW TYRES £150 aircon unit £30 rare 1.6 6n engine £100 clear indicators(side and front) with bulbs £25 red tinted rear lights £20 central locking pump £15 10mm wheel spacers £20 for the pair if any info is wanted on any items in the photo or any photos of specifics are wanted do not hesitate to text or call on 07837507144
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