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Found 13 results

  1. corey.si

    Stateside Polo

    Just picked up this 1992 Polo here in the US. As you can see it needs a thorough cleaning, the previous owner had it parked in his driveway for sometime before I acquired the car. In its lifetime it was sent to a shop to have an AEB 1.8t swapped into it. Im new to Polos but certainly not new to VW. 👍
  2. Time Left: 1 month and 6 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Please find for sale my Polo GTi registered 2006. 2 previous keepers and I’ve owned it for over 5 years now since 16k miles. This is quite possibly the lowest mileage 9N3 in the country with a genuine odometer reading of 30,440 miles which will rise slightly. The car has fully logged service history and has been serviced with genuine VW parts in the time I’ve owned it. I’ve a folder full of receipts to back this up. As you'd imagine the car is in impeccable condition for its age. It’s always garaged when not in use and the first owner was a car collector who also garaged his collection. The interior is immaculate. Height adjustable front seats with under seat drawers. All the cloth is in as new condition. The car also has cruise control which is a very rare option. As you can see exterior wise the car is very clean. There’s obviously the odd stone chip and other age related marks but it’s not been touched with a spray gun so it’s a very honest example. I had the alloys powder coated when I first bought the car so they’re in good condition. There’s not a single curb mark on any aof them and all of the Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres have good tread. As for mods these are very subtle making this a really good sleeper. The front end has been polybushed. The car has also had a stage 1 remap done by Nick Wilkinson of Scarborough when I bought the car five years ago. This was not a flash and dash job, more a lot of work on a rolling road to produce a quick responding but smooth map. BHP was taken up to 200bhp and I have the print outs to prove the work. The car really has to be driven to be appreciated. June service and the car car has two keys. If you want any more information please feel free to drop me a message.


    Bridlington, England - GB

  3. Drivetrain Audi/VW 1.8 20 Valve Turbo AGU Engine Code with 02A Gearbox (will come with full engine loom) £400 K04 Turbo £180 SAAB Red top 346cc Injectors £60 SFS Intake Pipe £80 Forge 008p DV £80 DriveShafts UK Custom Uprated Driveshafts £350 Rear Beam fitted with PowerFlex Bushes, 6n2 GTI Rear Disc Conversion with Brembo Discs and Pads £200 KW Variant 1 Inox Line Coilovers £400 Forge Front Mount Intercooler £100 K&N Air Filter with 3” VR6 MAF Housing £30 Custom 3” Stainless steel Downpipe and 2.5” Exhaust (incl backbox) £300 Vibratechics mk4 golf drivers engine mount £80 Exterior Hofele Quad Headlights £80 (condition is poor) Polo 6n2 Rear All red lights £50 FK Crystal Indicators £15 K&N Air Filter £40 Polo 6n2 Stubby Wing Mirrors £80 for Pair Japanese Polo 6n Bootlid £220 6n/6n2 Polo Hybrid Front bumper with GTI grills £220 Bonnet with Aerocatch Bonnet Fasteners £100 Interior Sparco 353 330mm Black Suede Steering Wheel £100 Cobra LTD Edition Black 4-Point Harnesess £100 Wiechers 6 Point rear cage with Harness Bar and X Brace £360 Carbon Fibre front door cards £160 Black Flocked Rear Doorcards £40 Black flocked roof lining, boot trim panel, Grab handles, sun visors, A, B and C Pillars £150 Carbon Fibre Mirror Triangles £40 STACK Boost gauge £60 STACK Oil pressure gauge £70 STACK AFR Gauge £80 Contact me on here or for a fast response text or call Mattie on 0780197095six
  4. Harley-Stone

    1.8T AUM conversion

    Yes the age old question of swapping a 1.8t into a polo but not any polo a mk2f polo. What im after is some advice about keeping the original clocks in the polo but running a 1.8t but I’m struggling to work out what I can do for a loom to get it all working correctly, ideally I need the obd port for possible remapping in the future and if the engines running rough. I’ve got both cars next to each other so it should make life easier but I doubt that 😂 It it will probably be easier if I bullet point my answers any advise is welcome Can I run 1.8T (AUM) on it’s own with out the immobiliser? Can I have it push butting start with out needing the key and clocks? Can I use the existing ECU? What driveshafts should I use? What brake setups are best for this? Would it be easier if I got a new pedal box because the AUM is DBW ? Thank you in advance Harley
  5. Hi all, I'm currently driving a 06 plate Polo with the AWY engine (1.2, 6V), and as much as I love it (it's my first car and an absolute workhorse) I'm getting tired of it's atrocious lack of power, and as all my mates are getting more powerful cars as their insurance is cheaper it's getting even more irritating. Because of this, and the fact I don't want to sell it, I've been trying to look into doing an engine swap for it, found an AYP 1.8 20VT engine with all the ancilliaries reasonably cheaply, and an 02A gearbox at a decent price too. So would those parts be compatible as I build a sleeper? or are there better pairings I should consider? Also, how much would it cost me do you think? I can get the gearbox and engine for 800 odd quid, how easy would it be to do myself? I can probably do everything but the loom, or is it going to be harder that I anticipated? Basically at a loose end here and can find precisely nothing of use online and any advice or guidance would be extremely helpful. Cheers :) Alastair
  6. PUGS117

    6n2 1.8T K04 GTI

    Hi some of you might remember this car, it was originally Jamie1.8tpologti's. I bought it beginning of May last year as I've always wanted a 1.8t ever since I saw this very car when Jamie had it all those years ago. The spec is BAM 1.8t engine (done by TSR), mk3 golf tdi gearbox, custom 3" turbo back exhaust system, custom drive shafts, R-tec map running 270bhp, Hi-Spec 4 pot front brakes, Bilstein coilovers, Rota Grid alloys, Porsche rep front seats and false floor rear and smoothed bumpers. This is how it looked when I bought it. The main reason I bought it The wheels weren't my thing at all so decided to get rid and replace them with a set of OZ superturismo's, got these off ebay for £200. Tried them with the slicks just out of impatient-ness. Sold the slicks on and replaced them with a set of Nankang NS-2R's as the yokohama s-drives on the Rota's were just not giving enough grip. We had a club stand at CumbriaVag so wanted to tidy up the engine. Top is before and bottom is after. At CumbriaVag 2016 Painted the wheels black soon after CumbriaVag and that was that for 2016. Took it off the road over the winter, put it in my garage to start a on few things that had been bugging me. Like the intercooler pipe sticking out the driver's side grill, rusty wings, and a general tidy up. So started on the intercooler pipe, stripped the front end down including the slam panel. Removed the a/c radiator and pipes etc to free up some room to move the intercooler back 20mm. Cut the cooler pipe down and re-welded which gave me the room needed to have the pipe fully behind the grill. Also removed the wings and replaced them. Old wings Intercooler pipe back on One new wing on All buttoned back up Got a mate who runs a sign writing company and he sent me this through. I'm feeling the motorsport look and tbf the car is quick enough to pull it off. Taking inspiration form the Mercedes F1 team livery. It's not going to look exactly like this (don't really fancy a 'Brazzers' sun strip First thing was the arches Still got front splitter to make, sides to make and figure out rear spoiler options and give it a good clean. Back on the road 1st May.
  7. CraigAnderson

    Money no object 9N project

    I bought a 9n polo in march that needed a new engine (AWY) so I did that and now the replacment engine(Also AWY) has just blew its head after its 3rd rebuild and so I would rather have some fun with fitting something bigger like a jet engine or a saturn 5 rocket but as they don't fit standard 02T gearbox I was thinking 1.6 8v or 20 8v from 1J golf. Am so far cost of car and engine and everything else am like £500 in the hole so rather than quit and buy something else I would rather stick something fun in it for long term as a daily runner.

    insurance for a 6n2 1.8t

    hey guys I'm thinking about a 1.8t conversion for my 6n2 after around a year of driving after I pass, providing I don't bin it and send the insurance skyrocketing on my own policy, roughly how much do you recon it would cost to insure and where do you guys suggest, I will be 18 when I do the swap
  9. tomsPolo

    White 9n3 GTi

    Hello, I've been about on the forums for the last couple of years but never started my own post (really due to fact I've not had alot to document) but I thought I'd show my progress so far. I'll just post up all the decent photos I have over the last year of ownership. Started in the polo game in January of 2014 with a blue 9n. Little 1.2 3 pot did me well for a year; but come January 2015 it was time to upgrade Went for a drive that day and took some pictures White gets dirty pretty quickly So it was bath time (the first of many!) Small changes first: Chrome on white rear badge and a polo sticker for the window First show I managed to get to - Ultimate Dubs 2015 600 mile round trip, will try get to more shows this year Bought lower honeycomb grills and had some 'fun' fitting them. Ended up taking a hacksaw to the thing Next came Milltek catback exhaust Dewipered (also hacked this off) Looks much tidier but a glass bung is on the todo list now Summer time and she got some AP coilovers. All the way down was the only option Painted the front badge and grill and got on the outdoor stand at Scottish Car Show 2015 with The DubSide Deletes (SAI and n249) tidies up engine bay New brake time Old 288mm New 312mm discs just about fit under standard monzas Headed down to Edition38 in September(another 600 mile round trip), will definitely be going back this year! Bought milltek decat just after this but don't have any pictures. Sounds very rice New tyres - Uniroyal Rainsport 3s - couldn't fault them! Winter bath time Have recently bought OZ superturismos. 17x8 et40(I think) for £125 Badly need refurbed but will sort that out in next pay day. Still to decide on what tyres to run as 205/40/17 were rubbing pretty badly. Will post up more pictures once they're finished and back the car. Thanks for reading this far and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for any future plans :)
  10. vwsportsman

    mk2 polo 1.8t

    Hi all haven't posted in a while My polo has been off the road for a while now and I've had big plans but haven't been in a position to carry them out. I have settled on a 1.8t conversion mk4 golf. I'm looking for some help and advice on ideas and tips for the best way about it. Does anyone know which way to put the power down would be ie golf suspension And hubs or polo suspension . I want to add the braking system if that's possible I also want to add power steering either from the golf or someone told me there's a corsa set up which works. I will be making a build thread to go with it and any help ful information wil be appreciated.
  11. Basically I'm looking into putting a 1.8 turbo engine into my 1.2 polo 9n3, I've been given the treatment already about "just buy a gti" but I've kinda got attached to it and want to build this up into something special. So basically my question is what is my complete list of stuff that I'd need to buy to make this work? Plus also a rough price that I can be expecting? Would I be able to putthos all together for £1000 - £1500? Any help will be appreciated so let me know guys ? cheers.
  12. Evening all! Finally scraped together enough pennies to treat myself... Here's my new pride and joy...2007 9n3 GTI Low mileage, well looked after example sitting nicely on a set of KW Variant 1's, what more could you ask for?! Grinned like a cheshire cat for the 150 mile drive home, even for a standard spec car, its still a pleasure to drive, massive amounts of smiles per gallon. Few bits that I want to change, just to add that personal(ish) touch, honeycomb lower grilles will be first on the list. Definitely not regretting the buy one bit, can't wait to get out in her more! All comments and suggestions welcome, I'm new to the VW and Polo scene.
  13. I have just got myself a 6n classic and I love it to bits however the 75bhp 8v lump, while pokey, just doesn't cut it. I have though about converting it into a 6n2 GTi but I don't feel it will provide what I'm looking for, so I am weighing up doing a 1.8 20v t BAM conversion. The mechanical bits I can get my head around however I am not too sure when it comes down to the instrument cluster. Looking into it I have found out that the distance sensor isn't too different from what I've got already and I imagine the engine/ECU sensors aren't too different either so I think I can make it work. Does anyone have any experience with this or know if it will work?
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