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Found 9 results

  1. Hello and thanks to anyone who reads this and replies! OK so I have a mk3 polo saloon 6kv2, lowered on JOM coilovers. Currently got the car in the garage for a few things, one being the front top mounts and bearings. The mechanic is telling me he's tried to fit stock size top mounts but they would be dangerous in combination with the lowered springs so I need to find the top mounts that go with the coilovers or that are suited for a lowered car. I hope this is making sense to someone because I'm still learning! So I've found some JOM (JOM 740503) top mounts to fit my car and they do say that they are suited for lowered cars, is this definitely what I need? Also are the powerflex -10mm the same kind of deal? I'm hoping somone can tell me exactly what I need so I can buy the right set first time round! The mechanic basically said I can't use standard top mounts and need ones to suit coilovers??? I really appreciate any replies as the car is sat in the garage until I turn up with the right parts! Thankyou fellow Polo owners.
  2. alienmuppet

    Should I scrap it? (2001 1.4 TDI)

    Hi all, I have an old VW Polo 1.4 TDI (2001) that's been sitting unused for over 3 years now (I know.. life just got a bit crazy). The reason I didn't sell it the moment I got a new car is : - There was an intermittent starting issue which I spent a fair bit of money getting looked at but it never got fixed. Eventually the MOT guy said it's probably the fuel pump relay as he's seen it before with these cars. There was an intermittent indicator stalk issue where smoke would come out of it! Again, it was looked at but never fixed.. I couldn't sell it in good conscience like that. What if it caught on fire and someone got hurt! I'd still feel guilty even if I explained the problem on sale. Annoyingly I did prep it for sale just before I left it to rot: I put on a new tyre, and a new exhaust, and cleaned it up. Now it has the usual problems associated with being left.. It's gone a little bit mouldy here and there inside, moss on the windows, and the brakes look a bit rusty. I have a few choices from what I can tell : - 1) There's a guy that keeps knocking at my door from "MC Motors", who has offered me £100 for it. He just wants to cut it up and scrap it. 2) Replace the battery, get the engine going and advertise it for sale with the problems listed. 3) Replace the battery, get the engine going, pump the tyres up and try and get the 2 issues fixed, then put it up for sale. 4) Just try and sell as it, either on eBay or the classifieds here. I really am not sure what to do. A part of me wants to just take the £100 and be done with it, but I know the engine works and it might make a nice little run about for someone, and I could perhaps earn a bit more from it... Though I might be deluded The frustrating thing is I know with a bit of TLC it could be a nice car - the body work is fine, and it never really had any other problems while it was in regular use. I did try and jump start it recently off of my car, but it wouldn't turn over! I was told it is probably because the VW's battery is knackered and sapping the power, also my new car is petrol and I think the battery doesn't have as much kick as a battery for a diesel..? Any help would be much appreciated. I'm in Leicester if anyone wants to take a look.
  3. Joe Harrison

    Gearbox code

    I need to replace my gear box on my 6n2 1.4 8v MPI. Do I need to find the gearbox code to match a replacement or just get one from a polo with the same engine? Is the gearbox code ETD or is the actually a number? If so where do I find it? Thanks in advance
  4. Kaceybaker

    As snug as a dub in a rug!

    Hello! My name is Kacey and this is my first little post about my first car Sheila. Got a silver polo, 2001, bought it from a friend who spoke highly of the motor. With no tax or mot he wanted £600. After inspection I realised it needed 4 new tyres, plus the spare (which is currently on the car). I offered him £400 and we shook hands. After getting it towed to my house I realised the damage was worse than I first thought. Being a young woman I was very much misguided with the purchase of my first vehicle. Once we jumped the car and got the battery going it was easy to tell that the exhaust was blowing. After torrential downpour I noticed a small puddle on the passenger floor, turns out the sealant has a break in it somewhere which is causing the car to flood slightly. Alongside this, the glovebox has water inside it which poured out when it was opened which makes me nervous about the possibility of damage to the dashboard. The windscreen has 2 small cracks in it and the door card has 3 holes in it. God only knows how. The rear bumper has a nice red mark on it where somewhere has unfortunately scratched their paint, but silver lining, there is no dent. A few bits of rust here and there and holes in the driver and passenger floor mats. The mirror switch is broken, which as a learner driver, is a sad thing for me. Despite all this, under the bonnet seems a little unloved but all in good shape. Since being falsely sold this vehicle I have decided to turn it into a positive thing. Not only has my knowledge improved, I have also been excited by the project at hand. And even helped a friend change her wheel last night which is a big step for me! So far I have sorted vehicle specific alloys and new tyres, vehicle specific floor mats and I have been to a local car graveyard to source an exhaust. First things first: THE BIG CLEAN! I have a feeling this car hadn't had a good clean (or service) in many years. So much so that there was moss growing inside the driver window. So we gathered all essential cleaning products and got to work. She is now all shiny with a tarpaulin wrapped around her to keep her clean and tidy while I gather the resources I need to make the car beautiful. Under the bonnet still needs a good clean but all in good time. Here are some photos of the cleaning of the car and the poor condition that its in, with plenty more pics of the extensive damage to follow when I have picked up my floor mats. All comments and advice welcome! https://plus.google.com/u/0/115351211136602645642/posts/iE6EKbTds4e?pid=6080247374642962050&oid=115351211136602645642 http://s1368.photobucket.com/user/Kacey_Baker/library/POLO%20Photos%201?sort=3&page=1
  5. Wheres the oil drain location on my volkswagen polo 6n2 2001 1 litre. Thanks in advance! Keiran
  6. Hello, My 6n2 polo has a slight vibration when idle nothing too uncomfortable, this only really become a problem when you hit speeds around 60 mph when the vibration become very bad. The vibrations get worse under acceleration but more or less go away when you press down the clutch at around 60 mph. I've had new drive shafts both sides and cv joints. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be ?? :))
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