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Found 370 results

  1. Mollie

    Do I have a rare car.... ?

    Hi there, I'm new to the owners club. I've had my Polo for just over a year - the lady I bought it from told me it was a rare car (only 6 versions made), I wondered if anyone could tell me if this was correct - I thought it may have been a sales technique, but I've never seen another one like it ! It's a 2001 Black Colour Concept Open Air - I was told they only did one Open Air Colour Concept in each colour ? It has a nice spec, red leather (heated) Recaro seats, BBS Alloys and the full retracting roof. Can't find anything on-line, anyone have any ideas ? Many thanks, Mollie :)
  2. Time Left: 1 month and 17 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    VW polo 6n2 1.4 16V Indigo Blue 5 speed. 5 Door . Electric Front windows 120,000 miles . Part History with some previous MOT's. Current MOT until Novemeber 2020 Currently SORN. Would make a ideal car for someone,cheap insurance . Paintwork has a few defects but reflect the age. CD player . Good economy. Car is in Surrey.


    Coulsdon , Surrey - GB

  3. Time Left: 1 month and 10 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    ******BREAKING**** 2001 Polo 6N2 1.9 SDI All parts available the wheels and tyres are listed separately. PM me for prices.


    Halifax - GB

  4. Time Left: 8 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    ******BREAKING**** 2001 Polo 6N2 1.9 SDI All parts available the wheels and tyres are listed separately. PM me for prices.


    Halifax, West Yorkshire - GB

  5. Ronuz

    Rare 100bhp 6n2 polo

    Time Left: 1 month and 3 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Here I have my much loved 16v polo 6n2. I'm selling due to upgrading to a larger car. The mot has just run out on it and it needs a bit of work doing on it, and I can't be spending anymore money on it. I had the engine rebored at around 100k. The car starts first time, but runs a bit lumpy. Think due to a fueling issue (smells rich). Paint is pretty good for its age, few dings and scratches, larger scratches on rear bumper. Alloys in decent condition with 4 good tires. I have a honeycomb grill on it , but have the original somewhere . Very fun car to drive , very nippy and sounds pretty nice. Will be a great project for someone. Make me an offer. Thanks



  6. Hi, I'm selling my Polo, I've spent a small fortune on this car and it seems a shame to just bin it, but unfortunately the cost of the repair is worth more than the car. The engine is in great condition (about 120,000 miles) and was rebuilt (professionally) about 8 years ago, since then the cars only done 4,000 miles a year. So, anybody looking for an AFK engine ? Problems 1 - there's a 'revolving' 'flapping' sound coming from the clutch?? When you press the clutch in the sound goes away - but as you drive along and the road speed increases so does the 'revolving' 'flapping' sound. This is the reason I'm selling the car. I'm ill and don't have the energy to work on this car any more :( it's been sitting on my drive for 9 months now, so it's got to go. 2 - there's a small hiccup in the idle, but the car drives fine (this is a problem in the electrical loom and has been there since day 1) 3 - and the car needs a couple of quid spending on it for the MOT.
  7. Hello. I have Polo 6n2 2001 year 1.4 AKP engine. I have a really sloppy gearshift. I'm looking for bushes repair kit, but there is none specifically for 6n2. Can i use a kit for some other model like golf 3? I see the gearbox linkage is similiar. Also any tips on replacing them?
  8. T99sac

    Polo 6n2 1.4 16v SE

    Time Left: 7 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Polo 6n2 1.4 16v just putting feelers out, bought for a project for myself but plans have changed and it is not a priority anymore so will be selling (unless anyone wants to swap for a mk2f). car runs and drives sound, starts sound, got 9/10 months MOT, 78k miles couple issues, the abs light is on but think it is only a cheap fix, drivers door lock is a bit temperamental and the boot lock needs replacing, got some history. decent base for a cool project. Body work is in good condition for its age. Needs a little bit of work but starts first time, runs fine and drives fine, solid car just needs some time. PM for details or any questions. Thanks👍🏻


    Chesterfield - GB

  9. Trying to find a solution to a problem. I'm trying to source a polo 6n2 ECU that is pre canbus to install into my lupo. Doing some research I keep coming back to this series ECU '030 906 032 DT'. Can anyone with a polo 2000 or before that has a 1.4 8V AUD engine confirm that theier car is pre canbus please. Thanks X
  10. I have a metallic blue 6n2 2000 W reg Polo 1.4 16v SE with a blue/black Recaro colour concept set of seats from a MK3 golf fitted. The car recently died from a long running noisy gearbox that imploded. Car recently passed MOT in Aug 19 with an advisory that the rear suspension is knackered and a oil leak. Car is pretty much standard with the addition of MK3 golf blue leather Recaros, GTI grille and front splitter and a modified twin cup holder. If you are interested in any parts/seats or you want the whole car let me know and make an offer, I just want it gone so open to any offer above the scrapmans. I will update this thread later with pics. Thanks,
  11. Hello all i'm hoping someone can offer me some guidance. The release bearing / guide sleeve went on my polo 1.4 16v 75hp aua engine . Had the garage repair it with my parts which was a borg and beck 3pc clutch and generic guide sleeve. After 60 miles it failed again. Seeing how it could have been my cheap arse i got a genuine vag guide sleeve and an luk bearing which is what the garage said all i needed and recommended a cable as it was ropey (which to be fair i knew it was) now. After 500 miles its failed AGAIN. I also had AA confirm the release bearing had gone before getting shamefully towed home a 3rd time. Also just a bit more detail in those 500 miles the clutch was juddery as hell when engaging, but this is the first time ive had a new clutch so wasnt sure if this was bedding in or something not right. My question is, is there something else thst is causing the guide/bearing to fail or am i able to point fingers at the garage for mucking it up. Thanks all
  12. OwainMk1

    Polo 6n2 Driver side wing met Green

    Time Left: 1 month and 15 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Anyone have a green wing they could post me ? Its for the 6n2, so the shorter wing. Needs to be in rust free condition, mine has rusted on the top of the arch and after a bolt on replacement.


  13. GaryC

    6N2 Sills

    Hi, So it seems 6N2 sills are discontinued (2016), and after market sills are only made for the 6N, which are the wrong shape....unless you know different? Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Hi all, I have a 1.9tdi estate 2001 that was purchased as a temporary car but four years later and I realize I cant let it go! Unfortunately it has a significant ticking from the top of the engine it is worse when the engine is cold but still present when up to temperature, I am guessing this due to a sticking cam follower, I have tried a couple of cans of "snake oil" and wasted my money, should have known better but I guess it was wishful thinking So my question is - do I change just the followers or would it be wise to change the camshaft at the same time, is there any other works that should be carried out at the time? There are many suppliers for parts and I would be grateful of for recommendations of suppliers or parts and makers With many thanks in anticipation.
  15. As it states, I am thinking about sticking Rota Grids on my 6n2, and I want this same wheel fitment/ placement or at least similar. im currently on 15x7s (I think, possible that rear are wider, not 100% sure) however I am not sure about the ET. so what I want to know is if anyone has put rota grids 7js on a 6n2, how different they will line up compared to my current rims. or is it worth looking into doing 7s on front and 8s on rear? I Looked into 8js, they sit nice but apparently effects the ride, I currently enjoy the ride on 7js despite the height and would like to continue to as this is my daily. Any input or suggestion appreciated. Cheers.
  16. ConnorS1702

    Help please!!

    Hello I have a Polo 6n2 1.4 MPI and there’s a hose missing on the left hand side of the engine I’ve tried to find a picture of it but can’t find one of the bay on the internet and won’t be able to get to the car till next week unfortunately, it is a project 😊 Pictures attached and it’s the pipe pointed to if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great 🙂
  17. Hi, I'm looking to convert my manual window 6n2 to electric windows. I have the switches, motors/regulators and door looms from both sides of another vehicle. As my car did not come with central locking, I have fitted electric central locking actuators instead. I'm looking to figure out what wires i need to run to make the electric windows work on both sides as they should, and hopefully to remove some wires related to the vacuum operated central locking and replace them with my own 2 wires for the electric central locking. If someone has a diagram of some sort I would appreciate it massively. I've looked in the haynes manual and it while it shows whats connected to what, it doesn't detail what wire does what. If the workshop manual detail it any better then that would be ideal. I'm hoping its a question of connect some wires up to each interior door loom plug and give it some power etc and away we go. If only... I have tried looking it up from other posts on the forum but all of the posts related had images that were no longer available 😥. Cheers
  18. Hi I have a 2001 6n2 GTI polo and was told that the cup holders from a mk4 golf fit with some modification and was wondering if anyone knows what I need to do as my cup holders in my car currently are broken and I prefer mk4 golf ones tbh thanks in advance
  19. Time Left: 1 month and 27 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    108cm Thule Aero Locking Roof Bars / Rack Taken From 2001 VW Polo. These will go straight on a VW Polo from 1995-2001 and may fit other VW Group cars that use the fixing points shown in the photo and are wide enough. Have key for locks, some rubber strip missing where a cycle carrier was fitted. These cost in the region of £200 at the time of being new. Collection in Glossop SK13 ( 13 Miles east of Manchester City Center )


    Glossop, Derbyshire

  20. I want to raise the suspension on my 2000 1.0 Polo five door. It's got the wee little ally engine so the whole car doesn't weigh much. Probably the easiest car to push I've ever had. I don't really need "performance" suspension, I just need more ground clearance and stiffer rear springs because I sometimes use the poor bugger more as a van but it seems to cope well enough. I'm actually quite surprised how well the little engine goes. I've had bigger engines with less poke. At the moment it's got the standard old suspension, could even be the originals by the looks of them. But before I start looking into adjustable sports suspension or something which would be overkill on this car I was just wondering if there were some kind of easy swap like for instance would the Caddy suspension fit or something.
  21. So I've got a 1.4 tdi 2001 polo, and there seems to be allot if slack in my accelorator pedal, it's sat way to low but it's got a short cable that isn't adjustable that runs to an electric box, which is the electric throttle, had it all off but no idea how to adjust it to make the pedal sit in the right place, any ideas?
  22. Hi guys, i have a polo 6n what I’m looking at updating the front end. I have a Full 6n2 front end ready to go on! Just seeing if there is much too it I know the wings are shorter but the bumper comes around more on the 6n2 just seeing if anyone has done it and if you have to move or mess around with the rads or the front smash bar! Cheers
  23. feeblington

    Horn issues

    Hello all. My lemon has thrown up over me again with lovely horn crap. Ive tested the horn and it works. All fuses (and i mean ALL) are fine and not blown. Which l3aves me with the only bit left...horn switch? Can anybody give me some sound advice as id rather run a switch to dash than start pullingwires out the steering column. Or is there something else that couldve blown? Oh and thecar had a slightly higher ampage horn than stock which is made me worry. Ive got a backup horn that is less amps but o ly 1 terminal insteead of 2 Any help would be awesome Thanks all
  24. Drivers side window has decided to stop short of the bottom by about 4-5 inches, goes up and down smooth enough just seems to think its fully open before it is. Any ideas what I need to be looking at or replacing please.
  25. Hello guys! I have a 1998 6N, with a 1.6 16v engine swap, and I swapped the springs from a 6n2 last year, but the 6N2 GTI spring sat on the 6n mount, so it sits higher on the front, than it should. Can I use 6N2 top mounts without a problem on my 6N? Is it the same size, or will it cause problems in a 6N chassis? What's the difference between the top mounts? I know the top of the 6N spring is wider than the 6N2, that's why it's not a perfect fit...
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