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Found 3 results

  1. PoloClassicDk

    Polo Classic

    Hello everybody! I want to install front fog lights on my car and i was wondering if i could control it from my main light switch? Its a polo classic 6kv from late 98 left drive,. i've read somewhere that some polo 6n have wires already running from the main light switch into the engine bay, so im wondering if that goes for 6kv aswell and if so where are they located might i be just as lucky? And if anybody know how to install fogs from the lightswitch, given that i would have to run wires myself if they aren't already. Thanks in advance!
  2. Monkeytennis

    6kV Daily Wagon

    Hello! I picked this 1.9tdi up 2 weeks ago and have been slowly sorting a few things out on it, Looks like there really aren't that many 6kv's around,…. whether that's a good thing or not, well who knows lol! anyway - Here it is as it stands: Interior was fairly tidy on collection, but and a little sticky :s It's far from perfect but in reasonably good condition,… So far I've given a good service which comprised of: * Bosch Oil filter element * Mahle Air filter <had to hoover out the intake that was full of leaves - the filter was absolutely filthy. * Mahle Diesel filter * Fuchs Titan Gtlll 5w30 Oil * Spotted the alternator belt was toast <cracked and worn all around!> so fitted a nice new Dayco belt. This has made quite a big difference to the comfort and performance of the car, It was certainly in dire need of an oil change. much quieter now + brimmed the tank with good diesel + a bottle of 'Diesel Magic'. Quite a nice drive now compared to how it was! Little list of things that need sorting: * Stereo change! currently has an absolutely terribly crap 'Sendai' H.U., so I've got Blaupunkt London 120 on the way, I have a small 100w powered sub, some new 6.5" comps for the doors and need to find some shallow 6x4's for the rear - music is important to me. *Paint! - Is in generally good condition, but really needs a good machine polish, wax and seal - lots of scratches and marks from what i think could be weekly car washes and dirty brushes. -bloody things. *Wheels and ride height - I would like some 15's on it, but think 16" looks pretty smart too, and with a small drop, say something like 20-40mm i think it would sit just right. *dash! - I like the 6n2 Dash, but need a cup holder… why are they so expensive even on eBay?! what kind of economy are you guys getting from you 6kv's? miles to the tank etc? Any tips or tricks would be gladly received
  3. Hi folks! After being without a car for over a year, I decided to get myself a usefull car for a change :) I decided to go for a Polo 6N Estate (two dogs :P) with 1.6 engine. Found a nice one just outside where I live - white, just serviced, a tad under 100K miles made. The car seemed in pretty good condition, no major issues with it, no rust, everything in working order. It even has a mad bulldog sticker on the boot (I do have Huskies tho...:P)! Gave it a spin and test ride - deal done. Here are some pics: So far, I've only managed to do 500 miles with it but I'm very pleased with what I got for mere 750 GBP. The car drives nicely, it's solid and compact. The engine is really great. 1.6 8V multipoint gives the impression of being stronger than it really is - pulls very well from low rpms. Could, of course, be due to the fact my shoes weight more than this Anyways, so far, I'm loving it and despite the fact I'm used to driving cars from a completely different league, I enjoy driving it quite a bit. I've decided to put together a + and - list - hopefully, this can be of help to someone thinking of buying it. Here we go: + - nice, responsive engine - feels airtight and quite well made - good steering - slick gearbox - very roomy for it's size (I fit in easily and I'm 6,2) - pretty darn economical for the engine size and age - practical (love the rear seats folding) - it's quite high so no issues when driving on rough terrain :) - surprisingly comfy - probably me only, but I love the fact that, appart from electrical windows, it's got no equipment - roof racks come standard - - it's quite high - and it rolls quite a bit - perhaps a bit unfair considering the fact I gave this engine a + but I could easily live with high rev happier engine (all fun stops @ app. 4500-5000 rpm) - reverse gear needs very, very gentle and precise handling - allthough it's got some space, there may be issues getting larger objects in the trunk (inner width between arches, boot edge very high) - seats are fixed - you can only tilt the seating position (I did manage to get it set right for my bum) - fuel cap and doors have no lock - no glove compartment, no nice trays, cup holders... (quite an issue when entering the car with a coffee to go! ) The car isn't completly issue-free. I do have to add, I can be quite meticulous so the following list should be taken with a little reserve. If anyone knows about the solutions for these "problems", I'd be more than happy to hear about it! Issues (any feedback appreaciated!): - wobbly ride - the car setup is soft by default but I think the suspension has seen it's better days - braking is shakey (disks need changing) - the right wheel bearing is a bit lound on full lock (turning left) - reverse shifting is a bit painful as it sometimes crunches. Also, I need to press the clutch all the way down in order to do it (is the cable self adjusting?) - I notice some fuely smell when starting it cold - the economy is great though (managed to do 47 mpg on highway + B-roads!) - idle is a bit restless - not harsh and barely noticeable, but it's there (idle motor needs cleaning / setting? ) - according to the rev counter it also seems to idle a bit high @ app. 850 and 900 rpm - is that normal? - the main belt pulley seems to dance just a bit - is that common with Polos? - handbrake grabs too late (8+ clicks) - middle exhaust protection is loose as it rattles So, to summarize it, it will need: breaks change / overhaul, suspension change, idle motor checkup, new HT leads, rotor and cap (just to be safe), exhaust protection refit. I intend to use it as a daily driver, mostly for weekend journeys to the hills and mountain areas, vacation. If it proves to be just as good as I think it might, I do have some plans though (again, help here more than welcome!): Plans: - suspension change > I was thing to go with AP fixed / coilovers as I 've only heard great stuff about them. Besides, I've been told they're nowhere near extreme as far as the height (-40/-30) and firmness go. Cnsidering the fact they're relatively cheap, seems they're the perfect way to go. I would like to lower the car just a bit and make it a bit firmer but still keep it very usable as a daily driver. Anyone done that with AP on theirs? Alternatives perhaps? - brake overhaul / upgrade > what kinda brakes fit the Polo cheap without any bigger issues? If it's a hassle, I'll just go for original disks... - wheels and tires upgrade > The car now drives on 14'' steelies and 175/60 winter tires so I feel this is what I'll deal with first. I'm a big sucker for widened black steelies but the law over here dissaproves so I'll probably go with regular, wider ones (7, 7,5 J). Haven't really decided yet, about this one, but black 14 '' steelies with smaller ET seem as a good option. I might however go with a more regular, 15'' setup and a decent 195 rubber. Any suggestions? I'd be more than happy to hear about it. Steelies are a safer option given the car is white but I'd love to hear about good looking 15'' alloy alternatives. I must also add, I was allways more about the performance than looks, so weight plays a certain role here :) - Yakima or Thule wind barrier on roof (as soon as I get ahold of one cheap - quite pricey these!) - rubber"edged" protector in the boot (done!) and a dog guard frame (ordered) - rear red lights (this stuff seems hard to find) > Question - do indicators glow red or orange with these? If red, it's a no go (yeah, the law). - maybe pair of Golf GTI front seats - not a sucker for audio but maybe a decent USB capable radio as the one I have is a cassette player ) - a big if - engine tune up (any proven to be good and worthy mods on a 1.6 8V unit)?) So, all in all, nothing big, nothing drastic - just want to make this good servant to look a tiny bit better and drive a tiny bit tighter. Here are two pics showing what I had in mind looks-wise: That would be it - sorry for the lenghty introduction - I usually get carried away with this stuff easily ...and, yeah, thanx for the welcome and any help in advance! Best, F
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