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Found 190 results

  1. AveryCates

    Adventures in Polo restoration....

    On a snowy day back in 2009 I managed to crash my wifes 6N into a raised bus stop curb, as you can imagine the results were impressive. Passenger side wheel at 45 degrees to the drivers and the steering wheel was upside down, we scrapped the car as a result. This wasn't a rash decision, lots of advisories on the previous MOT....oh and it was Cat C'ed a couple of years earlier when we were in a 4 car shunt in standing traffic. Boot lip pushed in 3 - 4 inches and front serverely deformed....we patched it up for £20 and kept driving! Car was brought for £1500 and we got £1100 payout, plus sold some parts....not bad for a car we had owned for 4 years at the time with 100k on the clock. So we ended up getting a sensible car, an 06 Honda Accord diesel...was the sport edition! And while we drove that around I picked up this.... And turned it into this...(Build thread here) At the start of the month I decided that the car had cost more than enough and that I should probably think about replacing my wifes Polo 6 years later.....especially since Mini parts are so expensive and you can still find a Polo at a scrap yard! In the 5 years I owned the car it had been driven 1500 miles and cost me half a years salary, which is a sobering thought as I am far from being on minimum wage. For the grand total of £200 I brought a 149k mile 1997 R reg 999cc Polo L Currently I am stripping down the car, seeing what work needs doing and parts i need to source So far it needs... Both rear arches repaired New rear valance underseal stripping off, rusty treating and reapplying Various rust patches repairing A full respray replacement carpets and retrimmed front seats Engine reconditioning (probably gearbox too) And probably a whole host of other things....but its a project. My plan is to keep the car pretty much standard, yes there will be a few modifications and fancys details added to the car along the way. I am a man I like shiny things and power, but at a glance i want it to appear standard. I will add photos and updates as I make progress.....which will be slow as I work away from home. I am giving myself a year to get it MOT'ed.
  2. took engine out and thought while it's out change a few things at same time. power steering hoses , i think theres two of them. they both look abit rusty in some places. anyway of cleaning them down, take rust off and spray some paint on them? new ones cost 70-80 pounds each
  3. I am trying to undo the dogbone mount bolt but it is not budging. 16 spanner on both and I am turning the nut anti clockwise? Is this right direction, because I feel if I try any hard I am going to round the bolt.
  4. In the engine bay back wall there is a carpet material. Is this just for sound proofing or something more? Can I strip it out?
  5. when you running bike cards with an after market ecu what wiring can you get rid of to clean up the engine bay. is the original ecu made completely redundant as im sure the rev counter still works from there. is the knock sensor wiring now redundant. what about the wiring thet comes from the geabox?
  6. Time Left: 1 month and 7 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I'm having a clear out of my garage, manage to dig out a smoothed Mk4/6n 8v polo front bumper. The number plate recess and the toe eye cover were plastic welded from the front and rear, thus only requiring a skim of filler. It requires re-skimming as cracks have started to appear (as shown in the pictures). This was done 8 years ago and so the quality of the welding is second to none, as you can imagine in that time it's been chucked around the garage. Grab yourself a bargain as the majority of the hard work has already been done. Collection from the HA0 area. But I can wrap this up if you want to arrange you're own courier. Price: £40.


  7. Time Left: 1 month and 4 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale a front and rear bumper for a 6n polo. These came off a 16v but will fit all 6n polo's. I have started these at £50 but am open to offers They are Chagall blue and there is some damage to the paint but the actual bumper is ok please see photos. The front comes with the centre grill although it is a bit damaged and the splitter. The bumpers are in Hampshire but I go to Derbyshire regularly so could deliver.


  8. Time Left: 1 month and 4 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For Sale a Polo 6n 16v front and back seats. They are in resonable condition see photos as there some fraying on the edge of the drivers seat and a mark in the passanger, the back has some thread coming loose. I have put £50 as a starting price but am open to offers as i need these gone. The seats are in Hampshire but I may be able to deliver as i go to Derbyshire regularly.


  9. dj_nick

    Eqx gearbox 6n

    Time Left: 22 days and 5 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Hi all been a while since been on here, my mums gear box packed up on her 6n 1.9, so lookin t c if any about and prices. close to n.wales as poss many thanks nick


  10. After owning a breadvan very briefly in 2012 I’m back in a Polo- this time a 6n2 as a daily. Also own a 2015 Audi S3 but the Polo will be my run around/daily car. It’s on coilovers (not looked to see what ones yet) and wolf race alloys too. So far I need a drivers side manual (wind up) window regulator and new mechanism to open to drivers door from the inside. No massive dramas and I’m very happy with it so far.
  11. dragonpolo

    My dragon green Polo 6N

    Hello everybody. This is my Polo 6N 1.6 8V Proud owner from 2002...last October i resprayed it in the factory Dragon Green colour.
  12. Hello guys i recently just got some lowering springs and have only just noticed there for a 6n or 6n1, will this fit a 6n2 if so how
  13. Hi all, Last Friday I changed the dreaded selector shaft seal (with much difficulty) and refilled the box with fresh oil. Problem is it’s still leaking a lot (visibly and regularly dripping/trickling out from the inside of the seal.) Changed the seal again more carefully and it seems to be leaking even more, don’t want to drive it in this state. Theres a small scratch on the end of the shaft but as far as I know this part never comes into contact with the seal so shouldn’t be causing the problem? I can stop the flow if I hold the seal in with a small screwdriver. ANY tips or info on whether it’s worth trying again or if I’m gonna need to get a new gearbox would be appreciated. anyone thought of using fast gasket or some kind of thick grease to block the leak? cheers!!
  14. Right, so I'm mid way through my Mk2 breadys engine conversion, it is my first engine conversion so its took some figuring out so far, but I'm nearly ready for engine in except for a couple of little bumps in the road. So to start off with I've got APQ 1.4 8v apq engine and DOW 5 speed box to go with it, and I'm swapping it for my old 1litre 4speed, so far everything fits or transfers across seen as the engines are nearly identical, I'm ditching the injection system and running it with the original 1 litre head and a 1300 golf carb, everything fits nicely and that bits all sorted, the problems are, 1. Main coolant pipe from the water pump and 2. Top gearbox mount and driveshafts 1. The original coolant pipe doesn't fit, so I have to get the 1.4 pipe, but from looking into it, the old pipe has three ports on it, 2 of which go straight to the carb to control the choke I believe, and the other heads straight to the header tank, whilst the 1.4 pipe only has one port, that goes to the heater system, so how can I get around the pipes to the carb, a friend of mine has suggested that I get the new pipe and run the carb on Manuel choke, but that obviously means doing some modification to the carb, but I dont really know where to start on that haha 2. Top gearbox mount is rather different, the original has 3 studs on top to bolt the mount onto, where as the 6n mount for the gearbox mounts onto the car in a completely different place, and also, will the drive shafts be long enough and actually fit, I'm Sure someone who's done a 5 speed conversion can help with this. any help given will be much appreciated
  15. Time Left: 1 month and 23 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Polo 6n 16v front bumper has scratches and chips on it comes with grills and splitter, also badboy bonnet and bonwrath grill to fit with bonnet extension also has chips on it and a crack and a 1p size rust bubble in one corner. Will sell separately.


  16. KOBpolo98

    6n interiors

    Looking a nice set of leather seats for my 6n polo, would anyone know what other VW front seats will fit in place of a 6n seat ? Going to get the back seats and door cards retrimmed and the carpet redone, anyone on here good at making a carpet lol ???
  17. Dfyates7

    Polo 6n2/6n

    Time Left: 1 month and 6 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    North West area looking for a stock if possible Cash waiting


  18. Okay guys my minds ticking over and I’m thinking about doing an engine swap in my 6n, it currently has a 1.4 8v engine In it and I’m considering converting it to a 1.6 16V, a few questions before I decide -what will I need apart from the obvious (engine&gearbox ect) ? -is it worth it, my plan is that I really want to get the polo inside dubshed next year ?
  19. me and my mate are looking for a new project i currently have a 1.4l 6n polo did start out as a 1.0lbut dropped the 1.4 engine in easily. now im looking to fit a bigger engine been looking at mk3 golf 2.0l 8v engine or a vr6 from mk3 golf. would the drive shafts fit or is it a complete change? im guessing i would need to change the gearbox as the power difference etc thanks
  20. KOBpolo98

    I’ve hit a blank wall

    So long story short I’ve taking my polo off the road because I’ve bought another car (insigina, don’t ask) my goal is to get the wee car inside at dubshed next year but my mind has gone completely blank with what to do to it ? atm it is lowered with coilovers and on a set of fondmetal 4000’s. I’ve a few other subtle mods (check my thread link below) my plans for dubshed 2019 are bellow, anyone got any more ideas ??? Polo plans wheel bearings New carpet (car mat or black plush carpet) New seats (mk4 golf seats, leather) Retrim door cards and rear seats (to suit front seats) Stumpy Ariel Wiring tuck ? New glove box Deswirl (mop) Refurb wheels and smaller tyres, center cap Waxoil Boot build (polo tube over polo sub woofer or sub and amp with a bottle of JD in the middle)
  21. Honestly I feel like burning the fucker now lol, but why would I be going through 7 gearboxes in a year and a half ?is there a fault in them, it’s breaking my heart having to put a new one in it every turn about ? I would understand if I was driving the shit out of the car but I’m not ? any advice before I just park it up and leave it lol ?
  22. Hi I have an issue where my nearside front door won't open I can't put the key in as it won't turn either way to unlock/lock it either, it is just stuck locked any help would be appreciated thanks
  23. KOBpolo98

    Red 6n in Amsterdam

    Caught a quick glance of a lowered 6n on a silver wheel outside Amsterdam central yesterday, anyone on here own it ??
  24. Where to buy? uprated headlight loom for the 6N I have seen H4 conversion looms for it. I am after brighter white light, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/H4-6000k-Bi-Xenon-Hi-Lo-HID-Conversion-Kit-VW-Lupo-99/230546835392?fits=Model%3APolo|Plat_Gen%3A6N1&hash=item35ada987c0:m:mx-lDl7XXf-LKF1MrMQQKMA Are these road legal?
  25. zwine

    6n Gear knob

    Hi, I want to change my gear knob, most of the ones im looking at are screw on but the current one uses a clip i think? Any way to make a screw on shifter work? Many Thanks, Jack

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