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  1. Hi guys, Broke down road side and had an RAC come and do a road-side repair, i'm now struggling to find a replacement for what he replaced. You're looking at the end of one of the gear linkages which come from the gear knob. You can see he put a piece of metal in the gap, between the cable/rod and the nut on the right. I'm assuming to stop the cable/rod popping off the nut on the end. Any ideas what this part is called / part numbers? really struggling to find anything other than the full cable which doesn't look like it comes with it!
  2. After years of wanting one and a year of looking for one I've finally got one!! It's got high mileage, 165,000, but the engine runs nice and smooth. It's a bit tatty around the edges but it's probably the best condition polo I've bought yet - saying that's probably going to come back and bite me. Well we did a 2 hour drive to go and pick it up and me and my dad couldn't smile wide enough! There's a bit of rust on the arches, very minor, and minor rust on a few panels. When we got it home I went to open the door and the door handle came off - was no screw holding it in. The speakers don't work
  3. hi. i have a 1996 6n 1.0ltr that is burning oil and i tinking of swaping it with a 1.3ltr from a 1995 6n. are the engine interchangeable as the 1.3 is carb and the 1.0 is mpi? im talking in swaping only the block and head from a 1.3 and kepping the intake manifold of the 1.0
  4. KOBpolo98

    Rare 6n parts wanted

    Okay so I’m going down the road of a full restoration on my polo 6n for my wedding 🙈🤷‍♂️ I want as many rare and funny parts as I can get to make it a proper show car 😜 if there is any parts that you have that are taking up space please pm me 🙂 I will pay top prices and sort shipping and all 🙂 Jamie admin if this isent the correct place feel free to delete, apologies
  5. Hi all Today i got really bad situation with alarm and central locking system. I own polo 6n 1996 and today the alarm went on and i couldn't turn it off in any way except removing battery terminals. As soon i connect terminals back alarm comes on again and the worst thing is car shuts off immediately. I take look and all i find its the alarm is gt cobra some italian trash not sure is factory or aftermarket cause previous owner didn`t tell me nothing about that so i find some wiring diagram on net which gives me clue when alarm is active it cuts the fuel pump so the car is unable to start.
  6. Hi all, I have noticed an issue with the rear wiper on my 1998 6N Polo. It works fine when wash/wiping, however, when set to intermittent wipe it will stick after completing 1/4 of the return wipe. It will then return to the 'parked' position when the next wipe interval is reached. So it is essentially completing 5/8 of wipe on the first pass, then completing the remaining 3/8 of the wipe on the second pass. Has anyone experienced this before, or know of any potential causes? I'm thinking contaminated motor grease, or worn intermittent relay? There are no other issues with the wipe
  7. Hi all, Hoping someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to help. The radio (Sony original head unit) in my 1998 6N Polo has packed up. On further inspection I found that the switched ignition +12v feed remains dead at all points on the ignition. I get power from the 12v constant, but not the switched. I changed the 15A fuse to no affect. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Jack
  8. My 6N suffers from a wet boot in the wetter times of the year. As we've just started to get into the wetter part of the year, it has just started to get wet again, so I've been keeping an eye on it to see if I can see where it's coming from. It seems to be somewhere on the left hand side of the boot and mainly what would be the top side of the chassis rail, where the wheel tub meets the floor. It doesnt appear to be the light seal leaking and I dont use the rear washer as it's never worked. I cant tell if it's coming from the front or rear of the boot ?
  9. Tomedpayne

    T120 KBY Flash Red 6n 16v

    Trying to track down my old polo. I've tried a few times since selling in 2016, I know it's been sold on since as I was in contact with the person I sold it to. He sold it in 2017. I've tried going through the DVLA with no luck. Hasn't been MOT'd since 2018, but is still SORN, and from the check that I ran said it hasn't been scrapped. Any help would be much appreciated
  10. AveryCates

    Adventures in Polo restoration....

    On a snowy day back in 2009 I managed to crash my wifes 6N into a raised bus stop curb, as you can imagine the results were impressive. Passenger side wheel at 45 degrees to the drivers and the steering wheel was upside down, we scrapped the car as a result. This wasn't a rash decision, lots of advisories on the previous MOT....oh and it was Cat C'ed a couple of years earlier when we were in a 4 car shunt in standing traffic. Boot lip pushed in 3 - 4 inches and front serverely deformed....we patched it up for £20 and kept driving! Car was brought for £1500 and we got £1100 payout, plus sold so
  11. Hi all, got my cbr600 carbs running pretty well on my 6n. Sounds mint and has a fair bit of go despite not having had them tuned properly yet. just wondering whether anyone has managed to adjust their throttle pedal travel with carbs? Currently it’s only got about a quarter of its normal travel until I’m at full throttle which makes Rev matching and modulating the throttle pretty tricky. Thinking of making some kind of adjustable pivot point to bolt onto the carbs, to go between the stock cable and the cable that’s attached to the butterflies. Are ther
  12. TheDocmeister

    6n Roof Bars

    I’ve got an air cooled T25 camper, but am totally new to VW cars, never mind Polos! So, I picked up a 97 3dr Polo 1.0 to kick about in and need a roof rack for it. It’s got silver brackets under the rubber strips on the roof, but no removable grommets. Are these the brackets that mean it’ll take bars?
  13. Hi all, just got round to fitting my cbr600 carbs onto my 1.4 8v (AEX) polo 6n. Im trying to fuel it using a t piece with the standard injection pump, however when I switch on the ignition it pours fuel out from the bowl overflow hose, doesn’t start and when I stop cranking it pours more fuel out. I’m pretty sure the floats work ok, could the pressure just be too high from the t piece? Tearing my hair out a bit so any wisdom would be much appreciated, thanks :)
  14. Hi all, I am looking to fit a glovebox under the airbag on my 6N Polo. I have managed to find a glovebox unit from a LHD Polo, does anyone know if these will fit correctly, or if it will foul on something behind the dashboard (i.e. the heater fan)? Any help will be greatly appreciated, Jack
  15. JBrown

    1998 Flash Red 6N 3Dr 1.0 L

    This is my 1998 6N Daily Driver. It's a poverty-spec model - Fitted with a 1.0L engine, and three option extras: Passenger Airbag, Driver Airbag, and Power Steering. The car is in good shape mechanically, cosmetically there are some issues, but there is minimal rust. The interior is tidy, and entirely original. I hope to be able to post some more pictures as I modify the car slightly.
  16. can someone shine some light on this i have a polo 6n 1.0l mpi shell and have put a 1.4 8valve engine in it when it started it ran lumpy so i changed plugs leads dizzy etc and now it wont run at all just confused someone help
  17. Hi, trying to plan out my bike carb build for my 6n to crack on with once I’ve replaced the sills. I am wondering whether I’ll be able to run carbs with my standard ecu (AEX) Leaving all the sensors in place, and moving the map sensor (I think these use a map sensor?) to the new manifold on its own balanced takeoff. I’d fuel using a t piece and probably have it remapped If necessary and the carbs tuned. Reason for wanting to do this being that I REALLY hate wiring, and really love spending less money on things 🙂 thanks
  18. Hi All, Apologies if there is already a topic for this, but I couldn't find one anywhere, so figured that I'd make one. I need to replace the rear bushings for the lower control arm on my 1998 6N Polo. I have managed to get the bushings from my local VW dealer. I was wondering if anyone had done this before and knows how to do it easily, or has any tips for the process? I would be very thankful of help that anyone can give. Thanks in advance, Jack P.S. Please find attached a photo of the bushing that I am talking about.
  19. Having to engine swap my 1.0L polo due to a snapped cam belt/bent valves. Are any of the other 6n engines (1.4 8v/18v) a straight swap? (e.g no gearbox/loom etc) Seem to be mixed opinions online
  20. Hey all... been a while since i've been on here! Have picked up a mk2 caddy (that's a Polo, right?) and there are a few niggles to sort. Most irritating issue (especially given the time of year) is that the heater is stuck on hot. Temperature control in cab does nothing. I've had a look under the bonnet and can't see a valve there, just two hoses passing into the cab. Where to look next? Hoping this isn't going to be a dash out job...
  21. I have undone the small bolt that goes through the shaft. (oil on end of bolt on the pic) I have tried to pull the silver casing back but it keeps hold of the shaft. I don't want to hold the shaft with grips to avoid scratching shaft. It's as if the casing is only going back as far as it can. Am I supposed to also undo the nut and bolt to the left of the shaft bolt. Thanks lads.
  22. Hi, I woud like to change entire trottle body on my AUB with one from AFH. AUB has electric gas pedal, AHF has a wire and the connector for TPS in different. Has any of you did this? Thanks
  23. I've just fitted a GT Camshaft into my 6n engine, 1.4 8v (APQ) Ive set engine to tdc, removed old cam, placed the GT cam in same position with lobes in same direction. Put on the old 6n pulley and it's 4.5 teeth out with the crank pulley still set to tdc. I've read on old posts this is how it should be when it's placed in, but then it times to half a tooth when turned? A bit confused as what that means.. Do I keep it at 4.5 teeth out? Or turn the cam to half a tooth out of the cam timing mark. Thanks.
  24. Jim1500

    Polos in scrapyard

    Was sent this pic not sure when taken, 6N or 6N2 in there so not all that long ago, anyone know the story behind it? Scrappage?
  25. Tweakz

    Pog the polo

    Hi there this is my polo I bought for £200 it has been sat in a barn for roughly 8 years originally a 1 litre but had a 1.4 16v swap on bike carbs I eventually got it running (running rough which I expected) but still very surprised I am now in the process of tearing it all down and going to rebuild it cheers carl
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