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Found 177 results

  1. me and my mate are looking for a new project i currently have a 1.4l 6n polo did start out as a 1.0lbut dropped the 1.4 engine in easily. now im looking to fit a bigger engine been looking at mk3 golf 2.0l 8v engine or a vr6 from mk3 golf. would the drive shafts fit or is it a complete change? im guessing i would need to change the gearbox as the power difference etc thanks
  2. I’ve hit a blank wall

    So long story short I’ve taking my polo off the road because I’ve bought another car (insigina, don’t ask) my goal is to get the wee car inside at dubshed next year but my mind has gone completely blank with what to do to it ? atm it is lowered with coilovers and on a set of fondmetal 4000’s. I’ve a few other subtle mods (check my thread link below) my plans for dubshed 2019 are bellow, anyone got any more ideas ??? Polo plans wheel bearings New carpet (car mat or black plush carpet) New seats (mk4 golf seats, leather) Retrim door cards and rear seats (to suit front seats) Stumpy Ariel Wiring tuck ? New glove box Deswirl (mop) Refurb wheels and smaller tyres, center cap Waxoil Boot build (polo tube over polo sub woofer or sub and amp with a bottle of JD in the middle)
  3. Time Left: 21 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Polo 6n 16v front bumper has scratches and chips on it comes with grills and splitter, also badboy bonnet and bonwrath grill to fit with bonnet extension also has chips on it and a crack and a 1p size rust bubble in one corner. Will sell separately.


  4. Honestly I feel like burning the fucker now lol, but why would I be going through 7 gearboxes in a year and a half ?is there a fault in them, it’s breaking my heart having to put a new one in it every turn about ? I would understand if I was driving the shit out of the car but I’m not ? any advice before I just park it up and leave it lol ?
  5. Polo 6n2/6n

    Time Left: 5 days and 27 minutes

    • WANTED
    • USED

    North West area looking for a stock if possible Cash waiting


  6. Hi I have an issue where my nearside front door won't open I can't put the key in as it won't turn either way to unlock/lock it either, it is just stuck locked any help would be appreciated thanks
  7. Red 6n in Amsterdam

    Caught a quick glance of a lowered 6n on a silver wheel outside Amsterdam central yesterday, anyone on here own it ??
  8. Where to buy? uprated headlight loom for the 6N I have seen H4 conversion looms for it. I am after brighter white light, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/H4-6000k-Bi-Xenon-Hi-Lo-HID-Conversion-Kit-VW-Lupo-99/230546835392?fits=Model%3APolo|Plat_Gen%3A6N1&hash=item35ada987c0:m:mx-lDl7XXf-LKF1MrMQQKMA Are these road legal?
  9. 6n Gear knob

    Hi, I want to change my gear knob, most of the ones im looking at are screw on but the current one uses a clip i think? Any way to make a screw on shifter work? Many Thanks, Jack
  10. Trying to get the front bumper off so I can put 16v ones on but I’m stuck if anyone could please would be great! thanks, jack
  11. Olá guys!

    Hi everyone, Although I'm new to forum I'm not new to VAG cars since the family cars are either VW or Audi! :p I currently own a 1.0 Polo 6N that I inherited from my grandfather. This cars as always been in the family being bough new from the dealer back in 1995 (I even have the delivery and first service records!) and it's very special to me since it's the first car I remember as a child - I even have pictures as a baby in the back seat of this car. Since there isn't really a big Polo community here in Portugal - Golfs and TDI Ibizas are a thing around here - I joined the forum hoping to learn more about the car and to find ways of improving and maintaining it. Cheers from Porto!
  12. Hi guys looking for some information about what it takes to take the vr6 engine out a mk3 golf and drop it into the 6n estate, not much coming up on the web besides a really old thread on here just showing it finished. i know the two cars run the same chassis so subframe wise it should bolt in, but i cannot think of any serious problems with swapping the engines. so can some one correct me or should it be straight front as swap the ecu and loom then swap and bolt all the engine bits across including driveshafts, only think i think may be an issue is the drive shaft spline on a vr6 would be different to the polo. if any one can shed some light onto this as im looking into buying a clean estate.
  13. Does anyone know if & where you can replacement floor panels from for the 6N? Have been searching but currently to no avail, failing that does anyone know if floor panels from other Polo's or Golf's etc are a close enough match?
  14. Just wondering if it’s worth me putting a chip on my polo? thanks
  15. My polo started making a weird noise a few days ago. Any ideas what it might be? It only starts making the noise when the car is warmed up and doesn’t seem to do it when sat still and ticking over or when reversing. Only thing I can think of is a belt maybe? I’ve never heard a noise like it on any car. Any ideas would be a huge help. Link to sound below https://youtu.be/DdjgHpeYPH8
  16. Just wondering whether the old one screws off or if I need to do anything else? many thanks, Jack
  17. polo 6N Can someone please confirm the below: hand tight tensioner place the tensioner pointer so it is inline with the final prong then while you hold the pointer there , you have to torque up the main bolt. The problem I have is when you torque the bolt down , it does not hold the pointer. the pointer just springs back. Broken tensioner? No way of keeping it there. This engine was bought from a breakers and the cambelt was assembled and tensioned. I then took the engine apart. Can a tensioner break from just removing it . Find that odd.
  18. Hello guys, New here, just bought a 6n, 1999, 1.4, 8v, rear drums, planning to do some work on it this weekend, was hoping someone could tell me -Rear hub nut torque and tightening procedure for wheel bearing, is it like other vw's where you tighten it, then back it off a certain amount? -Stub axle bolt torque I'm waiting for my haynes to come in the post! Many Thanks, Will
  19. Newbie from Oxfordshire

    Evening CP, I've just bought a 6n as a cheap runabout, planning to mod it some! My first vw, but have worked on them before, its a genuine 18k car, pretty straight. Already bought coilovers for it, and have some banded steels from my mx5 to go onto it. I've also got a classic mini with a 1.8 engine, so this polo will be low and slow instead
  20. Just had this come on for the first time ever but haven't had time to check the level yet (arrived home late and it was too dark), I'm assuming that since the coolant hasn't been changed in a long time it's just running a bit low and if that's the case does anyone know if there's any specific coolant I should use to top it up with? Am I right in thinking it should be just over the minimum level when cold as it will expand when heated? It's of course possible there's a sensor problem but I'm hoping I don't need to get the coolant tank replaced (fingers crossed). I don't think there's a bigger problem as the needle goes into the middle after a while like normal and doesn't overheat or anything.
  21. Polo 1.4 16v afh FRENCH

    Bonjour à tous, je suis français et je suis un nouveau profil. Pour le futur, désolé parce que mon anglais n'est pas très bien ... J'ai eu audi 8v stronic tdi @ 200cv pour dayli et polo 1.4 afh, le polo est rare en anglais ... Mais j'ai la distribution HS, je repare ce moteur ...
  22. Hi guys, new here so first off, hi! I've recently bought a 6n and as much as I love it, I feel like it really needs to be lowered. I read the advice in the 'Rough Guide' on here but can't afford to go with anything more than lowering springs. Basically I am wondering firstly are they actually fine to drive on or will I feel a negative change in handling? Second, how low can I go on just lowering springs/what is advisable? I don't really want to slam it as I have to drive over some pretty mean speed bumps every day! any pictures to give a rough example of how polo's look at any given height would also be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  23. Just wondering if 5w30 semi synthetic oil is okay to use in my polo? If not what oil is best? Thanks Jack
  24. Just had a mechanic come round and have a good look at my non-starter. He did diagnostics and said that the CTS needs changing, but wouldn't stop car from starting. He sprayed stuff into the throttle body, it wouldn't start. Did a throttle body alignment, didn't start. Checked all sparks, leads, ignition coil pack and still nothing. He then said he had a couple last month where the ECU was knackered because his diagnostics wouldn't get any communication via the "central electronics" part. Now I would like to find out how much I can get an ECU for, but I have no idea where it is on the car so I can get the right one, any suggestions?
  25. Newbie from Gloucester

    Just wanna say Hi, will be picking up a little 1.4 6N for a little run about, on here for some help and some mods ?

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