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Found 16 results

  1. Scott7766

    6n1 fk powerlook lights

    Hi just wondering if anyone had any fk powerlook lights for sale as I can't find any anywhere. Thanks
  2. Okay, so I own a 16-valver for about a year now. When I got the car it was idling fine, but after a few days after releasing the throttle it would do the common problem of idling hunting from 1300-2000 rpm. Disconected the battery terminals several times, until one time It started normally and was hunting from 1000-1100rpm. After a few miles I noticed that when I stopped completely it would idle at 900rpm. And that was it, within a matter of days the hunting was completely gone and the car would always idle perfectly. Fast forward a few months and the problem started again, but much much worse. It would do the usual of not idling correctly but would not fix itshelf by just disconecting the battery. I started digging and to date I have done the following. Changed the distributor, changed the temp sender, cleaned throttle body, blanked off the egr, replaced all the vacuum hoses, changed spark plugs, tried a different throttle body, (Mine is 036133064E and the replacement was 036133064J) changed the MAP sensor, (although I am not sure if i got the correct one), Checked for continuity between different sensors and the ecu plug. Results are: Temp sender: Three out of four wires have continuity to the ecu pins The fourth one i pressume goes to the dash(?). MAP sensor: All of the wires have continuity to the ECU, however one wire has continuity to 2 different pins of the ecu, could not find continuity beetween the sensor's pins and ground. Also when the ignition is on the 2 middle wires have +5v After all this, the car is still hunting, but less, (1300-1400rpm) and when I stop completely it idles at 1100rpm and not hunting. BUT after all this the car is no longer running as it was. It has doubled in fuel consumption and the plugs come out dark indicating it is running rich. Also there a noticable power loss overal, but the most frustrating thing is that off the line the car is chocking even at full throttle until i pass the 2000rpm mark. Vag com ruturns ABS faults (Bad ABS module) and throttle position sensor error but this can be attributed to running the car without the TPS plug for testing. I tried running the car without the o2 sensor, nothing changes. Today as i was messing arround i unpluged the TPS plug and the MAP plug. The car was idling perfectly, but as soon as i opened the throttle it would choke and die since it has no idea how much air is going in. I believe the problem can be traced to bad wiring or bad TPS sensor in the throttle body. What should I try next? Does the wiring sound right to you? Any ideas are more than welcome.
  3. Hi I'm looking to convert my dash to a 6n2 one but need some help with the cluster I've looked at other posts but can't work out what one would be the right one ill include some pictures of my current cluster thanks
  4. Hi I'm looking for a new windscreen for my polo as its now letting water in and has delamination in the corners just wondering if anyone knows where I can get one. Thanks
  5. Joneseh

    Project Polly!

    Thought i would start a "build" thread on my polo ! I've been trying the scratch the itch of having a 6n chassis since march 2020 when i had to get rid of my Flash Red 2001 1.4tdi 3 Door 6n2. A little while ago i come across a 1995 Polo L for sale on facebook ! Me and a couple of friends decided we'd go and get it ! We drove a hour or so to a place called Ormskirk just outside of Preston (* Ish) , Found out that it's a One Owner car !! I was really excited to have a car that had only had remedial servicing carried out. It has had the sills done but that's sort of common for a 25-26 year old car.
  6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW: I know it's better to install another engine, but that's not the idea of this project, I want to get the most out of this engine because I like 1.4s. 6N is my dream platform, I like everything in it! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, I decided to ask you what modifications it is possible to make on this engine? I''d like to have MPI system! For a start, I decided to start with the following modifications: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 272 or 276 cam Porting and polishing the cylinder head Custom intake manifold with universal 65mm or 1.8t throttle body Exhaust cut off valve Chip tuning Ramair intake or HKS mushroom filter flywheel lightening Omex rev limiter for launch control ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have the following questions: Can i install ABU or AEE cam and will there be an increase in power and torque? 1.6 crank on 1.4 block and maybe 1.6 head if necessary? I read in a forum about 1.6 with 2.0 crank and pistons and that's why I decided to ask! Can i put itbs but with MPI? Can i put bigger injectors for more fuel and better fuel pump and will there be any benefit? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I want to have 100-120 or more HP! i''d like to have low end torque that have now if it is possible! Thanks in advance to everyone who responded and helped with the project!
  7. Scott7766

    E10 fuel

    Hi I've got a 1996 6n1 polo and I've heard about this new fuel that's being brought in and I'm wondering if it will run on e10 or will I need to replace parts?. Thanks
  8. So i've been losing coolant for the past couple of weeks - have to refill every week or so. Two years ago I've replaced the entire thermostat housing which was rotten and the plastic was breaking off at the ports. However I can't find a leak now, and also can't correlate the leak with heater usage. So naturally I'm fearing an internal leak. I've taken the plugs our (unrelated) and wandered if the No. 2 plug (second from the right) is any indication of antifreeze in the engine block. What do you think?
  9. Hello, Before lock down my polo 6n1 1.4 cl would not start. I tried it a few days later and it started but when going 70 mph for a few minutes all of a sudden I would loose acceleration for about 10/15 seconds then it would kick back in again, I have checked that there was a spark from the spark plugs (plugs, leads, rotor arm, dizzy cap fairly new), checked for any faults and the only fault was the lambda sensor so I replaced that but still N/G. I then changed the fuel filter and fuel pump and got the injectors cleaned but it still the same. I have just tried changing the MAF sensor and throttle body and was working alright for a few days but on the third day it happened again. It as also happened not just at high speed but now happens at 50 mph and also slows down to about 30 mph before it kicks back in. I am running out of ideas and any advice/ help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi, I need to replace the front control arm bushes on my 6n Polo, the local VW dealership can't get just the bushes in, so I was wondering if anyone knows of a good brand of bushes? Thanks in advance, Jack
  11. Hi all, Apologies if this is a duplicate post, but I didn't find anything definitive in my search so far. I am looking into the possibility of retro-fitting my 6N1 3Dr Polo with electric windows. I was wondering if this is (electrically speaking) a simple case of plugging a wiring harness from the back of the fusebox to the switch and then from there to the doors. As well as if (mechanically speaking) the switching from manual to electric window regulators is simple or if it requires much fabrication. I'm hoping to keep the car as authentic to factory as possible, so I'd probably not go through with it if there is no neat way of doing it. If anyone has done, or knows how to do this then I would be very appreciative of any advice that could be given. Many thanks in advance, Jack
  12. Hi, I am trying to remove the 19 pin electrical connector for the front lights from my 6N1 Polo. However, I cannot work out how to remove it. For clarification, I am trying to remove the connector not at the loom end, but at the front bumper end. Any help you are able to give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jack
  13. HI, Ive been looking at my radio and i desperately want something touch screen so I dont have to faff about with my phone and a phone holder. but ive noticed that it looks almost impossible to change the 6N1 from single DIN to Double DIN as above the radio are the blowers and below is the fan control, there is a sort of cubby hole that isnt used for anything below that aswell, im assuming its for cars with air con, mine is just the 1.0 . So im just wondering has anyone out there converted the single DIN to a Double DIN sand what are the steps needed thanks
  14. I have a 1999 6n1 1.4 AEX Engine, 4 speed auto need to change the transmission fluid. My searches have shown G052990A2 and G052162A2 after much reading am unable to conclude which is really the correct fluid, can someone please confirm for me. Thanks.
  15. Gezzard

    Hello (again)

    So, I had a Polo 6N1 a few years ago, sold it and bought a MK2 Golf, then a Renault 5 (which I stil have), I needed a new daily runaround and remembered my old Polo was a nice little reliable motor, so went out and bought another, and here it is! Just over 39,000 miles, its a 1.6 GL Automatic, and is a bit more nippy than my old 1.4. I was looking at changing the wheels, but I've just had 2 new tyres put on and in truth quite like these ones, so will probably spend the cash on some cheap (£200 ebay) coilovers. Theres a couple of jobs need doing, the door lock is broken, (ordered a repair kit) and the starter motor is noisy plus I need to remove the mass of dog hairs under the rear seat, but other than that it's in pretty good shape. I'd be keen to know what type of paint was used to spray it, as some bits could use a touch up, but from 10 feet away looks ok. Anyway, hello again from Gillingham, Kent! sorry about the poor picture but it's been zoomed in a bit.
  16. Hello all, My 6n2 w reg 1.4mpi 8v will misfire and the dash warning lights will all flicker when driving in heavy rain, I don't get this issue any other time, just in heavy rain. I've replaced the HT leads, just wondering if anyone had any other ideas or experienced the same problem?
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