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Found 12 results

  1. Ashraff

    6n polo

    Time Left: 1 month and 25 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Im in the market for a 6n polo id prefer a poor example beacuse i dont want to pay much Must be petrol, 3 door, not black or green in colour


    Leeds, England - GB

  2. mondeladas

    VW Polo 6N 1.4 8v Open Air

    Hey guys, So here is my VW Polo 6N 1.4 8v Open Air with 60 hp from November 1996. The car recently have been painted and the engine all rebuilt, the car is pretty much brand new ! Now I'm focusing in the interior, specially the roof. I have leak on the sunroof that is driving me mad ! I've been trying to fix it for the last 4 years... I hope you guys appreciate the car as much as I do ! Cheers !
  3. Hello all, My 6n2 w reg 1.4mpi 8v will misfire and the dash warning lights will all flicker when driving in heavy rain, I don't get this issue any other time, just in heavy rain. I've replaced the HT leads, just wondering if anyone had any other ideas or experienced the same problem?
  4. Hello everyone! I noticed that my steering column moces in and out about an inch, or maybe two. What could be the problem? Thank you in advance!
  5. Jordandrew211996

    2.0 polo 6n build

    Hi, first of all I'm new here. I drive a 99 polo 6n. I have been doing bits to it but I'm researching on doing an engine conversion. I have picked up a vw beetle 2.0 engine and running gear, ecu and loom ect for next to nothing with low milage has anyone ever done this swap or above to point me in the right direction with some tips on how to fir ect with regards to mountil the engine? Pic of my car
  6. Guys, here some pics of the only Polo 6N 1.9 diesel been delivered to The Netherlands and nowadays the only 6N1 open air with an 1.9 tdi actual setup 154 hp ... to be changed to 200 hp. This was the first car of my wife (bought new) and after 190.000 km we thought it should changed to a red dragon with a little bit more power. So based on the original car with the 1.9 AEX SD we built in the AFN 1.9 tdi engine - Polo Gti interieur - front brakes from the Gti and also the original BBS from the Gti. Our car had 13" and now we are driving 15". The film: 205 on the GPS .... the rpm - yeah sorry for that made a failure in the electric .. took signal from the ecu instead of the generator (still need to change) Still to do: Original coilers from ralley Sport to be installed/ axle back from the GTI to be installed/ seat heating to be installed / an original radio (searching)/ the right airbag to be exchanged .... or eliminated (original was only one). G60 brakes and probably OZ wheels 16" .... IMG_7546.MP4
  7. I have a polo mk4 1997, need to remove steering wheel, no airbag, can you tell me how please. Thanks
  8. Firs post, so hello everyone. I'm one of this freaks who owns '96 6n1 aev and doesn't want to scrap it. So there is a crack on the servo vacuum pipe and I'm trying to find a replacement somewhere. Any idea what would be the part number or if its interchangeable with other models? Can't find it anywhere, here in Ireland this particular model is gone even from the scrap yards...
  9. The rear brakes on my V reg Polo recieved an advisory "would benefit from a service"). Made a start on them today, but found that they are different to the ones in the Haynes manual, in that having removed the drum, the flange on the hub is preventing removal of the brake shoes. Does the hub have to be removed to change the shoes? What size socket do I need? - nut is marked 22H Should I replace the hub nuts? What is the hub nut torque? Many thanks.
  10. Hi Everyone, First time on a forum…. Be kind! Sorry for asking a question, which has most likely been asked before! BUT…. Currently stripping and rebuilding a polo estate 6kv5, I am going to replace everything including the engine! Its currently the reliable 1.9sdi model on a 1998 (S Reg). So, the stupid question I have been looking for the answer and simply confused myself! Is the polo estate 6KV5 the same the SEAT 6KC? The reason for asking is that I will be lowering the estate but, prefer springs and shocks (old school) compared to coilovers. I’ve found loads of Coilovers on EBAY for around £220-£230 which is cheap enough, however, spring and shocks seem to be more difficult to source at competitive price. If the SEAT CORDOBA 6K suspension kits fit the VW POLO ESTATE 6KV5 then there is a kit I am considering. eBay item number: 360591582588 Seat Ibiza 6K Cordoba 6KC 1993-1999 (without Facelift 6K2 + 6KC2 99-02) -2x front shock absorber -2x rear shock absorber -2x front bearings Can someone please confirm if I am either correct or incorrect….
  11. Sooo..I've got a strange knocking noise coming from, I believe it's the gear box. It's a very quiet knock and it isn't a constant knock either. The knocking occurs mostly in the lower gears upon acceleration and also when I hit bumps in the road. I can also feel the knocks with my hand on the shift knob and I might add the shifting doesn't feel as knochy anymore it feels sort of loose and inaccurate. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? It's very strange one too me, I've looked it up and found nothing that really explains the issue. And also, it may or may not have anything too do with the issue but I have a hole or crack or maybe a broken bolt on the exhaust right around the same area of the car, which I will be taking too a garage to get fixed/replaced as I can't get under the car myself. I'd rather not have a garage look into to the knocking problem as they could just rip me off and make up problems that don't exist. Aside from these issues the car does seem too run fine as far as I can tell, it doesn't seem low on power or anything like that. So any help/ pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks. Polo 6n1 1.4 8v
  12. DinksDad

    Auto G/Box

    My '98 1.4 Auto has only done 72k. But the gearbox has started messing around. On first drive from cold in mornings, it take a while to change up (have to lift off throttle to get it to change). And sometimes on slow speeds it seems to go into neutral, and suddenly jumps into gear. I've heard the gearbox fluid can be changed, but how? Are the electronic solenoids changeable? Is the anything that can be checked firstly? Cheers.
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