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  1. Hi - just a couple of bits of chat. Whilst heading back to Plymouth from London yesterday we got overtaken by a very nice car (per title) at speed so prob a 16v. Had wider wheels and I guess flared wheel arches and was pristine - a credit to the owner - do we know her/him? (Just remembered - it looked like a cloth sunroof - is that an openair?) Also - in praise of our little donkey 1.4 8v. It's had its moments in recent times with the cat being stolen and replaced by a new one for example and us replacing the clutch (LUK) a couple of months back but it works its little socks off. The electric windows and central locking can test your patience BUT!!! In the 607 mile round trip it did not miss a beat. We drove it at lowish motorway speeds and it returned a fraction under 50mpg. Amazing! The tyre pressures were all set perfectly and we certainly were not "tonning it up" but I am still hugely impressed. So after all that maybe discount the following - we'll be selling it very soon as my girlfriend wants AC. I'll put up a proper for sale advert presently - MOT expires at end of Nov so I can either sell it then with a fresh MOT or sell it at the end of August for less money (Thoughts/preferences anyone?). I'll quit with the hard sell other than to say it's due a cambelt change in October. Hope the above does not get my hand smacked by the moderators. As I say - more just in praise of the car than an advert.
  2. Hi all, 2000 6n2 drivers side window doesn't operate from the inside switch. For info, the window mechanism still works by use of the key on the outside, i.e. goes up and down if I turn the key long enough. I've switched the connection by removing the door cover and confirmed that the switch isn't the issue as I can operate the passenger side with the "wrong" switch. So question I have, is this a wire connection issue? If so with a multimeter where/what wires should I be measuring? Thanks
  3. MaisieCaudwell

    Building Peggy!

    I have acquired myself a 6n2! Meet Peggy, my first car and first of many VWs I'm sure! I bought her off someone off this forum, and I'm excited to get started on this project.
  4. Good evening all. Long time no chat - everyone good? Last time I was on here I was replacing a stolen cat on my girlfriend's car. It now seems that the front flexi has burst. There are plenty on ebay but because I am nowhere near the car I can not measure the existing flexi. They have an overall length (e.g.200mm) with a central flexi (maybe 100mm) and two end pipes (perhaps 50mm each) and a pipe diameter (45mm?) For some reason the above example example dimensions seem familiar but can anyone tell me the exact dimensions please? Many thanks
  5. Jordan Duncton

    Open Air Roof that doesn't leak

    looking for a open air as mine has seen better day or anyone that know someone who can retrim
  6. Hi! Just changed the spark plugs today, and the engine stutters every now and then - how do i find the correct gap measure for the specific engine to fix this? As mentioned above, it's a 1.4 8v, (not the 16v).
  7. i have a polo 6n2 which i am struggling to get a rear axle for , i have found a very good 6n rear axle but not sure if it will fit , if somebody could help it would be great thanks
  8. 2000 mk3. Instrument cluster completely stopped working except indicator arrows. No speedo, no fuel gauge, no trev counter, no ignition lights, no back light. Fusebox on top of battery terminal was loose and all electrics failed. Tightened connection and everything came back except instrument cluster. Any ideas? Which fuses should I check? Cheers Jimbo
  9. Hey all, so my knowledge on this may be a bit vague as i havnt had the car for around 6 months so bare with me. if i remember correctly the drivers door got water in it from a heavy down pour and afterwards the problems seemed to start so firstly the lock and unlock functions on the door swapped ( weird i know ) and the drivers electric window just stopped working, however i could still control the passenger window from the drivers door....fast forward a week and nothing on the door is working aside from the speakers...fast forward another week or so and the key lock triggered central locking stopped working from both doors and the boot, this left me with no central locking and no drivers window - only the passenger still works from the passengers door. to add mystery to me i bought a full door off another 6n2 polo......same exact problem....now i know i could have a dud door with bad electrics but it seems too odd, also the lights on the buttons in the door light up, as well as the wing mirror control not working ( i dont know if this worked in the old door as the dial had snapped off ) anyone who reads through this thank you and if you can help all the better!! ive been pulling my hair out staring down my haynes manual so i have checked ALL fuses and none are blown peace all
  10. ChumpHicks

    6N2 Mods?

    What mods are recommended for the 6n2?
  11. Hi guys, I have a 6n2 1.4 diesel and can't find a manual that includes the diesel engine. Specifically I want to do the cam belt. Does anyone know of any manuals that might include it or where I can find a guide to doing it? Many thanks Andy
  12. Hello all. Recently redundant and needed a new car very quickly (had company car) So I have become the new owner of a W reg polo with only 60,000 miles on the clock and full service history! 2nd owner in grey, pristine bodywork for £200.00 it’s a 6n2 and I feel very lucky. Alrhough it is old… My issue, and virtually the only issue. Drivers side speaker is not working and the tweeters crackle, so I have purchased some pioneer replacements. I have read before taking the door card off you need aftermarket speaker fitting brackets. The brackets are identical to what looks to be already there and the speakers I purchased have the right notches around the edge and I have used the existing screws and holes. Was this a bad idea? there is a lot of foam already on the door. Looks original and glued on although someone has clearly had the door card off before as the handle I found was already broken away from screws and I’m missing several clips… Back to the point. I don’t feel the new speaker is as good as the old one which is currently still in the passenger side… The new pioneer I believe has vibration, which I think is more to do with the fact I need replacement clips on the door card perhaps… questions. 1) I need to know where to get these clips quickly and cheaply, they are U shape black circles, fit over a white plastic plug if anyone can help with that… 2) Do the foam pads for speakers help? 3) should I have used the aftermarket bracket, which looks identical to the foam shape already there? 3.5) should I remove the foam when fitting the brackets if they are needed? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. In the middle of working out some wiring for my lupo conversion. Have a full Polo GTi. I'm trying to work out removing the central locking pump and wiring the car to run the lupo/golf electric motor door locks. Going from the schematics, only guessing here but. The pump on the polo is the relay and antenna, not the CCM? The only thing the CCM see's is "Are the doors open or closed". Is that correct? Thanks X
  14. Hi all, I've got a Polo 6N2 3dr which looks like the driver side door has been replaced, unfortunately with a manual window door. I'm guessing I'll need a new door & door card if I want to replace it and get my electric windows back. Passenger side currently has electric windows. How big of a job am I looking at in terms of price if I was to take it somewhere? Cheers
  15. Hi I'm new to the forum so apologies if this is in the wrong section After some used 6N2 coilovers, anything considered Cheers Phil
  16. Jack-6n2

    1.4 16v

    I currently have a 1.4 16v 75bhp 6n2 but looking to replace the engine, I believe mine is a AUA but the one I am looking at putting instead is a different engine code but is from a 6n2 and is also a 1.4 16V would it still be plug and play or will it not work? Cheers for the help
  17. White_6n2_1.8t

    My 6n2 1.8t

    Right need some help with my 1.8t 6n2 build I brought a mk4 golf gti with a aum lump need to know what to do about the wiring loom as I have both and am unsure of what from which car I'll need any help would be much appreciated 🤟
  18. Hello everyone. It's been a while since last time I came here looking for solutions for my 2000 6N2 GTI gearbox. Basically, at the moment I have my Polo at the mechanic for an engine rebuild, I also decided to take apart the gearbox that I'm currently running at, a 085 DKG gearbox from a 1.0 6n as I made a little crack in the housing near to the mount days before the rebuild. The gearbox is very short ratio, it is fun in the mountains but quite annoying on motorways. So I thought about changing the final drive of the actual box to a diff/ pinion from a 1.4 engine, so it can get a little bit longer but not as long as the GTI that comes from factory. Until here it's been clear for me, the solution is simple, as I only need to get another final drive and put it on the one I have currently. Once my Polo is already being all opened up, I thought about getting rid of that sloppy shifter. I had in mind to get a OEM shifter from a mk4 golf, Bora, a3, ibiza and so on, but I'm not sure if it would be a direct fit to the 085 box I have on my Polo. My girlfriend has a Lupo GTI and the shifter feels precise and solid and I'd like to have the same feeling on mine. The questions are... Could I get a 02T housing and fit all the gears from my 085 in it? to get a shifter from these series ? Are 02T boxes a direct fit to my car? If not, can I just get a shifter and fit it directly on my085 box? Any suggestions and ideas are welcome, I've been doing my research for weeks about gear ratios, combining available parts and compatibility with what I have and what I want to get, so I'm getting confused at this point 😅 Kind regards from overseas, Lisbon Portugal :)
  19. cal3b1


    Hi i’m new to a lot of things about my polo but i own a 2000 vw 1.4 polo 6n2 and i have recently bought a mk6 golf steering wheel with the hopes of fitting it to improve the overall interior look, but the newer steering wheel doesn’t fit, anyone know if it’s possible to fit newer steering wheels to my car and if so how. PLS HELP!!!
  20. Hello fellow polo fans, I have a Polo 6n2 1.0 from the 2000 with a really long cold start problems. Sometimes I have to try 7 or 10 times for it to finally start. But the thing is that it ONLY happens when the engine is cold. If it's warm, it starts right up like new. I can also feel the acceleration hesitate (like there's a delay in acceleration that suddenly picks up fast) when I start to drive away and the engine is still cold. The car has had this problem since I bought it 4 years ago, but it used to be just around 2 or 3 attemps before it would start. Lately it's just become worse and intolerable. I replaced the battery and the coolant temp sensor, but still no luck. The fuel filter is also fairly new (2 years with not a lot of driving) although it might be time to change it again. Also, Idk if this is relevant but someone did an EGR elmination on this car before I was the owner, the egr is still there connected but the place where the EGR valve connects to the exaust manifold was eliminated with concrete or something else really hard lol. It also has a hose that's not the related to the EGR valve that was eliminated. I grabbed the image below from somewhere else in the forum, and the hose highlighted in blue is cut and has a screw plugged in to clog it, which is something some mechanic must have done intentionally. I think this hose connects to the main breather hose, but the problem is that my breather hose doesn't have the little thing where this throttle body hose is supposed to be plugged (they prob replaced the original breather hose with one that lacks it), so I guess someone decided to just cut it and "eliminate" this hose. Do you think this might be causing the cold start problem? I doubt it but just wanted to know what other problems could this cause? I also have another questions: the throttle body is a bit dirty with what seems to be oil, I removed it and cleaned it without touching it with a butterfly valve cleaner but it didn't clean it that much even though I used the entire can. Anyway, this didn't make any difference when it comes to the cold start problems after cleaning it. The butterfly valve does have some finger prints and scratches on it, which tells me that someone touched that valve, and I don't know it they realigned it afterwards (I doubt it). Finally, there's another thing I noticed about the throttle body but idk if it's normal: the butterfly valve seems like it doesn't move at all unless I rev it up to around 2krpm, which will open it almost completely in a second, there's no "slight, steady opening" as I rev up the engine slowly. It's like it either opens completely or doesn't move at all... is this normal? I thought that's weird even though I tested this with the engine cold and idk if it makes any difference when warm. I could see how this is related to the jerky driving in low rpms when cold. Sorry for the long post, I've been beating my head over this for the past month and I just need some help.
  21. Hi everyone i'm new here. Does anybody know what the ignition live wire is for the 6n2 in the heater unit? I also have a picture attached to this thread. Thanks everyone in advance
  22. Simon Kimber

    Wanted 1998-2001 6N2 Polo Saloon

    Project Volt is looking for a 1998-2001 Polo Saloon for conversion to electric power, it has to be in good condition, have the larger petrol engine with an 020 gearbox to make the project work they way I have planned. Please spread the word as far as you can I would like to get the project off to a flying start it deserves. Thank you.
  23. Right so got my MOT is coming up for my 6n2 1.4 8v. Previous garage said the car was too low to get on the ramps but mentioned the roll bar that's been removed (by previous owner). After reading many mixed things online I deiced to remove the remaining brackets and drop links leaving no evidence of there ever being one. I don't know how true this it by I've heard not all models ever came with one. So my question is has anybody been in the same situation and passed their MOT? Thanks
  24. juju

    6N2 Colour Concept

    Hi everyone. I have a 2000 (Xreg) Polo Colour Concept TDi 5 door in yellow with black open air. I love love love it!! Owned it 14 years. I'm trying to get an agreed value for insurance so please can anyone give me any guidance. It's had a few pressies for it's 20th birthday so it's in tip top original condition. Cheers for any help......
  25. Hey there again. Info: -6n2 Polo -AHW Engine (1.4L 16v) -Automatic transmission Problems: -Very slowly accelerates towards 1500rpm. -Everytime I press or release the brake it goes to 2200+ rpm. -Everytime I change gears (R or D) the car kinda "hits". Story/What I have done: Part 1. Ok so at home there is this 6n2 Polo since 2002. Everything was fine until 10+ years ago when it started to show a problem: the transmission would hit hard every time you changed gears (as seen in this video: https://youtu.be/Xvj2W9wDnS4). We called a mechanic but he didn't solve the problem. For that reason, the car was "abandoned" and remained stopped until a year ago when we started fixing the car by ourselves. Part 2: The return to the proyect. Recently, we decided that we will fix the car again. Short story, we changed the oil, the oil filter, the fuel pump and the fuel filter. We put in some coolant and started the car. We had to put in some steering fluid because the car was making noises when you turned the steering wheel (the steering fluid solved that problem). The car started, but there was one problem: It would start at 1100+ rpm and gradually rise the rpm until it got up to 2200 - 2500rpm. We did research and cleaned the throttle body with carb cleaner, that solved nothing. Did some more research and disconnected the MAP sensor. The car started at a lower rpm but still increase quickly over time (so it didn't solve the problem). From the beginning I suspected that there is a vaccum leak, for that reason we started looking for it. We found a thick hose connected to a black circular tank (brake booster / brake servo I think) that was deteriorated. For that reason we replaced the hose with another one (not oem, but similar in diameter and installed it with some hose clamps). That solved part of the problem, we started the car and now it won't rise to 2500rpm, but to 1500rpm. Then, we found a hose connected to the fuel pressure regulator that was disconnected and deteriorated at the other end. We replaced it with and connected it in both ends (I asked where to connect it in this same forum days ago). We started the car and it started at 800rpm but still very slowly rises up to 1500rpm, as seen in this video: (https://youtu.be/MzpoO_Gt2q8). Once it got to 1500rpm it would very slowly go back and foward with the rpm, as shown in this video (I had not noticed it until I watched the video at 10x the speed): (https://youtu.be/a--R1xSziKk). Other problem that we noticed is that when we press or release the brake pedal, the car revs up to 2200rpm for a very short period, also the car changes rpm as you move the steering wheel. So recapping: -The (automatic) transmission of the car "hits" every gear change (https://youtu.be/Xvj2W9wDnS4) -The car starts at 800rpm and very slowly rises up to 1500rpm (https://youtu.be/MzpoO_Gt2q8) -At 1500rpm, the car would very slowly go back and foward with the rpm (https://youtu.be/a--R1xSziKk) -Finally, when you press or release the brake pedal, the car revs up to 2200rpm for a very short period. Extra: Engine sound (https://youtu.be/UM4zdmN2EX0) Help.
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