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  1. Hello fellow polo fans, I have a Polo 6n2 1.0 from the 2000 with a really long cold start problems. Sometimes I have to try 7 or 10 times for it to finally start. But the thing is that it ONLY happens when the engine is cold. If it's warm, it starts right up like new. I can also feel the acceleration hesitate (like there's a delay in acceleration that suddenly picks up fast) when I start to drive away and the engine is still cold. The car has had this problem since I bought it 4 years ago, but it used to be just around 2 or 3 attemps before it would start. Lately it's just become worse and int
  2. Hi everyone i'm new here. Does anybody know what the ignition live wire is for the 6n2 in the heater unit? I also have a picture attached to this thread. Thanks everyone in advance
  3. Simon Kimber

    Wanted 1998-2001 6N2 Polo Saloon

    Project Volt is looking for a 1998-2001 Polo Saloon for conversion to electric power, it has to be in good condition, have the larger petrol engine with an 020 gearbox to make the project work they way I have planned. Please spread the word as far as you can I would like to get the project off to a flying start it deserves. Thank you.
  4. Right so got my MOT is coming up for my 6n2 1.4 8v. Previous garage said the car was too low to get on the ramps but mentioned the roll bar that's been removed (by previous owner). After reading many mixed things online I deiced to remove the remaining brackets and drop links leaving no evidence of there ever being one. I don't know how true this it by I've heard not all models ever came with one. So my question is has anybody been in the same situation and passed their MOT? Thanks
  5. Mollie

    Do I have a rare car.... ?

    Hi there, I'm new to the owners club. I've had my Polo for just over a year - the lady I bought it from told me it was a rare car (only 6 versions made), I wondered if anyone could tell me if this was correct - I thought it may have been a sales technique, but I've never seen another one like it ! It's a 2001 Black Colour Concept Open Air - I was told they only did one Open Air Colour Concept in each colour ? It has a nice spec, red leather (heated) Recaro seats, BBS Alloys and the full retracting roof. Can't find anything on-line, anyone have any ideas ?
  6. juju

    6N2 Colour Concept

    Hi everyone. I have a 2000 (Xreg) Polo Colour Concept TDi 5 door in yellow with black open air. I love love love it!! Owned it 14 years. I'm trying to get an agreed value for insurance so please can anyone give me any guidance. It's had a few pressies for it's 20th birthday so it's in tip top original condition. Cheers for any help......
  7. Hey there again. Info: -6n2 Polo -AHW Engine (1.4L 16v) -Automatic transmission Problems: -Very slowly accelerates towards 1500rpm. -Everytime I press or release the brake it goes to 2200+ rpm. -Everytime I change gears (R or D) the car kinda "hits". Story/What I have done: Part 1. Ok so at home there is this 6n2 Polo since 2002. Everything was fine until 10+ years ago when it started to show a problem: the transmission would hit hard every time you changed gears (as seen in this video: https://youtu.be/Xvj2W9wDnS4). We called a mechanic but he didn't s
  8. Hello everyone. As the title says really, can't find any info anywhere. I currently have a 2000 1.0L 6N2. No sunroof or rag-top, and I have fitted Thule roof bars for carrying bikes/ladders etc. The bars are connected via little clips in the body of the roof. Now, the thing is. I'm looking to buy another 6N2 because mine is becoming a money-pit, and well, I just like them! So I've found a 1.4 2001 6N2 SE. Thing is, it has an 'open-air' rag-top. Not sure if that was an option on this model or it's been fitted retrospectively? That's fine, but I need to know w
  9. G'day fellow ClubPolo Members, Forgive me if I'm posting on a well know topic, or in the wrong place; I've tried to do my homework/searching and can't find this issue replicated anywhere else. My 2001 6n2 1.0L threw an ABS light the other week. I don't have any VAG software to read codes; no issues with fuses on the battery, nor ABS unit connector, but did find OSR sensor open circuit. Great I thought, should be a quick, easy and cheap fix. Faulty one was a bu663r to get out - in place from new by the looks of it (part number 6N0 927 807 A) - searches threw up an
  10. Hey guys, I have an unusual question. I've been working a delivery job with my 6n2 Polo 'E' 1.0 liter petrol engine (engine code AUC) and despite the official stats right outta my manual ("Urban=37.6, Extra-Urban= 60, Combined= 49.5" British MPG), I rake about 37-42mpg in real world, where I full tank every Fridays, record the mileage and then calculate the MPG. All I want to do is maximise my fuel economy. Can I remap my ECU to improve my fuel economy despite having a simplistic engine? Is there anyone who remapped just for the sake of fuel eco
  11. Hello! I own a 5 door Vw polo 6n2 2001 1.4 Tdi. I recently found a broken 3 door 1.4 TSI for parts in pretty good condition. I have some doubts about if it will fit to my car, if anyone could help me.. 1. Will the front bumper, side panels, hood and side skirts fit? 2. Is the 3 door interior compatible with my car? : front/back seats, front door covers, dashboard, the trunk plastics and maybe the textils (ceiling/floor) 3. Will the AC parts also fit? Mine isn’t working atm. Thank you!
  12. Hi! Not been on here in a while but I've recently undergone my biennial procedure of buying a Polo. 😂 I picked up a little 6n2 TDI to daily alongside my Soarer and I'm having a couple of little issues. Firstly, my temperature gauge is VERY intermittent. I'll be driving along and it'll be sat at the right temperature no problems. Then it'll drop to around 70, then it'll die completely, then it'll be back up to 90. Then it'll be off again and so forth. No pattern to it. Is this likely to be a duff temp sender or an issue on the clock end? My partners Lupo GTI has a simi
  13. Hi All! I decided to buy myself another little project car after finishing my little polo 6n. But I’ve just hit a dead end with it as there is something not quite right with the automatic gearbox. It’s an X reg 1.4 automatic. But it changes up to second gear and that’s it it just revs and doesn’t change any higher. Then when you go to slow down it doesn’t shift down, so your basically driving around in second all the while. You can change gear manually aswell as but there is no difference between gears 2 and 3? Just wondered if anyone had any ideas, I know you can buy a
  14. Hello, I have a 6n2 1.4 8v, its a AUD engine using a fly by wire accelerator. I’m looking into installing cruise control to it, preferably using OEM parts. I’ve searched the FAQs and the forum and a couple of other forums, plus google to try and work out what I need and how to install it to no avail, other than the fact it seems to be possible. Any information anyone can provide on this topic would be greatly appreciated, thank you and have a great weekend.
  15. Aidynjaxyn

    1.0 remap

    Hi new here, just bought a 2001 1.0 6n2 and I'm just wondering if it's even worth remapping it . Cheers for any advice in advance
  16. Hello again! So during storm dennis my polo let some water in. Specifically into the drivers door (i pulled a dry doorcard off and it was wet behind the speaker). My electrical problems: My central locking only locks when i dont have the key in, but once i have ignition first click turned, both the lock and unlock buttons unlock the doors, and you cannot even force them down by hand. 2nd, the window is dead. Even holding the key in the lock only moves passenger window. I assume the motor is dead or wiring fried. Now ive just spent near a grand
  17. Hello all i'm hoping someone can offer me some guidance. The release bearing / guide sleeve went on my polo 1.4 16v 75hp aua engine . Had the garage repair it with my parts which was a borg and beck 3pc clutch and generic guide sleeve. After 60 miles it failed again. Seeing how it could have been my cheap arse i got a genuine vag guide sleeve and an luk bearing which is what the garage said all i needed and recommended a cable as it was ropey (which to be fair i knew it was) now. After 500 miles its failed AGAIN. I also had AA confirm the release bearing had gone before getting shamefully
  18. Hi I'm after the part numbers for the plastic covers on a 3dr 6n2 on the front seats at the bottom that cover the latchs Thanks
  19. Up for breaking is my 2000 plate. Black 3dr polo 6n2 tdi. Engine and box not available atm. But most panels. Lights and interior are. Has electric sunroof also Prefer cash on collection from west yorkshire. But could possibly post smaller parts Regards
  20. Breaking 6n2 gti as hail stones the size of golf balls damaged the bonnet and roof. All parts available
  21. hey all, i feel bad posting about something so basic but after honestly days searching i cant find anything conclusive. 6n2 backboxs; are any of them swapable? i have a 1.4 16v and need to replace mine and would like something a little beefier like the gti or tdi backbox. is the piping the same and a straight swap? thanks :)
  22. Hi, I woud like to change entire trottle body on my AUB with one from AFH. AUB has electric gas pedal, AHF has a wire and the connector for TPS in different. Has any of you did this? Thanks
  23. Hello, im looking at engine swapping my MK2F polo coupe with my 6n2 1.6 16v gti but i can not find any wiring diagrams for that spec 6n2 and i just wounderd if anybody on here has any mainly for ECU pin out and most of the engine wiring? any help is appreciated 🙂 Thanks
  24. Hey all. My lovely 2001 is causing problems. Whenever i accelerwte then lift off (even gently) i get a loud thunk/clunk/donk comig from what SEEMS like front left of engine bay but i cant tell. Where can i look as it started suddenly and is getting worse. Antiroll bar bushea. Control arms ans ball joints where changed abt 10k ago. Just done gbox seals and oil about 5k ago so im hoping its neither of those. Thanks all
  25. Abs_1

    New Polos and the club!

    Hi Guys, I just bought a sliver 1.6 GTi 6n2. It is a 2000, with 102k on the clock. I have always liked these when I was younger, and when this one came up at a decent price I couldn't resist! The car is completely standard, even has the original VW Gamma radio with 6 disc CD changer in the boot. Which still works! The car looks like it was loved at some point in its life and still appears that way today, though the paint will need a few hours spent on it with a buffer to bring it back to its former glory. As soon as the weather allo
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