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Found 351 results

  1. feeblington

    Horn issues

    Hello all. My lemon has thrown up over me again with lovely horn crap. Ive tested the horn and it works. All fuses (and i mean ALL) are fine and not blown. Which l3aves me with the only bit left...horn switch? Can anybody give me some sound advice as id rather run a switch to dash than start pullingwires out the steering column. Or is there something else that couldve blown? Oh and thecar had a slightly higher ampage horn than stock which is made me worry. Ive got a backup horn that is less amps but o ly 1 terminal insteead of 2 Any help would be awesome Thanks all
  2. Drivers side window has decided to stop short of the bottom by about 4-5 inches, goes up and down smooth enough just seems to think its fully open before it is. Any ideas what I need to be looking at or replacing please.
  3. Hello guys! I have a 1998 6N, with a 1.6 16v engine swap, and I swapped the springs from a 6n2 last year, but the 6N2 GTI spring sat on the 6n mount, so it sits higher on the front, than it should. Can I use 6N2 top mounts without a problem on my 6N? Is it the same size, or will it cause problems in a 6N chassis? What's the difference between the top mounts? I know the top of the 6N spring is wider than the 6N2, that's why it's not a perfect fit...
  4. So over been fighting a battle with my central locking for a few weeks, it doesn’t work off the drivers door at all, it will lock and unlock the drivers door but not the rest of the car, (the pump doesn’t activate) but it does all work off the passenger door, (but doesn’t lock the drivers door) I’ve taken the loom out the drivers door and repaired the brakes in the wires, I’ve fitted a new central’s locking mechanism to the drivers door and still not having it, I have now noticed when I lock it from the passenger door the pump in the boot makes the wuring noise for around 30seconds to a minute. I’ve taken apart the unit in the boot and it has no corrosion, no water it looks fine! I’m really struggling now so any help is appreciated!
  5. feeblington

    6n2 roof rack help

    Ive tried searching the forum. Google. The lot ...no luck I qm trying to find out what type of mounting the 6n2 has (5 door) and ho2 to do it. I have a set of door jam rqcks but would rather do it properly. Cheers all
  6. Todger182

    Wanted Polo 6N2 1.4 8V AUD Loom

    Time Left: 1 month and 13 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    As title suggests i'm after a polo 6n2 engine and interior loom for a 1.4 8v AUD. Has to be a pre canbus model so 2000 and before. I dont want any cut looms as it's for an engine swap on my lupo. Also might be in need of an immobiliser, key chip, and engine ECU from the same car if a deal can be made. Thanks X



  7. What’s the best suspension for a 6N2 GTi? Currently it is sat on some coil overs (not sure who’s poss FK as yellow springs..) however the ride is crap. Hard and just crashes and bangs everywhere... whats the best fast road set up? Doesn’t have to be stupidly low but must ride well over country roads at 40-60mph, this is a proper car that’s used not a town crawling show queen... I have seen a set of Spax ones on eBay etc but would like a few views on different options before spending £400+ on all new stuff. ta
  8. GazzP87

    2001 Polo GTI 6n2

    Time Left: 1 month and 5 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale is my much loved low mileage polo. Requires new front callipers as these are seized. Also front wishbones. I was planning on doing this work but got side tracked with a new project. I have used the polo as a doner so it no longer has front seats, stereo, private plate or alloys shown in pictures. It is on some 5 spoke alloys now. If the battery was charged this would start and run fine cirrent plate is Y758 GAA Welcome to bring jump leads and get it fired up. Lots (but not Full) Service history. Good tyres. Alloys alone worth £100. Will need to be trailered/towed away. Any questions please ask. Open to offers. Potentially swap for some


    Southampton , Hampshire - GB

  9. Time Left: 20 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Volkswagen Polo GTI - Unmodified 2000 Plate 77,417 Miles Full Service History MOT - 04.07.2018 Climatronic climate control Factory HID Headlights Remote Central Locking Electric Windows Full Documents with 2X Keys 1X Emergency Key New genuine alternator and aux belt New battery Last oil and filter change with genuine parts - 11.11.2017 The car has a couple of small scuffs but overall in very good condition for its year, it has become a very rare and sought after model. Very good on fuel and easy to insure. The car is listed on the logbook as "Damaged, Uneconomical to Repair", this was due to an incompetent van driver who reversed into the door causing very minor but noticeable dents. The door and wing have since been replaced; I can provide photographic proof of this. The only known fault on this car is the air re-circulation flap on the heater box clicks sometimes, i have been assured this is the motor that needs replacing which i will provide with the car,this does not affect the functionality whatsoever. £1800 ONO


    , Northamptonshire - GB

  10. Mollie

    Do I have a rare car.... ?

    Hi there, I'm new to the owners club. I've had my Polo for just over a year - the lady I bought it from told me it was a rare car (only 6 versions made), I wondered if anyone could tell me if this was correct - I thought it may have been a sales technique, but I've never seen another one like it ! It's a 2001 Black Colour Concept Open Air - I was told they only did one Open Air Colour Concept in each colour ? It has a nice spec, red leather (heated) Recaro seats, BBS Alloys and the full retracting roof. Can't find anything on-line, anyone have any ideas ? Many thanks, Mollie :)
  11. Par

    Par's Polo

    Hi, I'm new to the site but not that new to Polos. My first car was an S reg Polo 6n, but in 2005 I bought a 6n2 - 2001 VW Polo 1.4 16v 100bhp edition. I've had it for 14 years now and loved it every time I've driven or looked at it. I've recently decided to fix it up a bit cosmetically and mechanically, if need be, so I joined this site for some inspiration and assistance. And to see if there's still love out there for this now 18 year-old car! It has already been a lot of help reading what people have done (and how they've done it) - cheers guys! There's not that many posts recently so I'd thought I'd contribute with my little motor and what I've been doing. It's not very far from stock, but even stock is a great looking car! Comments and suggestions welcomed! 🙂 About 9 months ago I finally got tired of my lack of 21st Century music and the fact that the V had fallen off the front of my Polo 😞 Aim of the game: • Small (low cost) cosmetic changes or fixes - to make my car feel new again or just for the sake of a visual change after having it for 14 years. • Mechanical upgrades/refresh - to keep my car running well for as long as possible Upgraded head unit to Atoto A6. Android head unit for some compatibility with how I actually listen to music these days! Can also use Plex for movies/TV for passengers on long journeys. Plus all the other usual phone>car navigation and stuff 🙂 More recently decided to fix my V at the front, by de-badging the back and super glue the V from the back to the front. Treated interior to a new gear stick gaiter and new mats Indicator needed replacing so I replaced the headlights too. Made a massive difference! Bought myself some Plasti-dip for the rear badge, and then decided to spray my front grilles too Changed the side repeaters to LEDs, black with a chrome bezel but tbh I'm still not sure about them - might go back to stock Lastly, and kind of least favourite so far, I fitted new seat covers with a bit of colour just for a change. I wasn't expecting to be wowed, and I wasn't. The fit isn't bad but it's not perfect, and I shouldn't have got the airbag compatible version because there's just a big hole in the side for no reason . At least it might protect my real interior for a while as that's starting to get a little worn. Only a few other things on my to do list: • Paint my callipers red • Pair of rear mud flaps • Fit remote locking kit • Fix rust on rear NS wheel arch • Few minor scratches to touch up • Possibly refurb wheels as mine have corroded causing slow flats • Or maybe just buy new alloys 🙂 • Possibly front splitter from a GTI (but they're hard to find!) I've always loved the look of the 6n2 so I'm not looking to do anything too drastic (bodykits etc), but I'd be happy to hear suggestions, or any other general comments. I'll put up some glam shots when I've given it a good wash
  12. Schnooky

    She's back! 6n2 1.4 16v estate

    She's back on the road! And i did it all myself! After buying her last year March, I only got to drive her for a couple of months, then she didn't respond to the gas pedal any more, I was told to scrap her as it would be too costly to repair, I was gutted as there's only a handful of this model left, I didn't want to sell or even scrap her so she was left on my drive for a year, then I had a hunch and managed to fix her, it cost me a whole £25!!! I since have done lots to her and she passed Mot last week with flying colours! Im so very proud of myself, and so very happy she's back on the road
  13. feeblington

    Green machine

    THIS IS MY POLO, THERE ARE MANY LIKE IT BUT THIS ONE IS MINE. MY POLO IS MY BEST FRIEND. IT IS MY LIFE. I MUST MASTER IT AS I MASTER MY LIFE. WITHOUT ME IT IS USELESS, WITHOUT MY POLO I AM USELESS. But in all seriousness! It has a sticker for every check engine error. The boot lets in water. My front left tyre is jinxed and will forever have a slow puncture but. It has 4 working doors and a subwoofer that drains the battery if i leave it on overnight. My plan is to make it work........and preferably tint or block the rear windows so i can hide my shame. Aswell as replace the...apparently empty shock absorbers... It spends most of its life doing 40mph down country lanes and im quite surprized how well its done offroad. My only quibble...is it only has 1...very shit cup holder. If anyone has a suggestion for modification...useful or just funny im all ears. Currently my parcel shelf is alpacino 🙂
  14. willc1000

    Hello all - 6n2 GTi 2001

    Hi everyone, I'm Billy. Just bought this GTi 1.6 16v off a local girl near me in Preston. Collecting it Saturday so more pics to follow. Ive had a few breadys, a Mk3, a Coupe S, a bug and a T2 over the last 10 years or so but not owned a VW for the last 18 months. Its nice to be back in the right circles again. The car is well looked after, factory leather and Sat Nav, original wheels and original paint. A few stone chips on the body need sorting and no doubt a cam belt, service, and fluids change later this month. Im not sure what route to go down with it this winter, OEM or Mods. I'll probably keep it as stock as poss with a few discreet improvements for now, but that might change in time. It's good to be back with a VW
  15. feeblington

    6n2 indicator issues

    Hello again!! One of my side indicators (driverside on the wing) isnt working. Changed bulb and still nothing. Ive searched for where the wirigng ends up when it goes through the wing but cant find it. Anyone have any ideas?
  16. So after a drive i noticed my steering wheel was off centre and car was feeling lumpy and light on turning. Luxkily managed to limp it home 20+ miles at -20mph ! To find - see picture Ive google for last few hours but no luck How easy are these to change yourself and can anyone guide me? Cheers peeps
  17. I'm planning to swap my 1.0l 8v AUC lupo engine out for a 1.4 8v AUD engine. My ecu and engine is an earlier model that only has one lambda. my question is which model ECU's use just the one lambda, guessing it's going to be an earlier one the same as I already have now for my 1l, but there seems to be quite a few variations. Thanks x
  18. Hi everyone! I had problems with starting the engine, and performance issues, and I realized the crankshaft position sensor was unplugged. Where should I plug the sensor in? I found the sensor and the wire, but idk where the other end goes.... I couldn't find any info about this, just the sensor location... Thanks in advance!
  19. feeblington

    6n2 se sunroof

    Hello again all So today i accidently pushed some velcro onto my sunroof cover and im guessing pushed it up off the runners. How do i sort this out as its rattling and i cant use sunroof (least i got a few months before summer ha!) Cheers
  20. Hi I've got an avy and an afh engine. I'm doing a bit of a hybrid. But looking today and the bolt on breather on the block is really unsightly. Is there a blank or an adapter to put a little filter instead. Any ideas
  21. Hello all, Main question: What type of grease for steering clock spring? Does it need to be conductive? Is there such a thing? Seem to remember the contact area is on the indicator stalk side somewhere? Had clock spring replaced many years back. Getting a slight squeak from somewhere on steering so want to catch it with some lubrication if that's all it needs. Rather than take the steering off unnecessarily I was gonna just put some grease in the gap with a toothpick and see if that does the trick. Many thanks in advance, Simon
  22. Hello everyone! I'm having some mysterious issues with my car after the swap. I swapped everything, it has the GTI fuel pump, but still has a rough idle when cold, and poor perfomance even when the engine is at it's operation temp, and it cranks for 3-4, even 5 secs before it starts the engine.It struggles at higher rpms, and has a top speed of 150 km/h instead of 200 km/h. I replaced almost every sensor I could, it's definitely not the lambda sensor, or the crankshadt pos. sensor. Even replaced the coolant temp sensor. I noticed that I have a grey 167 fuel pump relay with 4 legs instead of a black 410 with 8 legs. The guy who made the wiring, didn't notice the different relay. Can this be the cause of my problem? Or could the VVT actuator failure cause this? Thanks for the help!
  23. I’ve spent ages searching this forum and others but can’t seem to find much information on brake options for the 6n2. I’ve a 1.0mpi and want to upgrade the stopping power. Now I know I can convert the rear to discs from the GTi, but there seems to be very little info on what upgrades are available for the front. Will the GTi setup be an upgrade on the front? Should I look at the G60 setup? or are there other options? Only limitation will they will need to fit under 15” wheels. cheers, pie
  24. Breaking 6n2 gti as hail stones the size of golf balls damaged the bonnet and roof. All parts available
  25. WRight, I’m in need of help. I have a 1.0 mpi, and I need help from knowledgeable people in where I can gain power - if any at all. Now, I’ll be using this for Club1000, so there are limits in what I can do to the car. The rules of Club1000 are; • Road-legal cars originally fitted with engines up to 1049cc • Cars must use the original chassis and original motors with original un-modified internals, only like-for-like replacements are allowed. No fitting Fiesta engines to Pumas, no de-stroking a 1.4 K-series to 1.0, or fitting Schrick cams to a Polo. • Standard cam-timing, standard pulleys.No bike engine kit-cars, no turbos/superchargers (original or aftermarket), no nitrous, no methanol.Intakes and exhausts are free. (Remember those cams and cranks are stock, so your £4k Jenvey throttle bodies aren’t going to have much of an effect) • Minimum safety requirements for participation on track will be half-cage, fixed-back bucket seat and road-legal 4-point harness, helmet and a hand-held fire extinguisher securely fastened. • A control tyre will be chosen that offers a good blend of performance and price and availability in the relevant sizes (13″, 14″ and 15″). Expect a maximum width of 165 to 175! • Suspension: Dampers, springs and anti-roll bars are free, BUT no coil-overs or height adjustable platforms. • Weight-saving is fine, but ultimately the car should be considered road-legal by the Germans when entering the Nürburgring. So don’t think you can cut the roof off, or replace the windscreen with a sheet of sticky-back plastic. Glass front windscreens and intact body panels are compulsory, as are mirrors and windscreen wipers! • Dashboards must be stock, door-cards must protect both driver and passenger from any sharp-edges. So first I’ll be ditching the interior and any other weight I can - suggestions welcome. Then I’ll replace the exhaust system with a custom one - i’m guessing the cat restricts the flow a fair amount. But then where next? ECU? Throttle body? Yes I know it’s a 1 litre mpi, but that’s what makes Club1000 fun. All the help and suggestions are welcomed. cheers, pie
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