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Found 34 results

  1. Biff91

    Looking for de cat polo 1.4 gti 2011

    Time Left: 1 month and 21 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hi all I’m looking for a de cat for my polo gti 1.4 2011 model all I see in here is the old school polos thanks


    Leicester, England - GB

  2. Hey, I've recently bought a 2015 VW Polo (SE), and was just wondering whether any of yous have retrofitted the discover navigation pro multimedia system (MIB2), and whether that's something a newbie to car upgrades would be able to do? If not, do any of you have recommendations of garages I could go to, in order to get that system retrofitted? Also just wondering how feasible it would be to get these upgrades: Reversing camera from the VW Logo on the boot, OPS parking sensors And the cruise control, Thanks!
  3. Hi all, to solve a problem I currently have I'd like to compare the spring rates of the lowered suspension on my car against that of a stock polo, but I don't know anyone else who drives a 6R (preferably TDi SEL). All I'll need to use your car for is putting 25kg sand bags into the boot of an otherwise empty car & measure the wheel rim to wheel arch gap every 50 kg up to a max of 300kg. It should only take about 10mins & I'm happy to travel or bung you cash for fuel.
  4. Hello all I have a 2014 Polo bluegt 6C1 just recently on the dash it displayed check left brake light, check right brake light, check right reversing light. I have checked the brake lights and there all working checked the reversing light (only has a left light the right hand side is a fog lamp bit confused about that). I changed the brake light bulbs even though they were working and it still comes up to check them. Any ideas on how to get the warning to stop coming on I’ve tried scanning the car came back with no faults apart from infotainment system needing an update Any advice will be greatly appreciated thanks
  5. I have been thinking about swapping the polo 6c gti engine into my 1.2tsi. Just wondering if anyone has attempted it and if they can give me advice on if anything else needs swapped in like driveshafts(etc)
  6. nige8021

    Market Research Company

    Hi Guys n Girls, We have received a support request from a company looking for owners of "2014 or newer GTl's" "Dear Sir/Madam, I am organising a market research event with owners of (Fiesta ST, Clio RS, 208 GTi, Polo GTi) on behalf of a car manufacturer. The event will last 2 hours in central London at the end of this month and participants will get paid £100 for their time. It will be a very interesting discussion among people who own similar cars." So if anyone is interested contact Mary on 07706662042 or mary@propel-research.com
  7. Polo6n1600i

    That's a stupid idea!! Let's try it!!

    So I was talking with a friend about what I fancy for my next car..... I have an Itch to scratch with a 1600 mk2 squareback which I'll get round to.... But the idea that was set down in my brain is finding a damaged Fabia VRS estate with the 1.4 dsg 180bhp engine in it & graft the front end from a Polo 6r onto it. To give me basically a Polo GTi estate.....!! am I bonkers or would that look cool!!??
  8. Okay, haven't posted in ages but have the strangest of problems and need the worlds polo brain power - 64 plate polo 6R - 18k miles. When cycling the key ( it also does it when you reconnect the battery ) the strings 4 "chirps" come from the passenger side of the dash. Always normally 4 chirps, normally the same length but sometimes vary. Sounds like a muted buzzer. No faults in VAGcom. Car starts, drives and appears to work perfectly. Whether its related or not but the interior lights have packed up. No power at the connector in the light unit. Now the manual seems to suggest the interior light fuses are shared with the left and right hand car exterior lights. All other lights on the car work fine, and it appears all the fuses are intact. Ive attached a video of the noise whilst cycling the key - FIRST TO GUESS THE NOISE CORRECTLY WINS A VIRTUAL CERTIFICATE " Best strange polo noise detective in UK" Thanks
  9. Yousniff

    Yousniffs GTI

    Hey guys, this is long over due. So I use to own a Polo 6r 1.2 Moda - wasn't a bad first car was pretty slow but loved the feel of the car. So recently I made the plunge and after reading hundreds of threads on here and other forums I went and bought a 6R GTI this is it, woke up early on Thursday the 9th of March. Went to work for a couple of hours decided I couldn't wait till the weekend to make the trip up to white city to go and buy it, with some deliberation and negotiating with my boss he let me go at 10:30am WHAT A RESULT. Sooo I began my journey from Brighton at 11:45 to Victoria - I then got two tubes and an Über. Took me 3 and a half hours to get there, the sun was shining and everything was good. Then disaster. Apparently as im 19 they wouldn't let me buy the car without someone accompanying me who was 21!!! What kind of crap is that?? I argued for for what seemed like an age and they eventually took me for a test drive in which I sat shotgun anyways I loved it from first sight so all the test drive did was make my decision even easier. I bought the little polo and drove 4 hours through London back to Brighton. Long story short I loved the car and everything About it. So I'm only 19 and I'm not sure what my insurance will be like about mods and stuff but so far all I've done is stick on this cool phone holder. Move also got these cool flappy paddle extensions I got off eBay - aluminium and massive I love them make gear changes so much more fun. I would love to go to some shows with it and some meets if any of your guys are from down south let me know. Let let me know what you guys think. Thanks
  10. I am going to purchase a polo similar to this and was wondering if I would be able to change the front bumper so it has the fog lights panels and therefore, fog lights. Will this be possible or will the parts not be compatible?
  11. wizardmanjm

    Polo 6R moredoor bluemotion

    Some of you may remember me from the blue mk2F breadvan I had which I put a GT in. Unfortunately as most of you already know that car met an unfortunate end due to a dickhead driver (me).
  12. On my dads 6r the cat light has lit up. He's taken it to a garage, but they didn't think it was the cat (not sure why). Anything else it could be? EGV or DPF have been suggested but I thought the DPF at least has its own warning light. The fault was cleared but came back on on the drive home
  13. Hello Newbie here so apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn't find it... I need to replace the rear hub on a 2014 Polo which I believe is a 6R/MK5 ?? I found a service manual online that indicates a torque value of 70Nm + 30 degrees which seems very low for a hub nut? Is anybody able to confirm this for me? Cheers Mark
  14. Hi all, Hoping you could help on choosing some alloys, Just got myself a 6r / mk5 polo (2010) It only came with steelies so looking to upgrade to alloys, Would some VW golf alloys 195/65/15's be suitable and has anyone ever had any insurance issues with this kind of alloy on a polo? I really would love to go bigger and lower but insurance does not allow for it yet.. Image attached Cheers Dan
  15. Hi, Not sure if anyone has any experience with programming the keys for the 2012 polo's. Basically my only key has lost its remote programming due to battery going flat. I've tried vag-com to program the key but in the test value I get test value of 0 returned when ive run the 0 channel reset. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jordan.
  16. david_6r

    Polo 6r (un) R Line(d) Build

    Hi All, New to the forum been lurking on E38 for a while, but I have now found where i belong Little bit of info about my build, like any keen enthusiast it was a case of mod now document later hence why its already halfway through completion. Engine Spec: 1.2 TSI - Revo remap stage 1 - 140bhp - Custom exhaust (no centre section) - Revo Air filter Exterior: - Roof Ariel delete & full repainted roof - Blank Grill, Metal work on bonnet and fibre glassed bumper - All plastics de-textured and sprayed gloss black - Fog lights a rear lights tinted - Currently on VW Eibach lowering springs - Blacked rear badge - Front bumper smoothed, tow point and plate recess removed - ClimAir wind deflectors Interior: - Carbon fibre rear view mirror - New head unit with apple car play - Random trim part additions ( key bezel, mats etc) Random After market things: - Cruise control - Detachable tow bar .. Think thats it for now.. also apologies in advance for all the separate post of images not got quite to grips with the forum yet Thanks for reading, any questions please ask Dave
  17. 6rline

    MY13 Candy White R-Line

    Hi Guys! Had my R-line for over a year now and its a great car to drive! It's the 1.2 TSI version and for a small turbo charged engine, it's very nippy! Since owning it, i've had such a blast and it's been excitement everyday... looking forward to driving to work and coming home from work.. best part of the day lol. First day i got it at the show room! Anyway since owning the car, as usual i can't help myself but fiddle with the car as it's not really yours until you make it yours! I started by trying a few performance mods which included Forge Motorsport Dump valve and a oversized pod filter.. These made the car run absolutely crap and constantly brought up lights on the dash. It also reduced power i found and in the end, i found running stock to be the most efficient. But of course i wanted more power so i looked around the net for a few companies to do remaps but since the car was still fairly new, there wasn't much available. However over on another forum i found big fish tuning run by a guy called John who sorted me out with a remap. Power hike and torque was increased to about 138bhp but dont have a RR printout as i got the RR done elsewhere. The car now feels much more aggressive in 1st and 2nd and overtaking on the motorway is a doddle even in 6th gear. Usual upgrades with the 6R including: GTI top and bottom grills, Bonnet bra, LED side lights and Fogs, Plastidip wind mirror caps, Eibach Pro Sport springs 30mm/40mm drop, Euro Sport Exhaust system (Backbox with mid section removed) The exhaust system sound awesome! It's probably one of the best things i enjoy hearing everyday. Even though its not a DSG gearbox, if you change gear in certain RPM's and especially on overboost the car will pop and let off a DSG fart lol. I've done a few videos which can be seen here: Videos recorded with GoPro Hero 3: http://youtu.be/debROksu8Cs?list=UUtdvVCQLogjaDV0JEQElfJg http://youtu.be/hsq51LLZurM?list=UUtdvVCQLogjaDV0JEQElfJg Need to do a new video soon as i've since had a tune to take into a count of the exhaust system. And finally my latest purchase was a set of Replica VW Projector Bi-Xenon headlights with 6000K HID's. Next i'm thinking maybe a new set of wheels.. i did see some VW motorsport alloys in black for sale awhile back but unsure if i want to go for 17's.
  18. I've just got a subwoofer with built in amp. I want to connect it to my standard head unit which is the RCD210 but haven't got a scooby how. Can anyone help me out?!
  19. VW_Titch

    "That Charged Lawnmower" (1.2TSI)

    Long time since I've been on here so thought i'd make a post as a few people have requested it. So this is my 3rd Polo. Previously i've had a 1.4 100bhp 6N2, a 9N3 GTI, and now this, my 1.2 TSI 6R (or the charged lawnmower as it gets called). Bought standard 3 years old, and wasn't long before i started working on it. First of all, coilovers with adjustable droplinks. Then a few little exterior touches (Fogs, splitter)and a old set of wheels i had (MAM MT1): Then had some crazy idea of running this static. Didnt last long before i destroyed the rear brake lines, so had to raise it up That was pretty much it for the outside. Next was onto the engine V V V
  20. Will this Xtrons 8" head unit be compatible with my 2013 polo match? At the moment it has a rcd310 dab. Will the parking sensors still show up with the radar picture on this stereo? Does anyone have this, and would they recommend it? Thanks
  21. Hutch_

    Hutch's Candy White 6R GTI

    I drove all the way down to a London VW dealership to view this 61 plate 6R GTI last June, ended up driving it away the same day! Was 1 and a half years old at the time, had done 8300 miles and was in an all round lovely condition. Shortly after getting it I added my personal plates, started tinkering with badges, added yellow film to the fogs etc. The usual cheap stuff Then some 6k HIDs, and LED side lights went in THEN IT BROKE. 8 visits later to VW, 2 new clutches, 4 software resets, new clutch shims and a 'modified' oil breather later... They then discovered a sensor that monitors the fuel/air mixture was not functioning (due to the wire leading to it being snapped), and that was causing the issues all along (misfires on all 4 cylinders, jumpy starts etc.) Since then its ran perfectly, but thanks to Volkswagen taking 8 weeks to solve it, all i got out of my summer was some awesome parking I did in the courtesy car they gave me... After it got fixed, I treat it to a RCD510, but didnt bother with the DAB antenna cause imo it's sh*t and doesnt work anyway. Main reason I got a one was for the benefits of the touch screen, as I like to plug my phone in and play from library. Then shortly after my 21st birthday the real mods began. - FK Highsports - 3SDM 0.06 18x8.5 et35 / 18x9.5 et40 - Continental Contisportcontact 5 225/35/18 all round I also took off the carbon wrap, went back to chrome and sprayed the background of the rear badge Candy White to match the rest of the car. I also very recently bought some shotgun cartridge wheel bolt covers. Seen a few guys with these down at Players this year and couldn't resist Future plans - All arches rolled (fronts are scrubbing) - Bi-Xenon DRL headlights - Smoothed front bumper (see photoshop below) - Miltek turbo back exhaust system - Forge cold air intake - Stage 1 I'd like to also take this opportunity to mention an app that me and a mate have been working on, and have recently released a big update for it to the app store. It's called Stanced and you can find it here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/stanced/id542552349?mt=8 Stanced is an app dedicated to car enthusiasts worldwide, and is essentially a picture feed for your iPhone/iPad, moderated to only show a feed of car related pics. I am the designer of the app so be sure to check it out - IT'S FREE Thanks for reading!!
  22. villun

    Hey, heres my Polo 6R.

    Hey, I've been meaning to sign up to here for a while now, I just wanted my 6R in better shape before posting anything! Here she is when i got her (on the left): And here she is now, 100mm Lower on FK AK Street Coilovers, Full light upgrade, Debadged boot lid, Induction kit with new grill (one with actual holes in it) and new pipes and a bluetooth upgrade: I also have just got my Audi Pepperpots back from being Refurbished so these are getting tyres and going on the car today. Let me know what you think, and anywhere that could be improved!! Toby
  23. Does anyone know if the vw polo r line rear bumper and valance will fit directly onto a normal vw polo 6r? Trying to buy a cheap second hand r line rear bumper and diffuser then fit it myself thanks
  24. Hi any idea why they have wedged these bags of foam in and around the headlights? The other side to access the low beam bulb has a black cap on it, as this side doesn't. The bags are labeled vw so not something someone else has done. Thanks.
  25. Seen an red 6r in the car park of edinburgh college the sighthill campus. Wanted to know what kind of alloys/steelies you had on, looked great :) Rhys
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