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Found 11 results

  1. dvderlm

    g40 in germany

    TS-XG 40 in Chieming on the Chiemsee, Bavaria. Lowered, black, maybe on Lenso rims.
  2. BigJayAl

    2010 Volkswagen Polo S

    Time Left: 28 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2010 Volkswagen Polo S Perfect First car ( Cheap Insurance) Immaculate condition inside and out Customised 17 inch Calibre Alloy Wheels Customised Brake Calipers Customised Car mats Heko wind deflectrors Carbon fibre anti kick welcome plates Car door and boot edge scratch protectors Car door lock protective covers White interior lining on dash and doors 4x Brand new low profile tyres Brand new RAC battery 5 year warranty CD Player/Radio/Aux Port Full Service History 3 Previous owners (Was my first car, had it just over a year, will be sorry to see it go, only selling due to being given a company car) Due a service Needs 2nd gear syncro hexagon bolt replacing (Cheap minor repair needed)


    Dunstable, Bedfordshire - GB

  3. jonPDpolo

    Mk3 Black G40 Coupe

    Think its about time I whacked up a thread for this as I've owned it over a month! Since I sold my old 6n2, kinda fancied getting back into a polo and successive other old dub projects had failed to scratch the itch (Purple VR6 Corrado that never worked and a Tornado Pink Mk2 Scirocco with a GTi Engineering RE2000 8V conversion) Also having done the VR6 thing, felt it was time to do the supercharged thing too All the way back in February I fuelled up the A5 and went for a trek up the M1 to see @grungeisdead about a dog/geniune G40 that he was selling that had a tasty specification After a long catch up and potter out in it, we came to a deal and I drove back a wrote up the advert for the RE2000 (which took a few months to sell!) Finally got sorted for the weekend before All Types (13th May) settled in for a long train ride up to Leeds So two trains and two and bit hours later, got to the car And a sort out of stuff and gave it a quick clean Quick run down of spec Stainless exhaust HnR Cup suspension with uprated ARB and rose jointed track arms (not sure on that, I've lost the advert and doing this by memory! Stage two charger (with a stage four to be rebuilt ) EBC discs and pads 65 mm pulley Boost gauge Rest is standard G/mk2f stuff So started off on my home, however car had other ideas, a gearbox issue that neither of us spotted or could've predicted reared its head, lost drive at 70mph on the M1 near Rotterham, managed to coast it off the carriageway at J33 and ended up having to be recovered home. Saf being the awesome mega sound dude that he is sorted me another gearbox out and I organised collection of my car by my mates VW garage to get it swapped over In meantime, the car sat on my drive looking sorry for itself so got new plates and holders on along with the obligatory WalshC pikeytech sticker in memory of our departed friend and legend Craig Walsh Also at the same time refurbished the snowflakes I had left over from the scirocco with a Volvo dark grey and slapped on some 195/45/14 Falkens as old 185/60/14 Conti's don't cut it on a G Whilst it was at the garage, it had some good company However we found the replacement box (CEG code) didn't like 5th and kept jumping out (also needed to replace the linkage as I'd broken the ball at the bottom of the stick in order to get it out of gear so could roll for recovery!) So trip to Shropshire for the linkage and a run up to Tibshelf to meet someone halfway for another box (8P this time) and we got it in and back up and running (With an appearance by my dad's new Ateca and my mum's Fabia ) So after lots of brapping about all weekend, set about sorting the matte bonnet that had green coming through And all was well....or so I thought Took it to work on Monday morning just gone, I work 26 miles from home and go M5/M42 and about 7 miles away it started doing odd things and having no power, up until it died on me in the rush hour traffic Queue calling the RAC who said its the alternator, charged me up and followed me to work, however a chat with a few people we agreed it wasn't and set about checking the charge circuit, then found this: ] Left in works secure carpark over night, got lift home and back the next morning but with new strap, tools and battery charger, borrowed electricity off work and got it back in and now seems to be sweet, just goes to show, never take what RAC/recovery say to you as rite! That was until I cut out again on me, this time thankfully just as I pulled onto my drive. After lots of conflab and head scratching and new plugs, couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start, I loaded up my daily A5 to get to Polo Social. Upon the arrival of the Scottish contingent, Steven said to me 'we're going back to yours tomorrow to get the G', never argue with a Scotsman! So we loaded up in two cars, me and @CHRIS2911 in the Audi and @kwijibo_coupe & @citrus in Steven's G-Turbo, we got 20 miles and Steven's clutch cable broke, queue all piling in a 2 door coupe to go to local garage to try a repair/order another. Ended up ordering another cable which would take 3 hours to arrive so we did the jag back to Brum from the other side of Nottingham. We set to work on the G, took the fuel pipe off the rail and cranked it to find not much coming through, so Steven had a look at the pump and we put another 5 litres in to give it the best chance, 3 cranks and 1 failed start it started, sender to gauge appears to be a bit off as it reads 1/4 when its nowhere near! (filled up with 40 litres, did 250 miles of driving and it still reads a 1/4, I think not!) Queue going four up in a G40 (with a video that Steven took ending up on the club's Instagram thanks to Dean!) with a diversion round traffic and stop to adjust the timing, then back to garage for clutch cable, return to fix Steven's car then return to Polo Social (left at 11am, back for 6pm) Saturday afternoon at Polo Social saw a few people descend on it to sort out a few niggles and to refit the front bumper (needs a pair of bumpers really) and codes read and removed by Gaz on Sunday After the show finished decided to give it its first proper clean in my ownership and it came out pretty well (still need to sort out the bonnet!) and lined up with Steven and Scott's cars for the A-polo-clypse photo below (courtesy of @Cymro) So that brings us up to date, still lots to do and maybe improve on (there's no stereo or speakers!) but all in good time, just going to enjoy it for now
  4. Spotted a nice looking black 2f with a GT badge up front in Leigh today, anyone on here? I was the white one with blue sidelights going the other way 👍
  5. I have a set of lupo gti sunvisors. The sunvisors are the same shape as polo 6n2 visors although the connector is different. Can these be removed and swapped? Could I dip dye the polo 6n2 connectors black or spray paint to the match the sunvisors? The middle visor is a different shape to the lupo gti, is there anything else that fits? What have other people used for the interior? I would like it all black. I'm going to also going to change the headliner colour with some fabric. Any pics of your interior would also be great :)
  6. wgdm

    wgdm's 9n FSI Sport

    Hello fellow Polo owners/enthusiasts, I'm Will, I am fairly new to the forum and I am the proud owner of a 9n series polo. I passed my driving test in May and bought my polo as my first car back in early June. So far I've only managed to do some minor mods as my insurance provider is really strict where aftermarket modifications are concerned. I'm running the polo on a reasonably limited budget, but I have started saving for some nice alloys and coilovers etc. I admit that this is more of me showing off my car than a build thread, but it is a build in (very slow) progress anyway. I hope that I can make it look even better than it is currently, once I can ditch my restrictive and in my opinion awful black box insurance. (I'm with Ingenie). Any suggestions of mods I could do when I get around to it would be welcome and appreciated. - Basic Information - Model: 2004 9n Engine: 1.4 FSI petrol Suspension: standard factory sport trim suspension with the 40mm factory drop. (It's practically slammed, right?) Brakes: discs all around. Wheels and Tyres: factory Melbourne alloys. Exterior Styling: black paint, Top Gear and ClubPolo stickers, red brake callipers and LED Sidelights. Interior Styling: tailored floor mats, blue sidelights. ICE and Security: Alpine BT mechless head unit, Fli trap 12 subwoofer, standard factory alarm. - Pictures -
  7. jackflory

    My 6n2 1.4

    Hi guys, this is my first post on the forum so I thought I'd show you my first car! It's a 6n2 1.4s 3dr which I picked up last week. Set me back £750 but came with recent clutch and cambelt replacement and 12 months mot so I think I got a bargain! Just over 91k on the clock. Done a few little bits to it such as adding a gti grill, replacing front and rear badges and replacing the central locking pump which was broken. Unfortunately the rims are still stock plastic trims which I hope to replace as soon as possible. Any other ideas for subtle changes are very welcome! Cheers
  8. bluefox

    Mrs Bluefox's '01 6n2 GTI

    This one isn't mine - it belongs to my wife, but it's her daily and I'm the one that does all the spannering So, here she is, a Mk5 (6n2) 2001 Polo GTI 3dr in black: That was how she was at the dealer we bought her from. Totally standard, with a decent service history, she's done 103k miles and from what I can tell doesn't have any exciting options other than a 6 disc CD changer in the boot. First job was to get her home, a quick service of fluids and filters followed. Er, well I say quick, but seriously - what's this oil filter positioning about? Crikey. Many tiny little manifold burns all over my forearms. Ow! I thought the Mk2.5 MX-5 had a bad placed oil filter... no, wait, on second thoughts, it really does. Check out that pollen filter. Nice. Oddly, the slightly musty smell disappeared once the new one was in. Funny, that. With that, it was a tank of V-Power uber-silly-whatever-it's-called-these-days and an Italian tune-up, Cornish lane style, before a trip to the local (and very good) Xpress Garage in Falmouth (plug) for an MOT. This, she duly passed with one advisory. Cue celebratory, er, Sainsburys trip with two of our dailies out together, aww. So, that advisory - something about corrosion of components on the underside. I managed to get under the car when she was on the MOT ramp and snapped some pics - the components are pretty grimy and corroded in places, but the floor pans, sills, etc were all sound. The underseal was also in good condition. This will be redressed as and when - whilst we love her to bits and are enjoying our first Polo, she's a daily drive after all and I'm definitely against show queens - so when something breaks, it'll be fixed, and the part/surrounding areas will be dealt with. Anyway, whilst I was there I found the fuel filter I spent a while scratching my head over. Really, VW, right in the middle of the rear beam? RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE?? Sigh. And so, that's there we are for now :)
  9. mithunpure

    My Polo 9N3 Black ! What do you think?

    Hello guys, Here's my first post and this is my car: Let me know what you guys think and any suggestions would be appreciated! :) Thanks
  10. gtipanda

    Matte Black + White 9n3 polo GTI.

    Hey there, I'm new and this is my first ever post! I recently bought a 1.8T 9n3 polo GTI. Silver: First thing i did was get a Revo stage 1 remap and a new set of tyres. Straight to fitting my Alpine head unit, Vibe speakers and Sub + Amp in the boot. Carbon Wrapped Dashboard. Then did a few visual mods: Sprayed the alloys matte black. Carbon Fibre Wrapped Wing mirrors, window pane + badges. Matte Black bonnet + roof + grill. Honey Comb grill. Improved Window tint Carbon Spoiler New Eibach pro-kit performance springs image sharing Then decided to get a full Matte White Wrap: picture upload sites And thats about it for now! Thanks :) Chris.
  11. all items can be posted at cost hear i have ye old faithful, loved this little car but when the gearbox went bang i decided to move to a 1.9 golf being older and insirance going down great little pokey car and if anyone wants the buy the car as a whole we can reach a reasonable deal as i just need to see it gone now extras include flip up headunit with gps and bt £120 unrated speakers all round, all fli 12inch 1200 watt fli sub and amp £50 JOM adjustable coilovers £70 k and n mushroom filter, £10 black 15 inch 205/45/15 wheels and tyres NEARLY NEW TYRES £150 aircon unit £30 rare 1.6 6n engine £100 clear indicators(side and front) with bulbs £25 red tinted rear lights £20 central locking pump £15 10mm wheel spacers £20 for the pair if any info is wanted on any items in the photo or any photos of specifics are wanted do not hesitate to text or call on 07837507144
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