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Found 31 results

  1. I have polo 2006 and I wanted to add a remote key so I bought one on eBay. I tried to connect but having some troubles. I connected the + and -. Can someone send some picture of where I need to connect the wires of the locking, unlocking and windows closing/opening. * I mean to what wire do I need to connect the wires, if you can send the colors it will be great. Thanks and sorry if you didn’t understand what I’m wrote( I’m not that good in writing)
  2. Hi all, first post here, I have a 2003 Polo 1.4 tdi 3 door and am trying to add a HAWK remote locking system. The car does have central locking and I believe comfort closing. The whole car opens and closes but I have to lock/unlock the doors manually by inserting the key into the door each time. The windows open and close when holding the key in the lock/unlock position. I have read other people’s threads but none seems to relate to my cars wiring. I have got the wiring diagram for my car from a garage (will upload shortly)and instructions from HAWK (https://www.hawkcaralarm.com/View/NzVjN2MwNDEtMDU5OC00NDg3LThmYzQtY2VkN2NlYjg5YmUwLnBkZg==/hawk-ha-008-universal-central-lock-upgrade-manual.pdf) yet still cannot get it to work. I was hoping that somebody is able to give me any advice. Thank you for you time
  3. Hey guys I've had my polo for a while and I'm getting fed up with scrabbling around in the rain and the dark trying to get my keys in the door so I just purchased one of general Mao's finest "keyless entry systems" she arrived this morning a sight to behold straight from sin zen so the long and the curly of it is I could do with the wiring diagrams what for working out what ways I've got to connect the jeslus thing to make the pixies dance in the right way and then hopefully she will chooch rather than flashing once setting the horn ablaze and the then letting the smoke out. Reagards and thanks Mike
  4. Hello, I have recently purchased a 2006 polo TDI knowing it had a few electrical faults. One of these faults is that when the weather gets cold the central locking and windows fail to work. Stereo interior lights still work. Any ideas of where this issue could lie? Many thanks
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have a VW Polo 9N3 1.2 S 64 which comes with central locking. However I do not have remote central locking so I decided to purchase a comfort control module, model number 6Q0 959 433 E,which I believe can receive remote signals. However when I looked under my dash I noticed that I have a completely different module and have no idea on how to remove it. The current CCM module Model I have in my car is 6Q1 937 049 D. I have not seen any video tutorials or guides with my specific CCM model, but I have read numerous amounts of forums which say replacing the 9N3 CCM's are really easy to replace and that thhe model I purchased will fit right in. I do mot think this is the case for my car :( How would I go about getting remote central locking? Thanks!
  6. Good evening all! Right, just picked up my latest Polo, Last time it was a 6n 1.4 16v, Now I have gone for a 6n2 1.4 16v ( dam the reduction in power!) On the journey home I came across a few niggles I was wandering if you guys could help : 1. Heater control lights do not work. Dash Lights up fine, brightness controlls are fine, Hazard is fine, rear heated windscreen button lights up fine. Is this therefore likely to be just a bulb? 2. The central locking. Drivers side : put key in and turn, does not lock or unlock. If I turn it clockwise and hold it, the front windows go down. Passenger side : the key turns 360 degrees consistantly... When I first tried it, it locked, and unlock. As it locked it closed the front windows, as it unlocked it opened them.... Thats all for now Thanks in advance!
  7. hello i have a GTI 6n2 3 door and central locking pump in boot and both front door lock barrels are broken. Central locking pump circuit has burned inside. so no locking / unlocking available via key either due to broken barrels. Wanted to know if a cheaper aftermarket remote locking kit will still work independant of standard pump in the boot or does the actual pump has to be in working condition for the aftermarket kit to work. Secondly I have bought a kit and connected everything with the wires in the boot to the pump and aftermarket kit is operating fine but does not lock or unlock via remote. Just wondered if the pump must be in working condition for the remote to lock / unlock. Thanks.
  8. Hi all. My 2006 9N 1.4 TDI Polo Nearside door occasionally doesn't unlock with the rest of them when using the drivers door key. (the remote for my after market alarm used to do this for me but that doesn't work anymore) When i get in the car i have to reach over to pul the door lever to let my wife/passengers in. When using the central locking inside the car; from the button situation on the drivers door, this locks all of the doors most of the time but occasionally the button/rod in the passenger front door goes down briefly only to pop back up straightaway! I can reach over and press the rod down myself but it is not convenient. Any ideas.. is this a DIY job perhaps? appreciate your insights.
  9. I recently bought a 9n 54 plate Polo. We haven't refuelled it yet and the fuel flap doesn't open automatically. Should it open when the car is unlocked? I read that I can manually over ride it from inside the boot by pushing the actuator up with a screw driver but obviously this isn't ideal. Is this common and what's the fix? Not sure if it's related but the passenger door doesn't lock as it should when you lock the drivers side.
  10. Today i got a 1999 1.6 6n polo and the central locking was working fine, then i went to lock it and the passenger door would not lock, so i went to lock the passenger door and when i went to pull the key out of the lock, the lock came with it and it is now hanging out. Anyone know whats wrong with it? Many thanks, Jack
  11. Hi Guys, looking for a bit of assistance. Recently bought a 6n2 GTI - came with single key and the remote central locking doesn't work. I've tried the usual stuff, but the key seems to have died. When put in the door the key will lock and unlock the car, but if any door other than the drivers is opened and/or the car isn't started immediately the alarm goes off until the car is started and the immobiliser kills the alarm. I've disconnected the siren on the alarm and have been living with it like that since, but wanted to know if there was a way of disabling the alarm or remote central locking, while keeping it working on the key in the door? I've looked on VagCom and can't access the central locking unit (35) but have found some of the system under central conv. (46). Anyone got any ideas if there is a way to code the alarm out but keep the central locking? Cheers, Phil
  12. Hi guys, I was hoping someone could give me a helping hand with the central locking kit i bought from Aliexpress. This is the KIT i bought : https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/Universal-Alarm-Systems-Car-Auto-Remote-Central-Kit-Door-Lock-Locking-Keyless-Entry-System-with-Trunk/32782618371.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.0.XZEy7K I tried to hook it up to my Vw polo 6n2 2001 but without succes, when i click the buttons on the flip key i hear te relais ticking 1/3 times depending wich one i press, but the pump doesnt activate. I found out what the pulse wires where but when i connect the wires from the scheme for opening and closing it doesnt work. Here are some pictures of the kit and scheme's as well as the connector that goes through the pump. Really hope one of u guys can help :) thanks in advance. Scheme From the kit: Connector of my 6N2 2001 that goes to the compressor pump
  13. I need some help with the wiring colours for my mk 3 polo, I'm attempting to fit a universal remote system, just to lock and unlock doors (not bothered with lights flashing or horn, Windows etc) just want it to lock and unlock car as the paddles have both broken in the doors so I can't currently lock or unlock car... I have taken a picture of the coloured wires that go into the central locking buttons on the drivers door panel, I'm hoping I can maybe wire it to that to save time? However I have no clue what the colours are for? If any one could help me with what colour wires are for what I'd really appreciate it? I need a constant 12v for the power to the remote module and then a wire for door lock and one for door unlock so I can use this universal remote lock? The Keyless Entry system I have is model: LB-405. I'll attach a picture of the wiring diagram: If anyone can help I'd really really appreciate it! Thanks people
  14. Hi Guys, Hopefully one of you guys can help me out. My sons 2001 6n2 1.4 Polo has developed a fault, He complained that the car was unlocking itself and winding down the windows while he was away from the car. I had a good search of the forums and saw that the usual culprits are either the door loom between the car and door or central locking pump. I've checked both and replaced the pump with one from a breakers, I have also changed the o/s window regulator, switches and lock mechanism with micro switch. The window fault only seems to happen now when locking or unlocking the car. Am I correct in thinking that if the car does not have remote central locking that there is no convenience module as it's built into the drivers side window reg? Thanks Fletch
  15. Hi I have a 2005 1.4 TDI Polo without central locking and I was wondering if I brought a new door with central locking installed into would it just work like normal in my Polo or would the wiring be different and would it not work?
  16. Had a new key fob after losing other key. Worked fine for a week but yesterday, hit the button on the fob, the indicators flashed as normal but the locks didn't go down. tried a few times but not working. Had to lock everything down manually. No noise from pump that i usually hear. However when it was working it did sound like the pump was an old man getting up the stairs on a chair lift. Is this a pump issue or just wiring/connections? thanks
  17. GeorgeStreten

    Phantom Passenger Unlcok

    Bit of an odd one, this. I've got a 2007 9N3 5dr, and I love it to bits. It's got central locking (not remote) and everything works great. Mostly. If I lock the doors from the outside of the drivers door, all of the other doors lock fine, that's okay. If I lock the doors from the outside of the passenger door, only the passenger door locks (I believe this is normal but am I correct?). The weird one comes with locking from the inside button. If I press the lock button on the inside of the drivers door (with all the doors closed) each of the four doors lock, but then the passenger door unlocks - and I can't figure why! Any ideas? Thanks!
  18. I am having issues with the central locking on my 6N2, it either goes completely haywire or nothing happens at all. Here are the symptoms...... Drivers door - Nothing happens when I try to lock/unlock the car from here. The lock operates like a non-central locking car, so I can at least lock this door from the outside. Passengers Door - When I lock it from here it causes the windows to wind fully down, but doesn't operate the lock manually....to me this doesn't seem right? Internal switch - Works perfectly, all locks open and close as they should. Pump can be heard operating in the boot, it doesn't sound labored and is only on briefly (enough time to lock the locks) I have checked all the connectors (in the locks and pump) the are seated properly....everything is fine as far as I can tell, without doing a continuity check on the all wires involved. Also having a problem when operating the passengers windows from the drivers buttons, it goes down but doesn't come back up. I have tested this with another fully tested/working switch and I get the same effect. I know the central locking and windows are interconnected, so this could all be related. And the new battery has gone flat after a week of not using the car....could be related? Anybody got any ideas or had this problem before (and solved it)? If it wasn't for the fact that the petrol cap is on the same circuit I wouldn't actually be bothered and either live with it or buy a remote kit. I am going to go fetch a new battery now, while the other one recharges, and take the doors apart again so I can remove the lock mechanisms!
  19. Hey to everyone! Today i decided to buy a aftermarket central locking kit. My polo from 1996 1.0L never had a factory central locking system on it. I did some research on the web regarding this subject and i did learn some things. The actuator placements in the doors are pretty straight forward not much to learn. The hard part is the wiring the central locking kit. The kit contains : - 4 actuators : 3 with two wires, and one with five wires. - The controller - Two wires ( Red and Black ) For 12V current - Two wires ( Brawn and White ) for the blinkers. I think a good way to get the 12V current is from the car`s lighter box. But i have no idea how to connect those two wires ( Brawn and White ) to the blinker`s system. ( those wires should turn the hazard lights when you open or close the doors. A friend of mine mounted a similar kit on his car ( a non VW car ) and he connected i think one of those wires to his hazard button from his console. I think that did the same thing as connecting them to the lights directly. I have no idea how should i do it. For more help maybe some one knows the wire colors and could help me with some tips i added some pictures to help you out. http://postimg.org/image/664gulb75/ http://postimg.org/image/jfe96mj0r/ http://postimg.org/image/x6yhc67in/ http://postimg.org/image/pgfggj30l/ http://postimg.org/image/5s076jvfp/ Thank you! Hopping for some support!
  20. Since this morning my car doors all constantly unlock whilst driving, luckily they don't when my keys aren't in the ignition, I hope they don't anyway. Even when left unlocked they still make the noise from all four doors, very annoying. When turning the key in the lock it occasionally only does the drivers side door. Also I noticed on the passenger side door the rubber around the loom was off, could the problem be water getting into the wires? Some one help please
  21. Long story shot I've bought a polo s 9n3 today and it is equipped with central locking yet I am unable to use the key fob supplied with it to unlock the car. The key is the one button key so I am wondering if this key is unable to unlock it or if maybe it's just something simple like a dead battery. Any help is deeply appreciated, thanks.
  22. Hi I was just wondering what type of Central locking kit I would need to install so I could unlock the car with use of a Fob, I have found one on Ebay but they said it will only work if the car has Key central locking which I'm 99% sure that mine does but I am just looking for somebody to confirm or say otherwise. Thanks
  23. I know there's lots of threads around for this, but as a complete novice in this kind of thing, is there any detailed step by step guides in fitting an Rclick Central locking kit to my polo 6n2? My polo does not have central locking as standard so I know it's going to be more difficult to fit. Any ideas? Sorry again I know this kind of thing is commonly brought up but I've been searching the site everywhere and can't find what I need
  24. Hey guys, new to the site and needing advice since i'm a jap girl having to learn dubs. Has anyone fitted a boot popper to their polo? how easy is it? Any problems? Seen a few universal ones supposedly suited to a 6n but unsure how suited they are. I'm starting to get to grips with car electrics (apprentice mechanic) but not confident. Got the car 3 weeks ago but i caught a gearbox on my knee and damaged the ligaments so I'm unable to touch the car at the moment but keep buying parts and gaining knowledge, car is due to be in shows come june so looking to get body work done asap. Any help or advise is welcomed :) Thanks Danielle x
  25. mbusby993

    Door lock problems;

    I'm sorry if this has been posted a hundred times, but I can't seem to find a thread that covers my issue. I bought my first car, a 6N (5 door CL) a week ago and I was aware that the drivers side did not lock from the outside. Since then the passenger side has also stopped locking. I've had a repair kit off of Amazon but in putting it together I managed to immediately break it and all the pieces cracked. I'm gonna have another shot at it, if I can at least get the driver's side working then I'm happy to just unlock the rest from the inside. My central locking doesn't work either. He told me this when I bought it, but I plugged the pump back in and it seemed to work for a while, however it's now gone again. Is there any way that I can disconnect the locking pin on the fuel flap so as to not have to reach in around the interior and fuss about with that pin every time I want to fill her up? Thanks for any help! :)
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