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Found 11 results

  1. PoloClassicDk

    Polo Classic

    Hello everybody! I want to install front fog lights on my car and i was wondering if i could control it from my main light switch? Its a polo classic 6kv from late 98 left drive,. i've read somewhere that some polo 6n have wires already running from the main light switch into the engine bay, so im wondering if that goes for 6kv aswell and if so where are they located might i be just as lucky? And if anybody know how to install fogs from the lightswitch, given that i would have to run wires myself if they aren't already. Thanks in advance!
  2. nope

    MK2 Classic

    Here goes! As of August 2016 I became the new keeper of this old girl. I'd been looking for one for around 4 months before this 1.05L popped up for sale. A friend and I made a 3 hour trip across the country to go and see it with the intention of buying it no matter what. So I did... even though first impressions were that it needs a lot of work! I'd wanted a new project to get stuck into anyway so it didn't put me off. The odd patch of rust here and there, grille smashed from someone reversing into it, dents here and there. Just generally needs a lot of love thrown its way. First mod, lose the window stickers. Being a fan of the smooth flowing JDM 70's and 80's cars, I pulled all the door bumper strips off, which make the car look untidy. Also removed the bumpers to see what it looked like. Also to gauge if there was any more rust I hadn't seen. I then went a step further and pulled all the rivets out of the arch trims and removed all of that too, again to see if there was any rust hiding on the arch lips. I definitely got away lucky as all the arches came up really nice. Its just a shame about the two front wings as the passenger side has a very bad repair from a previous dented which looks like it was kind of pulled straight and painted over with a rattle can and theres clear coat overspray all over the place. The drivers side has a crease right on the swage line where it meets the arch, drivers looks repairable, but a replacement passenger was ordered.
  3. joaopneves

    Today I saw...

    Hello you all! Like in many many automotive forums out there, I decided to look for those threads with photos and/or videos of "special cars" people pass by in their day-to-day. Those so called "spotters topics". Though, I've searched for that here and couldn't find anything like it. Saw some interesting topics about some specific models or makers, but nothing general. That's why I decided to create this thread! (I'm sorry if there is one already. If yes, please post the link to it.) I love photography and cars, and like many of us I'm sure, sometimes when I see a different ride I try to, at least, get a phone photo of it, just to share it with my friends. Well, the idea is pretty similar, but instead of sharing those with your friends only, why not share them online? Feel free to post your sights. And of course, let's talk about those sweet rides! I have a Facebook page dedicated to classic and pre-classic cars, and I always carry with me my humble 600D. Got some luck sometimes, and I would like to begin this discussion with two or three contributions. Here they go. BTW, with "special cars" I don't mean classics only, or exotics only, or tuners only, or... you know. I mean cars in general, somehow rare in our countries or with some special or funny feature. Lamborghini Miura P400 SV @ Caramulo Motorfest 2015 (Portugal) Chevrolet Capitol AA @ Portugal (random encounter) Porsche 911 GT2 (996) @ Caramulo Motorfest 2015 (Portugal)
  4. Hi all, One of my rear shocks is now leaking and need to get something to replace them. I have heard that mk1 golf coilovers fit the rear of a polo classic (saloon), is this true? I don't have a great deal to spend on them, but I'm only after the rear coilovers if that's possible. I've seen some technix's which someone is selling brand new for £80, and was wondering if they're alright? Is there any coilovers anyone would recommend? I would only be replacing the rears since the fronts are good. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.
  5. EJRicketts

    Mk2 Breadvan as First Car?

    Essentially I've been looking at these little beauties (Mk2 Polo Breadvan) for a while now and wanted to know if they would be a suitable first car? Also in terms of insurance where would I be looking, considering I'll be a new driver 18/19 years old. I'd like to get an older model so would I be able to qualify for classic insurance? Just read that somewhere. Thanks!!
  6. spooner94

    Mk2 Polo Classic GL

    i just got hold of this MK2 'loon its a Classic GL 1.3 4spd 45k genuine miles Stratos Blue all original except the steels. Registered: 1.8.84 The previous owner believes this to be one of the first polo classics in the UK after they changed the name from the derby, and that this one may have been a dealer's demo car with a high trim level. It has chrome trim along the front and rear window seals, along both bumpers, along the grill and around the dash clocks. it also has a chrome strip down the side which he stated he had never seen on a 'loon before. it also has factory parcel shelf speakers and a sunroof. Are there any 'loon enthusiasts that know more about trim levels and when they were released etc.?
  7. Hey there, I'm pretty new here (my first post), but i'm hoping you guys can give me some advice. Lately i bought JOM adjustable coilovers for my polo classic, when it arrived, it was mixed from 6n2 and 6n (the rear one was 6n2, and the front one was the 6n). The rear one fitted perfectly, but i had some problems with the front ones. I realized that Classics from 2000 had the 6n2 strut bearings and silents instead of the 6n ones. Although, somehow it fitted, but I'm curious whether its fine to continue to use this way, or it could result in problems. However, the only problem i was experiencing is that the front doesnt go as low as i wanted (but then i tried how it handles without helpers, and it soothed the bouncyness a bit, and achieved the low i wanted (you can call me an idiot for doing this)). I attached some pictures of what i'm talking about, because my english is awful. The first picture shows how it should look with 6n2 springs.
  8. I have now been searching for weeks trying to find some replacement big end bearings for my 1.3 MH engine, i went to a VW dealer and was told they couldnt get them anymore. Number stamped on bearing - 030105701 Number VW dealer told me i needed -030105701A i cannot find either of these bearings anywhere. i keep finding 030105701G.... does anyone know if this is a supercision/new part number for the 030105701 number? 030105701G is used in 1.3 engines from golfs ect but the MH engine is not listed. any help would be greatly appreciated also any alternative aftermarket bearings that people know of slightly getting agitated as this seems to be a one off engine that none know anything about and no parts are available :( shes just sitting there waiting to be built thanks. ollie
  9. mark_crox



  10. This is my 1.4cl Polo that I bought for £300. It needed tax and test but it sailed straight through the MOT which was great. And it also came with a cherry bomb, coilovers, Remote locking, leccy windows, wind deflectors and loads more! This is me and my V-Dub mates the day after I bought it. And this is my mate's (maximumpolo's) 6n This is my old Mk2 (Great little car!) The first mod I did was spraying the edges of the headlight black... I also bought some REALLY tatty ATS classics with tyres all round for £250 which I thought was pretty good. Absolute nightmare trip though, we got lost and then my 5th gear pretty much died! This is me and my mate just swapping grilles for the bants... And back again.. The I took her to a meet at Bluewater in Kent Flat tyre :( Bought the 6n2 rears off my mate! And wound the suspension right down(the back can go lower though! So low!!!! Nice and shiny! Here's where I decided to make a 6n2 hybrid rear bumper Cut and plastic welded to shape Almost finished the filler Me and my mate in the show and shine at Battlesbridge VW 2014 That's also pretty much where it sit atm but I'll progress soon enough! I need a 16v front bumper, a new gearbox, and maybe a gt cam and then I think I'll be happy haha!
  11. I have a 2001 1.4 16v Polo variant (estate) , unfortunately it just failed the MOT on emissions. The garage was pretty useless and basically said they couldn't help me! From what i can tell, the emissions test show it is running rich in petrol. It failed on the FAST idle test with CO = FAIL ( 1.158%) Lambda = FAIL ( 0.965) I have a Vag com and read the codes. 2 Faults Found: 17584 - Bank1: O2 (Lambda) Correction Behind Catalyst P1176 - 35-00 - Control Limit Reached 16520 - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S2 P0136 - 35-10 - Malfunction in Circuit - Intermittent Readiness: 0000 0000 So from this it looks like i have 2 sensors? And it's the lambda After the cat that is iffy? I thought that sensor is really more for saying when the cat is faulty though and shouldn't affect air/petrol mix? I'd great appreciate any advice! cheers
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