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Found 13 results

  1. Hi is there by any chance a way to get my hands on a new exhaust manifold for my polo 86c ? (1984) Are there any manifolds from other engines that fit?
  2. Hi all, I've recently acquired a Polo 1.3 CL Hatchback.... I am very lucky but it needs a bit of work!!!! My family has a garage so they are working some Pierburg issues.... The "exhaust" needs replacing, which I deem to be the middle section and tail pipe... I am not mechanically savvy as I work in IT....so please forgive me on my lack of knowledge. My family, grandad and uncle don't use the internet and don't understand technology or ebay so it makes it hard for us to communicate... but they said the tail pipe was no good and the middle bit also no good. I
  3. I'm installing a 1.4 16V 75hp AHW engine from a W-reg Lupo in to my '84 breadvan, and have been looking for a de-cat 4-branch manifold to suit. The enclosed photos show a stainless manifold that has come up for sale, and was originally bought for a W-reg 1.4 Polo but never fitted. The guy selling it don't know any more details about the Polo - whether it was a 16V or 8V, or what power rating it was. All the ones I can find online (ebay fitment check) that look like this, say they are not compatible with my engine - Does anyone recognise this manifold, and do you think it will
  4. Following on from an insurance thread it seems that repairing my exhaust on my 07 VW Polo wont be covered by it as its been deemed wear and tear. Recently, the technique is failing, and you also need to deal with the exhaust for harley fatboy The garage has said something slumped at the front of the exhaust and that the entire length is corroded.... and that it was from wear and tear rather than the rear impact (that didnt cause much damage) so my take on it, is that must have been dislodged by the impact as it now sounds like Im trying to be a boy racer So assuming worst case scenar
  5. Hi. Please could anyone recommend an non VW original front pipe with cat for my 1.4 16V BKY engine 9N Polo that doesn't keep the engine light on? I had mine replaced and within days the engine light is on & getting catalyst low efficiency code from the OBD Cheers 🙂
  6. The exhaust on my '84 mk2 polo seems to have a lot of play. When going over a bigger bump or hole in the road I get a terrible screeching noise of metal on metal. My guess is the muffler slams the body, the 2 old donut rubbers that it hangs by are very worn. A parts dealer in my area gave me new rings, OEM-matched using my number plate. But the new rubbers seem smaller and are nowhere as flexible as the old ones. Wrong part? I can't possible put on both rubbers now by hand, there is way too much tension.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get an exhaust for my mk2f saloon? Theres seems to be plenty of mk2 coupe and breadvan exhausts around, but i cant seem to find any for a saloon. I am planning on putting a new stainless manifold on and would like the pipe to be 2" all the way, but i don't know if this would be really hard to find? Would it be something i would have to custom-fabricate? (and buy a welder)? Thanks
  8. Not so much a problem as a mild annoyance - changed the downpipe/cat comination recently for a new stainless job and it sounds like a bag of spanners on large throttle openings or when idling cold - video doesn't give the full effect but you can hear the diesel-like raspy tapping from the downpipe: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CNuLa-CBWpEVlgUjvHZxeur9f0MSG5xt Just really raspy. Had a hunt around old posts and its most likely just the stainless is harder than the old mild steel pipes and resonating at higher frequencies? Seeing as its stainless would exhaust wrapping
  9. thetj31


    The exhaust on my 2003 Volkswagen Polo FSI Sport is already worn out. What brand of exhaust kit should I replace it with. I don't like anything that's too loud. Any suggestions?
  10. Hi all . I am after another 4-2-1 exhaust manifold for my gt bread but want one with the boss for the lamba ? I have one on my gt coupe with lamba boss already in but I brought it off someone on here quite a few years ago, Regards and thank you.
  11. 6n2, 1.4, 8 valve, petrol Hopefully going to get a new flex pipe welded in the front section before replacing the two rear sections. A few questions. Exhaust assembly paste - recommendations for easy assembly AND disassembly? Might want to disassemble again soon to take sump off and clean out. Want to use this style of clamp as original from VW: Do these actually need assembly paste they seem so snug? What do I do with the normal, female, outer end on the replacement exhaust section - just cut it off? I only ask cos it means there will be a bit
  12. Just a quick question.. about to buy an exhaust that's come off a MK2 breadvan, would it fit on my 2f coupe? Or would I have to make adjustments?
  13. Zeeuk1

    My Polo

    Hey! I'm a new member of ClubPolo.co.uk. Here's my 1994 MK2F 1.3 Polo.
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