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Found 32 results

  1. katemelita

    Double-din centre console conversion

    Started my double-din centre console conversion the other day, it was remotely easy! Started simple by getting the cage into the center console, started by using a dremmel but it proved to be making the work harder so ended up using a stanley blade as you can tell the sizes are extremely different height and width wise, so, the mk2 Golf centre console will need trimming at the base
  2. John smith

    Buf The Breadvan

    Hi Can anyone help in trying to source , rear seat belt retainer if that’s what it even called. This my first project and decided to go with a breadvan as I learned to drive in one. The part sits above the back seats and keeps seat belt tidy. The part number on the left side one 867 857 837. When I try source it can’t find anything please help interior looking good this missing 😩.
  3. I'm thinking on getting some 9N seats for my 6N2. Will they fit? If not what would I have to do to get them to fit? Thanks in advance, Jon
  4. rhyscmorgan

    Mk5 Golf Seats in 6N2

    I’ve got a set of Mk5 Golf GTI seats to replace my battered standard seats in my 6N2. Ive heard some Mk2 Polo subframes should fit. Is anyone more the wiser? Or ideally would anyone see and issue with putting the sub frames I have on my seats at the moment onto the Golf ones? Cheers
  5. I recently purchased a 1989 mk2 Polo, and the previous owner had upgraded the sound system. While I do appreciate the sound, the old rear speaker brackets for the 4x6's that the seat belts go through have been partially destroyed. I can't seem to find any replacements online, but I'd really like to put those back as the rear panel isn't held in place very well. Does anyone know where to get these or have some going spare from their own changes? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi All I read somewhere a while ago about fitting Alfa 156 seats into a Mk2 Polo Has anyone done this or know how it could be done Thanks
  7. Ballydj91

    6n interiors

    Hi all, not sure f this is the right place to post this? Looking for any advice on interiors and what different interiors people have managed to fit. Im looking to change the seats in my 6n and switching for something with a similar style and comfort to the cupra, s3 style seats? Don't want to go full strip and buckets but want something with a snug fit. Thanks in advance
  8. Hello all - I've been a proud owner of a 2005 Polo for 18 months, and so far have only had to fork out on a rear box - really enjoying it! I took the rear door card (5 door) off on the weekend due to sticky central locking (fixed with a bit of a clean) but for the life of me I cannot get the door card back on! I'm hoping that there's some kind of trick to it, as all of the trim clips seem to be pointing in opposite directions! If I attach the clops towards the front of the door for example, I can't get close to the clips on the rear. If I slide the dor card in from the top, I can't get near the clips on the bottom! I'm also having trouble getting the long bolt onto the bottom of the handle to match up with the nut All of my experience lies with Mk1 Golfs, and usually all you have to do is use the old 'heel of hand' whack and the clips pop back in. Not here though, it seems I need a degree in engineering to get it back on! After 40 minutes of trying yesterday I almost launched the door card into next door's garden! Ended up having to walk away! Any advice greatly appreciated. I can take pics of my issues if that would help, but will have to wipe off all the blood first! Thanks for looking!
  9. katemelita

    Damp car

    Does anyone know how to get rid of dampness in a car? My Polo has been sat since October and the steering wheel has slight signs of mould but there isn't any signs of dampness anywhere else, I know I could probably put a dehumidifier in it but is there anything else I can do? Thanks
  10. Hi I've recently purchased the new 2016 Polo GTI and am due to get it late November. I don't like the standard manual 6-speed gear knob in it, so I've purchased the gear knob from the MKVII Golf GTI (original VW part - see image). I'm no expert, and I've just realised that the gaitor may not fit the Polo GTI. Does anyone know if it'll fit?
  11. I've got a 2012 Match 1.2 and the boot courtesy light doesn't come on. I took out the light unit and found that the power cable is not connected. I think it has fallen inside the side trim. What I'd like to know - is it straight forward to remove the side trim to retrieve the wire? Thanks Bonsai
  12. hey guys i need help finding the door cards to my MK2 POLO Coupe H Reg. any help would be much appriciated
  13. my carpet is tatty and blue in my Breadvan and I want a black one but it is a nightmare to find a carpet for the breadvan, i have found a MK2 Golf carpet. will it fit? thanks.
  14. DansGti

    Custom interior 6n2

    Just returned from dubshed in Belfast this weekend .Seeing as it was my first real show to go to it really opened my eyes to the level of detail people put into their cars .The things that caught my eye most were the custom interiors and engine bays. I'm not that mechanically savy so the engine bay would be something id leave to do very last .Right now I'm dead set on getting the seats,door cards and headliner reupolstered .Hoping someone could clue me in on how much you'd be talking price wise .Also if anyone knows anywhere that does a quality job at this kind of thing in Ireland (preferably the Northwest/North) Polo 6n2 Gti Hope someone can help! Cheers in advance .
  15. Marcorossetti95

    Interior parts for polo (6n)

    Hey there guys I'm new to this site and I'm looking for help, I just bought a 97 plate polo and need help on finding rear seats that arnt beige cream multicoloured square seats and to react the carpet preferably black but needing to know what models if any of the newer polos can fit their rear seats into my car, all advice is good advice
  16. Bought some replacement heater control knobs for my Polo 9N. Was under the impression that they just popped out, as this was the case with my uncles Caddy. However, they don't seem to budge at all and I think if I pull any harder i'll do damage. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom.
  17. Is there any easy way to remove the end cover on the indicator stalk. The symbols on the ones I have (as you can see) are quite worn - is it possible just replace these parts without replacing/taking out the whole stalk? I've had a poke around with them and it looks like they could pop off, but I didn't want to pull as the may well be glued in. Anyone had any previous experience with these?
  18. as above, does anyone know if the runners are the same on mk2 scirocco's as the polo Coupe facelift (86c) ? Think someone on here had a White Genesis (now GT) and was gonna try and fit some? Reason being is that a freind might be picking up a rocco for its engine, and i might grab the seats off him cheap (i want something like GT/G40 bolstered seats but cant find any locally near ipswich) If they dont fit, do mk2 golf GTI seats fit?...... cheers
  19. Anyone in the polo/vw scene had anything to do with Grip Royal steering wheels? If so what do you think of a white pearl one on my 9n? I think it'd look really different without trying to look like all the other boy racers with fake ebay momo "drift wheels" on their corsa's Fell in love with that specific one ever since I saw it on Jennifer Bakers all famous 07 Impreza Thought's????
  20. Hello my name is David I'm new to this website. I have a problem with my polo 6n1 my interior roof light wont go on I have replaced a new bulb. Can someone help me? Also the rear boot light is doing the same thing, I have also bought a new bulb for it and whenever i open the boot the light still doesn't light.
  21. Hello, As the 9N is my first car, there are annoyingly a lot of restrictions when it comes to modifying my car. However I still want to mod it. One of the main things I want to change is the stereo. Want to swap it for a double din touchscreen but not sure if this would be an issue. My main focus is to put it on some coil overs and get some rota turbos or 3SDM 0.01's. Any suggestions as to what I should do in this situation? Or what mods I could get away with? Thanks! Tom.
  23. Where can I buy these there for my 6n polo to light up the speedo, a link would be very helpful
  24. I have a '96 6N Now my dimister switch for the rear window and heated mirrors does not illuminate like the rest of the switches etc. Can any one with a 6N can confirm that this switch is illuminated or not? I'm not sure If the bulb is blown or it was never illuminated in a first place. PS Amber light when on is working. Now second thing is, are my heater controls, they most of the time do not illuminate when headlights are on. I have to give them a persuasive nudge, only then thy come on. So the bulb is working, what would be causing this? Cheers
  25. Cant really find anything on the forums that had much information so if someone could help me.. How much would 6n2 leather heated interior in good condition cost to buy with switches and loom included in? And how much extra would i be looking to pay for doorcards?
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