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Found 17 results

  1. Looking at H&R Cup Kit (35mm all round) Anyone got pics of them on a Mk2?
  2. Audioholic

    audioholic his turbo polo "fox"

    hi all, just my polo here had previously owned a polo CL coupe, and a genneis G40, but the G has rotten to heaven :( so i had to buy another chassis, so in this case i seen this, a stock polo fox, for 150 euro's. great, some rust but it wasnt a problem, 90% less rust then the G, just swapped all the g40 goodies in to it, and a build engine. specs : k03 turbo 3f inlet manifold catcams 286 cam thin headgasket dewedged throttle body supersprint exhoust (63mm) innovate wideband lamda running on 1.4 bar. no problems at all,custom map. street tuned
  3. AllanHardie

    Flash Red 1.4 8v - New Updates!

    Hi everyone, recently bought myself a car some may know/have seen due to its feature in FastCar magazine, well the car was sold in march for £2500 to someone who really never looked after the car, ran it into the ground, and didnt care about it, i seen the car come up for sale and seen the potential in it straight away. I sold up my impreza and made the journey in a recovery truck to collect her. The bad bits list is never ending .. 4 bald tyres wheels need a refurb no tax no mot no cd player as it was stolen no windows worked drivers door loom was melted/ caught fire wires and cables everywhere bumper scratched/ grazed bonnet covered in water marks due to face mask small dents in body work very dirty drivers side front bearing gone no handbrake rear brakes needed done front brakes needed done ABS sensor away and soo on .. the good parts now 2 way rayvern air ride suspension, shortened struts and firestone bags 380cc Compressor 6.5j Banded space savers tidy enough car except the dirt and dings false floor smoothed boot GTI seats GTI Headlights and only 75k miles on the clock Full face mask "gimp" mask will be for sale, aswell as banded space savers with 4 brand new tyres soon.
  4. Hi Guy's I have a set of Eibach springs for the 9n3 Gti, they was on my car for 6 days before my coilovers arrived, how much do you think they are worth? Thanks
  5. Okay so I bought my polo already lowered and at a guess I would say it's running 60/60 I will check when my spring clamps arrive. The problem is I enjoy being able to get over speed bumps without scrape, so I was wondering if I could get away with standard spring up front and 60 mm at the back. otherwise I'm looking at 40/40, Unless anyone knows a way I can gain a bit of height that's not to drastic. Thanks in advance.
  6. Guggu

    Guggu's 1.4 9N

    Hi guys. My first post on here, but I've been lurking around since I've owned my Polo. Bought my 1.4 Petrol with 47k miles as my first car last summer and pretty much no work has been done until the beginning of this year. I've done a lot of work in it since then, so I've made up my mind to finally start my own thread and show you guys my progress. This is how I got my car first - completely stock: Only a new stereo had been fitted at this point. I wanted to keep my car looking clean and simple, without overdoing it. In my eyes, less is more. Decided to change my horrible hubcaps to some new alloys. I was torn between the traditional Comps, Pepperpots or the Montreals. Finally, I've chosen the Montreals. Found some on eBay which where refurbished. A small addition were the smoked side repeaters. This is how my car then sat: As you can see from the above photos, the car needed some major LOW . Since I'm a student, I'm on a tight budget so I went for the JOM's coilovers. Didn't want to go too low as this is my daily car. Also managed to get hold of a Mattig spoiler for the back. Moreover, I wanted to colour code my front and back valances. How my car looked with all these additions: (couldn't resist not taking the car for a drive while my valances where being painted haha! ) The front headlight began to turn yellow and was badly scratched, so I got a new pair of headlights. Also, I love the 9N3's taillights, so I've picked up a pair as well. Painted my calipers and disc brakes in silver as well. Valances were also put together. Getting checked by the doctor This is how my car is currently sitting, which I am very satisfied: The only future changes I would like to make are: 1. De-Badge Rear 2. De-Wiper Rear 3. Improve Car Audio 4. I'm not too sure about the Twin Exhaust Tip, maybe I'll change that to a Single or else nothing at all 5. Touch-up dents and chips I would love to see what you guys think of my car, and any suggestions to improve are more than welcome! Thanks for viewing my progress. I will upload better photos soon.
  7. jackarmstr0ng

    My First Car! Dark Green 6n2 Build Thread

    Been on this site for a while now but never got round to making a thread! so here goes, I'm 17 from Berkshire and this is my first car that i bought back in august 2014! Polo 6n2 1.4 8v in dark green with 88,000 on the clock! bought it for £1,100 and personally i love this colour! so i had to snap it up! few scratches here and there so i used alot of t-cut to get rid of few minor scratches, here is how it looked when i first got it... at the time i was in full time education so only little mods were made, like the steering wheel sticker and GTI Grill After i couple of months i got a little part time job, and ended up spending every penny on the car hahaha so i went ahead and bought some fog lights (witch i actually pinched from the scappy) and ordered some fog light grills and fitted them then i bought some tinting film, made the fog lights yellow then bought a GTI Splitter! also did some other little touches such as a sharan rear badge, dewiper and orange indicators (i've taken off the orange now though) also gave the lights a little bit of a refurb because they were al yellow and horrible thats all for now! i've got some FK coilovers (probably gonna go 80mm-90mm down) and a roof rack that i still need to fit so i'll keep you all updated on that! but I'm on the lookout for a Stubby drivers side wing mirror and some wheels!
  8. New Thread as other was a bit scruffy. Bought this s reg polo 1.0 off my cousin with 10 months mot and 48,000 miles on the clock, it had already had the 1.4 aex or apx engine fitted but was still running on the 1.0 ecu. i went in his polo sport afh engine and decided i had to have one, so whilst i was looking i decided to do a few things to the car that wouldnt cost the earth. First up was i bought a Hid Kit 8000k , which i fitted as soon as it turned up. Then the roof lining and plastics was next, the roof lining was stained in places and since i done all roof linings on my corsa's i decided it would look good on this too. So i painted roof lining, dashboard, sun visors, a,b,c pillars and rear door cards. i also tinted my rear windows with 20% light so not too dark. i smoked my rear lights lightly. done the diy depo mod on my headlights and bought led bulbs for everywhere in the car.& Pinted vw badge on my grill i also decided to put side lights in my indicators (which i was told could be dangerous, so have bought another set of clear indicators) I also bought a powersteering conversion kit , front reclining leather bucket seats and I'm guessing what are rear coilovers. Then i came on here and noticed someone breaking a 6n sport with afh engine, i contacted the seller and a deal was made to buy the engine package, and a few other bits and pieces i need. in the end i bought the whole car. So really this is where I'm up to with the car my 1.4 8v engine was removed and sold today. Tommorrow I'm hoping to remove the 16v engine. Future plans for the car are: everything removed from the sport i bought. Fit powersteering Fit afh engine fit electric window kit - done fit central locking kit - done fit alarm and immobiliser off sport - in process paint and fit sport bumpers fit suspension off sport fit wheels and brakes fit rear seats out of sport - done fit backbox off sport and sell rest of stainless system And basically sell what i can off the sport i bought to try recover some money Look in for sale section if anything is needed. Some pics Day i got polo Roof Lining and interior spraying Led Sidelights Smoked Rear Lights With A 50/50 Smoked Headlights Hid Kit Fitted Led Indicators New Seats New Engine And Donor Car Stripping Begins Bye Bye 8v So today i removed the engine and all other bits i could off the sport, tommorrow I'm going to remove the last pieced before scrapman comes wednesday. few pics.
  9. owoolacott

    Polo 6n2 Build

    Hi, just started on this website to get some ideas and to give ideas out to anyone, I drive a polo 6n2 Mk5 in Surf blue (LA5C) and am slowly building it up into a stance show car, enjoy the progress and any questions let me know. The attached Picture is a day after I brought it will be uploading most bts of work I do :) Thanks.
  10. How low would I be able to go with 165/50 on a 7x15 rim on a polo 6n without major scrubbing, and without needing any body mods? (Eg rolled arches)
  11. This is my 1.4cl Polo that I bought for £300. It needed tax and test but it sailed straight through the MOT which was great. And it also came with a cherry bomb, coilovers, Remote locking, leccy windows, wind deflectors and loads more! This is me and my V-Dub mates the day after I bought it. And this is my mate's (maximumpolo's) 6n This is my old Mk2 (Great little car!) The first mod I did was spraying the edges of the headlight black... I also bought some REALLY tatty ATS classics with tyres all round for £250 which I thought was pretty good. Absolute nightmare trip though, we got lost and then my 5th gear pretty much died! This is me and my mate just swapping grilles for the bants... And back again.. The I took her to a meet at Bluewater in Kent Flat tyre :( Bought the 6n2 rears off my mate! And wound the suspension right down(the back can go lower though! So low!!!! Nice and shiny! Here's where I decided to make a 6n2 hybrid rear bumper Cut and plastic welded to shape Almost finished the filler Me and my mate in the show and shine at Battlesbridge VW 2014 That's also pretty much where it sit atm but I'll progress soon enough! I need a 16v front bumper, a new gearbox, and maybe a gt cam and then I think I'll be happy haha!
  12. daisyduke

    Anthracite Blue, 6n2 TDI

    So its about time I introduced myself I guess, I'm Daisy, 21, Photography Student from South Wales. Currently driving a 3 door, mk5/6n2 Anthracite Blue, 1.4 tdi ( AMF ). I always appreciated polos but never saw my self as a polo owner/driver untill last summer where I had to sell my beloved mk2 golf, due to the fact I was about to start uni which consisted of a 25 mile commute several days a week. I did a little bit of research into reliability and fuel economy (as the golf would of robbed my bank ballance within the first week of commuting ) and was left with two choices, 3L lupo, or 1.4 tdi lupo/polo. It came close to a 3l but struggled to find insurance, untill this little beauty popped up for sale at the right price & was ticking all the boxes, since then I have fallen in love with it!!! Dont think I have a Pic of the car as it came, Half wound down on TA-Technics, on some 9n steelies with wheel trims. This one is after a good clean [bellow] Initially I wanted to put the car on some Porsche 928 wheels, but after looking online decided they didnt quite look right and instead found myself a set of d90's. Took me a while to sort of tyres and adaptors but finally got them on the car and just right too The d90's are 6j's up front and 8j's on the rears running 165/40's and 195/40's. Also camber shims at the rears. I was looking for a set that were due atleast a paint refurb to put a purple colour but luckily came across a set that were pretty damn close! ( at least I can run them until I get the funds for the perfect colour ) When I fitted the d's I went quite alot lower, but still not all the way down still some travel left all round! As it stand atm [bellow] Other than giving it a complete overhall clean, ( interior + snow foam, clay, polish, soft&hard wax... you know the score!) the only other thing I can really think of is changed standard wheel to a 280mm Momo! Pretty smart! I also have a stubby drivers side wing mirror to go on after i finish painting it, hopefully be on by the end of the week! Been treating this thing as abit of a work horse, now term is nearly over I have quite a few plans, including: Desperatly need: - Sump [ cracked and bodged by previously before I owned ] - clutch, slipping in 2nd now - brake hose, recently found that its worn through :L - discs and pads all round ££££!! After all of the above, other materialist/visual stuff : - GTI/xenon headlights - Front Fogs & Grilles - passenger window switch - jap spec rear bumper - Remap - heard its well worth it with these engines, contemplating going straight to stage 2 ? ( obviously with the decat and air filter upgrade) - possible cruise control - double din head unit - new interior (somthing smart not sure of what yet ) - replace the bit of the dash that goes above clocks - rear spoiler/gti boot lid Sure theres may more things, but my minds gone blank! its a start any way, let me know what you think guys! and any 1.4 TDI owners, any head up's on any thing would be appreciated. Will try and add more pics soon! Find me on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/daisy.m.harris.50?ref=tn_tnmn or follow me on Instagram : daisymharris Thanks for looking!! :D
  13. Bigfatdub

    My polo 6n2

    I'm new on here, this is my first car :) what do u think ?
  14. r34david

    T330 BJR

    wolverhampton area? black and lowered
  15. jaike7

    my 6n2 1.4 16v

    Bought a silver 6n2 last wednesday, found one completely standard which is a bonus. I have loads of plans for this, low and slow is the main idea, needs a good tidy up and MOT sorting before any of that starts though!
  16. Hey Guys, Just recently lowered my 6n 16valver about 100mm, sitting in some rubbish stock five spokes and need my tracking done bad! Aha anyone know anywhere in southend or close too that will do lowered cars? I hear places in canvey and Basildon do them but need more Info! Much appreciated guys!
  17. Liamvickery1

    Vw polo 6n2 mk5 1.4 16v project

    My vw polo 1.4 16v it's a mk5 6n2, on team dynamic motorsport alloys 16" which are for sale with all good tyres, lowered on springs which are 40mm, getting coilovers after Christmas and hopefully some xxr 527s! Anyone got any ideas I can do to make it look better ? Interior and exterior, only have exterior pics ATM , I've sprayed both the badges and I've ordered a 90mm rear badge so it fits in the recess and de wipered it, also metallic blue roof but might be changing to stickerbombed roof, anyone got anything I can do to make it look cooler ? Cheers!
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