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  1. Hi I am fixing my project breadvan and on one of the calipers a spring broke and I dont know what they are called, and I cant find any. Is it necessary? Can i buy it somewhere?
  2. boyzey

    Polo mk3 coupe

    Vw polo mk3 coupe1993 rolling shell ideally would like to sell as whole but if enough interest i will break The car has been dry stored for the last 10 years and is pretty much rust free outside and underneath The plan was to do a turbo build but time and storage has changed so this polo is going to have to go I need to put a price so ill say £200 or makes us a offer Any interest as whole or parts give us a message and i will try get some pics sent over and answer any questions it wont let me upload any pics on the add says there too big Location west yorkshire
  3. Volkswagen polo 9n3 four door parts in blue all panels in blue no scratches or marks loads of mechanical parts gearbox drive shafts two days one brand new head lights back lights abs system air bag with s /wheel both huds with bearings alternator started motor loads of other stuff. Sold as one lot £200 ovno. Collection only. (Worksop area)
  4. Hi everyone Hope is all well with you lot, I have a polo GTi 2011 DSG Auto I have been told by 2 garages that my Lambada is faulty. Garage 1 Thinks it’s the Lambda Sensor Won’t fix it until light comes back on, (They don’t wanna fix something that is not broken or the wrong part) so Reset all codes, Says car is perfectly safe to drive, Just pull over in safe spot if engine management light comes on then turn car off then back on (March 2021) Garage 2 (Been using him for years) says won’t fix Lambda sensors unless I can get official VW part as a
  5. Hi Guys, Recently joined this forum 🙂 I am currently building a CAT N 2012 Polo Match. It has a light Wing damage (Fender bender ) So I have a replaced it with a after market wing that came pre painted. I installed the new wing yesterday and somehow my headlight is not sitting right I am not sure if the mounting bracket is to blame? Is there a way to adjust the bracket? As I can't see anything that can adjust it?
  6. Hello all. Recently redundant and needed a new car very quickly (had company car) So I have become the new owner of a W reg polo with only 60,000 miles on the clock and full service history! 2nd owner in grey, pristine bodywork for £200.00 it’s a 6n2 and I feel very lucky. Alrhough it is old… My issue, and virtually the only issue. Drivers side speaker is not working and the tweeters crackle, so I have purchased some pioneer replacements. I have read before taking the door card off you need aftermarket speaker fitting brackets. The
  7. The time is coming where I'm going to have my car stripped down and resprayed. It'll need new sills and some repair work on the rear arches. I think you can use breadvan sills and they are available. Is it possible to get repair panels for the rear arches? I've seen breadvan ones, but they are the wrong shape.
  8. vinniemac79

    Looking for MK2F eyebrow bar

    Hi has anyone got a mk2F eyebrow bar, colour doesn't really matter
  9. I need guidance on refitting the rear arch trim on a 2f coupe. The one that sits beind the bumper. Recenly the polo needed welding to it's rear arch for it's MOT. The mechanic left it in primer and I completed with spay cans. When I refitted the trim, it was a tight fit and I managed to scratch the paint off down to metal. So I had to repaint. I've given it a week for the paint to fully cure before I attempt again. So I don't take off the paint again, does anyone have any tips for refitting?
  10. In the middle of working out some wiring for my lupo conversion. Have a full Polo GTi. I'm trying to work out removing the central locking pump and wiring the car to run the lupo/golf electric motor door locks. Going from the schematics, only guessing here but. The pump on the polo is the relay and antenna, not the CCM? The only thing the CCM see's is "Are the doors open or closed". Is that correct? Thanks X
  11. DonksPolo

    Wanted Part

    Hey all, I'm searching to buy the glove box lid for my Volkswagen Polo MK2 Coupe 86c 1989.
  12. Hi all, I've got a Polo 6N2 3dr which looks like the driver side door has been replaced, unfortunately with a manual window door. I'm guessing I'll need a new door & door card if I want to replace it and get my electric windows back. Passenger side currently has electric windows. How big of a job am I looking at in terms of price if I was to take it somewhere? Cheers
  13. After years of wanting one and a year of looking for one I've finally got one!! It's got high mileage, 165,000, but the engine runs nice and smooth. It's a bit tatty around the edges but it's probably the best condition polo I've bought yet - saying that's probably going to come back and bite me. Well we did a 2 hour drive to go and pick it up and me and my dad couldn't smile wide enough! There's a bit of rust on the arches, very minor, and minor rust on a few panels. When we got it home I went to open the door and the door handle came off - was no screw holding it in. The speakers don't work
  14. vw polo 9n battery negatiive terminal nut on chessy broke how can i fix it
  15. darren3585

    My Polo (Advice requested also!)

    Okay guys so I bought this polo but would really like some advise, looked through the internet best I can for all things but obviously if anyone has the parts I need cheaper etc I am all ears 🙂 Will get some pics up etc asap, I'm an ex mechanic (yes you probably heard that before but I had my own garage and family all been mechanics) but no longer do it due to personal health issues so have a good idea on most things but not being in the area I used to trade I do not know anyone that can help for cheaper lmao So the car, Its a 2004 Polo 1.4tdi - 5 Door - Silver - 145k -
  16. Hello i have a 1993 mk2f Coupe 1.3 I want to fit a bigger carb but not sure what would work and whats not gonna cost much but make more power any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Jack-6n2

    1.4 16v

    I currently have a 1.4 16v 75bhp 6n2 but looking to replace the engine, I believe mine is a AUA but the one I am looking at putting instead is a different engine code but is from a 6n2 and is also a 1.4 16V would it still be plug and play or will it not work? Cheers for the help
  18. *(Sorry for the double post, didn't realise there was a specific forum for this!)* Hi all, so today out of sheer boredom, I decided to look up some old cars of mine on 'Check The Car' to see if they were still on the road! Much to my surprise, my old breadvan was showing as MOTed and Taxed! I haven't owned or seen the car for over 5 years but just wondered if anyone on here owns it or has any info about it! It was purchased from me in Surrey as a SORN project and ??went up north somewhere?? when I sold it before going off to uni, but that's about as much as I know! it was reg: G477
  19. Zero_Foxtrot

    Mk 2 Polo Spotlights

    Hi, im trying to find a stockist for replacement hella spotlights for my Mk 2 Polo (one is cracked and half full of water) but I can’t seem to find them being sold anywhere! Am I just being thick? A steer would be greatly appreciated!
  20. Bevlesskeg


    Hi guys I’ve done a compression test on my polo. 1.3 gk engine 1984 gl. it’s got a gk cam in it and gn inlet, exhaust and I ported/polished it on a rebuild a while back. It’s been running strong and fairly reliable since rebuild but I never did the bottom end. Cyl1 - 80psi cyl2 - 90 cyl3 - 90 cyl4 - 87 it’s pretty lumpy on idle but revs well otherwise. what’re your thoughts? I think the compression is too low. I could do a bottom end rebuild but I don’t think I can take anything off the gasket etc because it’s already only just cl
  21. Hello 👋🏻 would anyone be able to help me PLEASE 🙏🏼 I have purchased a 2010 Polo 1.2 Moda for my daughter & it has a parasitic battery drain which a retired mechanic friend has traced to the red cable in the picture by using a volt meter, we are having trouble tracing where this cable goes so would anyone be able to advise please ?? Any help very much appreciated as thought I’d bought her a nice little car but not looking that way now 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thanks Jim
  22. My MOT is up in the next few days and thought I should finally get this fixed, washers don't work I pull back on the stock or forward for back ones and nothing I have checked fuses there fine a few weeks ago I played around with washer pump and got it working but only briefly and stopped working the next day. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  23. Hi all, I’ve got a 9N3 Polo with a 5 speed manual which I recently took to the mechanic for what I thought was a wheel bearing on the passenger side, turns out it’s a bearing somewhere in the transmission. The noise sounds just like a bearing gone bad. It is noticeable when in gear and when in neutral with the clutch pedal up, the noise goes away instantly when the clutch is depressed. Nothing is wrong with the actual shifting or feel of the clutch pedal itself, and the noise doesn’t seem to get any louder as I rev the engine in neutral. Mechanics said it’s
  24. MitchDolly

    Breadvans for sale?

    hello all, new to the VW world as i was once a ford boy. looking to buy a mk2 breadvan (not facelift). more of a project car but doesnt need the major work done like welding etc. does not have to be pristine as i would like to tastefully mod it with wheels etc. hope this ends up in the right place! Cheers Mitch
  25. Hi First post here, hoping to get some advice on a strange and annoying issue I've got on my wife's polo. Background of the issue first, car was fine but then developed rough idling and sometimes struggled to start. I plugged a code reader into the OBDII port and got a P0322 code (current & pending), Ignition/Distributor Engine Speed Input Circuit No Signal. After looking into it, it seemed highly likely it was the Crankshaft Sensor that was the issue so I replaced this with a new Bosch sensor from ECP, but the problems still exist. The car does start and run howeve
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