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Found 22 results

  1. Musoke

    Musoke Red GTI

    Im new here but owned a black 6n2 before thought i would join Club polo Picked her up on Saturday thought I would post a picture!
  2. Patrice

    Wanted Mk2 Breadvan Drivers Wing

    Time Left: 5 days and 13 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    In need of a Mk2 Polo breadvan drivers side wing with indicator hole. Colour does not matter as long as the wing is straight. Obviously would be a bonus if the wing was already tornado red but I can paint it if not. Depending on condition of the wing it may only be temporary so the car can still be used whilst my wing is painted so all conditions of wings considered. Looking for one close to Sp11 Andover but don’t mind travelling a little bit.


  3. Wolfgang_Wolf

    '94 Mk2 Fox Coupé

    After having my driving licence for about 14 years, I thought it was maybe time to get around to buying a car. Registered in mid '94 it must be one of the last Mk2s. It lived all its life in North-East England til I brought it up to the granite city. 50k miles. The paint is a respray by the previous owner, it's quite nice if you don't look too closely. Runs and drives alright, so I have no plans to do any serious work on the car for the time being, just trying to keep it in shape and replace things as they wear out. Shout out to anyone else running a mk2 in Aberdeen/NE, I know you're out there...
  4. NorthCust

    polo 6n build

    hi all, I *think* this is the right place to start a build thread...so here goes. Here she is - 1996, 1.4 8v AEX, owned from new by my aunt, then briefly stayed with my dad, and finally ended up with me. It's got ~33k on the clock and I don't think it's ever been over 5k rpm until I got it. Bodywork is pretty clean for the age. Aunt couldn't turn her head to the right very well so there's a few little scuffs on the right-hand side and it also has a new wing mirror there, and I've noticed around one sill on the left needs a bit of attention but otherwise it's very clean indeed and totally factory stock, arguably with the longest-running break-in process ever. It runs very smooth and apart from a recent thermostat issue (likely has never had to open), it performs about as well as I could expect or hope for. She managed a consistent 104 on a private road in mexico until the thermostat issue cropped up. It came on the factory steels with winter tyres so naturally as soon as I got it (summer) I put some nicer rims from my old golf gti (15x7x45 I think with yokis all round). It's no faster and it can have a good old lean on the corners but it basically grips like a go-cart now, is much more predictable under hard braking and steps out gradually and predictably. Massive improvement already \o/ So given I like it already, naturally I want to improve on it where I can...I like the cheap tax and general compactness/lightness of the 1.4L. I run it with the back seats down permanently and it's super practical and surprisingly roomy. But I definitely think it can go better. I've been digginging around and it looks like mk2 golf suspension may possibly fit on this polo, which is handy since I have a set of coilovers left over from scrapping my old gti. They might be a bit hard but they were a bit soft for the gti so maybe they'll be just right here. The fronts look like a straight swap but the rears seem to potentially have some height restrictions (may not go low enough for some). I reckon I'll try to put the rears and see whether the height/travel is ok for me. If so will put the fronts on too. That's all well and good but what about quicker? So I've been mulling this over and looking into 3f/GT cams, exhausts and whatnot and ended up a little underwhelmed, especially for the drivability tradeoffs. I have no real complaints about how it drives low in the rpm range, it's when you're trying to get up to speed it runs out of juice. There's a nasty hole just before 4k which does my head in. Once you get past that the fuelling seems to be ok again but I seem to spend a lot of time around that rpm so it's pretty annoying. It's especially pronounced if you have a passenger or lots of luggage. I started toying with the idea of a small turbo running quite low boost (e.g. 5psi) . The low boost should mean I can gently start down the road of turboing but won't have to mess with the compression (yet) and although the ECU seems to be of the non-reprogrammable type I have a couple of ideas of how to get the fuel enrichment it'll need. I love how the exhaust pipework is right there at the front (unlike the mk2 golf!) so should be super convenient to work on, and there's plenty of space for turbos and whatnot in that area. Basically the whole thing should more or less fit in the front there. This should also simplify the exhaust side of things. I was sorta wanting a bonnet exit but given england's tendency to chuck it down I figured that wasn't going to work. Plus being after '92 it needs a cat so that'd be unlikely to fit with a bonnet exit. The solution I'm leaning towards atm is basically to have a sports cat attached to the turbo and then exit bumper right. Very short exhasut path and efficient, as well as legal. That also means we don't have to lug an extra 20kg of exhaust around with us. I've got a friend who runs a garage who I've been discussing the ins and outs of this project with, and it was mostly theoretical till it turned out he actually has most of the bits I'd need lying around his workshop from other cars he's worked on...so I'm hopefully picking them up this weekend...so I guess this is happening then :) **** Fair warning - I'm well aware that there's a pretty good chance this *won't* work as planned, and is probably a dumb idea on a number of levels, so there's no need to point it out. I'm ok with it. If I didn't do stuff for those reasons I wouldn't have done half the stuff people said I couldn't
  5. Hello guys im in the middle of my framboise red polo coupe build. Ive asked 3 local body shops and they do not have the paint code for the colour which is LP3D im in desprate need because i really want to keep the car the original colour because its so rare any help or links will be appreciated. (I have a build thread for my polo if you want to chevk it out) Thank you Eilir
  6. Alex&his6n2

    My Red 6n2 Build Thread?

    Hi everyone! My name is Alex and im new to club polo, i drive a flash red 5 door 6n2 polo and i love it! ive had the car for a while now and have started to do some modifications to get it how i want it to look, i am on a student budget so coilovers will have to wait until i can save up - anyway, here is my build thread so far! So the little polo had been sat for years in a bush with a broken gearbox and plants growing all over it, until i came along and with help from friends and family we got her a new box and got her on the road. This is her stock on standard steelies - such a pretty little machine! First thing i new i wanted was wheels, so my dad got in touch with a mate and managed to get me some BBS RAs - from a mk2 golf gti! Then i decided to paint a few things. First i did my front grill black to make it stand out a bit more - i also painted my front splitter red to make the bumper look a bit smoother, what a difference that made! i got a hold of some new door speakers for free so i installed those with new grates - they sound way better than my standard ones i thought my front end could do with an added touch so i took the 16v badge from my engine cover and glued it to my grill - looking good! also got a guy on facebook to photoshop my car slammed! Its gonna look so good! hopefully i will remember to upload some more photos as the build progresses! Or simply follow me on instagram @alex.6n2 ??
  7. Damian Otto

    Got myself another 6n!

    Hi Guys Haven't done a build thread before so if its a bit all over place im sorry. So bought this about 2 weeks ago now. Polo 6n 1.4 8v in red, had 2 owners since new and has full service history, 85000 miles and not to bad condition. now i had bought a 6n a little while ago to break for parts bought for £200 and manged to get off it - 6n2 gti wheels with 4 good tyres - coilovers -Tinted rear lights -clear side lights - smoked side indicators - and a few other random bits for another project of mine so all in all money well spent, ended up making £100 on the car and still manged to keep all the parts above I also managed to get hold of a set of Stuttgart wheel that i had been looking for ages for at a really good price, so had quite a few things already to get me started. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So anyway back to the car, so bought the car like this at 12 on Saturday Got to have a quick look back then 5 hours later after fitting everything i had it looked like this Happy with everything so far but needed more, a lot more! Had a few problems with the rear rubbing like a bitch so had to go back to the drawing board. Ended up finding so 16v bumpers, front, rear and spoiler all for £50 but needed some serious TLC as the paint was F$$cked. Managed to get the back and fitted the rear one which ended up going on like a dream no issues what so ever. While i had the rear up i thought ill add a little camber not to much (will add better pics soon) Painted it up just roughly because car is getting completely re sprayed soon just didn't want to drive round with a grey bumper. (Again more pics to be added shortly) Now what happened next took me by surprise....... to be continued
  8. Henry Powell

    Red Polo GTI

    All I'm keeping from this is the engine, box, loom and everything of the driving gear. Bonnet - £40 Wings - £40 each Boot with spoiler (bad paint) - £40 Doors - £50 each (5 door) - all window regs/motors/speakers extra £20 per door 4x Door cards - £75 Leather seats £150 (drivers bolster is ripped) Carpet - £40 (boot carpet +£5) Gear knob & gaiter - £30 Lower Dash and Centre console - £60 Headlights (HID) - £50 Rear Lights - £40 Window motors - £20 The more you buy the cheaper it becomes, all parts are located near Frome (BA115HE) 07895543304 for more questions and images due to upload limit Thanks
  9. Tom_math


    Lads/lasses, I've got a red 9n and its very faded on parts, some paint on the roof peeling away also. Is this common? and has anyone got any recommendations or methods on how to bring back the colour? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. AllanHardie

    Flash Red 1.4 8v - New Updates!

    Hi everyone, recently bought myself a car some may know/have seen due to its feature in FastCar magazine, well the car was sold in march for £2500 to someone who really never looked after the car, ran it into the ground, and didnt care about it, i seen the car come up for sale and seen the potential in it straight away. I sold up my impreza and made the journey in a recovery truck to collect her. The bad bits list is never ending .. 4 bald tyres wheels need a refurb no tax no mot no cd player as it was stolen no windows worked drivers door loom was melted/ caught fire wires and cables everywhere bumper scratched/ grazed bonnet covered in water marks due to face mask small dents in body work very dirty drivers side front bearing gone no handbrake rear brakes needed done front brakes needed done ABS sensor away and soo on .. the good parts now 2 way rayvern air ride suspension, shortened struts and firestone bags 380cc Compressor 6.5j Banded space savers tidy enough car except the dirt and dings false floor smoothed boot GTI seats GTI Headlights and only 75k miles on the clock Full face mask "gimp" mask will be for sale, aswell as banded space savers with 4 brand new tyres soon.
  11. Hi, having always been a vw fan and owned numerous mk1 and mk2 golfs, I recently (6months ago) bought a red, 6n (2000) 1.4, 8v open air for the wife (as she is tiny and keeps bumping and rubbing things with the old 316 BMW!). The polo still hasn't been on the road legally... I wanted a vw and after looking at a 1.9 diesel polo I liked the build quality, size and feel of the 6n. the one I found was solid, in dire need of a service and cheap..... A lovely, agile and lively motor, surprising me with just a 1.4 8v. It failed the mot on a few things including the lambada and here was my excuse to put in the 1.4 16v motor that I had been reading about... 40 more horses and redlining at 1000rpm more sounded like more fun :) Found a donor with low mileage one (70k), now engine and some other bits (brakes, grill, rear spoiler etc) has cost more than the car.. swap went ok apart from I forgot to take the immobiliser and key off but got around it with immo bypass off ebay. Fired up instantly! Stainless pipe and crap induction kit from the donor car too, the thing sounds amazing, and goes like stink now! So now I'm hooked... I don't want to hand it over to get bumped and rubbed against bushes and god knows what she does with the car! I'm now emotionally attached to bandora bandito.. (Yes it has a name, sad I know.. But it came because of a autocorrect and now it's stuck!) I am thinking about getting 15" wheels but I'm undecided as to what yet. It's still not on the road yet and u can see odd wheels and it's still on stilts. Any suggestions on wheels? Also I'm considering weather or not to take off the bump strips or not.. Looks ok and OEM with the red paint but would it look better without? A respray is also on the list and bigger brakes. Any suggestions on a decent interior?
  12. ziishan

    Y21 SHH - 2016 Polo GTI RED

    Some of you may have seen my car elsewhere on the forums, but thought I would make my own build thread. Will update regularly with vids and pics. Owned the car since March 1st, only just hitting 1900miles. Car Spec: Flash Red sunroof sport package DSG reverse camera Light Pack Since owning I have: removed middle silencer added HEKO deflectors red VW caps GTI footrest Gearbox Recalibration (essential after 1000miles on DSG box) on-screen option of turning off/dimming the DRL's - through Vagcom private plate Got a lot more planned, mostly custom touches. Next on list is the fogs and interior lights (on order). then looking to wrap/spray skirts and rear diffuser Gloss Black, same with the wing mirrors. maybe somewhere down the line... change the wheels to keep standards fresh and give a different look to the car. (budget of £250 - let me know if you are selling!! :D) Considering an Air Intake to go in alongside the removal of the silencer. Leather seat covers to keep the original tartan seats clean and fresh. Will be back later with more photos!
  13. Was in Prestatyn over the weekend for a music festival, saw this in the car park a couple of times. H reg if I remember right, looked original
  14. JoelMoore

    VW Silverstone

    Wondering if anyone has a photo of mk2 breadvan on VW silverstones thinking of investing Thanks Joel
  15. DanPolo

    Red Polo 6n

    My Polo, no extreme modifications, just little bits here and there to improve the spec.
  16. DJFPolo6N

    1999 VW Polo 6n

    I recently bought a 1999 vw polo 6n. roughly 90k miles. what should i do with the engine to keep max performance and to keep it running like new.
  17. Wolfpolo6n2

    Seans red polo project :)

    Got a 1.0 polo 6n2 in red not too long ago was very surprised at how clean it was after owning a saxo the polo has showed me what a proper car is :) plans are to get colovers, gti grills and possibly new wheels already fitted gti clocks and love them :) let me know what u guys think Thanks
  18. Hi, I'm selling bits from my donor mk2f coupe in red (tornado red I believe) as I don't need all the parts from it. Parts not for sale: Internal wiring - as I need to sort out bits for my afh loom so this may change in the future Components in the engine bay - ie washer bottle etc ( the engine and all ancillaries is for sale) Pedal box Alloys (for now) Fuel tank Feel free to enquire about any other parts can post prices for each components once some of the main bits have gone. Details about condition of parts or cost can be on here or by PM, I will try to keep updating the post with prices after I've been asked to build up a list to make it easier to get the bits you want. To appease rules the shell is for sale for £200 I have many more parts available including a gt cam, rocker cover, dash components and much more. Will be listing in the coming days.
  19. hi guys i recently broke my 1 litre polo coupe and still have plenty of parts stored in the garage i still have for sale: - Doors - £50 - bonnet - £50 - wings - £25 - bumpers - £20 - struts - £20 each or £30 for a pair - 80mm springs - £40 - mk2 Gols front seats - £70 - Dashboard - £50 - glovebox lid - £10 - centre consol - £10 - rear seats - £40 - side skirts - £30 - 2x AAU heads - £40 each - 4 speed box - £50 - black carpets (front has a tear in drivers side) £15 - handbrake lever - £5 - headlights - £30 each - mk3 golf splitter - £15 - 1.4 6n engine AEX - £70 - standard steeringwheel - £15 - vw1 callipers - £20 - 1.3 mh block (with pistons and oil pump) - £50 - 1 litre AAU SPI Throttle Body - £15 - 1 Litre AAU inlet manifold - £15 - 1 Litre AAU ECU - £15 - Fan Housing - £15 - Yellow indicators - £10 I also have a rear disk conversion ( mk2/3 golf stub axles, bearings, disks, carriers and mk4 callipers) all new and unused £140 - Cost me over £180 and have never been fitted to a car. All prices are collection only from Erskine, Glasgow! I am willing to post for extra Message me to arrange pickup, postage or for pictures and more info if needed, or feel free to text me on 07512338780, Cheers, Dean.
  20. amatthews

    Aaran's 9N

    So I got the car back in October. Have always like the polo's. As soon as I got it I gave it a good clean down. Everything was standard to start of with. It came with a Cassette player as its the base model, so looked into getting a new stereo. I brought a Kenwood DPX305U double din. Fitted in fine and when I'm ready to fit a sub its got the right connections and power to upgrade speakers. I did a few other fixes such as changing the corroded aerial and sorting out a headlight problem. I've recently brought a set of BBS Montreal's, spent ages researching and shopping around for them. Plan for them is to refurbish myself. Giving them a new lease of life with a new coat of paint. Will carry on posting updates
  21. renotb

    My First Polo

    Here is my First Polo 1.2 (65bhp) 9n : This is how i bought it damaged... Ill update with pics gonna be modding as follows: New front bumper and left door and left wing mirror Then get all marks sprayed then Fogs Stereo Rims Backbox exhaust tint windows I will update with pics as i go... Slow progress as slow moneys right now. Pics to follow....
  22. Lewis6n2

    polo 6n2, big progress

    alright lads and ladies I'm lewis from nottingham i love to go to meets and cruises, i decided to make my own group in nottingham which consists of 10+members the reason for this is i dont tend to see many meets around my area if anyones from around there gimmie a shout. anyway on the good stuff, i got my polo around 3 weeks ago just for a quick cheap run about as i bumped my mk3 golf gti(back end stepped out and i corrected it, couldve ended worse so I'm grateful). its now ending up to be a project car because of how pleased i am with how it drives looks and feels, the day after i bought my car i searched for coilys and got them that day, slammed it on its arse and enjoyed every minute. heres how it looked: higher than bob marley when he has the munchies XD. so i slammed it on coilys and fitted various GTi bits and now looks like this:
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