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Found 7 results

  1. Now, me and the other half are looking at putting a wide arch kit on car as my OH rushed the job with an arch roller. I'll honest this is actually on a Jetta, but you guys helped me massively with my old polo. We just wondered if anyone had heard anything along the lines of; once the arches have been cut and welded back, do the tyres tend to catch on the arches that have been cut back. As we dont want to cut the arches out and not be able to drop the car as much as we want. Doesn't matter if the advice isn't for a polo golf or jetta. any help is much appreciated.
  2. im wanting some wheels for the polo, but want some ideas! just want some wide 14s/15 that i could put straight on and would look good?
  3. Right, so I've given myself a project for this spring, and it's to fully rebuild/restore my polo 6N and reveal it on May 24th at Unphased15, I know this is an incredibly close deadline, but I'm determined and will try my best! To do: Pre rebuild; Fully strip car to rolling shell (Inside & out) Engine bay; Clean/grind engine bay Panel up, cut and weld engine bay - IN PROGRESS Fibreglass/filler engine bay Primer engine bay Spray engine bay (White) Extend & hide wiring loom inside chassis legs Body; Weld/fill side repeaters (wings) Weld/fill aerial hole Weld/smooth wings into sills Install 6N2 boot Install MK5 Golf boot badge/handle Smooth left & right grilles on 16v front bumper Smooth numberplate recess on 16v Front bumper Prep body for spray Spray body Interior; (If I have time) Dye/replace carpet (Black) Custom made 6N white leather & carbon fibre dashboard Custom made Carbon fiber trim (Including entire center console) Custom upholstered white full leather Audi A4 B5 seats (Modified runners super low stance) Custom white leather & carbon fiber door cards Re-upholstered roof liner (VW logos) Rear seats removed Deck & carpet out boot and rear seat area Build/install sub, speaker and amp enclosures Build double battery enclosure in spare wheel well Audio/wiring; Run power wires from engine bay to boot for batteries (Through chassis legs) Install sub, speakers & Amps Running Gear; Remove subframe & Suspension (Pre engine bay prep/spray) Re-Install subframe & Suspension (Post engine bay prep/spray) Install rear disk conversion kit Install coilovers (Loooooow) Install camber shims (1.5 degrees) Re-install engine/gearbox/master cylinder Install vr6 radiator with in-line filler. Relocate washer bottle to boot Optional; Install smoke screen (Just for a laugh) So there we go, I'll post photos and cross out what I've done. ;) See you guys in May ;)
  4. hey everyone, i need someone with a bit of experience to help me! So i recently bought a mk7 polo... alls good clean engine and interior blah blah... ill skip to the good part. lowering it and alloys. I'm going to have this car pretty low as youd expect from a 16 year old with some taste in a car slammed. so basically any tips on the coilovers or any suggestions on actual coilovers.. i dont want to be putting sh*t in it because i want this to be a show car. no bags. haven't got that much money. also its a 1.2. so alloys. i really want to fill them arches... yano, the more rubbing the better!! so if anyone has had 18inch alloys on their 1.2 id really appreciate you telling me what its like on petrol and is it too hard on the car... i had my brothers 3sdm 0.05's on it and they looked sweet (9.5 backs cleared the arches with no spcaers!) i didnt get driving it as he was being a cu*t and wouldnt let me bring it for a spin. so basically i want to know what coilovers to put in it for good lows and comfortable driving and will 18inch alloys be too hard on it with fuel etc... here are some pictures of what it looks like now and will be updated if i do anything major to it! sorry for bad quality on the first one.
  5. So guys I have decided that due to there being absolutely no information on the limits of lowering your car; be it coilovers, springs or bags. I would like you to post a picture of your car along with a tape measure next to it showing how far it is from the ground. Along with a short list of the pro's and con's of the height you have set your car with the set up you are using. Keep it short guys Please note that this will not be a competition, it is going to be the only source for a lowering guide
  6. BillyJS

    Gunmetal Grey 6n2

    Thought I'd put a bit of a build thread on my 1.4 mpi 6n2. Pretty standard GTi wannabe but had a few bits of bodywork and a fresh paintjob, and obviously some new wheels and a nice drop. So I started with a mercato blue completely standard except some basic team dynamics style alloys from previous owner. Started when I had a knock on my way down to Bristol, smashed off my wing mirror so decided to buy some BMW M3 look-alike ones which I'd always liked. Decided to lower as they sit so high as standard, but didn't have the money to buy coilovers so got some 40mm springs. (Never put them on the car though). And hated the way the car looked from behind so I had a lot of work to do. I got a job and some money then started the mods. In chronological order the car had: Wheels painted black.. Then white. GTi Interior (with door cards). Got all my OEM GTi bits (fogs, splitter, honeycomb grills, etc.) And some aftermarket FK Angel Eyes, only because they were the same price as 2nd hand GTi headlights but had the plus side of being brand new. Bought 2nd hand JOM coilovers (which was probably a mistake), eventually cleaned them up, then lowered about 90mm at the rear and 100mm at the front. New panels off a guy scrapping an identical 6n2, so started on the bodywork. Picked up a GTi tailgate for £50 as well. So there was a lot of bodywork which I didn't photograph but it spanned around 2 months. It included: -Removing bump strips from front bumper, rear bumper, doors and rear quarters. -Smoothing boot handle recess, badge recess and de wipering tailgate. (then adding a boot popper to allow opening). -Smoothing indicator recesses in wings. My technique was to weld (plastic weld on bumpers and tig weld on the other steel parts) plates or strips over the hole then only use filler to fill the gaps, then smooth up to 800 grit paper before prepping to paint. Then I picked up my paint for £140, spray gun for £25 and borrowed a compressor from my uncle. Bought a 9mx3m marquee off eBay which was surprisingly good and my paint shop was set up. Sprayed all the panels separately, then sent the car in (with all major panels off) to get its paint on. If anyone's interested it's Nissan Metallic Gunmetal, code #KAD. It's what they use on the GTRs but obviously my Polo pulls it off a tad better! If anyone is wondering about painting their own car, I am by no means an expert, but I am a complete amateur who has given it a go, so here's some advice; 1. Prep work is absolutely everything, tiny imperfections show up 10 fold in final product. 2. Your most important tool is your compressor, a £20 spray gun is good enough for a one off project, but for a whole car, a big compressor, or 2 small ones linked together, is vital, or else you will not be able to evenly cover panels, and like mine your roof will be very difficult to paint, my bonnet is also not bad but far from perfect. 3. Don't let anyone tell you that you need a pro to do it. You CAN do it yourself, but be aware it takes a LOT of free time for the prep work (especially if you want to do bodywork) and you won't get a professional "show car" finish on your first go, but it can still look pretty good. 4. You WILL save loads of money, my cheapest quote for all bodywork and painting was £4200 +VAT. Doing it myself cost me about £500 all in and 2 months of working on it a bit every day. 5. Don't even think about using a rattle can, spray guns are actually cheaper if you're doing a whole car and the finish is much better. 6. If it's an older car (10+ years) just do it, even an amateur finish is better than the paint you'll have on an old car. 7. If you want to build a car to win awards at shows but are tight for cash, spend all your money on the paint job at a shop and do your own bodywork, most bits of bodywork are far easier than a high quality paint job. Also painted splitter and wing mirrors metallic black for contrast, and the front fogs were tinted retro yellow from before, which works well on the grey. Reassembled the car, put all the wiring back together and cleaned up all the overspray. Then the drive to Milton Keynes, (from Kent) to pick up the new wheels, was on. (What a horrible journey). Went for some 16" 8j all round 3SDMs from their 0.05 collection. Really nice wheels and well suited to the car I think, obviously they are fairly subjective, but wanted something polished with some offset (they're ET20) and just think the car is too modern for most upmarket BBS and not japanese enough for Rota Grids or similar. (I know that last sentence will have really annoyed some people so sorry, I know how subjective wheels are!) Running 195/45/16s on the rear and Toyo Proxy 195/40/16s on the front. With the coilovers and low pros the ride is a little stiff but not uncomfortable, just permanently on pothole avoidance. In case anyone is concerned, these wheels never rub, and the car is pretty low, more than enough room on a 6n2 for 8js with a little offset. Anyway, this is how it sits at the moment: My favourite pic: And in terms of other changes not seen on in these pictures: - Aftermarket Headunit with iPod connectivity in top din, then just a tray for phone etc. in the bottom din). - Custom built exhaust for a nice deep note and to push my bhp from 64 to 70 (which I know sounds laughable but it makes a big difference all through the rev ranges and I can only just about afford insurance on this little Polo so really can't start thinking of anything bigger yet). - 4 JML Mid range speakers, 2 upgraded tweeters and a hilariously over sized 12" sub in the boot for irritating the residents of the little village I live in. - Wired in a start button so I could pretend I had a Golf. - Wired in some remote central locking, which also has the advantage of opening my boot from a keyfob. - Solenoid to boot release running off a dashboard switch and, as mentioned, the keyfob. - Slight Negative camber on the rears from some eibach camber shims. Changes planned for the next month before I go off to Uni: - Very slightly lower at the front, maybe just the last possible 2/3mm. - Roof painted metallic black (by a paint shop) as I'm happy with all my painting except the roof. - Slight wet sand, buff and polish to really make my paint look as good as possible. - Going to try to attempt a service by myself, would greatly appreciate any input from someone who has done this. - Order and mount sticky number plate for front bumper. - A 3sdm windscreen sticker to represent the brand. - Sort out my central locking which is playing up since I changed the doors. Thanks for reading guys, any comments/questions welcome, hope I can help people out as this forum helped me out a lot during my build.
  7. chubberty

    daily scraper

    well recently iv bought another polo for a daily as I don't wanna wreck my other one you have probable seen it but hears a pic any ways Untitled by chubberty, on Flickr so my new car was bought cheep agen I got another crashed one all it needed was a bumper and a wing hears a pic of car when got it 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr anyways first things first I cleaned the car inside and out then I compounded the whole car came up good lot stone chips but its a daily so it will be alright so after the buff I lowered it as I had a set of coilovers lien around 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr look cool on steelys I though ha so I ended up finding some one breaking a black polo got the bumper for 30 euro and window switch (drivers window wasent working) the car also had silver booth handle so got black one to ha don't ask me wy some one sprayed handle silver 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr next I tried on my grids dident leave them on cos no tyres on them at min 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr thry look nice on I wreckon but then I ended up getting a loan of mates meshes which looked a lot cleaner on it 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr they were on it for a while but he was lookin bit much cash so changed my mind agen so then I robbed my other car for a few weeks till my wheels are in gonna keep them a secret hears how it looks with zeros 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr I also put a gti splitter and grill on it and tinted fogs yellow I was not happy with car as it was sitting I no its a daily but still needed stance so out with hole saw for a notch ha I notched it rolled archs and slammed it ha hear is how it sitting now 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr its a bit low for my road but its fine on main roads but I will rais it soon befo0r it needs subframe ha not much more plans for it tho put a mommo in get few led bulbs ajnd pressed plates then put new wheels on ha its such a good car for money I paied its a 1.4 mpi with all extras cup holders sun roof electics all round fog lights central locking and it all works so I'm very happy with this little car she has over 160 thousand on it and u wouldn't even no shold have new wheels soon so just wait and see them ha 6n2 static by chubberty, on Flickr that's it for the min but will be updating soon:tongue:
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