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Found 54 results

  1. I have trouble getting to the local VAG parts supplier near me and I've been looking at replacing a bunch / all of my bushes (rear ones have separated from their shell on one side and is creaking under load), thus I've been digging around online to source some replacements. Has anyone got any reccomendations for good quality OEM-style bushes online? Plenty pop up on a search but they're from what seem like a hundred different manufacturers - no idea who is trustworthy or not. I'd prefer to keep the car as original as possible so would prefer to stay with rubber bushes, unless of course someone has reason to persuade me otherwise.. Alternatively if there are any bush brands people think should be avoided like the plague it would be good to know!
  2. I want to raise the suspension on my 2000 1.0 Polo five door. It's got the wee little ally engine so the whole car doesn't weigh much. Probably the easiest car to push I've ever had. I don't really need "performance" suspension, I just need more ground clearance and stiffer rear springs because I sometimes use the poor bugger more as a van but it seems to cope well enough. I'm actually quite surprised how well the little engine goes. I've had bigger engines with less poke. At the moment it's got the standard old suspension, could even be the originals by the looks of them. But before I start looking into adjustable sports suspension or something which would be overkill on this car I was just wondering if there were some kind of easy swap like for instance would the Caddy suspension fit or something.
  3. Hello guys! I have a 1998 6N, with a 1.6 16v engine swap, and I swapped the springs from a 6n2 last year, but the 6N2 GTI spring sat on the 6n mount, so it sits higher on the front, than it should. Can I use 6N2 top mounts without a problem on my 6N? Is it the same size, or will it cause problems in a 6N chassis? What's the difference between the top mounts? I know the top of the 6N spring is wider than the 6N2, that's why it's not a perfect fit...
  4. MK2Fcloud

    Mk2-2F Suspension

    Time Left: 1 month and 28 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    In need of either a shock absorber from the front of a ta tecknix coilover, or a a full set of front suspension legs with decent condition bearings and shocks! Cheers!


    Canton - GB

  5. rolo_the_polo

    Lowering Help!

    Hello! I have an 83 Breadvan and looking for the best solution to subtly lowering it. It has 14" immitation g60 wheels and I am pretty sure that any lowing on the rear is going to scrape the arch - centre of tyre sticks slightly further out than the arch. If the front it just lowered (by around 40mm on springs) will it look too top heavy? Does anyone have any other solution or experienced this? Any help welcome and appreciated! Thanks!
  6. We know this has been asked before and we are following the thread but just thought we would put this out there to see if there were any fresh ideas: Two of us are taking a 1988 mk 2 polo 16000miles to Mongolia and then back to the UK. The terrain out there will really be terrible so we are doing everything we can to improve the car. Our main concern is our ride height, we need to raise the car as much as possible for as little as possible. Alternatively we would also like the best option (probably the most costly) so that we can pursue it through some companies or whatever Any other advice about offroading, maintenance, repairs , expedition driving etc would be great. Thanks in advance, Robert and Jack
  7. I will be taking part in the Mongol Rally this summer with a couple of mates. I have got myself a 1998 1.0l Polo to do the 13,000 mile journey in, there are a few things we need to before we set off, namely replacing and raising the suspension to cope with the rutted and potholed dirt roads. What is the best way to go about this? Also what are the chunkiest tyres I will be able to fit? Any advice appreciated.
  8. Hey all . Firstly many thanks to the lady person that helped me here I really appreciate it. Secondly so I've done a lot of work over the last 4 days and I'm at a bit of a loss. I've changed front subframe bushes arb bushes lower suspension arms discs pads exhaust system and wheel bearings. Oh and gone from standard steel wheels 14inch to 15 vw alloys. My question is the left side of my car is now higher than the right side after measuring from floor to arch each side it's out by at least 10mm and it's very noticeable fro. Drivers seat. I've knocked the tracking out left side too since doing the work which is going to be done tomorrow. Could the tracking issue as the wheel is now toe out I believe be causing the cars higher stance that side or could it be down to the arb. Everything is seated right torqued down according to haynes manual. And as far as I know I aligned subframe bushes up perfectly with original markings from centre of old ones pins and followed leaflet instructions for new ones. I'm going to check tyre pressure now just in case but I'm lost . Hope someone can help .
  9. Right im abit stuck at the moment, im after some suspension components for coilovers on my polo and some koni suspension for a fiesta rs turbo. I can't find anywhere online to buy the suspension parts I need, there are some on eBay but need a company or website for some hard to find components any help would be spot.
  10. This drives me crazy (no pun intended). The car drives majestically for a 22 year old car and the 1.4 engine is flawless to some degree but aside from my leaking suspension which I fixed, my car rattles or clicks should I say whenever I drive it for an hour or two. The noise comes on small bumps and can be heard only from the inside. You could also hear it whenever you give it more gas and lift the clutch faster (when the engine tries to pull you away), maybe like a hammer hitting an anvil very weakly (metal to metal). It makes me feel like I have an axle which is loose and is inside a tube (cylinder) and hitting its walls. Kind of like putting a pencil in a paper tube and it sits loose in it and the pencil hits against the walls of the tubing when you shake it around. I'm worried since the suspension is new and is quite sturdy (difference is noticable) But there is still that ever so slight noise. Biggest problem is that nobody seems to hear it except me and I can't prove it unless I make the person drive and feel the extra noise on the speed bumps which is non-existent in the morning. I have doubts it might be connected to the transmission being loose or the engine being loose. Either way, thank you for sparing time to read this!
  11. Hey guys, I've got a 6N2 currently sitting on original shocks with 40mm lowering springs atm. Problem is... its not low enough. And it drives like shit. The shocks bottom out on the smallest of speed bumps and then proceed to turn the car into a bouncy castle. I've been weighing up my options of going coilovers or a full suspension kit and have decided that coilovers are too much like hard work from the side of maintenance and setup. Also don't want to have to spend 400 quid on some coilies that i will have to worry about. I like the idea of being able to manually adjust my ride height but Englands that full of potholes that i doubt i could go that low anyway. So lowering kit it is. Im not part of stance nation 🤣 Im running on 15 x 7.5j D/W G705s with 195/50/15s by memory. Look great until you realise you could fit a head inside the arch 😅. So basically I'm wondering if anyone on here is running similar setups but with a lowering kit such as the AP 60/30 kit on venom motorsport. I saw the Eibach sportlines on a 6N2 GTI that looked good but that was on 16s (see attached)... and an inch can make a big difference 😜. I want similar fitment to the image below but with my 15s. Modified but manageable. And hopefully more comfortable than linear springs. Cheers
  12. Hello, Sorry if this is a duplicate. If so, please delete. I am looking for the most comfortable suspension for my Polo. The one which will go over slow speed bumps with least inconvenience for the passengers, and also make long high-way trips comfortable. Is it true that going stock OEM (Bilstein B4 in my case) is the safest option? I've heard that Sachs ST (Super Touring) is the most comfortable option for our car. Could anyone confirm or give any additional suggestions? Thanks in advance! Alex
  13. Hi, I have a Mk2f polo in need of some lowwwsss because its currently looking like a 4x4. However I'm on a tight budget and am thinking that lowering springs with or without new shocks is the way to go. Any advice on where to find some decently priced springs or shocks would be appreciated. Cheers, Ewan.
  14. Hey Everyone! I have a Polo 9n (2002) 1.2 litre 3 door. I have noticed that when I go over a bump or anything in the road there is a slight knock on the front passenger side wheel assembly. Also when I go on a speed hump, it bounces down too much, to the point im worried the front bumper may scrape the ground as it bounces after the speed hump. When i get out of the car and push it down, it doesn't oscillate that much when I let it go from either front side, but it is easier to push down on the passenger side. I think the noise is from a bushing which needs replacing, however the failing suspension, do I fix that by replacing the gas strut or the spring, or the whole assembly? Do i have to replace the front set or can I just replace the passengers side. Has anyone ever done this before?
  15. Talisa Quick


    Does anybody know where or what website I can get hydraulic suspension from for my 6n2 Polo? Help please:)
  16. Anyone know where to get good replacement bolts for the suspension struts? Mine are rounding when trying to remove OEM to replace with JOM coilovers On a separate note does the seating plate thing that has the 3 bolts at the top of the strut swap between the old and new? Cheers!
  17. I've done some searching and seen a few guys have them fitted, but I'm confused as to which one / what car they've actually come from.I read that the mk3 Ibiza BWR19Z Whiteline RARB was the one to go for, but the part number for that suggests it fits the 9n, not the 6n Polo?I did some more digging and found the Whiteline BSR11 ARB, which Balance used to list for the 6n / 6n2 but this appears to be no longer available.If anyone can shed some light on this, would be appreciated.
  18. Hi guys, new here so first off, hi! I've recently bought a 6n and as much as I love it, I feel like it really needs to be lowered. I read the advice in the 'Rough Guide' on here but can't afford to go with anything more than lowering springs. Basically I am wondering firstly are they actually fine to drive on or will I feel a negative change in handling? Second, how low can I go on just lowering springs/what is advisable? I don't really want to slam it as I have to drive over some pretty mean speed bumps every day! any pictures to give a rough example of how polo's look at any given height would also be much appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
  19. Hi I've just bought my 94 polo and love it with one exception. On my first attempt at hitting 60mph I thought my number was up. On a straight and flat road I went over a very, very small undulation. In a modem car or any car I've ever had it would have been either unnoticeable or a minor sensation, in the polo however, it skitted sideways so fast and without warning I was lucky to remain in control. I genuinely thought I was a gonna, I slowed to 50mph and it settled back to a normalish drive. The best description I can provide is that it seemed to hop sideways, it's like the sterring wheel was savagely jarred but in reality I hardly felt much through the wheel apart from me trying to wrench it back under control. There doesn't seem to be any playin the steering wheel and it tracks straight. It's had new brakes and tyres. Please help. It's not that I particularly want to go faster than that but I also don't want to die if I do.
  20. Hi Guys Today I was enquiring H&R Springs, and the first thing I was asked by the seller was - what is the weight of the car. I guess this is so they order the right set. Do you know what is the best way to check this? I have a 2016 (65plate) model, 3 door. If anyone can refer me that be great, and is the below correct - found on eBay, but wanted to double check with you guys. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/H-R-Federn-ABE-35-55mm-28974-2-VW-Polo-Typ-6R-6C-Tieferlegung-Sportfedern/142408545305?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Jay
  21. Installed H&R cup kit on my breadvan over the weekend however over bumps, even quite small ones, the coils are hitting each other causing an annoying metalllic clang and also wearing off the powder coating. Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any ideas why this may be the case. Will be contacting h&r on Wednesday as I am out tomorrow and will be unable to call.
  22. Hi guys. Basically I've fitted new bilstein b4 shocks and AP lowering springs (40-30). I've been driving it a while and it seemed ok but I noticed that after a while the steering would go light and what happens is, as I'm turning the castle nuts are undoing themselves. I jacked the car up and the front springs don't really sit properly in the upper spring cup. The aperture in th spring is too large and they are sliding side to side in the top cup. Are these springs no good? Are they designed for different top cups? What are my options do you think? Rears are fine. Thanks guys
  23. Hi guys, first time posting. I want to but some lowering springs/shocks for my dad's 92 polo but i'm not getting anywhere very quickly. It's not a car that's used everyday and he dosen't want too much low. I've seen a kit on amazon that says it's for a polo 86c 1975/1994 so in theory that's right, but on the photo the front shocks don't look tight, shouldn't they have the bearing housing and all the bottom half of the shock? https://www.amazon.fr/suspension-amortisseur-ressorts-40mm-Derby/dp/B00EDPC2XG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1496596788&sr=8-3&keywords=polo+86c (sorry it's in french but i live in france) It might just be me being stupid but i don't want to get him his birthday present only for it to be wrong, so any help/advice would be incredibly helpful. Thank you
  24. Hi all, my G40's rear shocks blew last week... so I started to look for new ones. Well, I had a couple of surprises during my 3yrs with the G40... first is that almost nothing is available from VW. Well, this is also true to suspension components. No shocks available. Koni yellows and Bilstein B8s can be ordered. 100 EUR each. So, it would be 200 EUR just for the rear shocks. :) And two weeks. Nothing is on shelf for the G40 in Hungary. You guys in the UK have much better support for the Mk2 Polo. They also have in Germany. Here? Nothing. There are like 10 or less G40s in the country, so nothing is available right away. So my question is: Anyone tried to fit other suspension under the Mk2? 6n1/2? Golf Mk1? Anything that is more widely available? :)
  25. Hi Everyone, First time on a forum…. Be kind! Sorry for asking a question, which has most likely been asked before! BUT…. Currently stripping and rebuilding a polo estate 6kv5, I am going to replace everything including the engine! Its currently the reliable 1.9sdi model on a 1998 (S Reg). So, the stupid question I have been looking for the answer and simply confused myself! Is the polo estate 6KV5 the same the SEAT 6KC? The reason for asking is that I will be lowering the estate but, prefer springs and shocks (old school) compared to coilovers. I’ve found loads of Coilovers on EBAY for around £220-£230 which is cheap enough, however, spring and shocks seem to be more difficult to source at competitive price. If the SEAT CORDOBA 6K suspension kits fit the VW POLO ESTATE 6KV5 then there is a kit I am considering. eBay item number: 360591582588 Seat Ibiza 6K Cordoba 6KC 1993-1999 (without Facelift 6K2 + 6KC2 99-02) -2x front shock absorber -2x rear shock absorber -2x front bearings Can someone please confirm if I am either correct or incorrect….
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