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Found 33 results

  1. Time Left: 1 month and 22 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale: Volkswagen Polo GT TDI 130 A rare model Polo which is a great all round small car which has never let us down on many long journeys. Sad to see this little one go but we are looking for £1500. This car is power to weight an incredible performer and just eats motorway miles, but is agile round the city and economical both ways, lowered by 15mm on sports suspension it has next to no body roll on cornering. This PD engine runs really smooth and the turbo whistles beautifully, I've seen these engines hit over 300,000 miles no problem. The drivers seat needs attention as the fabric has worn where the bucket wraps round, just wear and tear from getting in and out and there is a small supermarket door ding in the passenger door, apart from that everything is good. Some signs of age obviously. I'm aware its a short MOT, but not selling for that reason. You can see there isn't anything wrong mechanically, its never failed and MOT and won't next time. Viewings welcome, I'll take you for a drive in it. Make your own mind up. *I have some more photos to upload and just working with Club Polo support team to get those on. Its had a large amount of time and effort put into it; its probably had £1500 spent on it in the last year alone. Apart from the stereo upgrade as described below, I've kept the car completely factory (vanilla). Any replaced parts are VW. But I always thought it would look good with 2 rally lights either side of the reg plate, and two back stripes up the middle. Maybe its time for a revamp... The wheels as factory fit are 16" Montreal 2 found on the Mk4 Golf V5 and GTI, as the engine was used in Golf and Passat variants amongst others (Audi etc), in fact the majority of the workings of this Polo come from Golf and I have found over the years this adds greatly to the quality of those premium parts over standard Polo parts. The wheels, suspension, gearbox, engine, transmission, turbo, speaker system, seats are all Golf and it shows. Specifications: Power: 130 bhp Top Speed: 128 mph 0-60 mph: 9.1 secs Torque: 310 Nm, 228 ft-lb CO2 Emissions: 138 g/km Euro Emissions Standard: 4 Miles Per Tank: 544 miles Engine Size: 1896cc Cylinders: 4 Valves: 8 Fuel Type: Diesel Transmission: Manual Gearbox: 6 Speed Drivetrain: Front wheel drive Doors: 3 Seats: 5 Luggage Capacity: 270 litres Fuel Capacity: 45 litres Weight: 1319kg Length: 3897mm Width: 1922mm Height: 1465mm Wheelbase: 2460mm Turning Circle: 10m Fuel consumption: 55 mpg avg Insurance group: 17 Annual road tax: £140 Computer functions: Range, current MPG, Avg MPG etc. Driver and passenger illuminated vanity mirrors Driver and passenger under seat storage 15mm factory lowered sports suspension Colour pack, colour coded handles and trim. Changes from original factory specification: Stereo head unit fitted from Polo 9n3 (facelift model) with iPhone/Ipod connectivity Supplied with the car: 2 x full function remote car keys (open single door/all doors/boot only/lock all) Stereo code and removal keys Full matching alloy spare/tyre fitted Tool kit (Fits inside spare) including jack, driver, tyre iron, locking wheel nut and wheel nut bolt cover remover. Warning triangle Log book and service history documents Full Service history including: Timing belt and water pump changed: 05/11/2009 @ 63,554 miles* 08/09/2015 @ 130,222 miles* *Timing belt interval is recommended @ 60,000 aprox on performance diesel VW, normally 80,000. New battery fitted 13/12/2015 Front disks good (recently replaced - but no date for this) Rear disks/pads fitted 05/06/2017 @ 147,785 miles New clutch/flywheel/master & slave cylinders 20/03/2017 @ 145,576 miles Serviced (intermediate of full as required): 10/05/2006 @ 18,499 miles (Bramhall & Jones Lincoln) 16/08/2007 @ 36,500 miles (White Rose Volkswagen) 27/06/2008 @ 49,990 miles (Kwik-Fit Bradford-Legrams Lane) 25/06/2009 @ 57,682 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) 26/06/2010 @ 70,968 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) 25/06/2011 @ 83,123 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) 25/06/2012 @ 94,842 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) 26/06/2013 @ 106,423 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) 05/06/2014 @ 116,668 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) 12/06/2015 @ 127,416 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) 13/06/2016 @ 138,206 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) 05/06/2017 @ 147,785 miles (Shaftsbury Motor Co Audi VW Specialists) Thanks for looking.


  2. Where to start??? (i'll make it as short as possible) Noise when idling which goes away once clutch is depressed.. After much research possibly two culprits; 1. release bearing. 2. input shaft bearing. Took gearbox out to GEARBOX SPECIALIST who gave it a external examine (spinning & listening to the moving parts) Advised by said specialist to change clutch as it could be just that and it may be more cost effective as, if he opens it up and finds nothing it'll cost, popped new clutch it, got gearbox on (replaced gear oil) started car, noise still there but a little quieter (a little). So new clutch, pressure plate, release bearing, release fork, gear oil. ***Not fixed** input shaft bearing guys? I don't wanna take the gearbox off again if it isn't that So noise at idle, clutch down = no noise Has anyone had a similar issue? p.s I have a spare clutch now
  3. I have had a front drivers side spring snap on my 2006 tdi polo. I have replaced the spring but now can not get the shock back into to the hub. It will not go low enough to insert the shock. I have removed the trackrod end but the drivesshaft is still connected. I have previously replaced the passengers side with no issues, just needed to put slight pressure on the hub to allow it to slip in. Please can anyone help?
  4. 6N2 Polo Tdi Ecu 2001

    Time Left: 1 month and 26 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Polo Tdi ecu from 1.4 2001 polo. Ideal for remote remapping etc. £30 delivered ono


  5. So my polo won't start, it was intermittent now nothing, I've seen a thread about it being a dodgy ignition switch, that been ruled out today as i tried a new one on it and no joy, just trying to find out if anyone knows of any other route to go, battery is good, starter and all the is good, got ignition just no crank
  6. Looking for an induction kit and find out what other people have used, I know it doesn't make much of a difference, but my airbox has been mauled so just going to get rid an replace, any suggestions?
  7. Hello I just bought a 6n2 tdi! However it doesn't have fog lights. I have just bought some for the car. Reading online I see some people mention the wiring should already be in place? I have pulled the front grills off and can't find any pre existing wiring for fog lights? Has anyone else done this before here who could offer some guidance? Kind Regards -Shane
  8. 6n2 1.4 TDI

    Well after owning my mk2 polo for 3 years I've decided to move on and bought myself a 6n2 1.4 tdi SE and it's green, any advise and common issues with these cars?,m
  9. Hi I recently brought a 6n2 1.4 tdi polo, had massive problems with starting the car, turns out it was the battery as it was only 40ah battery! So I got that replaced and everything was fine, but recently it's doing the same, it just cranks over fast but doesn't fire, sometimes it does it, sometimes it doesn't or it starts then dies about 2 seconds later and flashes up a battery light icon, I changed the fuel filter when I done the battery, any ideas what could be causing this? Thank you
  10. mk2 polo TDI?

    hi all i've decided against the 1.8 20v i currently drive a 2003 TDI lupo but i want more power for that so im going to do a engine swap on that (probably 1.9 pd) just after some advice as i want to get my polo out again and it needs a new engine so i thought why dont i just use the engine ive got and put my tdi lump in the polo has anyone had any experience? any tips? thanks
  11. Got this car for a few parts, now selling the rest. The car is black, not sure the paint code. All parts are located outside Kirriemuir, Scotland. Things I have left: Loads of interior trim parts - All of them £10 Full sport seats front and back - £40 ATD engine, lost the service history but got loads of other paper work like parts, MOTs etc. This includes the turbo, intake, all boost piping, everything but alternator - £100 02R gearbox - £30 Gear selector - £15 Vacuum solenoid - £10 Indicator stalks with scroll buttons for dash computer - £15 Fog lights, has one of the mounting points broken off, but will be fine with the other 2, also include plastic surroudnings - £20 Door cards - £15 Driveshafts - £40 Hubs - £30 Nearside door inc. glass - £30 Tailgate - £30 Got a brand new offside wing - £30 Just PM if there is any other parts you need, might have forgotten something. Cheers.
  12. polo gearbox codes

    Does anyone know what gearbox codes fits a BNM engine supplier has sent me a JDD gearbox instead does anyone know what the difference is ?
  13. Hello, just wondering if anyone can help me before i torch the thing, right i have just done the brakes on my 1.4 tdi polo and when i have gone to drive it its like the pedal is staying solid but its vacums then it goes solid and the brakes are applied very slowly but the pedal goes half way if that and then stops and wont go anymore i have to use the handbrake to slow the car down, so if anyone could help asap would be great before i smash the thing up :( thank you:(
  14. Hello guys, I've got a superchipped 9n3 tdi and I was wondering if its possible to have some more power out of this engine, it is nippy at 100hp and 210nm I was wondering if a good remap could get it up to 120hp+ and a bit more torque, any information will be greatly appreciated as always ! thank you
  15. Pollyanna (Polly) Polo 1.4 TDI

    Hi, After being a member for nearly a year, I thought I better post my build.. I used to own a Mazda MX-5 which was appropriately nicknamed "Deathtrap". Anyway.. after spending many monies/days on the MX-5 I decided enough was enough, this enlightenment happened when I could literally put my fist through the rust. So I bought my 2008 1.4 TDI Match Polo with 32,000 miles on the clock. Here's a picture of the day I got her; My original plan wasn't to mod her at all, as I just wanted something reliable with a bit of power. But that all changed.. This was her a week ago; Up until this point I have done the following: Debadged the rear, Sprayed some interior components and added some vinyl stripes on the front. However today I've bought some new wheels! I've also been playing around with the TDI badge for a while, not sure about this so I welcome criticism/opinions; List of mods to come; Straight pipe exhaust, Lower it!, and a remap. Thanks for taking the time to look at my build, any comments are welcome. Hope to see some of you at Tatton Park on the 7th!
  16. Hi, Relatively new to Polos. Just spotted heater style appliance under my pd100? What is it? 0/S next to the sill. cheers, in advance.
  17. ECU remap problem

    Remap vw polo 6n2 tdi
  18. Hi there, I have a problem with my car and was hoping someone could tell me what the problem could be. Sorry for long post, I'm just trying to be as informative as possible. If you don't want to read, skip to "symptoms" [back story] It started loosing coolant every 1200 miles, so I (stupidly) poured a little Radweld into it. And that's when problems arose. It all foamed out the expansion tank, car heater fluctuated from mega hot to freezing cold and all sorts of stuff. Also the car got to temperature VERY quickly. I took it to the garage and they flushed out the system, said there was no blockages and they thought it could be the head gasket Took it to another garage and they changed thermostat and said everything working fine, there's no holes or leaks or blockages (they also flushed they system). They said they couldn't duplicate the problems I was having. They also suspected the head, they said it will get worse if not fixed (they think the coolant was escaping through combustion chamber) ANYWAY, I decided to just run the car as normal, carry 2x 2litres bottle of water in the boot and top up as required and stop if car temp is about to rise. This is where the problems changed My car suddenly stopped firing out coolant, heaters suddenly started working as they should, great my car fixed itself...or so I thought. It still got to temperature a lot quicker than normal, but I didn't see that as a problem, more as a bonus really, especially with it being a diesel and normally taking for ever to warm up. Everything was normal apart from when I came to junctions and traffic lights, 10 seconds later my heaters would go cold, I mean freezing cold! As soon as I applied to revs around 1300rpm, it came through hot again. From 900rpm (tick over) to 1200 ish, thats where it would stay cold, any higher, then my heaters would start blowing out heat again. I drove it like this for around 1000 miles and then symptoms changed again!! All of a sudden, heat came out the heaters at traffic lights and junctions and behaving normally. The car went back to taking a while to warm up (bloody diesels). Occasionally having to still top up coolant every 1500miles (the light comes on dash) all seemed great. But this is how it is now and these are the symptoms that I have: Symptom 1 Right, my cars fine apart from going up hills, a normal step hill. There's one hill I go up and the heaters turn cold around halfway up, 5 seconds later my car temp starts shooting up, I've never let it reach max, its only just touched around 110 then goes straight back down. If i'm in top gear and go up the hill, the temperature shoots up a lot quicker than it would if I dropped down to 4th. Symptom 2 If i'm on the motorway and start doing 80mph, then after a minute or so, the heaters turn cold, then as expected the temperature starts to rise. I slow down, the heaters start blowing warm air and the temperature goes down. Now you could say "well don't do 80mph, that's speeding" but my car still shouldn't do that and if I need to get past someone quickly I need to know my car is going to hold up. I try to drive around it by making sure my car stays bang on 70mph or slightly under and not really overtaking anyone, but after half an hour I get the same symptoms as I do at 80mph. I have noticed if I put my foot flat to the floor the heaters turn cold for a few seconds. I try to go back roads a lot of the time as my car is completely fine at 60 and I get no issues, but I cant go back roads and avoid hills forever So yea these are the problems i'm having and would really appreciate if someone could help point me in the right direction as to what it could be as its really annoying me. Cheers
  19. Hey guys Hopefully this is the right area to ask the question, I'll just get straight to the point. Basically my car (details at end) for the last 3000 miles has been making a whining noise. Its always been fairly noisy inside due to road noise but this is different. At first I thought it was just tyre noise but it isn't, it also doesn't seem to be wheel bearing (doesn't get louder or dissapear when turning) The noise is a humming/wuring sound, noticeable starting around 25-30mph (quite faintly) but then gets louder and increases pitch the faster I go. At around 60 its fairly loud, sometimes I have to turn my radio up to here it clearly. The only way I can really explain the sound is like tyre noise, increasing pitch and noise with speed. The sound doesn't go away with either clutch in or out. Noise seems to be coming from behind dash (hard to tell exactly where about) Sometimes in the morning 3rd gear crunches a little bit, seems to also drop into 3rd gear occasionally too. No problem ever with other gears So the question is, has anyone had this problem before, or had any experience with this and know the problem? My concern was whether its something to do with driveshaft. Car: Vw Polo 6n2 1.4 TDI SE Mileage: 158,000ish Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, Could someone please tell how I would go about removing the EGR valve on my 6N2? Thanks
  21. Hello all I am new here and have recently bought a 1999 mk2 polo estate TDI alot of people think they are ugly but i think they have loads of potential and are pretty rare especially the tdi versions. I bought it for 225 quid as is had been vandalized just needed a rear window and front so i got the front repaired for 150 and fitted the rear myself with a Cordoba estate window from the scrap yard costing me 35quid with silicone e.t.c =) so it only stands me at 410quid which i'snt bad considering it has 11months MOT and only 111,000 miles. I used to own a mk2 caddy van which i understand is the same front end and interior but needed this as its more practical. A few questions regarding tuning so its the 1.9 tdi ahu code engine , my plan is to fit 216 injector nozzles and remap it =) any thoughts? I'm hoping around 140bhp from 90 is this realistic? if not what else would need to be done? Also trying to buy some coilovers for it and would like to know if the ones designed for the mk2 cordoba/ibiza/polo classic will fit? i know the front ones will but the rears might pose a problem. Any help would be fantastic =) photo of my car below.
  22. Olly's 9N3 TDI

    Hi everyone! Upgraded my car on Saturday from a Corsa 1.0 (work of the devil!) to a 1.4TDI for my daily commute from Hull to York! Planning on some quick progress with this so watch this space! Going for purple on black, just waiting for some matt purple plasti dip to arrive to do various parts of the car with! The day I got her: Needed a good clean inside and out so I did that and the fitted a GTi grill Took her for a quick spin! Don't worry, yesterday I took the GTi off and replaced it with something a bit more suiting! GTi lowers are in the post too! Also debadged the rear and dewipered too! I can confirm that you do not need to disconnect the washer jet in the engine bay, no water comes out at all with what I did, 3 zip tyres a bit of tape! The rear looks a ton better now! That's about it for now! Stuff on their way/will soon be ordered are: FK Highsport Coilovers - 2 weeks delivery time Team Heko wind deflectors New n/s fog light New map reading light Few purple goodies Plasti Dip Pressed plates Not sure what wheels to go for though! Any help would be appreciated! Quite like porsche twists but I'd prefer something with the 5x100 PCD so I don't need adapters. Will update when there's something worth updating about!
  23. Hi all. Sorry if this topic has been visited already - I can't find anything useful using the search, by all means point me in the right direction. I have a 2006 Polo 1.9 TDi Sport 130. Backbox is just starting to blow very slightly on full chat so looking at replacing it with what I had originally planned to test out anyway.. This may possibly be a silly question I realise, but has anyone fitted a standard Polo 9N3 GTi exhaust to a 1.9 TDi? Besides the GTi rear valance, is the fitment even possible? Cat-back part only of course. Maybe cutting and welding part of the pipe to fix a change in diameter worst case? Being just the back box I'm not after any performance gains, purely aesthetics as I think the GTi looks a lot neater from the rear. Thanks for any advice, Craig
  24. pd100 polo 9n3 (DGR)

    hey, I have been on ClubPolo for a while now and and been driving polos since I first passed my test. after doing a few mods on my first car I decided to move on to something with a bit more power. As I plan to make some big changes to to my car I thought I would start a build thread for it to keep track of my progress. This is the car when I bought it. its a pd100 1.9tdi, drove to newcastle from my hometown of leicester to get this. Needed a few bits of work but the price was worth it.
  25. Anthracite Blue, 6n2 TDI

    So its about time I introduced myself I guess, I'm Daisy, 21, Photography Student from South Wales. Currently driving a 3 door, mk5/6n2 Anthracite Blue, 1.4 tdi ( AMF ). I always appreciated polos but never saw my self as a polo owner/driver untill last summer where I had to sell my beloved mk2 golf, due to the fact I was about to start uni which consisted of a 25 mile commute several days a week. I did a little bit of research into reliability and fuel economy (as the golf would of robbed my bank ballance within the first week of commuting ) and was left with two choices, 3L lupo, or 1.4 tdi lupo/polo. It came close to a 3l but struggled to find insurance, untill this little beauty popped up for sale at the right price & was ticking all the boxes, since then I have fallen in love with it!!! Dont think I have a Pic of the car as it came, Half wound down on TA-Technics, on some 9n steelies with wheel trims. This one is after a good clean [bellow] Initially I wanted to put the car on some Porsche 928 wheels, but after looking online decided they didnt quite look right and instead found myself a set of d90's. Took me a while to sort of tyres and adaptors but finally got them on the car and just right too The d90's are 6j's up front and 8j's on the rears running 165/40's and 195/40's. Also camber shims at the rears. I was looking for a set that were due atleast a paint refurb to put a purple colour but luckily came across a set that were pretty damn close! ( at least I can run them until I get the funds for the perfect colour ) When I fitted the d's I went quite alot lower, but still not all the way down still some travel left all round! As it stand atm [bellow] Other than giving it a complete overhall clean, ( interior + snow foam, clay, polish, soft&hard wax... you know the score!) the only other thing I can really think of is changed standard wheel to a 280mm Momo! Pretty smart! I also have a stubby drivers side wing mirror to go on after i finish painting it, hopefully be on by the end of the week! Been treating this thing as abit of a work horse, now term is nearly over I have quite a few plans, including: Desperatly need: - Sump [ cracked and bodged by previously before I owned ] - clutch, slipping in 2nd now - brake hose, recently found that its worn through :L - discs and pads all round ££££!! After all of the above, other materialist/visual stuff : - GTI/xenon headlights - Front Fogs & Grilles - passenger window switch - jap spec rear bumper - Remap - heard its well worth it with these engines, contemplating going straight to stage 2 ? ( obviously with the decat and air filter upgrade) - possible cruise control - double din head unit - new interior (somthing smart not sure of what yet ) - replace the bit of the dash that goes above clocks - rear spoiler/gti boot lid Sure theres may more things, but my minds gone blank! its a start any way, let me know what you think guys! and any 1.4 TDI owners, any head up's on any thing would be appreciated. Will try and add more pics soon! Find me on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/daisy.m.harris.50?ref=tn_tnmn or follow me on Instagram : daisymharris Thanks for looking!! :D

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