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Found 12 results

  1. I have a 1988 Coupe S and am lowering it on 14” BBS RA wheels. looking at options and came across this kit - has anyone tried it / got any photos or reviews they can share? https://www.eibachshop.co.uk/eibach-b12-prokit-suspension-kit-e90850360122_p31225036.htm#.XT8JVCXTWEc Thanks!
  2. Hey all . And anyone who can help . I have my Bby engine 1.4 16v Auto. She doesn't pull too well and I'm looking to try and get more out of her. So far I've rebuilt everything stock. Other than some tacky arch extensions and stickers I've done nothing to modify. Rather just rebuild. My question is what can be done to the BBY engine . Could I get more power out of this engine ? Or should I be looking into swapping for another engine if so would I have any luck with a golf gti engine and box. I know its probably a done and dusted subject and probably boring . But other than finding engine swaps I can't find anything about performance parts or upgrades . Any advice would be great because she's a bit like driving a wind up toy most days
  3. Good afternoon everyone - I'm looking for advice from someone who knows about these things. Long story short... Our car was involved in an accident just before Christmas. Transit Van 1, Fiat Panda Nil. The back end was pretty wrecked. We had the car recovered to our local (trusted) garage. It was taken from there, without or knowledge or consent, by a certain salvage company. They assessed the car on behalf of the insurance company and valued it at about half what we think it should be worth. Now, I know everyone thinks insurance valuations are lower than they should be, but they had a lot of the technical information wrong, valued it as a manual when it is automatic, didn't take into account the very low mileage or excellent condition (only 17,000 miles from new) and offered less than the We Buy Any Car valuation. All of this is the subject of an ongoing complaint to the insurance company. Now - Here is the part I need advice on - The car is currently advertised for sale on this company's auction website. As I understand it, as we haven't accepted a final offer for the total loss yet (the insurance company haven't actually confirmed officially that the car is a total loss yet) the car still legally belongs to us. That being the case, they are trying to sell something that doesn't belong to them - which must surely be illegal? Can anyone confirm this one way or the other? Many thanks...
  4. Jordan 0177

    Alloy wheels

    Hi all bought some alloys to refurb done one and it looks fantastic only problem is the spacings are slightly larger on my new alloys to what the car has how can i get them to fit? thanks in advance
  5. Hi I have a polo 64 plate. My polo has a multi-functiin steering wheel, I am looking into putting cruise control onto my car does anyone know if this is possible Thanks
  6. Anyone know where I can get a AWY engine for a fair price, 1.2 6-valve engine E-bay prices are fairly random from £250 or £400 so my question is where else can I look for another AWY 1.2 6v Google pic of same noisy unit
  7. hi everyone, So I wanted a car that was cheap on insurance and can produce a crazy amount of power for its engine size, you can call me crazy but I have bought another 2008 1.2 12v polo for £500 with only 20000 miles on the clock. I really want to turn this little polo into something special, something that I can really work on. basically, I want to put a turbo on it... problem is I have no clue what size turbo to put on it. I'm doing an overhaul, i.e. gaskets, seals, piston rings, bearings, that sort of biz so it won't blow up as soon as i start it for the first time. its just something fun, doest matter if it wrecks it in the long run as i just find a bigger crazier engine to put in haha. any help would greatly appreciated. thanks,
  8. Marcorossetti95

    Interior parts for polo (6n)

    Hey there guys I'm new to this site and I'm looking for help, I just bought a 97 plate polo and need help on finding rear seats that arnt beige cream multicoloured square seats and to react the carpet preferably black but needing to know what models if any of the newer polos can fit their rear seats into my car, all advice is good advice
  9. Recently bought my second car a Polo MK2 "breadvan". This is her, a 1989 Mk2 Polo. I picked her up from London and drove her back, 150 miles, to Yeovil, in Somerset. She did well and didn't get too hot or anything. She had a lot of dents and dinks from the previous owner for example, both wings were quite battered and the bonnet had a lot of dinks and bumps. My neighbour luckily and very surprisingly, knew a farmer who had two breadvans, which I took the pleasure of buying two new wings and a bonnet from. I fitted them to my van and now I have a very unusual looking mk2. This is the result after that, below. It then came the time for the MOT! This was the scary bit, as I didn't know what would happen and the car could clock up on the cash for repairs, so I put her in for an early booking to see what the damage would be. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad, three failures. Two were rear brake (brake application) related and the head light beam was off kicked. I decided to use "euro car parts" to get new shoes. The shoes were fitted and so were new brake cylinders as they were both very seized! She was ready for the MOT and she passed with 2 advisory and she's on the road again. But this is where I leave you, I need some help on whether to get the panels soprayed back to black again. What lowering kit to get specifically, as there are many and my price range on that is probably around 120-150 pounds. I also would need some advice on stright through and back box ideas as I know that the back box on breadvans are quite big and would probably need cutting. Thanks for your interest. Ollie
  10. Hi, I'm just wondering on the best places to place axle stands/ block up underneath my bread van shell to I can strip both the front and rear beam/ struts etc. This is so I can start referbing them and also do some welding and rust treatment prior to respray. Pictures would be best as i don't want to axle stand it in the wrong places/ I want it stood so I can get the most work done without moving them. Cheers
  11. muzzymus

    My new 6n2

    Hi just recently bought my 1.4 6n2 se. Looking to start modding as soon as my bank lets me :) This is one of my first topics but thought I would start it to show a few pictures of it as I go and get a bit of advice (gunna need it) This is the day I picked it up Haven't done a lot just yet just some cheap stuff, replaced the front speakers and tweeters and put a pretty standard stereo in. Also got some matching mats and gators. Sprayed my badge matte black, came out nice bar a few finger prints Also I've put a straight through back box on as the original was blown. Makes a a nice noise for no money whilst I slowly do things under the bonnet. Looking to lower it next as the other half has said she'll treat me to some coil overs for my birthday :0) Will have more photos up as and when I get stuff done. Advice on cheap easy bits to do would be great Cheers
  12. I've just bought some Fk Street coilovers and want to get maximum lows out of them. I've been advised to take the front helper springs out and the rear adjusters out... Any advice?
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