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Found 34 results

  1. johnnydriver

    Vw polo

    Time Left: 1 month and 5 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2000 polo 6nz 1.4 mpi runner has new clutch. Full coil over lowering kit, with original suspension. bbs alloys fair condition 4 good tyres, . 2 spare wheels and Jack. Fitted CD player. I’ve lost interest as son doesn’t want the car. Has a brake light fault which seems to be switch. Then ready for test. you will need to put the two spare tyres on. Was going to run but no project coming so has to go. thanks


    Worksop, England - GB

  2. Brandon Kowalski

    14" Pirelli P-slots

    Hi all, very new round here just got my first car a '93 Breadvan, does anyone know if 14" P-slots off a mk2 Golf will fit my car, hasnt been lowere, any help would be greatly appreciated, Cheers
  3. Time Left: 1 month and 17 days

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Set of BBS Montreal alloys fully refurbished. Collection Essex.


    - GB

  4. connor_warren

    Audi pepper pots

    Time Left: 24 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale, Audi pepper pots 5x100 15inch with toyo proxies.


    Felixstowe, England - GB

  5. Hi I need some help finding some wheels fro my polo and maybe some help with the widest i can get my wheeks , and what diameter etc. I am looking for wheels with a wider offset or wider wheels. and some help on stretch tyres Thanks for your help and time
  6. James Ratcliffe

    What are my BBS RA worth?

    Hi Does anyone have an idea of what my BBS RA 15inch are worth? There are some chips in the paint on 3 of them. All need new tyres. Looking to sell asap. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. TomCrow


    I'm Tom from Cumbria. I've just bought a 2003 1.4l 16v (100bhp). My previous cars were a 2011 2.0TSI Scirocco and a 2015 Polo GTi. Had a kid so needed to get rid of the hatchback to buy a family car. Bought the 9N as a bit of a project. I am planning on doing an engine swap for a VAG 1.8T in the distant future but for now I'm going to upgrade the brakes and suspension (lower it by 35-40mm) Here is where I need some help. From what I've read I need to keep any new alloys around the 15-16" diameter but the upgrade brake kits state they require a 17" alloy to allow fitting. Does anyone know if fitting 17s would be detrimental to the drive or set up of the vehicle or if it would require any further modifications? Thanks, Tom
  8. Hi all I have got a polo 6r and thinking about changing the wheels and was just wondering what people suggest without any hassle? I have attached a picture of my car Cheers
  9. vdub_jay

    What are my wheels??

    bit of an awful question but what wheels are these and roughly what are they worth with 4 good tyres on?? good condition just paint chipped around the edge of 2
  10. Having a really hard time trying to find wheels that will go with my Mk2f, was just wondering if you could show me what wheels you have or recommend some?
  11. 1st post didn't show? so hope this doesn't duplicate. Just got a Mk3 Polo and after replacing both rear bearings, have discovered the horrible noise coming from the back was due to flat spots in the tires. Not a fan of 13" anyway but looks like it might be cheaper to buy a 2nd hand set of wheels than replace 3 tires (1 on the front is bad too). I have been offered these wheels shown in photo off a Mk2. They are been sold as 14" G60's but i have heard there is a VW winter wheel? that looks similar. Can anyone identify if these are genuine G60's? Also, what's the going rate £££ for the wheels in the photo? Wether they be G60's or otherwise. Thanks.
  12. Just bought my first car and looking to get some advice on lowering springs and alloys. Ideally after a 30-40mm drop with 15inch alloys. Will 15inch ET45 6J wide alloys with a 30-40mm drop rub on the arches?? Cheers in advance
  13. I'm wanting to buy some BBS alloys for my mark 9 2016 Polo. I'm not 100% sure what size to get, I'm between 17" and 18". Has anyone got either of these sized alloys on their car? If so, would you mind showing me a photo so I can judge whether I find the profile of the tyre too small with the 18" alloys as this is my main concern with the larger size. Any advice? Thanks!
  14. im wanting some wheels for the polo, but want some ideas! just want some wide 14s/15 that i could put straight on and would look good?
  15. jarhar98

    My Polo 9n 1.2

    Here's some pics of my polo and what I've done to it The first pictures are from a few months ago Pics from today: My plan next is to get some coil overs for it, maybe tint the windows too.
  16. Here we have a video tutorial on how to clean Alloy Wheels correctly without removing them from the vehicle.
  17. Hi, Looking to change the wheels on my car and need a bit of help. The wheels I am wanting to get are Japan Racing JR3's but from what I have found they all 8" wide and I googled it and apparently they will work but stick out by 38mm. Can anyone who knows more about this than me help me out a bit please or maybe suggest some alternatives which are the same style? (I would like silver wheels and can't find silver ones in this style and price other than these) I also have plans to get coilovers and go lower but not really low (if this is going to affect anything). Thanks in advance to any helpers!
  18. First of all, hello! I'm new to this forum, but have been using it a lot to find things out. Very usefull site. I have recently bought a 51 plate 6n2 gti, 1.6 16v, I love the car, been slowly getting it up to scratch as it was a bit knackered when I got it, nice amazing condition leather interior, loves it! Now my problem is that the car has wide rims and stretched tyres, which I don't want (the rims are rota grid drifts I think. They look wicked, sad to see them go but I want standard size alloys and tyres). I'm no good with wheel/tyre sizes so I was hoping someone could recommend me something good? Or tell me the exact specs I need so I can order a set. I want 14/15's, not a fan of low profile tyres. I tried looking online for this info but was struggling.. and couldnt really find a thread on it. Any help much aprecciated. B Edit: photos http://postimg.org/gallery/1t6ybuqm8/
  19. Hello guys, Recently bought a 2002 6n2 polo for myself to have as a little project. I've been looking at getting some new wheels, and I absolutely love the audi TT comps that I've seen on some golfs and 9n's, like below. Unfortunately, the 5x100 wheels wont go straight onto my hubs (obviously) so I'll need some spacers/adapters if I go for them. Basically does anyone have any knowlegde about fitting these wheels, or know of any similar ones that might be able to bolt straight on? Last bit, what would you suggest in terms of lowering, just some new springs, or a full coilover set? And which are good ones to get? Cheers Lee
  20. JoelMoore

    VW Silverstone

    Wondering if anyone has a photo of mk2 breadvan on VW silverstones thinking of investing Thanks Joel
  21. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem... I've got a Polo 9n, bought some alloys for it a few days ago, I put 2 of them on the rear and left steels on the front because I was waiting for a new tyre for one of the alloys to go on the front. I started to get a crunching noise coming through the brake pedal every so often, and yesterday the ABS, handbrake and steering light came on and the speedo dropped down to zero. Anyone have any idea what could of caused it, cheers
  22. Hi Everyone, Could you tell me what kind of alloys these are? I know they're nothing special and I need lows but I need to get a year's no claims before I can dream of it! Want to get the details to get some VW centre caps (if they even are VW)
  23. Hi, can someone please help me identify this wheel in the link attached as I noticed it was different after removing my wheel trims. Thanks
  24. hey everyone, i need someone with a bit of experience to help me! So i recently bought a mk7 polo... alls good clean engine and interior blah blah... ill skip to the good part. lowering it and alloys. I'm going to have this car pretty low as youd expect from a 16 year old with some taste in a car slammed. so basically any tips on the coilovers or any suggestions on actual coilovers.. i dont want to be putting sh*t in it because i want this to be a show car. no bags. haven't got that much money. also its a 1.2. so alloys. i really want to fill them arches... yano, the more rubbing the better!! so if anyone has had 18inch alloys on their 1.2 id really appreciate you telling me what its like on petrol and is it too hard on the car... i had my brothers 3sdm 0.05's on it and they looked sweet (9.5 backs cleared the arches with no spcaers!) i didnt get driving it as he was being a cu*t and wouldnt let me bring it for a spin. so basically i want to know what coilovers to put in it for good lows and comfortable driving and will 18inch alloys be too hard on it with fuel etc... here are some pictures of what it looks like now and will be updated if i do anything major to it! sorry for bad quality on the first one.
  25. hi, first post! I have a 56 plate 3 door Polo 1.4 s80. Its currently sitting on standard 14" rims, i want to change them but don't know what size would be best!! I've seen people put rims up to 18". any thoughts on what size or style would look best also where i could get them from?
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