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Found 7 results

  1. stugolf

    Lovely e46 330Ci

    Time Left: 1 month and 1 day

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    BMW e46 330Ci M Sport – Topaz Blue, Auto, 59k Genuine miles 2001 Genuine M Sport model Topaz Blue Automatic 59,100 fully verified miles Full BMW Individual heated leather seats with electric memory MOT April 2020 (No advisories) Just serviced by BMW Specialist April 2019, Full service history Power steering, Parking sensor’s, Electric Windows including electric pop out rear windows, electric heated mirrors, fully working electric sunroof, electric memory heated seats, Cruise control, climate control, steering wheel controls, ESP, Business CD, Auto wipers, Remote central locking, armrest It’s rare to come across such a low mileage well cared for car, I am the 4th owner of the car it was originally owned by a doctor who unfortunately died and his wife took the car on until it was sold to a director of a car company who I bought the car off. The mileage is genuine and all verified with a stack of history, I have everything with the car, 2 keys, the key template, bill of sale all service books, leaflets absolutely everything including the full spec list from factory of what the car has, it’s the most comprehensive service history you can get with any car. The car drives perfectly and it’s by far the best e46 I’ve ever driven, no knocks or bangs and the suspension rides, brakes stops and goes as it should from the factory. Engine The 3 litre straight six is very well maintained by a specialist in Warrington I trust and has been given a complete clean bill of health, in my ownership the car has used no oil at all and runs very well which I would expected given the very low mileage, pulls well and VANOS kicks in correctly. Exterior Lovely Topaz blue original colour, the car has some scratches and stone chips to be expected with its age but no dents and absolutely no rust at all, particularly on both front and back arches, the rear arches have been treated as preventative maintenance and are in lovely condition. The paint is completely original and hasn’t had any resprays and work carried out. Interior The leather is BMW Individual Yellow Mosaic leather, I had my reservations about yellow leather but it really does work with the interior and black carbon trim. The interior is in very good condition a few light scratches to some of the interior panels but amazing for its age, the leather is in excellent condition as well. Brakes/Suspension Are in excellent condition, lots of meat left of the pads and discs look fine, the car stops well, suspension is as it should be rides brilliantly with no noises and creaking even lock to lock. Wheels/Tyres Recently refurbished genuine MV1’s wheels in almost perfect condition the tyres are brand new on the front and 2 years old on the rear but covered less than 3k miles, 6-7mm of tread remaining. Brakes have lots of life left on them and work as they should. Correctly staggered setup with the 255 rear section. Maintenance The car is maintained by a BMW specialist I am very particular who I get to see looking at the car and they are experts with it and have given the car a clean bill of health in all aspects. I am very sad to see the car go but I have a new job which requires me to drive long distances, it’s a waste to use this beautiful low mileage car for this job so I need something more fitting to travelling distances. I’m not sure many E46’s will ever be classics apart from M3’s but I do believe this car will appreciate being the 330Ci More pictures available on request Location: North West UK: Ashton-in-Makerfield, Wigan stu_piggott@hotmail.com 07515015774 £4,250


  2. Gezzard

    6N automatic.

    Time Left: 22 days and 7 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    One of the most reliable car's I had was my 6N1, so I'm looking for another. Must be an auto though, and close to Kent. Cheers.


    , Kent

  3. We currently have a V reg 6N1 Polo automatic which has a 4 speed torque converter gearbox. As this is going to my daughter, we need to find a replacement, and I have been thinking of a late 9N3. As far as I can find out, here appears to be 2 types of auto gearboxes fitted to this model. In the Nov 2006 brochure, the auto is a 4 speed, presumably a torque convertor type. In the Nov 2008 brochure, the auto is now a 6 speed tiptronic. Does anyone know what type of gearbox is the 6 speed is? Is it a torque converor type, or a earlier version of the DSG? If a DSG, is it a wet or dry clutch version? Many thanks.
  4. Hi everyone, in short- i have an aua code 16v engine that currently has a torque converter on as it was taken from an auto, am i able to just swap that to a flywheel and clutch or are there differences in the end of the crank? Any help appreciated, George
  5. I have a 1999 V Reg 1.4 auto and want to check, and maybe top up the ATF, but I cannot find the required ATF specification for this gearbox anywhere. From the vehicle data sticker, the engine is APQ and the gearbox is DPP. I already have 0.5l of G 052 162 A2 left over from when I had a S reg Passat auto, and from oilsspecifications.org, this is suitable for 4 and 5 gear ZF automatic transmissions. Is this the correct ATF for the Polo, or do I need something else? Thanks
  6. Hi guys; I'm new here so I figured I'd make an introduction. I'm Tim, currently living in right over the water here in the Netherlands! Dutch isn't my native language so I figured this would be a better bet for me. I've found a near mint silver VW Polo 6N2, grannys car, mechanically sound, well kept everything at honestly a steal too. I'll be getting it washed and maybe detailed before getting some pictures up. Sadly its an automatic, but the saving grace is for the price, most of the other 6Ns and 6N2s are preeetty ratty and not worth half the salt they're asking for them. As for the problem at hand - Only tiny issue is the automatic shifter knob - the transmission upshifts and downshifts/kicks down absolutely no problem, smooth and all, and the shifter moves as it should. Only thing is the small button that you depress when you change gears - it can be depressed and change gears no problem, but sometimes it doesn't come all the way out and it feels like it may be an issue with the spring inside. Unfortunately I haven't managed to find anything in my trawling, so I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with something like this before, and whether its an easy self fix/how long something like that would take in terms of labour? Cheers!
  7. Just bought my self a nugget 6n2 1.4 8v auto for £30 for a daily rag around for my 75 mile a day commute. I think remember reading that the auto and manual engines have different bell housings to each other? Is this correct? All I'm wanting to do is stick a 1.6 8v in it that I've got lurking in my garage just for some extra "get up to speed" grunt. Would the 1.4 auto bell housing fit on the 1.6? However I know with working on heavy vehicles that manual to auto conversion required an ecu from an auto engine. Will I need this for Le oloP or are all engine ecus the same? Not doing manual conversion, 1. Because I cant be arsed. 2. I sit in many hours of traffic a week and autos are just the best for crawling at 5mph :P Thanks in advance
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