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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all! Hoping for a bit of advice, my breadvan keeps cutting out 5minutes or so into a drive, doesn't start again. The first time it happened I was just setting off from some lights and the engine just died, battery light was solid on the dash after it cut out and it wouldnt start again. I sat around for 2hrs waiting for recovery and I was getting no spark. After getting towed home, I came back to the car 4hrs later and it started first time and sounded absolutely horrible! Sounded like it was underwater. I didnt drive it, didnt start it more than 3 times and got the same underwater noise. I came back to the car the day after turned the key and it started multiple times as normal as if there were no issues at all. I checked spark plugs, leads, ignition coil contacts. Ended up changing the leads and cleaning a lot of corrosion off of the ignition coil contacts. Took the car down the road, no more than 5 minutes of driving and the same happened again, this time I was cruising along the road, not pushing the ol' girl at all, just going steady eddy. I popped the hood, checked the carb, pushed the car off of the main road, cranked it and she started again. I sat in the car while it was idling for 10minutes hoping it would give me a sign of what was going on, but nothing happened, I managed to get it home where I am safe from the ticket man. Worth noting - All filters are less than a year and 8000 miles old - head was rebuilt 6 months ago with new belts, new valves, new gasket, new thermostat and housing - Alternator bearings are worn and noisey. Any help would be appreciated. Below is a picture of my beloved.
  2. Wondering if anyone could help on this. I’ve recently bought a 9N3 GTI, it’s had a new battery fitted within the last month or so and it keeps going flat. I’ve taken the negative wire off and done a drain test, it’s draining at 4-4.5amp, so the battery goes flat in no time. Haven’t had the time to start pulling out fuses, but wondered if anyone else has had any similar issues? Any help would be appreciated. All lights are off, boot light is disconnected etc.
  3. Hi Happy New Year to all! Have very low use Polo 1996 1.4 - 24k miles since new. Rarely use it so battery forever needs charging. Plus that battery is pretty old now - was a Halfords 4 year warranty model. Planning move to country where it will presumably get enough use to stay charged! In shopping for a replacement, should I go for a regular 5 yr warranty Exide, Varta or Bosch (dearest) or, I read about AGM batteries working well with low mileage vehicles, not just stop/start ones. Anyone got experience of AGM batteries and whether the double cost results in double life? Otherwise, does anyone have any recommendations for battery brands/suppliers? When looking online, I seem to get recommended 2 different model nos by the reg plate scanners. Is there a difference between a 012 and a 063 type? Maybe for my purposes, there isn't going to be a huge difference in perfromance between a 4 or 5 year warranty and I should just for the cheapest? Your thoughts, experts?! Many thanks
  4. Hi, I have had my 2002 Polo since 2011 and never had to change the battery. It stands most of the time unused outside our house with occasional runs. I took it out this afternoon and ran it for half an hour and parked up, radio, sidelights and blower on for about 20 mins forgetting myself of the consequences. I came to fire it up and the battery was completely dead. Not even a sluggish whrr you usually get when turning the ignition. I got a jump start and it imediatley started and ran as normal. Just parked up and left outside. What I do notice is the car seems more sluggish to drive, not as perky as it has been. I have a yearly service and it had it's MOT in October. Does this seem like it needs a new battery ?
  5. I've got a 6n2 as a daily driver. A couple of days ago, it didn't have enough juice in the battery to turn the engine over, so I recharged the battery for the day and popped it back in. It's started fine a couple of times, but I've noticed there appears to be symptoms of low power; e.g. the heater blower and windscreen wipers run slowly. Anyway, I nip into town today. It starts fine and when I come back to the car 5 minutes later, it doesn't have enough power to turn the car over again! After a push start, I get it back home and there still isn't enough to turn it over again. I've tested the battery which shows 12.2 volts. I thought this was plenty enough to start. The battery is about 5 years old. Does this sound like a dying battery or something like a poor earth?
  6. Hi, I have polo 9n3 gti, These are the upgrades i've done, tt injectors, performance ignition coils, 4 bar fuel pressure regulator, performance fuel pump, gfb recirculating valve. While driving i lost the battery power, I have replaced the battery and it worked for about 4 hours. And same again, does anyone know what could be wrong. Do i need a remap to cope with the upgrades?
  7. Recently i got new battery fitted to my 6n2 gti and after a week kept going flat took to halfords for test it was alternator at fault put recon alternator on after few days same again bought new alternator yesterday and flat again after a day was reading 13.2 when fitted yesterday any help on this as its driving me nuts
  8. I notice the battery light on my Polo 6N 1.0 has come on. The battery is at 12.94v however the alternator is only putting our 12.1v. I should point out the 12.1v is at idle and I'm not sure what this jumps to (if anything) at higher revs (will check when I'm home tonight). The timing couldn't be worse as I need to take it 30 miles on Monday for an inspection. No time therefore to replace the alternator. My questions are as follows: a) is the 12.1 at idle an issue (although as I said, I can confirm if it jumps at higher revs myself tonight) b) assuming it is an issue would I be out of my mind attempting a 60 mile round trip in it? That said, I have another battery I could take for the return trip. It's a bit of a faff though replacing this on the motorway.
  9. Hi everyone I have a polo that needs a new battery its a '1.4 MPI VW Polo 1999' if anyone would be able to recommend places for me to purchase a battery in the UK Thanks.
  10. Hi guys I've owned my 6N2 for two years now and he's a fantastic car. We've done 10k+ miles and he's never missed a beat .. until now. In March he failed the MOT on emissions (running rich) but the garage mechanics couldn't say why - it looks like it may be a lambda sensor. The only code we've had off him since then (which comes up intermittently) is 17574 - 'Long Term Fuel Trim: Additional Air Bank 1: Range 2 System Too Rich' - P1166. Anyway, I've got a couple of jobs on him that need doing but haven't got any mechanically-minded friends. I'm in Bristol but obviously can't drive him far as he's not got an MOT (and therefore tax/insurance are invalid). I need someone (local, unless you are happy to travel!) with free time to come and work on him. I'm happy to pay for parts and time, obviously . Briefly, I think what's needed is a new clutch and lambda sensor (to get him MOT-ready) and then in addition I've got some service parts that need installing (spark plugs, fuel and oil filters, air filter). Any help ASAP would be amazing - please get in touch if you fancy saving a really good car. :'(
  11. alastairrigby

    Electrical Issues

    (Mods please move this post if it's not in the correct part of the forum) Kind of a long one sorry but any help would be greatly appreciated I've had my 9N3 for three odd years now and largely it's been spot on but for the past 6 months it's been a fucking pig. Basically all started when I randomly got an EPC warning light out of nowhere, looked it up, replaced the brake switch and it was sorted but about a week later I got ABS warning light frequently and the power steering would cut out for no reason. However, if I turned the car on and off again it would be fine again immediately which showed me that it can't actually be a mechanical problem. On top of this a lot of the other electrics were temperamental as fuck, such as the stereo cutting out for no reason and the interior light flickering like mad. I assumed it was a bad battery and replaced it, which solved nothing, since then, I've had another battery, replaced the alternator, cleaned all the ground points, and replaced the positive and negative cables. For a couple of days it was spot on but tonight the headlights randomly cut out as I was driving and it took a good few tries to turn them on and off again. I've reached a point now where I feel like I'm just throwing money at the problem to no avail and everybody seems to have a different idea what it might be and it's simply not worth sinking that money into a bog stock 3 cylinder 9n3. If anybody has any ideas what it could be it would be brilliant because I'm at my absolute wits end, my brain's fried at thinking what it could be and I wanna sell the car asap but don't wanna sell it until I know the car is 100% reliable and safe and I'm not mugging anyone off. Cheers : AAASA
  12. CorbinOrchard

    6n2 Sub Boot Build

    Hi all, I'm doing a boot build for my 2 15" 1500w Sony Xplodes, so far i have built the box, fitted the subs and placed it in the boot of my 6n2. I came in to a hiccup when I realised how I was going to power them, so I bought a JL Audio 1200/1v3 amp, but I now need to know how I will power the amp. Should I use the battery in the car already or put in another battery in?? if so where would i put it?? do I need a different alternator?? Thanks, Corbin Car : Y-reg 6N2 1.0 MPI Sub 1: 1500w 450rms 4 Ω xs-l152p5s (http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/product/xs-l152p5s) Sub 2: 1500w 450rms 4 Ω xs-l152p5s (http://www.sony.co.uk/support/en/product/xs-l152p5s) Amp : 1200w x 1 @ 1.5-4 Ω 1200/1v3v (http://www.jlaudio.co.uk/product/54216.46510.48108.0.0/98352/_/12001v3)
  13. Hi, Last week I bought a MkIV 6N with a few faults, I've sorted a couple already (new oil filter, new tyres, new wing mirror etc) but I'm left with some electrical problems. My passenger side electric windows doesn't wind up OR down. It makes an odd noise, somewhere between crunching and grinding. It still appears to be trying to wind up or down but the window glass doesn't move at all. I have absolutely NO idea what this could be as a lot of the descriptions I've seen on window faults don't seem to match this? I also seem to be having problems with the battery draining (however I am not 100% on this) at various points. When we went to view the car, the battery was flat as it hadn't been driven for 2 weeks, and we had to jump start it to test-drive/drive away. The morning after we got it back, the battery was flat again so we charged it up. It was then okay for a week, I've driven it a couple of times and it seemed to be fine but last night my girlfriend's mum was driving it (I'm still on a provisional licence) and she left it idling with the radio on for a few minutes and it went dead. We had to go out and jump-start it again. This morning it was fine and it started first time, I've driven it a few times today and started/stopped first time every time. I charged the battery earlier in the day and it was instantly registering full. I had also noticed that the rear-window switch was left on, but the rear winder heater doesn't seem to work. But I'm sure that if the switch is on then power would still be going to the window, right? And could that then have been what drained the battery? Cheers!
  14. hi guys, hoping somebody can point me in the right direction with my mk3 polo gt heres the issue: the battery light started flickering intermittently a few weeks ago but not a lot. then eventually it started coming on when i started the car and would turn off once i revved it a little. then it was on constantly and now the battery is flat i have tightened the alternator belt and ran the car but obviously not long enough to charge the battery enough because the battery is now completely flat can anybody advise me with what to do next?
  15. Hi there, for some reason my battery is being charged in my 1.4 8v 6n 1997.. my car seems to be running on whatevers is left in the battery I checked the battery, thats fine, had it tested, and its fine, checked fuses, fine, checked the battery volts when car is off and running, and all it does is slowly drain, checked the alternator ground (blue wire/plug) and thats fine light on the dash is fine, replaced the alternator and still have the same problem, checked all of the above again and they are all fine! Anyone got any idea's or suggestions? Cant figure it out! very odd
  16. I have a 1988 polo 1.3 cl and I need to rewire the alternator from itself to the battery light in the dash, or bypass it altogether if it's a problem with the battery light connection. What would be the best way to do this? Would I need a separate switch for the alternator? Thanks in advance!
  17. Captain Frederico

    Mk2 battery warning light

    Hey, a little while ago my car broke down I had to get the car picked up they guy said it was my alternator as my battery warning light was on. Since then i have fitted a new alternator and my car has been running. Today though the warning light has come on, it hasn't broken down or anything its just on and its not a real solid red its fainter than the rest of the lights like my handbrake light for example, not really too sure where to go from here as i have just fitted a new alternator. I've heard it could be relay? or battery not sure though any help? thanks
  18. I've noticed that if the battery light isn't connected from the speedo binnacle to the plug then it stops the alternator from working and because its a really rubbish plug it's being a real pig to get the battery light to come on. Does anyone know what number wire (1-15) from the speedo plug makes the battery light come on please? Many thanks in advance!
  19. Hello all, I've recently fitted a brand new starter motor and a brand new battery, The car won't start and the only way it will run is if i push it off, I had some earthing issues with smoking etc, sorted them, now all the starter motor does is just click. Thats it, won't turn over at all. Unusure. Anyone got any ideas what i can do, its really frustrating!!
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