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Found 17 results

  1. johnnydriver

    Vw polo

    Time Left: 1 month and 3 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2000 polo 6nz 1.4 mpi runner has new clutch. Full coil over lowering kit, with original suspension. bbs alloys fair condition 4 good tyres, . 2 spare wheels and Jack. Fitted CD player. I’ve lost interest as son doesn’t want the car. Has a brake light fault which seems to be switch. Then ready for test. you will need to put the two spare tyres on. Was going to run but no project coming so has to go. thanks


    Worksop, England - GB

  2. Time Left: 1 month and 15 days

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Set of BBS Montreal alloys fully refurbished. Collection Essex.


    - GB

  3. Insight_G40

    BBS Solitudes

    Time Left: 1 month and 12 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    BBS Solitudes from a 6N 16v. Had them professionally powder coated before deciding to break the car. Done minimal miles since. 2 new tyres, other two ok, however one does have wear on the inside and will need replacing in the not to distant future, but still legal. £150 ono


    Alton, Hampshire - GB

  4. ZOMBIE86c

    POLO BBS 6n2 gti alloys

    Time Left: 1 month and 9 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Has anyone got a set they are willing to sell? many thanks tom


  5. James Ratcliffe

    What are my BBS RA worth?

    Hi Does anyone have an idea of what my BBS RA 15inch are worth? There are some chips in the paint on 3 of them. All need new tyres. Looking to sell asap. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. CharlieW

    1975 Audi 50 GL

    Hi all, Thought I'd shove up my build so far from the mk1 forum (it's a little dead over there these days!) I'll post a lot to start with to get the thread up to date (the dates in bold are when I posted them originally), then keep it all updated as I progress. Charlie
  7. AllanHardie

    Flash Red 1.4 8v - New Updates!

    Hi everyone, recently bought myself a car some may know/have seen due to its feature in FastCar magazine, well the car was sold in march for £2500 to someone who really never looked after the car, ran it into the ground, and didnt care about it, i seen the car come up for sale and seen the potential in it straight away. I sold up my impreza and made the journey in a recovery truck to collect her. The bad bits list is never ending .. 4 bald tyres wheels need a refurb no tax no mot no cd player as it was stolen no windows worked drivers door loom was melted/ caught fire wires and cables everywhere bumper scratched/ grazed bonnet covered in water marks due to face mask small dents in body work very dirty drivers side front bearing gone no handbrake rear brakes needed done front brakes needed done ABS sensor away and soo on .. the good parts now 2 way rayvern air ride suspension, shortened struts and firestone bags 380cc Compressor 6.5j Banded space savers tidy enough car except the dirt and dings false floor smoothed boot GTI seats GTI Headlights and only 75k miles on the clock Full face mask "gimp" mask will be for sale, aswell as banded space savers with 4 brand new tyres soon.
  8. I have a set of BBS RS 772's for my 2000 polo gti. They are in dire need of a refurb, I have been running a winter set of wheels so time is not an issue, shall I refurb them myself or get them done properly? I've been quoted £120 a wheel by a company to do them, that's powdered centers and diamond cut lips. Here's what the look like; (its not the worst!) I can polish the lips myself. The centers have the paint peeling away in places, I was thinking of sending these to be powder coated? Do you need to replace the bolts? Any tips for splitting and rebuilding the wheels? :) Trying to get the car OEM and and up to scratch for the summer :) Cheers
  9. patton

    6n2 gti build

    I've had my polo for around two years now, I brought it over from England after deciding it was what I wanted but not being able to find one for sale in Northern Ireland. It stayed pretty much how it was with only minor changes and tidying up a few things along the way. Dubshed 2013 (wheels borrowed) I had always wanted to do more with the car but never did anything about it until recently, I got a set of BBS RS 070's 15x7 et16 in exchange for my set of BBS E30'S which I set about refurbing. fitted them to see how they would sit split them, shot blasted the centres and sent the dishes to get polished, ordered half height caps and red and gold badges. then tested out a colour on the centres that I'm more than happy with so just need to get them painted and order bolts for them whilst this was happening I also set about getting the car ready for paint, I had always felt that the car needed painted properly as long as I've had it. stripping marking dents, scratches and silicon marks keying the whole car roughly then its onto the stage that I'm still at, filling dents and sanding. hope to have the car ready for Dubshed this year and ill try to keep this up to date to let you all see how we are getting on..
  10. andreaslyk

    Progress 9n

    So I had another topic but i thought maybe i should start a new ones just to briefly show you the progress on my polo over the last couple of months. So this is how she started out, a base model 9n 1.2 First week a badged the polo and sprayed the front badge black, bought a sub to refurb for £20, aux converter for the stock headunit for £25 and some pressed plates for £20 and later on a got some BBS Montreal's off good ol' ebay for £250 with tyres! This is how she sits now, nothing amazing but at 17 i really dont want to risk and more mods without informing my insurance For any future plans all I have in mind is full rear red light tint, perhaps tinted windows, maybe a little subtle rat style exhaust tip (not muffler) and depending how much overtime i can do maybe a grip royal steering wheel or gti one. Any suggestions welcome, id really appreciate some feedback.
  11. Hi I've got a set of rm's that are in need of a refurb. Currently they have 0.5" dishes, not enough dish for me. From memory the stock offset is 35?? So clearance shouldn't be an issue. I wanted to go for 15x7 on the fronts and either 15x7.5 or 8 on the rear. Not sure if 8j will look a bit naff but if it doesn't will it even fit and without a whole load of poke? Second part, 15s only look good when the cars low, long story short how low can I go? With the 15's I don't think ground clearance will be a huge problem. Its just the scrubbing and rubbing I wanna avoid and I don't wanna have to do a whole bunch of archwork to make them look decent. Through research 60/40 would be ok but on some cars its still not low enough and doesn't look right. I only work part time so don't have trial and error funding lool, tyre choice I'll decide on once the dishes are ordered. Kinda the wrong wheels to be using on a small budget but I'll be keeping them for a long time and iv always liked them. If you've survived through my story I hope you could offer some advice lool, don't see a lot of mk2f polos with rms so haven't many pics. EDIT:Posted using my phone, didn't mean to triple post. I can't delete the others
  12. owoolacott

    Polo 6n2 Build

    Hi, just started on this website to get some ideas and to give ideas out to anyone, I drive a polo 6n2 Mk5 in Surf blue (LA5C) and am slowly building it up into a stance show car, enjoy the progress and any questions let me know. The attached Picture is a day after I brought it will be uploading most bts of work I do :) Thanks.
  13. Black Polo coupe spotted in Exeter, Seen you a few times heading towards Pinhoe way. Managed to grab a quick pic last time. Nice Ride.
  14. charlie123

    hello from milton keynes!

    Hi, I just bought a 1.0 6n2, 2000 reg! it came with coilovers and BBS alloys already on it I'm looking to do more to it, but not sure what.. any ideas?
  15. Photo Request: Good Evening Guys & Girls, Does anyone have a photos of the Blue Mk1 Polo with BBS E52's? I saw it at EuroSunday & MIVW last year but cant find any photos of it on the net. Its bloody gorgeous - Had a polished AFH engine & mirrors beside the sills showing the paint floor & tank etc.. Many thanks, James
  16. Hey guys, new to the forums and just as new too this whole car modding stuff ! Pretty much I currently drive a 2008 9n3 polo and recently bought some alloys off a mate of mine who had them on a golf. I was aware he had to get spacers and another adapter kit to make them fit but I thought that was just to turn 5x100 alloys to fit his 5x112 golf. I've got some very nice but far too large 18" seat leon cupra R alloys on my polo and although I love them they rub when I'm in full lock and my entire car is fucked! Cant pull out nearly as fast as i could, the steering and handling is horrible and i've even seen my speedometer start going down when going up hill with foot flat down... I was just wondering, whats the largest size I can get on a polo without it rubbing or affecting the cars abilities? Not that I want to go super fast but I'd like to be able to pull out quickly again and get up too speed as reasonable as a 1.4 goes. Also as tyres go, I heard you can stretch smaller sized tyres onto larger alloys? That would be useful as the tyres on the stock alloys (14/15") are almost brand new but I have a feeling I'm gna need some new tyres. If so, who would recommend which type? Preferably low profiles? Sorry to drag on but thanks in advance!
  17. Right picked up these wheels the other weeks they're bbs replicas RZ's I believe cant seem to find out the actual make of them as I need to get some centre caps as some B****** has nicked one of them! Anyway I might take one of the wheels off to check for any stamping but for now would anyone be able to hazard a guess as to what make they are? Cheers, Tom.
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