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Found 14 results

  1. Time Left: 22 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I have finally come to terms with the fact I will never have space or time to do this so it's time to move on!! Either brave project or get rid of all the collected parts and scrap it so here goes; -1.1 engine 60000 mile genuine with original clutch and gearbox -1.1 engine for parts -1.6 engine on bike carbs+all the gear to get it running (fuel pump, fuel regulator, vac dizzy, front engine mount) -Direnza stainless exhaust for the 1.1 but I think will fit up to 1.3? -the bike carbs manifold just needs a clean but they were professionally fabricated -brand new, in the box, front valance -Alloys not for sale The car is fairly solid apart from the he front valance which is rot Any queries on parts are welcome Cheers Jamz


    LISKEARD, Cornwll - GB

  2. JoelMoore

    8v Bike Carb Setup

    Time Left: 1 month and 11 days

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Looking for a full bike carb set up for my Mk2 1.0


    Pontefract, West Yorkshire

  3. hi guys, I've been a member on the forum for a while now and have owned a few Polo's but have never made a build thread so i thought it was about time i got started. I currently have a 1993 Tornado red 1 litre Coupe and the story goes.... i used to own this car and bought it when it was standard and drove it for a while but then decided it was too old and i wanted something new so i sold it to a friend and bought a 9n off another, had that for a while but then missed my mk2/f and just wanted something older again so i ended up doing a part-ex on another mk2/f that came lowered with ats classics and 8 spoke wellers. so i fell back in love with the mk2/f polo again and this time decided to do some work myself, fitted some camber shims and gave it more stretch etc... then got to the stage where i needed something faster so ripped the engine out and started smoothing the bay then found a hole in the battery tray and the front left sill (F**k Speedbumps) ohh and the back arches were cut off to fit my J.d.m arches hah. anyway gave up on it and bought myself a civic as I'm sure youll all love to hear , drove that for a while then heard that my polo was up for sale again so bought it back and i plan on never selling it again !!! since buying it back I've done a few bits, mostly what had been done to my previouse one with the parts from it, fitted corrado VR6 front seats removed the rear seats OMP Wheel and Boss fitted a glove box clear indicators wooden beetle gearknob beetle basket stainless manifold new fuel tank G40 exhaust G40 taillights Then the head gasket went!!!!!!!! :@:@:@:@ so..... engine out again and i thought i might aswell do the suspension and breaks at the same time too THE ENGINE turns out the engine was just gubbed so i removed it completely and used the aau from my previose polo, Rebuilt and fitted a 1.3 Gt head and cam, stainless manifold, stainless centre section and back box, new water pump, timing belt, gaskets, oil filter, spark plugs, coolant, etc.. cbr 600 bike carbs (still need wired up!! ) THE BRAKES being a 1 litre coupe fox the breaks were PISHHH so theyve been removed and replaced with 239x20mm vented G40 Discks and pads (mintex) VWII calipers, VWI carriers and Hell Braided hoses up front, with new Drums shoes and cylinders on the back with camber shims too and new wheel bearings all round. THE SUSPENSION I was running a 60mm kit on my old polo but that wasnt low enough, but lucky for me this polo came with a 80mm kit (wich i bought the first time i owned it but never fitted ), this still wasnt low enough so I've recently bought and fitted some TA Technix coilovers and now sits how i like it THE WHEELS Currently running 13"x7j front and 13"x8j rear Weller 8 spoke wheels (mad offset ) with 165/55/13 Nankang tyres, plenty camber and stretch on the back and rolled arches to get them under So thats what has been done, its not nuch of a build thread but i feel it will just be eaisier to say whats been done and then ill try upload some pics of the stuff thats been done and how it looks for those who are interested and ill try continue the thread from here and keep it upto date with pictures and posts WHATS NEXT finish covering my door cards finish rolling the arches more new tie rod assembly polly bush kit (maxRPM.de) Powerflex Black seriese Inner bushings Camber adjustable top mounts (maxRPM.de) braided fuel lines get the bike carbs wired up and setup properly make a subframe and sump guard/belly pan underseal the car toyo r888 or yoko semi slicks. thats whats been done uptill now and ill get some pics of my car when i bought it and my previous polos up soon and then keep you upto date with my progress and anything new, look forward to hearing what you guys think
  4. So.. I openly admit I know next to feck all about wiring.. anything else I’m sound with. Anyways, today I wired my facet fuel pump into relay 24. Question is will it work or is it just plain retarded ? Unfortunately I couldn’t save myself the embarrassment of pure failure as I don’t have a battery to try so here I am. All criticism welcome but if it is mass failure some pointer would be good too. Thanks in advance people
  5. I'm wondering if anyone on here would have everything I'd need to convert my 1.4 8v to bike carbs? Not that worried if the carbs need work or rebuilt and adjusted, just wanting everything needed to do the conversion Even anyone with some of the bits an pieces
  6. RothgoWooft

    Mystery Carbs

    I have some old mikuni carbs given to me, and so it seems sensible to fit them to the polo, after a bit of fixing. Anyone out there that can identify them? They came out of a pile of spares...
  7. Sam Quinn

    Bike carbs

    Anyone selling a bike carb conversion, or any pointers on how to go about doing the conversion, cheers
  8. POlliffe22

    Bike carbs

    Will bike carb manifolds made to fit a 6n 1.4 8v fit a mk2 8v?
  9. Hi all! Pretty new here and looking for some information before I get to work! I have a 1999 vw polo 6n 1.4cl 8v automatic (no haters) I'm going to do a cbr600 bike carb conversation but I'm curious as to wether this is going to work with an automatic??? My main concern being the gears, due to it being automatic it has kick down and wondering if this is going to course any trouble? Not sure wether it's a complete different thing or not, but when kick down is activated is it to do with the acceleration cable system or through a button near the pedal? Any help would be appreciated guys Thanks ?
  10. JackYeates


    in the process of putting my 1.3 onto bike carbs! does anyone have a link to a previous thread on this
  11. 4 gear fred

    polo performance parts

    hey guys I wrote off my polo a few years ago and have had all the parts stored away since I broke it. however I now need rid of it all or its going to scrap due to space issues. if you go on my face book page, fred evans there are photos of some of the big parts for sale in my parts for sale album. there are also other parts I have, such as a full gt injection system and wiring harness. I will post up pics in the coming days. tbh as I need rid 500 for the lot takes it bargain to be had as there is basically a little track toy minus a shell! feel free to contact me on facebook or message me on 07834716141 I'm located near to Coventry and can deliver within reason
  12. I picked up some 34mm fzr600r foxeye carbs for my 1300 conversion I'm soon to be doing, after alot of internet trawling i understand that 150-160 jets are the most common ones that seem to work best, but upon opening up the carbs i have they only have 118 mains which seem very small, will drilling the jets almost 0.3mm larger cause the jet to be too large for the needle?
  13. Right, working on the engine conversion for my mk2 bready, was a stock 1 liter 4 speed, so i went and got a 1.4 6n 1998 engine with a 5 speed gearbox, gonna run it on bike carbs for more power and to save the hassle of having to get all the clocks, ecu, wiring loom and what not, so I'm wondering, whats best carbs to be running with it, 600cc seams to pop up alot but I'm wondering about choke and re jetting and what not, what parts can i salvage from my 1 liter to put on the 1.4 and how can i get the most power out of it, like could it be bore'd out to slam in some bigger pistons and/or shorter con rods, also heard that a 1.3 gt cam would boost it up abit too Cheers lads
  14. I'm thinking of putting bike carbs on my polo 6n but nowhere i've seen tells you how to do it or what you need in great detail. Can anyone give me a list of what i need and how to install the bike carbs in as most detail as possible. Cheers for any help
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