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Found 13 results

  1. Jddubs

    Lesley the 86 breadvan

    TOPIC DESCRIPTION: Hey there polo enthusiasts, I'm Jonny and I am now the proud owner of a 1986 breadvan called Lesley! The only catch is that I've only just turned 16 so I can't drive her for another year but the aim is to get it looking and driving respectably by the time I can drive. Model: 1986 polo c breadvan (86c) Engine: 1.0l bog standard Suspension: Standard Brakes: Standard (very spongy!) Wheels and Tyres: Standard steelies and a set of mk2 golf steelies Exterior Styling: Oem roofrack which was an option on the car back in the 80s Interior Styling: Imaculate Standard interior ICE and Security: Very little of either apart from the oem tape deck and speakers Comments: It has 80000 miles on the clock and 3 previous owners (not bad for a 29 year old car). The engine is pretty good on the whole (apart from 2 breakdowns on the way down from Bristol to Falmouth but this turned out to be a loose ignition chord so all is well now) however the body needs some work, love and attention to get her to what I want it to be. Anyway here are some pictures of her: First I gave her a very good clean to see what I was working with Next I took off the font bumper the grill and I used back to black to restore the plastics Then I removed the bump strips Finally I bought a set of mk2 golf steel wheels for £40 off eBay The boot on breadvans are huge! I'm not sure if I'm actually going to put the golf wheels on the car or refurbish them then sell them on? Let me know what you think and what you think I should do to the car. Thanks for reading
  2. andy-durning

    My GTI in Blue!

    Hello! Having owned my GTI for about 7 months now, and this being my 5th (one was only for a couple of months!) Polo, i decided i shoud join Club Polo! (Long overdue!) After browsing all the threads of peoples builds and how they have personalised thier Polos I thought i would make my own and let people see my progress.. if they wish! So my GTI is in Blue Silk, its 5 door (my first ever 5 door! Wasn't sure at first when i saw it but before leaving the showroom it grew on me, and now i love it! and not having to get out for passengers is great!!) after test driving the Polo in manual, and the golf is DSG, i decided to go for DSG, i know its not everybodys cup of tea but i thinks it's great! My optional extras are: Panoramic sunroof. Sport mode with DCC. Parking pack with reversing camera. Convinence pack (automatic everything). Electric folding mirrors. Car net with app connect. So far i have done some very small changes (below) but i have a lot of plans! LED interior lights (and ive ordered some LED fog lights) HEKO wind deflectors Roof and tailgate wrapped black to match the sunroof surround. Rear windows tinted limo black, and fronts to 30% Some of my plans: REVO induction kit (the only one i can seem to find anywhere!) REVO Turbo muffler delete Miltek Sports Cat-back exhaust system Forge intercooler (may change my mind on the manufacturer before i buy!) Stage two map VWR Springs (20mm drop, designed to work alongside the DCC) Eventually some Alloys, but i have expensive taste in wheels so that wont be for a while! If anybody has any suggestions i would love to hear them! :) Here are some pictures of my 2nd Polo, the only other one i ever did any work to.. incase anyone is interested!
  3. stumpymk2coupe


    Hey guys! Back on here looking for my old girl! Just wondering if anyone has any info on its whereabouts.. dark blue with orange bottletops (when i sold her)
  4. Ok so I brought a Polo recently (Polo Sport 16v 2005 9n) to be exact and I have looked for the colour code in the boot of the car and the sticker has been removed I can see where it used to be and as for the stickler which should be in the service book that too has been removed by the previous owner :( which leaves me stuck as to knowing my cars colour code and I need it as I need to touch up the car. Can anyone help me it would be very apprciatied here's my car:
  5. Aidangw

    Aidangw's 1.4 9n

    Hey, I recently bought my first car, an '02 1.4 16v 9n. It's surprisingly had 7 previous owners (I'm the 8th). It had 63k on the clock when I purchased it a month ago, now just over 64k. It has a couple of scuffs on the paintwork and bumper trims on the passenger side that I'm planning on sorting in the future but overall it's pretty tidy. I'll list what I've done to the car so far, not much, but far from done :) - LED sidelights and white headlights - LED numberplate bulbs - LED interior bulb - Alpine CDE-102 headunit - Front black VW badge - Debadged the rear (removed the Polo and 1.4 badges) - Stubby aerial - Smoked side indicators - New reg plates (maybe gonna get pressed plates in future) Plans: - New rims (17x8s coming later this week ) - Coilovers - Rear lights with smoked indicators - Back window clubpolo sticker - New centre dash fascia - Colour coded mirrors - Colour coded body trims - Colour coded door handles - If I'm lucky, a Votex bodykit - Fog lights - Rear black VW badge - Fob central locking The cars had a fair bit of work done on it mechanically before I bought it - here's the invoice Before I bought it & ad picture After it's first clean :) Sidelight comparison, LEDs are so much brighter in the dark And the most up to date picture minus the stubby aerial which I fitted today. Will update with more pics as I make changes
  6. markkgardner

    My polo 6n2 Project

    First day I got the car totally standard 2000 1.4 polo, only payed £750 for it had a lot of work done to it when I bought it (brake pads etc) so that saves me some time and money! 95,000 miles on the clock.. not bad! Came with a CD player which has a aux so thats me sorted for a while may buy a double din touchscreen headunit in a while
  7. Peckinpah

    Viktor the 6n2

    The first time I saw Viktor (I named him) was on a Facebook post my brother tagged me in, I was in search for a little cheap runaround for after I passed my test. We went and viewed it the same day, rushed all the way from Tamworth up to Long Eaton/Castle Donnington on a Sunday afternoon. It was in a Unit filled with lots of beetles and other project cars, known as the Bug Barn. Here he is when we saw him: Very dirty/dusty from being stored since December last year. We'd found out when we got there not long after he was MOT'd in December 2014, there was a problem and he was taken off the road. My brother diagnosed him with needing a new CV joint. He managed to bodge the old one in place so we could drive him home and tentatively got him back. A quick spit shine goes a long way. I didn't like the emulsion white wheels, so while looking around a family friend offered me his wheels that had been sitting in his shed for years. We tried them on and they look a lot better! There's still a few rattles, clunks and odd sounds that will be fixed as soon as possible. A proper clean and maybe a few customisations and he'll be looking awesome
  8. villun

    Hey, heres my Polo 6R.

    Hey, I've been meaning to sign up to here for a while now, I just wanted my 6R in better shape before posting anything! Here she is when i got her (on the left): And here she is now, 100mm Lower on FK AK Street Coilovers, Full light upgrade, Debadged boot lid, Induction kit with new grill (one with actual holes in it) and new pipes and a bluetooth upgrade: I also have just got my Audi Pepperpots back from being Refurbished so these are getting tyres and going on the car today. Let me know what you think, and anywhere that could be improved!! Toby
  9. DarrioTangi

    Blue Polo 1.2

    17 years old and this is my first car. Will be a lot of trial and error on this car but will try my best. Will upload a better picture of the car later but its in fairly good condition, not great but not terrible. The car is as box standard as you can get hasn't even got central locking but this will all be part of the project. I will be going down or at least trying to be going down the euro route, always open for comments and opinions if its constructive if you don't like it then just don't bother. Only "mod" I've got right now is a active sub, its the twin 12" 1800W edge sub. Did actually install it in my corsa but this car popped up at a brilliant price and couldn't pass it up. Will probably be asking for advice a lot but ohwell, all mods will be installed by myself. Might be fairly large gaps between Jobs as being 17 and working a part time job and full time apprenticeship so not a lot of money or time but yeah...
  10. hodge2424

    H568EBP Polo GT Blue

    Sold her over a year ago what to know where she is now? and whats happened to her?
  11. RyDub

    RyDub's Mecarty.

    Hello and welcome to my thread So about a month ago my 1L shitter decided to give up on me (gear selector cable snapped) here's a couple of pictures of her. (she is up for sale!) Here's a shopped photo when I got bored one night.. StaticFam So then after 7 months of looking for a new polo, viewing a few and changing my mind at the last minute on some wanting the 'Perfect one' dying to get my hands on a Mecarto blue one, I stumbled across this little puppy on Gumtree, a 1.4 16valver. So off I went early in the morning to go pick it up feeling like a lost kid on the train not knowing where I was going and so on, I was picked up and taken to her. It was owned by a Polish dude and previously an old biddy, you guessed it right.. and absolute minter! I'm talking brand new front brakes, rear drums, new exhaust, no advisories, never smoked in, with a new £200 service, 6 months tax and a years MOT! I got home and was determined to get started straight away, First thing was to change the grills and splitter! Decided to change wheels whilst I had time before work.. I drove it to work the next day and my mates were all taking the piss saying about how high she is asking when i'm lowering it, I wanted to get new FK's as my current ones are shitty budget ebay's, but a few days went and I needed to get this thing lowered as the body roll was insane! but not twatspec low as I want to keep it decently tidy! But I went to take the passenger strut off and rounded both bolts.. yes, pissed off I am! so will need to get new bolts!(where can I buy lower strut bolts?) So that day I was going to polish and clean up my Xenon's but couldn't be arsed and got them fitted. What's the best solution to get these gleaming again? they be so hazey On the weekend just gone I decided I missed having a decent stereo and bass as it had a poop tape player, off I strolled to Halfrauds and picked up a new one from the clearance cabinet and Amp wiring. got home and found there was no wire harness.. so I had to source and buy one! last night I wired up and tucked all the wires away neatly front to rear. Got home today and the harness was here and I quickly got it wired in, just a temp until I get a double din one! (any recommendations?) Oh and I also de-badged(still needs finishing) and de-wipered the rear! So that is all for the time being, there will be lots to follow and very big plans for this! not going to be like any of the others I hope, just need to save save and save!
  12. Hi was just wondering if anybody has got a gt this colour, or know the paint code/ name? The stickers worn away and VW can't find it thanks in advance!
  13. charlie123

    hello from milton keynes!

    Hi, I just bought a 1.0 6n2, 2000 reg! it came with coilovers and BBS alloys already on it I'm looking to do more to it, but not sure what.. any ideas?
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