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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help please? I have squealing brakes on my mk4 polo 1.2s. It's only when braking down to standstill. The pads and discs have been replaced. I have been told it's cheap shoes causing it. I haven't had the shoes replaced in the 8 years I have owned it. I am fed up of paying to gave them stripped and cleaned only for the problem to return. Any ideas? Thanks, Sue
  2. Hi, I have LCR Brembos on my 6C and I want to get some new wheels but I want to run no spacers with them wondering what people who have lcrs are running Thanks
  3. Hi I am fixing my project breadvan and on one of the calipers a spring broke and I dont know what they are called, and I cant find any. Is it necessary? Can i buy it somewhere?
  4. Apologies for yet another 'whats that noise' post but after a long trip to Anglesey and back we noticed a definite 'click', 'clunk' noise that correlated with depressing the brake when in motion. I can't replicate it when stationary and it requires the servo running too. There doesn't appear to be any change to braking power and we still have all of our fluid so I'm not immediately worried, but its definitely appeared after a lot of use so could do with tracking down. It sounded like it comes from the front so I had both front wheels off to have a look - nothing out of the ordinary. After a test drive just now I noticed you can't hear it without the passenger window open so I guess its on the nearside front or rear. The click is metallic and the volume of it is correlated to how quickly the pedal is depressed and comes about at the same place in the pedal stroke. Any suggestions to where I should be looking would be appreciated! Wondering if it couldn't be the carrier sticking or something related to those spring clips on the pads?
  5. I need to replace the front hand brake cable (as opposed to the rear left / right) How do I do it? Any top tips? And could someone confirm this is the right part no: 867609721 Much appreciated
  6. I need a new pair of front calipers for the 6N 16V. I have done a rear brake conversion and the rears run so hot, have a feeling the front pair are either sieized or air trapped and the nipples have snapped off them. 6N0615125B 6N0615126A 6N0615124D 6N0615123D is for the AFH CLosest I can find on ebay is ; 6N0615124B 6N0615123B Is the AFH for 252mm discs and standard 6N has 234mm discs?
  7. Hi all, New to this sort of thing. I need to replace my polos rear brake calipers, however with what's going on at the moment I'd rather not buy new ones, getting second hand ones are pretty hard to find. My question is , are the brake calipers on a 9N3 the same as other vw models, for example the mk4/mk5 golf or maybe even VAG sister cars ,skoda fabia/ seat Ibiza? I'm hoping they are, it will give me a wider search net for the calipers. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Guys I am in serious trouble. Like seriously. I have a 1 liter 6N2 polo thats almost as old as me, and I wanted to change my brake fluid as it feels spongy, I've owned it for a year and there was no mention of a brake fluid change in its service history for many many years. Starting with the rear right side of the car, jacked and took off the wheels, drum looks very very rusty, Ive took off the black cap on the bleeder valve, popped in a tube connected to remove the brake fluid, opened and left the cap of the master brake cylinder barely on it, popped in my wrench to the bleeder valve (not them adjustable spanners), felt tight, pumped in more force, boom. The entire bleeder valve snapped off with the tube stuck on and the only bits of the valve are directly on the back side of the drum (not sticking out). Thankfully no brake fluid gushed out but I was soo confused I had to take off the rear left wheels off and loosened and tightened the bleeder valve. Turns out my worst fears were true. My rear right bleeder has literally snapped. I cant even pull out the remains of the rusted bleeder valve because its hiding. I did feel like my drum brakes needed changing but changing them wont fix the bleeder valve. So what are my options? The only option I can visualise is bringing a power drill designed to eat metal and to use it to eat the remains of the bleeder valve stuck in, while impossibly keeping everything else protected from it (the drum, brake shoes and springs especially) which means I have to go to a mechanic that will certainly charge me more than the value of my polo which I certainly am not willing to pay.
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