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Found 32 results

  1. Having done the 6n2 brake rear conversion i notice the rear brake discs are burning hot after a ten minute drive. The front are warm/cool enough to touch. Is this normal?
  2. i have read the sticky. i got all the 6N2 rear brake parts. bar the handbrake cable. what about ABS? does conversion get rid of ABS edit: also the 6n2 rear discs come in two sizes. 226mm and 232mm, would it be okay to use 226mmm to allow more space for 14" alloy
  3. I've just gone to change the brake fluid on my AEX 6n, did both rears fine but got to the front and it looks like someone has taken a hacksaw to the bleeder screw? Can't get a grip on it at all with moles, or by heating and bashing on a smaller socket. Its seized in pretty tight anyway. As it had got dark i tried continuing the change by taking the brake hoses off the calipers and just letting the fluid run clean, then tightening again. This was probably a stupid move as the brakes have basically lost all power, only biting the tiniest bit when the pedal's on the floor 😞 Is there any way to do this? Don't want to take the calipers off as the rubber boot on the bolts is also missing, ie a horrible, rusty, dirty job. Cheers
  4. I’ve spent ages searching this forum and others but can’t seem to find much information on brake options for the 6n2. I’ve a 1.0mpi and want to upgrade the stopping power. Now I know I can convert the rear to discs from the GTi, but there seems to be very little info on what upgrades are available for the front. Will the GTi setup be an upgrade on the front? Should I look at the G60 setup? or are there other options? Only limitation will they will need to fit under 15” wheels. cheers, pie
  5. Would a car fail a MOT if short lengths of brake hoses were used directly screwed in the master cylinder to allow it to be removed from the servo and moved out of the way temporarily so the engine can be removed without the need to connect the brake pipes and bleed the brake system again ?
  6. So I was looking at the FAQ into what calipers carriers and disks to buy and throw on my mk3 polo but all I could find was like 10 years out of date. So I will pose this question to you lot can anyone just give me a definite parts list for what to buy that will work?? Ideally id like to fit bigger disks in as I have 15" inch wheels so a little bit more room, but if not just improved width for a vented rotor. Thanks in advance thing
  7. The sensor plug on my 9n3 is completely smashed. Not the wire from the pad, but the receiving plug. Can I simply splice another in? Guessing it will be tricky keeping it dry... (The loom has a split cable - one going to the ABS sensor and the other for the brake pad wear sensor). Any pointers would be great.
  8. Hello, Bled the brakes on the polo on sat and all felt good, a little extra travel but firm braking. Using it to day and pedal travel has got longer Also noticed that at idle if i pump the brake the idle goes up by 500 All calipers were new last jan with pads and discs Seal between servo and master cylinder?
  9. NillaPolo

    EPC light

    Hi guys, I currently have a problem with my car and just wondering if anyone can help me out at all. The EPC signal is coming up on my car and I'm not really sure what it is. My car is currently not in use as I'm no longer learning in it and waiting for my test to come up, this has caused a flat battery. The battery went flat the other month and I jump started it using a friends car and on that day the car worked and drove perfectly fine and no signals came up, however it's not been used since, hence the flat battery again, but a few days after this I checked the car again and the EPC light came on. Does anyone know what the problem may be when this signal appears and if it's easily fixable? Thanks :)
  10. At the moment the master cylinder is out in the open, I was wondering could I use a wilwood master cylinder to tuck it inside the car so its hidden inside.
  11. Morning all, I have an ABS/ESP light on issue and whilst Googling for some pointers I found a whole host of threads from Club Polo, really really helpful people on those threads but couldn't quite find the answer to my problem. So the ABS/ESP light came on recently and after some reading up decided it was likely a faulty sensor. It was due into VW for a cambelt change only a day or so later so thought I would leave it and let them diagnose it. Anyway as part of their 'visual health check' they kindly advised the front right speed sensor was faulty. They quoted a vast sum to change it and I had already priced up a replacement through ECP, so kindly declined their offer. So I changed the front right sensor which was straight forward, old one was quite greasy/mucky but looked ok. Anyway new one fitted, popped to my local garage and had them plug in and rest the lights - they only came back on!!! Reader still indicating front right faulty speed sensor which is obviously brand new. So I am bamboozled, read a lot about fuses on/around the battery on older models which have proven faulty but not sure that applies to my 6R? Clearly want to get it sorted so any advice/pointers as what to check/eliminate next would be most welcome. Si
  12. The rear brakes on my V reg Polo recieved an advisory "would benefit from a service"). Made a start on them today, but found that they are different to the ones in the Haynes manual, in that having removed the drum, the flange on the hub is preventing removal of the brake shoes. Does the hub have to be removed to change the shoes? What size socket do I need? - nut is marked 22H Should I replace the hub nuts? What is the hub nut torque? Many thanks.
  13. Hi guys and girls, Am am very new here and have just got hold of a 05 1.9 Polo GT. I want to have all the brakes serviced, cleaned up and painted. The rear brakes discs only seem to be working on half of the disc area and the other half is very rusty. Can anybody recommend a service centre, mechanic or company who can be trusted to remove, service and clean up and paint the calipers? I am based in Aylesbury and work in Bicester. I would do this myself but have no space at home. Thanks you Lee
  14. So my car went in for a disc change only for my mechanic to tell me the brakes are upgraded ones so he can't source the right part to do it. Bit of a win/loose situation but anyway, I now need to find some 280mm disc's for my 6n2 GTI. What car should I look at getting them from for them to go on my Polo? G60? Found these, would they be right for me? (Sorry if Im not supposed to put links up like this) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pagid-53950-Front-280mm-Vented-Brake-Disc-VW-CORRADO-1-8-G60-88-93-/231079444014?hash=item35cd687e2e:g:niYAAOSwm8VUyva4 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Passat-97-00-1-8-Syncro-EST-G60-158-Front-Brake-Pads-Discs-280mm-Vented-TRW-/122118800046?hash=item1c6ed902ae:g:AxUAAOSw8oFXzlpC Also how hard is it to replace them myself to save it going into the garage again? its all been taken apart and put back together at the garage so won't have to worry about any seized bolts or anything like that luckily
  15. Guys, we have a 6N Polo 11/97 where we implanted a 1.9 TDI engine from the golf (AFN, 110hp) actual brought to 143hp but want to get more. E.G. KKK turbo, new map sensor, 520 race injectors ... -> probably 190-205 hp. But ... I want to install also the brakes of a G60 ... can I fit those with the g60 brackets on to the 6N with out changing anything or is there more to think about? any help is appreciated.......
  16. turkeycando

    Mk2 and Mk2f parts.

    Ok so I've got lots of parts that I was hoarding for a project which has now been sold on so now these need to go. 2 x Mk2 wings - good condition bar a slight patch of surface rust at the front of each arch - £20 each Mk2 four lamp front grill with spot lights - excellent condition - £30 Mk2f front grill - excellent condition Not sure if this has ever been fitted. All black - £20 Mk2 Coupe S clock surround - excellent condition - £20 Mk2 standard clock surround - good condition - £10 2 sets of vw2 brake callipers - £50 each Set of new pistons bolts and bleed screws £10 Set of g40 grooved brake discs - £25 Omp 40mm lowering springs - have been used and show signs of wear. - £30 Mk2 glove box - £10 2x Mk2/Mk2f parcel shelf. One blue one black. Excellent condition - £10 each Set of 4 Mk2 window seals - £10 Set of g40 brake pads. Never been fitted - £10 Mk2f passenger side smoked rear light cluster - £10 Mk2 clutch release bearing. Never been fitted - £5 Prices are for part only no postage. Collection is preferred but i am happy to post stuff depending on size and weight. Feel free to PM me for postage costs. I myself am based in Eastbourne. I have pics of everything but I can upload them all on the post so feel free to PM if you would like pics of anything.
  17. Just wondering if anyone has upgraded their brakes on their 6n and what set up did you go for? i was looking these?
  18. Hi All, This is my first post so please be nice haha! I have a 1990 Mk2 polo Ranger pre facelift on a H reg I have owned her for just over 8 years now and I love it. This afternoon on my way home from work some idiot basically done an emergency stop in front of me so I really had to push the breakes to get it stop as I was doing about 40mph. But when I pushed really hard on the pedal I heard like a loud crack/splinter sound this is the only time I have ever heard this the car is running fine and the brakes are working ok I tried to emergency stop about 3 times since at various speeds and it hasnt done it since. The only thing I have noticed the pedal is seeming righer up and it wont travel as much as usual before its solid and you cant push down as far. The car hasnt had new brake drums/disks for about 4 years I think off the top of my head. I was wondering if anyone may know what maybe going on as its worried me slighly as I dont want to be in any danger plus I dont want to damage the car as just had a new Head, Dizzy and a load of other stuff I really want to keep it running. Kindest Regards, Lewis
  19. Hi Guys What would make my 6n2 1.6 16v GTI judder going down hill at 50mph in 5th gear? I was 100% in 5th and it hasn't done it before, I'd braked a few times before it started to keep it at 50 but no slower. I pulled in at the bottom of the hill, the engine sounded normal and it set off again fine. Any ideas? Thanks Katie
  21. hey guys, so yesterday i had a car crash, The road was wet, i was going 30 mph and crashed in to the back of another car. The air bags where not deployed in the crash, i started to brake at around the RED lines, the brake peddle went straight to the floor then came back up and both of the front wheels locked up and skidded in to the back of the other car. You can see my tire marks in the pink lines, and where the impact was in the yellow lines. there was a considerable amount of damage to my car as you can see and wasn't much damage to the other car. please can you help and suggest ideas of what might of happend and what caused the car to crash. regards, Corbin
  22. Hi wondered if anyone can help me. I'm looking to upgrade my brakes on my 1.0 litre. I have the Gti callipers already, so am I right in thinking I would just need to buy 256mm discs to fit and then the pads? Would I need to get new hubs or anything? I'm only upgrading the fronts. Cheers
  23. Would it be possible to fit early audi 80 calipers and carriers onto my mk2 polo? Want to run 256mm discs and 13 inch wheels. Anyone know if that's possible? I've already found carriers and calipers would just need to work out what discs and pads to go for if they would fit under 13's!
  24. Basically.... I have a 'wobble' or rear end 'twitch' when braking or taking bends. This has only started recently and I have had tracking done to see if this affected it, changed my wheel bearings, checked my suspension and ensured my camber was correct.... Still no change and am wondering if anyone knows what this could be? Also, in one of the pictures it shows a black dust on the rear wheel. This is on both sides and I'm assuming by the texture and the wear on the tyres that they have been rubbing but they are not touching the arches or suspension so I have no idea what could be causing this??
  25. 4 gear fred

    polo performance parts

    hey guys I wrote off my polo a few years ago and have had all the parts stored away since I broke it. however I now need rid of it all or its going to scrap due to space issues. if you go on my face book page, fred evans there are photos of some of the big parts for sale in my parts for sale album. there are also other parts I have, such as a full gt injection system and wiring harness. I will post up pics in the coming days. tbh as I need rid 500 for the lot takes it bargain to be had as there is basically a little track toy minus a shell! feel free to contact me on facebook or message me on 07834716141 I'm located near to Coventry and can deliver within reason
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