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  1. Hi guys, just got the polo back from the MOT today and it failed due to the rear fog light not working. It appears that there is also no light on the button when you switch it "on". I've checked the bulb, connection to the button and the fuse box (fuse 12 is it?). Not sure what else to try. Any ideas are much appreciated, thanks guys 👍
  2. Hi all, it’s been a fair while since my last visit to the site, but I’m returning once again to ask for your never emptying fountain of knowledge and advice. Currently my breadvan is lowered on what I believe is TA Technix shocks and springs. The ride is awful and I hate it. As I’m trying to restore the car and undo all the annoying things that the previous owner has done to it, I've bought new Bilstein front and rear shocks. These I believe are relatively decent OE replacements. I need to source suitable OE replacement springs. Can I use Bilstein for this too? Finally, are there any other components that I require before I change the suspension over? For example: bellows/boots, top mounts etc? Or will the currently installed parts suffice and I can just swap them over. Many thanks
  3. Selling some genuine VW mk2 steel wheel center caps but would suit any 4x100 pcd steel wheel and some mudflaps not genuine VW but never fitted
  4. Hi I'm looking for advice on best size tyre for 13 inch bbs mesh on 40 mm lowered front and back pics be great of setups and sizes on 13 inch wheels and 40 mm suspension drop thanks
  5. rossekins

    Our 1989 mk2 Breadvan Project

    Hello Everyone! So for ages me and me Mrs have wanted a breadvan. Since becoming parents during the pandemic (first lockdown) we have realised that we do absolutely nothing in our spare time. We both love VWs and we literally live less than 10 miles from Santa Pod so it seemed only right to get back into a hobby we both enjoy. Me Mrs was not so much a fan of the facelift so we started looking for a mk2. We managed to find one 10 miles away that was running moted and everything for £800. But unfortunately we were a day late and it went very very quickly. It was a shame because it looked as if it needed barely any work and was on the road. We missed out and was pretty upset but we got over it and managed to find another one. The only downside is that it hasn't been on the road for a while. So here she is. She's a G reg "fox" 1043cc. (We haven't got a name for her yet) Inside is pretty much immaculate apart from a bit of a wet front carpet (there is a hole in the battery tray shock) She needs a little bit of work but I am extremely excited to get started. I am not a mechanic by any means but I have owned plenty of modified cars in the past. I am really keen to learn more and more and get better with cars generally hence why I bought a bit of a project. The car is being stored at my cousin's unit (he is a welder fabricator by trade) and he is going to teach me a few bits here and there. The car was taken off the road for 5 years and has been stored since. In 2016 there was a couple of advisories for ball joints and top mounts and brake pipe corrosion. A little welding is needed on the two rear quarters and the battery tray but apart from that I think we are looking pretty good. List of things to do in the next couple weeks: Replace windscreen wiper motor Weld up battery tray Sort out quarter panels Put bumpers back on properly Heating only works on full power so needs attention Hang exhaust up properly Ball joints Top mounts Rear brake cylinders and shoes (they are binding on) We don't have massive budget. But the short term plans are this. Swap for MH 1.3 engine GT cam Lowered 60/40 Nice wheels GSXR carbs and manifold General tidy up Long term will be A fresh new paint job Then who knows what else? We are both really excited to add to this thread over time and can't wait to get cracking right now! Our plan is to have the majority of this list completed and to have her on the road ready for the VW shows at pod this year. We would like to make it to VW breakout ideally but as long as we are ready for bugjam we will be chuffed. Thanks for looking/following Ross & Lucy
  6. Hi All, Looking for our old Polo Breadvan van - 1993 in white, was sold on in 2013 after having it a few years but we made a mistake selling it and really want it back. looked on the DVLA and seen it hasn’t been taxed or MOT’d in a good while. Reg was L391UFE - looking to buy it back in whatever state even if not roadworthy. if anyone has any news or thinks they’ve even seen it would be a great help
  7. Does anyone know how this weber 32 TLM is supposed to be connected to the choke cable?
  8. Hi, unfortunately my bready has become an annoying illusive siv... I have had an oil leak fairly excessively for a couple months costing copious amounts on oil. I decided after looking and looking that although I had a suspicion of the leak being from either the rocker or head gaskets as had just changed them. So after fully dismantling and re assembling after a deep bay clean and an actual metal coloured engine had appeared I was able to see it was from the rocker cover gasket in the drivers side and closest to front of car corner of the gasket. The rocker cover sits level but does have some movement left right when the top bolts are not tightened down. Is there a position the rocker cover has to be in to properly seal? The gasket is also seemingly slightly big as you can see it on a side of the rocker cover when it moves. Have attached pics to help explain although have a video I cannot attach here of the movement l/r of the rocker I can email etc ? Any help appreciated Thanks a lot George
  9. Hi I am fixing my project breadvan and on one of the calipers a spring broke and I dont know what they are called, and I cant find any. Is it necessary? Can i buy it somewhere?
  10. Hello, guys. I'm continuing the restoration of my breadvan and currently am at the gearbox stage. The issue is - the shifter itself has a lot of play when in gear. I don't know if that's normal or not since the car is older than I am and perhaps I'm asking too much of it. But still, it has a lot of play when in gear and the shifting accuracy is balls. By that I mean that you don't really ever know if you shifted into reverse or first, or first or third because of that play. (the reverse plastic "wall" on the shifting rod is broken this is why you can mistake it for the first) So if it is normal please let me know and if not - what would I need to replace? It's my first car and I'm still learning. Thanks a lot you guys. If needed, I can supply videos and photos, cuz I understand that "a lot of play" can mean a lot of things. But maybe it's a know issue or what not.
  11. BernieTheBreadvan

    Rear arch/fuel cap panel.

    Does anybody know of any mk2 breadvans being scrapped in NI? Have some serious rust around the fuel filler and arch. Need to cut out and replace the section so need to find me a scrapper I can get said panel cut out from. Here's a rough idea of what I'm wanting to cut out.
  12. Hope I'm not repeating a question already asked, but is the intelt manifold supposed to be held onto the engine head with studs & nuts,, or with bolts? Mine has two studs with nuts and 3 bolts. I have tried looking online for photos/posts and had no luck. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi there. All being well I should be picking up a tidy MK2 Polo Breadvan I am buying in the next couple of weeks. I really like the look of these and that they are something a bit different you don't see very often. There's certainly some nice ones featured here on this forum. I'm pretty used to working on / owning older cars in general, but I was hoping to pick up any tips you might have for a VW and MK2 Polo virgin! So any info on the following would be helpful: - Recommendations for parts suppliers - Common problems - Club events / VW meetups - Anything else you think might be useful to know Thanks.
  14. Clayson9

    Project Breadvan GT

    Alright guys, not sure how many people check the forums these days? As opposed to facebook etc. Anyway im gonna give this a go and do a build thread ... bare with me! So i picked up this GT swapped bready a couple weeks a go now, its a pretty basic/ standard set up at the mo, only running a non gt 5 speed box. The car was originally a 1l genesis (still registered as). Engine and box swapped in by the lad i got it from. Its far from perfect and needs a fair amount of work doing. I was wanting another weekend car for drives out after i sold my 1.3 genesis a few months a go, and i couldnt resist this as a project for the price i paid. First jobs im tackling are gearbox issues, oil & coolant leaks to hopefully get it into a more driveable state in the next few weeks. Ill aim to keep this thread updated as often as i can or at least as often as i get stuff done on the car. Hopefully at least a few people can find interest in it. Any questions fire away ... all advice and comments welcome please as i go guys. Cheers Ash
  15. *(Sorry for the double post, didn't realise there was a specific forum for this!)* Hi all, so today out of sheer boredom, I decided to look up some old cars of mine on 'Check The Car' to see if they were still on the road! Much to my surprise, my old breadvan was showing as MOTed and Taxed! I haven't owned or seen the car for over 5 years but just wondered if anyone on here owns it or has any info about it! It was purchased from me in Surrey as a SORN project and ??went up north somewhere?? when I sold it before going off to uni, but that's about as much as I know! it was reg: G477 WMO, a white 1989 'Match' edition although 'Check The Car' is now showing it as Green! Would just be great to see how it's looking now as this car meant a lot to me! Any help appreciated, thanks. 🙂
  16. I'm looking for a replacement gear stick gater as mine had total disintegrated. Had a look on the bay but can't find anything. Anyone help me fine one please ? Thanks.
  17. MitchDolly

    Breadvans for sale?

    hello all, new to the VW world as i was once a ford boy. looking to buy a mk2 breadvan (not facelift). more of a project car but doesnt need the major work done like welding etc. does not have to be pristine as i would like to tastefully mod it with wheels etc. hope this ends up in the right place! Cheers Mitch
  18. 1vw2many

    Sold my Genesis breadvan today.

    Had this Genesis for four years and sold it today. Funds will go towards my 91 gt breadvan project and a new bigger compressor. The gt breadvan im working on will be the fourth breadvan now.
  19. hi All have recently brought a bread van for my son it is very noisy and looks like previous owner has welded in a section deleting the rear silencr. looking on line no one seems to sell the rear silencr is it no longer available? or does anyone know where I might get one. Thanks Andrew
  20. Hi Everyone I've had my fair share of Polo's over the years, starting with a MK2 breadvan when I passed my test back in 2002. After scrapping my 6n2 in 2016, I had been itching to get another classic. Whilst visiting the Isle of Skye for a week back in July 2016, I spotted this late model MK2 Polo Country lying at the end of someones driveway. I had a snoop around, and despite looking a tad unloved, it was clean and only had 39k miles showing. I put a note through the door asking if it was for sale, and heard nothing for the remainder of my time there. I went home, slightly deflated and expecting never to see it again. In November 2016, I received a call from the owner asking if I was still interested. The owner told me it had been her mothers car, which she had bought brand new in 1990. When her mother gave up driving, it passed to her in 2006. It has a fully stamped service book, original keys, dealer plates, tax disc holder etc. Unfortunately I had just spent all my spare funds buying a MK1 Golf Cabriolet, so I very reluctantly had to pass up on it. In 2017 I found myself with some spare money, but I had lost the owners number. I made some attempts at reaching out to them via local Facebook groups, but this was unsuccessful. I even had a friend who was passing the area attempt to make contact, but the Polo was nowhere to be seen. Fast forward two years to November 2018, by which point the dream had long been buried. The owner contacted me again out the blue, asking if I would still be interested. Of course I jumped at the chance, and after several phone calls arranging the logistics, I collected it on the 8th of December 2018 on the back of my brother-in-law's pick up. After a 5 hour - 160 mile drive over some of Scotlands nicest roads, we arrived back in Ayrshire where the Polo was put into the garage for some light restoration work. Over December and January we got the car running. It didn't need much, a new battery, a light service (filters, plugs, belts etc), some fresh fuel and away it went. The exhaust was beyond repair though so a replacement was sourced and fitted. In early February we took it a drive around some farm roads to get it up to temperature. This gave us a chance to iron out a few idling issues caused by the automatic choke. With that sorted and it now running perfectly, we presented it for MOT on 16th February. It passed! In celebration, I obtained a replacement Country/Parade interior from a guy around 70 miles away. I had been on the lookout for one ever since I knew I was buying the car, so I think finding a decent original interior in less than 4 months is an achievement, considering there are less than 100 left of this model on the road (www.howmanyleft.co.uk). I gave the car a good wash, which I think was the first time it has seen a sponge in at least 5 years. The photos make it look a lot better than it actually is if I am honest. I plan on getting it resprayed soon, so I've put some MK2F trims on it just to tidy it up a little for now. I do have the original ones which I will fit later. In a few months time I am having it fully resprayed. This will give me some time to source some replacement trim parts that are a bit tired, as well as new "Country" decals. In the meantime, I plan on installing some new speakers (it still has the original Panasonic cassette deck) and really just enjoy it along with my MK1 Golf Cabby. I'll update this thread with any progress as I go. If anyone has instagram, I post on there regularly (@stevenvw.co.uk) or on my website at www.stevenvw.co.uk. Happy to hear any comments or suggestions 🙂 Steven
  21. antharro


    Looking for A710VSU - rescued her from a fate at Bournemouth breakers yard back in 2011ish, did some work and ran her for a couple of years, then sold her in 2014 to a guy who was going to do a restoration. Was a bit rough around the edges but a good clean car. Red with grey and black pinstripes and a factory sunroof! Have been keeping an eye on the DVLA website - she was SORNed for a couple of years then back on the road. But I note that the tax and MOT have now run out and it's not SORNed. Would be good to hear it's still around.
  22. When driving along I get a ticking noise which increases with speed and seems noticeable at about 25mph onwards. It is only audible out of the drivers side, I have checked both front and rear tyres on that side for nails/stones, things sticking out of the tyre and taken both wheels off to see if anything looks wrong but all seems ok. It seems to be coming from the drivers side as nothing can be heard out of the passenger side window. In an effort to find the issue, i jacked the front of the car up to support both front wheels and put the car in gear to see if I could get the noise to happen without success. As I accelerated, the drivers side wheel was going round as I would expect, but the passenger one was barely turning - is this right? When I put the car in gear with engine off, I was still able to turn the drivers side wheel round - is this correct? Either way, I could not get the ticking noise to happen when I jacked it up any suggestions to-this problem would be gratefully received.
  23. Can anyone tell me how to remove the rear washer jet from the top of the boot. I think there is a load of sludge in the tube behind it which has been sucked up from the tank as it is blocked and need to remove it to blow the tube through. I don’t want to break it as it looks as if it has never been taken out since it went in. I have cleaned out the tank and that is now clean but the hose is still blocked, if I can get the jet off the end I can hopefully blow it all the way through. It looks as if there is a black plastic bit which is mounted on top of a rubber backing but before it goes through the hole in the tailgate. any help greatly appreciated.
  24. Does anybody know the ins and outs of replacing the front discs and pads on a pre 85 Mk2? The system with square brake pads I'm talking about. my haynes manual is from 1990 or so
  25. Hi guys, I picked up a Mk2 breadvan the other day. From what i gather from the guy I bought it off it'd been off the road for a little bit. I looked underneath today and there was a little puddle and from what I can see and have researched it is the O-ring on the thermostat housing that is coming from the engine. I've found two different size O-rings on parts websites but neither say which size fits the one I want. One has an inner diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 3mm, the other is an inner diameter of 50mm and a thickness of 4mm. I'd rather not take her apart to find out because the leak isn't that bad right now so if anybody knows what size I'm looking for that would be great. I've attached an image of the system, the blue circle is where its leaking from. And if anyone knows how difficult it is to do this that would be great too. Or even if anybody reckons I'm completely off with what's wrong that would be great too. Thanks, Dan
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