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Found 6 results

  1. JCmk2

    Polo breadvan build thread

    Hi there thought I start a build thread from a year ago from when I bought the car. I was 16 what I bought it as a car to learn how to do things on as I had use of a ramp at a local garage as I was a Saturday boy there. I bought it for 200£ with a months on it! I then got a mate at work to list everything that would need doing and there was a fair bit but I took it on. I needed to do starter motor as it was broken and wired up dodgy and a track rod end and new suspension all round which I went for a 60/40 ta technix lowering kit after that a mate done welding to inner and outer both sills which a wasn’t too expensive and was much appreciated as then after a few bulbs and a couple of tyres it passed the mot This picture was taken a few weeks after it passed at dubs at the park and I found pictures of some of the rust and me spraying it after my mate had done the welding
  2. baller91

    6n2 harlequin build

    figured i might start a thread on this little project, i got offered a 6n2 for £270 and i cant say no to cheap cars, she was in pretty decent condition , just flaking paint on roof little dents everywhere and the rear bumper was in bad conditon but i didnt care about that when i brought it , the more i cleaned the car the more i fell in love with it and the little imperfection started to become a big problem to me so i though ive allways wanted to own a harliquin so i decided id make one from this 6n2
  3. Hi guys, I've recently joined this forum and thought I'd start doing a build thread of what I've already done and planning/thinking of doing in the future! I'm just your average joe who has a passion for cars and the work that goes into them to make them your own which is one of the main reasons I have started to modify my own car. I mean why should you or I have a car that's the same as everyone else's?! About the car: As stated in the title I own a Polo 6n2 (Polly). it's a 1.4 SE 5 door model with the standard features such as, front fogs, sunroof and electric windows and mirrors. I also think the mirrors are heated too but not 100% on that. I had my heart set on a 6n2 ever since I was learning to drive and waited ages to get my first car. Ideally I wanted a GTI and a 3 door rather than 5 but insurance quotes was killing me on a GTI so had to settle for a 1.4. Plus my mum has back problems so in the end I opted for a 5 door in case she ever needed to get in the back :) So I bought this car as my first car back in September with the only modifications being coilovers, fly eyed rear lights, a pioneer head unit and a crappy sub. Bought the car on the basis that it had all the main mechanicals looked at and rectified and with low miles was a decent price. It had the clutch, altenator cambelt all the usuals done and came with 12 months MOT. However in my opinion the things that let the car down was a faulty drivers window switch and the body work but it is 16 years old so can't expect anything to be in show room condition! So enough of that time to upload some pictures and more descriptions of what I have done since owning her! This was when I bought it and the fly eye rubbish came straight off as it wasn't my kind of thing! I then had to raise it due to insurance and more obvious than that winter was coming up and didn't want to drive about in a snow plough haha. This is kind of what it looked like after I had raised it! I know the back is slightly higher than the front but hey ho I wasn't overly fussed about it. After discussing A LOT with a friend with my ideas for her the first thing I did was to swap out for the pioneer for my alpine head unit! Have had this for years when I rebuilt an old mini which was to be my first car when I was younger but plans changed and kept it! Next modification after a simple thing as that was smoothing the front rub strip off - I didn't want to smooth off the whole bumper as I prefer the oem look and this is the route I was thinking of going down. Here are a few pics of the progress of how I went about it :) The strip was only sprayed with a rattle can made in LA7W and it's not perfect but it's pretty close! In the last picture with the rub strip finally on the car you may notice that there are GTI headlights on! Whilst I was doing the rub strip I decided whilst the bumper was off to start chopping the slam panel to get the headlights to fit. They were a little yellow when I bought them but nothing major. I flattened them down with some 800, 1000 wet and dry and then polished with G3. I could do with a going over again with 2000 grit. In the same purchase I got a GTI grill too which was then fitted to the car. I ordered the red strip that new golfs have on their gril and then fitted! Here's some more pics of this! A before and after with the grills I also removed the "static" sticker on the bumper when smoothing the rub strip. A picture with the red strip on the grill I think it makes a big improvement on the grill.
  4. aDubCalledSlickback

    My little sub 1K Gem - G327 UPV

    So I have been a long time lurker on here and now I am lucky enough to have taken on my own little retro project to get on the go before I am no longer banned get my license back in a few weeks. After spending months ( literally) watching auctions on ebay, browsing forums and looking at classified listings, I had worked out much I was going to have to spend and could then work out what I could afford against how much work I was comfortable learning/relying on for a car I want to drive as a daily, which given that up until I had bought the car, my experience of mechanics extended to changing a flat and doing an oil change, which was always going to be a bigger problem that my very limited budget, My quest took me to a place on the internet where the refined meets the tight-fisted and found my breadvan - which is a 1.3 ,5 speed, G reg (89) located less than 15 miles from my house - Banging. Advert looked promising - 97K on the clock, bodywork looks not awful ( faded but not great- It is a red car almost 27 years old, so I could overlook this), the engine bay had been neatened up by the previous owner and all red hoses, it even came with the odd cheeky bonus - such as braided brake cables ( this is apparently a good thing) and it was lowered, (I understood that getting coilies all round on a breadvan can be costly as they have to be custom made?) and inspection shows that it sits on springs on the front and coilies at the back. It always came with pressed plate and a rear race strut, which again, sounds all rather lovely. And how much did all this fine automobile set me back - I hear you ask. The car was listed at £250! and as it up for less than I paid for my TV - I was going to get the car either way - get it back home and find out whether I wanted to take on the work ( Which I was happy to do pending half the car being heavily corroded/cloned/bodged) and If I wasnt happy, my mechanically savvy mate was going to take it off my hands for what I paid for it then it would be his problem - Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. My apprehension didnt kick in until we went and viewed the car - My friend drove me down so we could view the car and we turned up to this fairly bleak looking council estate ( think film noir meets this is england) and I met the guy who listed the car ( who was in all fairness a really sound bloke) who told me that the car had no service history, only one, non original key and no exhaust and flexi, so it was nice and quiet as you can imagine. I found out the guy had actually bought the car at auction as it was seized for being driven with no tax and thats why it was up for so cheap ( no one wanted to/was stupid enough to buy a car with no history from a rough looking estate - especially when midway through the car inspection - we are essentially interrupted by the sellers neighbours, who are not only travellers, but visbily upset about the altercation between his older brother and the seller a few nights before. To cut a fucking long story long - I wanted to know whether anyone on here has seen my breadvan before at any shows or meets or whether the previous owner was on here? The car was heavily furnished with numerous stickers, one of which was a clubpolo sticker and is actually one of the main reasons I felt comfortable buying it - as I would have thought a bready coming from an owner on here might have been well looked after - which to its credit - it is! Both these photos were taken when I got the head out - having just replaced the head gasket, lower arms and water pump/cambelt, thermostat and a few rubbers Next port of call is going to be to replace the rear brakes and bleed them - It also might want a gear selector rebuild but I wont know that for sure until everything is running as it should and I am going to have to get the carb tuned as this is something I understand to be very delicate and needs a seasoned hand. Once this is done, it will be off to the MOT centre and then to get the awful filler job on the arches sorted and get the whole car mopped and looking fresh - Oh - and some nice new wheels are to be decided on after gathering some inspriation! As I said before, this is my first time posting something like this and I aim to keep it updated as frequently as the car gets worked on - Its going to be on road in the next 2 weeks and I am looking to take it to a show on the weekend of 4th September so for anyone who might be reading this - Maybe you might see me at some shows! Dont be too scathing, but do be honest! Mike
  5. jackarmstr0ng

    My First Car! Dark Green 6n2 Build Thread

    Been on this site for a while now but never got round to making a thread! so here goes, I'm 17 from Berkshire and this is my first car that i bought back in august 2014! Polo 6n2 1.4 8v in dark green with 88,000 on the clock! bought it for £1,100 and personally i love this colour! so i had to snap it up! few scratches here and there so i used alot of t-cut to get rid of few minor scratches, here is how it looked when i first got it... at the time i was in full time education so only little mods were made, like the steering wheel sticker and GTI Grill After i couple of months i got a little part time job, and ended up spending every penny on the car hahaha so i went ahead and bought some fog lights (witch i actually pinched from the scappy) and ordered some fog light grills and fitted them then i bought some tinting film, made the fog lights yellow then bought a GTI Splitter! also did some other little touches such as a sharan rear badge, dewiper and orange indicators (i've taken off the orange now though) also gave the lights a little bit of a refurb because they were al yellow and horrible thats all for now! i've got some FK coilovers (probably gonna go 80mm-90mm down) and a roof rack that i still need to fit so i'll keep you all updated on that! but I'm on the lookout for a Stubby drivers side wing mirror and some wheels!
  6. superb1722

    Green 6n2 polo build thread

    Hey, I've had my 6n2 about 4 months now, its a dark green 1.4, bought it completely standard, straight away ordered fk coilovers and fitted them that weekend, then picked up some 14" e30 bbs wheels and whacked them on after getting new tyres all round. Heres a few pictures from when i first got it too how it is now :)
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