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Found 18 results

  1. Clayson9

    Project Breadvan GT

    Alright guys, not sure how many people check the forums these days? As opposed to facebook etc. Anyway im gonna give this a go and do a build thread ... bare with me! So i picked up this GT swapped bready a couple weeks a go now, its a pretty basic/ standard set up at the mo, only running a non gt 5 speed box. The car was originally a 1l genesis (still registered as). Engine and box swapped in by the lad i got it from. Its far from perfect and needs a fair amount of work doing. I was wanting another weekend car for drives out after i sold my 1.3 genesis a few months a go, and i couldnt resist this as a project for the price i paid. First jobs im tackling are gearbox issues, oil & coolant leaks to hopefully get it into a more driveable state in the next few weeks. Ill aim to keep this thread updated as often as i can or at least as often as i get stuff done on the car. Hopefully at least a few people can find interest in it. Any questions fire away ... all advice and comments welcome please as i go guys. Cheers Ash
  2. katemelita

    Double-din centre console conversion

    Started my double-din centre console conversion the other day, it was remotely easy! Started simple by getting the cage into the center console, started by using a dremmel but it proved to be making the work harder so ended up using a stanley blade as you can tell the sizes are extremely different height and width wise, so, the mk2 Golf centre console will need trimming at the base
  3. jordoan

    Jordan's MK2F breadvan

    Hi all been wanting to do one of these for a while but only just got the chance i bought my mk2f breadvan from stockport around september 2017 & it's been an on going daily project ever since. i painted it blue with graffiti paint lowered it on an ebay lowering kit & started doing shows in 2018. after blowing the first 1l engine up i did a quick engine change to another 1l for under £100 just to keep the car on the road. comes to november 2018 time & i wanted to start a winter build. started with painting the car, the car is now melon yellow - done with montana graffiti cans. yes i painted over the windows because i liked the look of a panel van & couldn't be bothered trying to track down some actual panels. bought a GT conversion with the 5 speed short ratio box, stainless manifold and a few extra bits. i liked the idea of having brand new parts even if the old ones were fine.. driveshafts, front coilovers, top mounts, bottom arms, track rod arms/ends, ARB Blocks etc. this build isn't the best thing ever but certainly is a eye catcher & i love the thing aha. this car is built to what i like... not what other people think. if i listened to everyone else it'd be sat here with a 40/60 lowering kit on bbs hahaa STRIP - DROP - RATTLE - ROLL (a motto i like to use from a club called DUBRATZ) if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. photos may not be in order the car currently isnt finished & i'm waiting for a few parts to arrive, i've just bought a new bonnet & wings as ones on the car had dents. follow me on insta: _jordoan_
  4. Donalt_95

    Mk3 Polo from the Emerald Isle

    Hi Folks 🙋‍♂️ A few months ago with the encouragement from a few close friends of mine I took the leap and decided to buy a project car. After looking around for a while, nothing seemed to catch my eye. So the search continued, and one day I stumbled across a little MK3 polo for sale. The car was advertised as needing painted .... LOL So I went to view the car and this was the shape it was currently and actually the way I bought it the car surprisingly needs little welding but has had the interior ripped out as previous owner had planned on turning into a van but hey ho I'm sure you guys on here will help guide me to completion of this project. Mk2f polo 1.0 4 speed 51,000 There has been a lot of changes and planning this last few months which I shall update you all with soon.
  5. RossJukes

    Mk2 Build Thread

    Finally got round to starting a build thread. Would love to know your thoughts and what you'd do with her https://www.motorverso.com/vw-polo-coupe/ Thanks, Ross
  6. Richman711

    What happened to the mk 2 awd turbo?

    Hi guys Old member from many years ago, sadly no longer in the polo scene ( miss my mk2 tho,) but the other day I though about a build thread ( stinky Pete?) where some was doing some pretty crazy stuff to a mk 2 bready. Can't find the build thread any more tho so does any one know what happened to it? Did it get finished? Road legal etc? Chwers
  7. Hi all, I'm currently driving a 06 plate Polo with the AWY engine (1.2, 6V), and as much as I love it (it's my first car and an absolute workhorse) I'm getting tired of it's atrocious lack of power, and as all my mates are getting more powerful cars as their insurance is cheaper it's getting even more irritating. Because of this, and the fact I don't want to sell it, I've been trying to look into doing an engine swap for it, found an AYP 1.8 20VT engine with all the ancilliaries reasonably cheaply, and an 02A gearbox at a decent price too. So would those parts be compatible as I build a sleeper? or are there better pairings I should consider? Also, how much would it cost me do you think? I can get the gearbox and engine for 800 odd quid, how easy would it be to do myself? I can probably do everything but the loom, or is it going to be harder that I anticipated? Basically at a loose end here and can find precisely nothing of use online and any advice or guidance would be extremely helpful. Cheers :) Alastair
  8. Cymro

    Fern - Mk2 Polo Coupe

    So this is going to be my build thread for Fern, This is Liz's old car that she had very generously sold (something thats still not sunk in yet and again massive thanks Liz) on to me with the request to get her back on the road and at the Polo Social 2018. I have no clue what way im going to go with her yet (i know im not going for silly low and back killing), as many know I do have a selection of parts from my old mk2F that's has been taking up residence in a garden for the last few years so a few of those items will be transferred over. Heres the pictures that @Liz has given me, more to come once I go to pick her up at the end of the month.
  9. Alex&his6n2

    My Red 6n2 Build Thread?

    Hi everyone! My name is Alex and im new to club polo, i drive a flash red 5 door 6n2 polo and i love it! ive had the car for a while now and have started to do some modifications to get it how i want it to look, i am on a student budget so coilovers will have to wait until i can save up - anyway, here is my build thread so far! So the little polo had been sat for years in a bush with a broken gearbox and plants growing all over it, until i came along and with help from friends and family we got her a new box and got her on the road. This is her stock on standard steelies - such a pretty little machine! First thing i new i wanted was wheels, so my dad got in touch with a mate and managed to get me some BBS RAs - from a mk2 golf gti! Then i decided to paint a few things. First i did my front grill black to make it stand out a bit more - i also painted my front splitter red to make the bumper look a bit smoother, what a difference that made! i got a hold of some new door speakers for free so i installed those with new grates - they sound way better than my standard ones i thought my front end could do with an added touch so i took the 16v badge from my engine cover and glued it to my grill - looking good! also got a guy on facebook to photoshop my car slammed! Its gonna look so good! hopefully i will remember to upload some more photos as the build progresses! Or simply follow me on instagram @alex.6n2 ??
  10. hi everyone, So I wanted a car that was cheap on insurance and can produce a crazy amount of power for its engine size, you can call me crazy but I have bought another 2008 1.2 12v polo for £500 with only 20000 miles on the clock. I really want to turn this little polo into something special, something that I can really work on. basically, I want to put a turbo on it... problem is I have no clue what size turbo to put on it. I'm doing an overhaul, i.e. gaskets, seals, piston rings, bearings, that sort of biz so it won't blow up as soon as i start it for the first time. its just something fun, doest matter if it wrecks it in the long run as i just find a bigger crazier engine to put in haha. any help would greatly appreciated. thanks,
  11. roor6n2

    6n2 project cletus

    Ok..I've owned the car a year now silver 6n2 2001 1.4 8v current state STOCK :( lol plus a few stickers..(adding at least 2bhp each :P) Anyway spent the year fixing it more than driving it.... had the gearbox off more times than i can remember now its nearly ready to start modding Few pics of the work I've done coming up and pics of car as it is WATCH..THIS..SPACE.......
  12. markkgardner

    My polo 6n2 Project

    First day I got the car totally standard 2000 1.4 polo, only payed £750 for it had a lot of work done to it when I bought it (brake pads etc) so that saves me some time and money! 95,000 miles on the clock.. not bad! Came with a CD player which has a aux so thats me sorted for a while may buy a double din touchscreen headunit in a while
  13. ScottGreensmith

    My 9n

    So i'm new to the forums but having owned my 9n since January 2015 thought id post, it's my first car having passed the week before i got it. I recently spent some time fixing some issues i had with it, and then set to making it a little more interesting.. When i first got it the front left suspension spring had snapped clean in half so had to be replaced, there was alot of moisture inside, the exhaust was worn out and the clutch went within around a month. So all in all an expensive start. But i picked up a full new exhaust, suspension and clutch and then 4 new tyres all that was left was the smaller bits. The gear knob gaitor had worn through so i picked up a new one, soon to be a pool ball knob. i installed new fogs at the front and yellow'd them with film too. black badge at the front wind deflectors black steels new gear knob de badge de wiper foot well LED's relocated number plate soon to have- Hydro dipped blue engine cover, K&N 57i air filter hopefully. considering 9n3 rear lights i want to drop it but due to carrying alot of weight with work I'm struggling to justify it. Here are a couple of photos
  14. tcj1992

    G40 build threads

    HI all, I currently have a 1989 mk2 polo coupe s and am looking to add a bit of speed back in my life after selling my g40 a few years back regretfully. I am currently looking for as much info on doing the conversion. I know people have done it before but cant seem to find any build threads around? as much info as possible would be a great help! Thanks.
  15. AshleyStent

    Shrek-My GREEN 1.4 polo 6n2 5 dr

    Got my 1st car a thew months back haven't yet done any mods to it currently due to lack of money got my test on 19th of may aswell so money is going towards that but here is how shrek looks at the moment: Back breaks keep ceasing and electric windows do not work with the switches but do with the key in the door. Was a leak when bought but i have found the source and fixed it. Future mods: Bonnet is a slightly different shade of green so am spraying satin black Shorty wing mirrors satin black satin black gti top grill k&n induction kit angel eye headlights rear windows limo tint vw badge sprayed satin black alloys sprayed satin black lowered dont know how low yet as the 6n2's dont have a sump guard so dont want to do stupidly low but would like to get as low as possible would like black seats but not sure what ones yet. Black roof bars Any suggestions as to what to do etc are greatly appreciated updates as money becomes available will be posted!
  16. Hi, So I bought this little polo around a year ago (I know, it's taken a while) for £4500 with just 20k miles on it. Great little 1.4 which had been barely used by an elderly couple (At least I know it hasn't been ragged out) Few dinks here and there and some severely curbed wheels... I saw the dinks after I had bought the car... I know I should have checked properly but I had been waiting for a black 3dr manual polo SE 1.4 to come up in my area and I couldn't say no when I saw how low the miles were! Anyway nothing a good detail couldn't sort out! So here's what I'd like to do to it: Minor: Glossy Black B Pillars Left Wing Mirror (Indicator has been smashed off by a passing car -_-) Pressed Plates Wheel Tracking Debadge Tax Disc Holder Tailored Car Mats (The old ones were from the garage with their company name on it looks awful!) Stubby Aerial Black Badges (Front & Back) LED Number Plate Lights Ozram Nightbreakers GTI Honeycomb Grills GTI Headlights Bushes (It makes an awful squeaky noise when I go over bumps) Major Window Tints (4% Rear and 70% Fronts) Bluemotion Rear Valance Bluemotion Front Splitter GTI Side Skirts H&R Coilovers Lenso BSX 17" Black/White Centers Full Detail Recently went to Ultimate Dubs and was really inspired by all the dubs so I wanted to get cracking on my car as soon as payday came :) Should be getting this list done over the summer so watch this space :) PS Ignore how dirty the car is please... I have to drive down a track to work :(
  17. Ganjasaurus

    Cian's Silver 6n2 Project ! ~_~

    Hey guys, Finally decided to knuckle down and make a build thread! Just after purchasing a standard 2000 Silver 1.4 Mpi 3 door 6n2, which gives me the perfect excuse to have a bit of fun. Car is in quite good condition, running perfectly and is actually a pleasure to drive (we'll see how long that lasts once the coilovers go in.. ) Although everything is running smoothly, there are a few cosmetic problems (they may be small, but they still p**s me the f**k off) that will need to be sorted ASAP. So here she is, as she stands just after purchase. Bought it off an old couple, so came equipped with the highest spec of creepy Christian stickers Ye Olde rusty drip .. More f**king rust ... And stone chips .. Wee bit of frontal bump strip damage aswell , Top of the range headunit to say the least .. I'd say the window switches have seen better days How does that even happen ? And to top it all off they left me a few ashes still in the ash tray for good luck.. But aside from those slight cosmetic downfalls shes A-OK ! Only became a member of Club Polo recently, although have been sourcing information and tips from here for the best part of a year. Been meaning to make a build thread like this for quite a while now so I'v got loads in store for ye ! This is all I've got for now though, as I just bought the car yesterday The build will start ASAP , with Christmas coming up and the weather acting the c**t it will be slow to start but once things calm down and dry up (fingers crossed) work will begin ! Feel free to ask questions and make comments, just don't be a condesending w**kbag.
  18. owoolacott

    Polo 6n2 Build

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