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Found 23 results

  1. Mer

    Fog lights

    Does anyone here have front fog lights fog g40 1993 .Willing to pay good money for very good ones
  2. amazingsingh

    Polo Rear Bumper 6R/6C

    Time Left: 5 days and 4 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Hi, looking for a rear bumper for a polo. I have a white 1.2TDI 2012 Polo, with a cracked rear bumper so looking to replace it if i can get a good deal. Thanks


  3. memadjoe90

    MK2/f bread van parts various

    Time Left: 1 month and 14 days

    • WANTED
    • USED

    Hello, Looking for mk2/f beadvan parts or poss full car if cheap enougth parts req idealy good condition Tail gate bumpers front and rear Black (like genesis models both n/s lamp units fornt and rear and the metal strip that go's above the bumper and holds the front grill up. this part is welded on and will need spot welds grinding or drill out to remove so i can weld it onto mine or a full car idealy genesis spec or tornado red but dosent really matter too much Thanks my number is 07780778837 if anyone can help out


    Blackpool, lancashire - GB

  4. Harrypolo

    6N1 1.4 Front End parts wanted

    Time Left: 29 days and 18 hours

    • WANTED
    • USED

    6N1 1.4 Front End parts wanted, including headlights and indicators, although lenses can be damaged as I have good ones. I have sourced some parts separately but would rather source from one place if someone is breaking. May consider other parts around car depending on condition too. Kent area or close.


    - GB

  5. dpalmer_220992

    Polo 9N3 Bumper Help

    Evening all I was just wondering if anyone can tell me if the front bumper of a 9n3 polo comes apart, mainly the part in the middle, I'm wanting to paint it black like the gti. I know I could do it by just masking the bumper off but it'd be much easier and i'd get a better finish if I could remove the centre section and paint it indoors. Thanks in advance, Dan
  6. Just wondering how different are the bumper fitments on the 9n to the 6n2? I have a 9n towbar available but I own a 6n2, Just wondering if it's worth trying to fit it? Thanks
  7. Trying to get the front bumper off so I can put 16v ones on but I’m stuck if anyone could please would be great! thanks, jack
  8. GTi TURBz

    mk2 side bumpers

    Hi all, is the side bumpers on the doors screwed on or just adhesive? I would like to remove them! Cheers Matt
  9. stevee-bee

    polo vivo

    hi would any one know how to get a polo vivo bumper in the uk or roughly how much to get one from south africa yjanks in advance :)
  10. Captain Butters

    9n3 honeycombe grills

    Hi, I bought a honeycombe grill set off eBay. The fog light grills fit but the bottom middle grill is too narrow. Has anyone else had the same issue? Also can you recommend a good fitting middle grill?
  11. So I found this polo 9n from lowfactory.de and I am in love with the fromt bumper. Any one know what it is?
  12. Hello, I saw this 2002 1.2 polo with a GTi front bumper and lights + GTi tyres. I am looking to buy a polo and would like this done to mine, where can I get that exact bumper and lights from? Is it hard to fit them? Picture attatched Thank you
  13. Hi there, I have recently, to my great happiness, acquired a Polo 1993 genesis coupe! However, a week after I brought it, a deer ran out in front of me and it's rear end hit my front end. The deer is hopefully ok, I tried to find it and it was no where to be seen. Anyway, the damage it has done to my front has lodged my lights a little out of place. I pretty much don't know much about cars, although am hoping to learn much more as part of club polo. I am very proud to have the car I have and I am devastated about this damage. I have attached some pictures, any advice on what I need to replace or best way to go about fixing the damage or any good places to get second hand parts in the south would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much! Georgie
  14. Does anyone know if the vw polo r line rear bumper and valance will fit directly onto a normal vw polo 6r? Trying to buy a cheap second hand r line rear bumper and diffuser then fit it myself thanks
  15. I am trying to repair or replace a piece of trim that sits above the front bumper, just around the lights and below the grill. What is it called or what would I search on ebay, so far I've not been able to find this part anywhere. My one has one of the side clips broken so unless I can repair it somehow, its needing replacement. I have tried searching everywhere but no luck turning up anything. Thanks
  16. will a 6n2 fog bumper grill fit 6n 16v bumper
  17. smg4life01

    Remove 6N Rear Bumper

    Hi there everyone just wondering how to remove the polo 6n rear bumper since I have now bought a front and rear 16v bumpers for my car and trying to find out how to remove the bumper so i can replace it with my 16v one which needs a bit of work but i don't think its going to be done anytime soon so i just want to have it on my car for the mean time plus i may need to cut out a piece of the bottom to allow the exhaust passage. thanks
  18. smg4life01

    Under Bumper

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows if I can clip or screw back on the under bumper its come off on one side and I think its not nice having one side on and the other hanging. Its the passenger side that hanging just wondered if anyone knows
  19. i have recently bought a 16v rear bumper on ebay, its pretty rough but I'm gonna sand it down and paint it, but i dont have a 16v polo and want to fill in the original cut out for the exhaust, what would be the best way of doing this? fibreglass and filler? if so how would i fix it too it? Any help appreciated :)
  20. Does this look ready for spraying?
  21. Just brought a 16v rear bumper, its currently in blue but want to get it to white, want to do it myself but just wondering what products to buy, primer, sand paper ect. maybe someone has a link?
  22. Right i've got a rear bumper I need to get to white, which is currently blue, going to use spray cans, can anyone tell me the best way? Prepping ect.
  23. Hello everyone i urgently need a black driver side mirror. If anyone has one spare or is selling one please get in touch. I also need a rear bumper in black if anyone can supply one or knows how to fix a crack in the back bumper. Thanks guys
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