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Found 14 results

  1. Having some fun getting my Mk2 ready for mot after years off the road. The breather hose from back of airbox to crank has deteriorated and needs replacing. Does anywhere still do them? Carb flange is split, I should have another in the garage, but I'm not sure how good it is, if I need one where would I get one. Cheers in advance 🙂
  2. I’m probably facing the task of having to change the infamous 1B3 Rubber Carb mount on my 1043HZ Breadvan, but want to fit the best quality one I can. I had previous problems with the deterioration of the original VW mount and have in the past fitted about 3 different makes of pattern part ones which, quite frankly, all seem to be absolute rubbish quality. The 1st one split after about 6 months, then two others that lasted less than that.I also found that as well as the rubber splitting, the pattern ones also have ‘inserts’ for the carb bolts that can easily pull out of the metal p
  3. Hi everyone, first post so go easy on me lol. Recently acquired a 1990 1.0 breadvan as a cheap runaround, been sorting through it's issues one at a time and have reached a sticking point. So when I got it cold starts were a struggle and a high idle when warm, I started with the basic checks and found it had an air leak at the carb flange (flange itself looks fairly new and ok, but there's no paper gasket between the carb and flange - I'm assuming it should have one?) So anyway, I literally took the air intake off, undid the 2 bolts holding the carb on and pu
  4. dvderlm

    idle rpm

    Is it better to idle at 1050 rpm with 15:1 AFR or 950rpm with 14.2:1 AFR ?
  5. Hey. First post and pretty desperate! Throttle linkage is knackered on my '83 MK2 - garage have said they have to replace the entire carb. Does this sound right? If so, can anybody point me in the right direction where to source the best carb? My last car was an '89 model and I replaced the original carb with a Weber as suggested by a mate - resulted in a manual choke being put in and ultimately being the biggest pain in the ass, she never ran the same after that! So I'm a bit reluctant to go down that road again...... Any tips or advice would be awesome. Cheers, Anna
  6. Hi looking for a bike carb setup or a replacement carb for my 82 mk2 polo 1.1 engine code HB. Solex is dead
  7. I've done an engine swap in my MK2 bready, the engine "works" but I can't seem to run without the choke on (or slight acceleration). I'm running with a piersburg solex pic 7 carb on a new rubber flange with no air leaks. Without choke it will try to run then cough and die even when the engine is warm. Any ideas on how to get this to idle smoothly.
  8. Okay so my car cut out again this morning, started fine, idled fine half choke and drove off fine, wouldn't rev high whilst on choke, wouldn't idle whilst off choke, then 100 yards down the road cut out and wouldn't start, just kept turning over and turning over for about 5 minutes then eventually started to pick up and started again. I must be getting air in from somewhere on the carb as I've tried richening up the mixture to no avail, gunsons colourtune shows no change in colour no matter hkdow far you adjust the mixture screw and gas tester shows .6-1.1 co on idle, plugs are white Th
  9. I've recently bought a 1982 polo breadvan with 1043cc engine and manual choke carb and it idles fine, starts fine and runs okay apart from sputtering every now and then. It appears that it's fine when throttle is wide open but when pulling away or changing down gears and pulling away it struggles causing the car to kangaroo before picking up again. I'm having to compensate with high revs when pulling away to avoid it stalling and those skinny little tyres struggle enough for traction and wheelspinning away from every junction isn't as fun as it sounds. Just wondering if anyone has ha
  10. Hi everyone, if anyone could help me diagnose my problem that would be amazing! I'm sure its down to something electrical? I have recently got back hold of the car (off road since'15) I had her firing a few times but running naff (always near enough flooding) so since these things I have changed; spark plugs, battery, replaced 1 HT lead (misfire), dizzy cap, oil sensor, blue and black coolant temp sensors, full service (oil, air & fuel) and also added and exhaust system. I have also added a gasket to the throttle body which was missing and fixed the one which sits between this and the car
  11. Hi all, I sold my breadvan a few years back and bought it back recently, it had been in storage for 3 years and was absolutely sodden when I got it back. It started up first time and then didn’t for a very long time until changing the; HT leads, battery, dizzy cap, plugs and clearing the fuel line and fresh fuel. However, it was always flooding itself so I needed to rectify this issue - I changed the SPI unit / throttle body (at this time I didn’t realise there was no gasket). At the time of bad flooding you could hear the fuel pump priming strongly. Since then I have changed the
  12. Is the inlet manifold different 1.0 to 1.3 mark 2 polo??? Also will a 1.3 carb fit on a 1.0 inlet manifold? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, been lurking on here for a while but never made an account. recently bought my first car, a p reg 1.4 cl (8v) with the Openair roof. Absolutely love it but have already caught the bug in terms of modding. Been reading up about carbs (seems less daunting than a 16v) to give it some more oomph but there’s one thing I’m not clear on. How does the ignition work when efi and stock throttle body etc is gone? Seen some websites saying I can run off stock distributor but lots of talk on here about mk2 wiring? Fairly new to it all but sort of mechanically minded so just looking for some explana
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