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Found 17 results

  1. Hi polo people. Hope you're all safe and well. I have an issue with my mk2 breadvan. Did an oil change 2 days ago, nothing out of the ordinary, took it for a run, about a mile of country lanes, couple miles of motorway and back again, nothing strange there. Lent it to a mate who needed to get across town for an appointment, apparently it was fine for that. He came to drop it back and the engine temp light was on. I asked how long that had been on and he said just since he left his house. Popped the bonnet, engine oil was all gone. Took him home in my other car, nothing on his driveway. Couldn't see anything on the road between his house and mine. I still had fresh oil left over from the oil change so i just filled it back up. It's held it fine since then at same level. When i did the oil change, i filled it right up. As the level stayed the same when i refilled it, i thought maybe i had over filled it and it was the cam cover gasket that gone. As i have a spare one on the shed, i thought i'd just change them over and make sure the cam cover hadn't warped too much. Emptied the oil out again, as i was doing this, thought i'd just whip the coolant cap off and check the level, (previous owner fitted top fill golf rad so no expansion tank,) couldn't see anything inside so popped a little coolant in. That disappeared so i grabbed a bottle of water, 1.5l, and it took the whole lot! Then i noticed something dripping onto my driveway. Fairly certain it's water/coolant because of the colour but it's running off the oil filter. Is there anywhere above the oil filter that coolant could leak from? Core plug maybe? How would i have lost all the oil AND coolant in one go? I've had the cooling system worked over summer but not had any issues with the parts that were replaced, (heater matrix and both hoses connected to it.) I have noticed that since this has happened, there's a dry kinda rust coloured reisdue on the lower engine. Thanks for bearing with me and also for any guidance you may be able to give.
  2. Just did 8 hours of driving from Oxford to Dijon - the first leg on a 3 week tour around France in our Mk2f. I'd planned ahead meticulously and the car has probably been over-maintained before the trip as a precaution. Drove like a greased rocket out of Coquelles - car behaving perfectly and doing 130km/h for hours like a champ. However when we stopped for fuel I totally forgot about how hot the head may have gotten on l'autoroute so as soon as the pump stopped the coolant boiled over. No biggie I thought - only lost a few hundred ml and I brought a gallon of deionised water just in case. Topped it up and didn't thinka ny more of it. 4 hours later the same thing happened again, even after letting it idle for a while and let the fan kick in a couple of times before turning off. Am I just being an idiot and this is what driving in a French summer was like 26 years ago? Does anyone have any tips? Should I run the heater on full whack when we stop suddenly like that (i.e. in an aire off the autoroute) and try and bring the head temp down for a while? Was fine just stopping in Dijon now as we had to do some slow city driving before stopping. However when idling just before we turned off for the day the pump was squealing away - sounded like the old one before I replaced it in Jan and that was knackered. Could it just be dead hot? Probably should lay off sitting at 4k revs for 4 hours at a time from now on eh...!
  3. Hi, My Mk2 2G is leaking coolant out of its inlet manifold. There's a coolant channel through the inlet, right? It looks like there's a plug on the driver's side of the inlet, recessed in, like a metal freeze plug you'd see on an engine. That's where the leak is coming from. Can I somehow replace this part of the manifold? Or do I really need a whole new one?
  4. Hi all I was looking for a little advice regarding my 2010 1.6tdi. It's been losing coolant over that last few months, not massive amounts but I'm having to top up from min to max every 500 - 700 miles or so. I've checked the following and can confirm: No evidence of leak on the drive No steam from exhaust No rough idle No sweet smells in the cabin No contamination of oil on the cap or dip stick No hiss from coolant tank when engine is cold. I've taken it to a garage for a pressure test and they say they couldn't find any external leaks. They've suggested it's either a head gasket problem or the EGR cooler. Both extremely expensive and they can't say for sure which one is causing the problem, so I might spend the money only to find the problem still exists. I'm at a loss as to what to do. I asked them to do a head gasket sniffer test, but they said because my coolant tank looks stained/dirty it wouldn't be able to give an accurate indication?? If anyone is able to offer some advice, I'd be forever in your debt. Thanks
  5. Hello, I am having yet another issue with my 98' Polo Classic (6kv2). A couple of days ago I drove it through town for about an hour (heavy traffic), and stopped in the parking lot. As soon as I go out of the car I see a puddle building under the car. The hose connecting the thermostat housing to the heater core inlet was blown off the heater. (I suspect it happend just as I was parking) Clamp was there, hose did not seem to have any damage. Placed it back on, refilled engine with coolant/water - seems ok now. The question is what caused this in the first place? I've checked the thermostat - seems OK (does not overheat, return radiator hose is hot). In fact both thermostat, housing and temp sensor are brand new (2 weeks old). There does not seem to be milky residue on the engine cap (water in oil). No oil in the expansion tank. No white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. If seems to build a bit of white foam in the expansion tank when I am accelerating and water is pouring on it. Could it be a head-gasket issue? Does this polo series have any pressure release valve in the cooling system? Thank you
  6. Decided to have a crack at replacing the sensor as it seems like a 2 min job, however being a complete noob, my brain was frazzled after opening the engine cover. Is the green thing in the photo the sensor? Any help would be appreciated, cheers.
  7. Right, so I'm mid way through my Mk2 breadys engine conversion, it is my first engine conversion so its took some figuring out so far, but I'm nearly ready for engine in except for a couple of little bumps in the road. So to start off with I've got APQ 1.4 8v apq engine and DOW 5 speed box to go with it, and I'm swapping it for my old 1litre 4speed, so far everything fits or transfers across seen as the engines are nearly identical, I'm ditching the injection system and running it with the original 1 litre head and a 1300 golf carb, everything fits nicely and that bits all sorted, the problems are, 1. Main coolant pipe from the water pump and 2. Top gearbox mount and driveshafts 1. The original coolant pipe doesn't fit, so I have to get the 1.4 pipe, but from looking into it, the old pipe has three ports on it, 2 of which go straight to the carb to control the choke I believe, and the other heads straight to the header tank, whilst the 1.4 pipe only has one port, that goes to the heater system, so how can I get around the pipes to the carb, a friend of mine has suggested that I get the new pipe and run the carb on Manuel choke, but that obviously means doing some modification to the carb, but I dont really know where to start on that haha 2. Top gearbox mount is rather different, the original has 3 studs on top to bolt the mount onto, where as the 6n mount for the gearbox mounts onto the car in a completely different place, and also, will the drive shafts be long enough and actually fit, I'm Sure someone who's done a 5 speed conversion can help with this. any help given will be much appreciated
  8. Since i bought my 6N 1.4 8v the expansion tank has been a pretty uniform shade of pink as if G12 has dried all around it, making it impossible to tell the level. I've never thought much of it as the engine seems to cool pretty well (never really goes over 80/90c even on 300 mile motorway trips) and I can see some coolant when i open the filler cap and look into the tank. What are your thoughts on this? Any way to clean the tank? Am i in trouble? Bought a bottle of G12 for some daft price a few months ago for this purpose but has since slipped my mind. Cheers!
  9. Hi, I'm looking to replace the coolant sensor but there seem to be two - a blue one and a black one. Picture Anyone know what each one is for? Thanks
  10. Having got my polo on the road it's losing coolant from the connections for the hoses at the base of the rad, and where that hose connects to the thermostat housing. I thought it was because of an old hose but I replaced it (along with the jubilee clips holding them on) and it's now leaking more! (Worse in cold weather I assume due to contraction) I read up and apparently the spring clips are better than jubilee (even though they're a pain to put on) but having now put the spring clips back on its still leaky. Any advice? The spring clips were old so maybe I should get new ones if so where from? Is there a magic third option to jubilee clips and the spring ones? And is there a reliable place to get rubber hosing from (what's the right diameter?). Thanks everyone Edit: forgot to mention I replaced the thermostat and housing when I was doing the hose
  11. NebulaicToaster

    Head gasket advice

    I'm about to get the head off because of a leak above the alternator. Stupid question do I need to drain all the oil, the Haynes manual doesn't tell you to under head removal and there's no water in it. I know the coolant has to go. Also I'm getting the head skimmed, should I whack some cling film over the cavity to avoid dust and such getting in while the head is off. How do I make sure the timing belt goes back in the right place? And finally any advice for fitting the new gasket, it's a rubber elring job? Cheers J
  12. I have been looking around and getting myself confused about which is the real coolant to put in my '96 1.4 Polo. Some places say red, some say blue and some say green. Anyone actually know please?
  13. Can anyone tell me where I can get a new metal coolant pipe for across the rear of the engine block for a gt 3f? Thanks
  14. So, yesterday I drove off and noticed the red temperature light (thermometer) flashing. At the lights I restarted the car and all good - it's gone. I put it down to my big feet (sometimes my foot disturbs the wiring up above the pedals which can cause the car to go into limp mode, forcing me to disconnect the battery to reset it). But anyway... On the way back from work today (only 10min away) it was flashing again. So when I got home I popped the bonnet and noticed the coolant reservoir is very low. I've never needed to top this up before, it's always at the same level, so I'm assuming a leak. Any tips for usual suspects? I did a quick inspection of the hoses from the reservoir and they look ok. Maybe the radiator? Or could it be something else?
  15. Hi there, I have a problem with my car and was hoping someone could tell me what the problem could be. Sorry for long post, I'm just trying to be as informative as possible. If you don't want to read, skip to "symptoms" [back story] It started loosing coolant every 1200 miles, so I (stupidly) poured a little Radweld into it. And that's when problems arose. It all foamed out the expansion tank, car heater fluctuated from mega hot to freezing cold and all sorts of stuff. Also the car got to temperature VERY quickly. I took it to the garage and they flushed out the system, said there was no blockages and they thought it could be the head gasket Took it to another garage and they changed thermostat and said everything working fine, there's no holes or leaks or blockages (they also flushed they system). They said they couldn't duplicate the problems I was having. They also suspected the head, they said it will get worse if not fixed (they think the coolant was escaping through combustion chamber) ANYWAY, I decided to just run the car as normal, carry 2x 2litres bottle of water in the boot and top up as required and stop if car temp is about to rise. This is where the problems changed My car suddenly stopped firing out coolant, heaters suddenly started working as they should, great my car fixed itself...or so I thought. It still got to temperature a lot quicker than normal, but I didn't see that as a problem, more as a bonus really, especially with it being a diesel and normally taking for ever to warm up. Everything was normal apart from when I came to junctions and traffic lights, 10 seconds later my heaters would go cold, I mean freezing cold! As soon as I applied to revs around 1300rpm, it came through hot again. From 900rpm (tick over) to 1200 ish, thats where it would stay cold, any higher, then my heaters would start blowing out heat again. I drove it like this for around 1000 miles and then symptoms changed again!! All of a sudden, heat came out the heaters at traffic lights and junctions and behaving normally. The car went back to taking a while to warm up (bloody diesels). Occasionally having to still top up coolant every 1500miles (the light comes on dash) all seemed great. But this is how it is now and these are the symptoms that I have: Symptom 1 Right, my cars fine apart from going up hills, a normal step hill. There's one hill I go up and the heaters turn cold around halfway up, 5 seconds later my car temp starts shooting up, I've never let it reach max, its only just touched around 110 then goes straight back down. If i'm in top gear and go up the hill, the temperature shoots up a lot quicker than it would if I dropped down to 4th. Symptom 2 If i'm on the motorway and start doing 80mph, then after a minute or so, the heaters turn cold, then as expected the temperature starts to rise. I slow down, the heaters start blowing warm air and the temperature goes down. Now you could say "well don't do 80mph, that's speeding" but my car still shouldn't do that and if I need to get past someone quickly I need to know my car is going to hold up. I try to drive around it by making sure my car stays bang on 70mph or slightly under and not really overtaking anyone, but after half an hour I get the same symptoms as I do at 80mph. I have noticed if I put my foot flat to the floor the heaters turn cold for a few seconds. I try to go back roads a lot of the time as my car is completely fine at 60 and I get no issues, but I cant go back roads and avoid hills forever So yea these are the problems i'm having and would really appreciate if someone could help point me in the right direction as to what it could be as its really annoying me. Cheers
  16. Hi, I'm new to club polo. It's good to be here. We have a 52 reg green Polo 1.2S. I used to own a E 1988 Polo saloon which we modified with a G40 super-charged engine and won best engine at GTi International about 15 years ago. The polo we have now is standard and boring in comparison but had to grow up and down-size!. The coolant level has been gradually dropping since we bought it from a garage 8 months ago. We can't see any sign of leakages, but are keeping an eye on it. We have had nothing but problems with it and it only has 42k miles. Typical problems apparently for the model. Any comments appreciated. Cheers
  17. Hi All, I think I need to replace the engine coolant temp sensor on my AEX engine 6n. Symptom are a difficultly to start from cold, lumpy running at idle when it does start and the temp gauge doesn't work. I've had a price from my local TPS of nearly £40, and a price from Euro Car Part for just under £20 for an OE quality item. Has any one got experience of using non-genuine sensors like this? Are they generally ok? And are there any brands I should look for or avoid? Thanks.
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