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Found 15 results

  1. Ok my genesis mk2f 1ltr has warning buzzer on clocks i want to do away with it any one done this ? as you can see i have stripped the cluster down but am stuck at this point as i cant find how the two parts separate ? Before you ask why, well i replaced the engine for another low mile 1ltr and the replacement engine and it only came with one oil sensor and the old engine came with two. So now oil warning buzzer has come on and rather annoying , so unless i have messed up along the way can anyone help please. Regards
  2. I swapped my Speedo over into a working instrument panel the other day before I got the polo properly on the road. It was one with a trip metre below the normal mileage (though I now can't press the reset button because the dash I put it into doesn't have the hole :( I'm treating it as mileage since ownership). The problem is now I'm driving her, the trip is at like 1000 when I've only gone a couple hundred on the normal mileage. Is there a reasonable explanation for this, did I knock something during assembly? Or is trip in KM?
  3. Hey have looked on forums but can't find any info on dash bulbs specifically instrument cluster bulbs. MK2 polo breadvan 1983. Are they specific to this model or can you use any old dash bulbs?
  4. 9n3Ben

    Audio help!

    So I have a base model 9n3, I love the car but it doesn't have an aux port. For the last 18month I have been using a Belkin Radio transmitter to create a local radio station that I can tune my cars stock radio into and play music from my phone. My current setup is low-quality, ugly and needs replacing. Does anyone have any thoughts on the most seamless and effective way of playing my own music through the in built car stereo? I'd really like to be able to also use it as a hand free system so that I can answer the phone on long journeys however this is not essential. In my mind I'd like to cut the wires down to one or even zero if possible however I am on a budget. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi so I'm pretty new to this site but have bumped into a problem with my Polo and not sure where my next move is. So i bought some LED bulbs from Halfords for my number plate lights and after fitting them I turned my lights on to check them but they didn't work, so i decided to put my old ones back in but now the normal bulbs didn't work either. As i went to drive home i realised on my journey home that i also had no Dash illumination lights either and couldn't actually see how fast i was going. My first thought was a fuse problem so the next day i check the fuses and checked the user manual and found that they share the same fuse so obviously it must have been the fuse... NOT! the fuse was fine and so were all my other fuses as i pulled them out one by one. After a little research online i found that someone had replaced their light switch (the dial below the drivers air blowers to turn the headlamps on) so i ordered a new light switch. Once that arrived I unplugged my old light switch and plugged in my new one... Nothing. so after replacing the bulbs, fuses and now replacing the light switch too I'm stuck and not really sure where to go next. If someone could please help ill be much appreciated!!! Thanks. car details: VW Polo 9n 2002 1.2 - 3 door
  6. Hi guys, any chance we're getting this parking permit back (is it easy to loosen dash?) or is it gone forever? More than capable of removing it, but want to work out if it's worth the time investment or just get the landlord to print another permit... Thanks :)
  7. Hi guys, Hoping to get membership soon and get my photos up of my 9N journey so far but in the meantime... I'm installing lights under my dash and want them to come on with the sidelights.. I have everything researched and ready to go but I am really struggling with connecting the final wire! These are the wires I have tried connecting to: Instrument Illumination Either Sidelight Headlight Switch Light The problem I have is that I've been cutting wires according to the Haynes manual and they haven't been the right ones so I've had to reattach them to where they previously were. Can anybody help me? Thanks, Rory!
  8. Hey guys I'm new here and this is my first post so thanks in advance for any help. I have a 1.4CL 1998 VW Polo in silver which just passed an MOT so I thought to say thanks for saving me money buying a new car, I would start doing her up a bit lol! I've debadged, cleaned up some body work, and want to start with a few dash mods and i'm able to remove most of the centre console plastics which I want to repaint/Carbon fibre but I'm having a problem however with the heater grills on the passenger and drivers side (with the light dials) I use a small nylon stick in the surround and it does get some movement forward but doesn't appear to budge fully. I just wanted an idea on how to do this successfully without breaking the plastics. Do I have to take the fan out first before the surround? I've looked about but not able to find any guides! I'm guessing it's very easy and I'm just being a dunce but a hand in the right direction would be appreciated :) I will attach files to show what I'm referring to! Cheers! Paul
  9. Need some help please! It was a while back now, but when I started my car one morning the heating would only work if I put it on full blast (4). It worked once after that; I left the dial on 2 overnight and when I switched the engine on it was working for about 30 seconds/1 minute across the whole spectrum, however when I then turned the dial to 0 then back on again, it would no longer work unless on 4. I'm not going to lie i'm not great with electrics, so any help with regards to what it might be or how I can fix it would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom.
  10. jono1303

    dash swap?

    So i think i saw a pic of KIZ's dash swap in his mk2f with an Audi TT one. I'm quite liking the idea of doing something like this, so the question is can anyone direct me to / does anyone know which dashboards would fit with preferably the least amount of modification. Build/install threads would be a godsend. Thanks in advance folks.
  11. I'm about to buy a double din to fit my 6n2. I have bought the facia for double din off eBay, but I am unsure what will and won't fit. Will any of the eBay job double dins fit nicely in the facia, and just slot in? I just don't want to buy one and figure out it won't fit, so if anyone has fit one in there car before any advice would be appreciated. Cheers simon.
  12. Hello, i was wondering if its possible to wire up a switch to turn on the dash lights etc without turning on any exterior lights? Is this possible and if so, is there a guide anywhere which i can look at? cheers Lloyd Ps i have a 04 plate polo dune 9n
  13. hi, my polo 6n 99 clocks are not staying on 0 and keep dropping behind it, i am not sure attall how to fix it, same problem with petrol and thermo stat and they willnot remain at neutral position i am not sure what i have done but all i was doing was changing a bulb in the clocks and now they do not work. help please:(
  14. Hey guys, can someone give me the name/code of, or like me to the bulb that illuminates the heater controls on the centre console? mines blown and i can't seem to find it as i don't know what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance!
  15. does anyone no if there is a tutorial on here about how to remove the dash to get to the dials on my 1992 polo breadvan, becasue i have a new set of dials to go in and it will save time if i could only take the steering wheel off with the surrounding casing or if i have to take the whole dash off??
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