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Found 5 results

  1. New to the Polo scene after buying a '93 Mk2F Bready reacently. Its got 145k on the clock and has its problems but mechanically seemed sound enough (for the price) when I bought it. First drive after getting the keys was Southampton back to Birmingham and it behaved fine so I was happy enough. However I've noticed a few problems and they all seem to be inter-related. I'm trying to work through them using fixes I've picked up from these forums, however no one thing I've tried yet has done the job. Problems: 1) Temp gauge never got higher than ~75 on a long run, although the fan did kick in when parallel parking (lots of revs to get up a curb!) after a long journey. 2) Starts ok but idle is lumpy and until its vaguely warm any light use of the throttle almost kills the engine. Have to keep revs high to change gear when cold 3) Loads of white smoke and the smell of unburnt fuel, especially when cold. Tried solutions: 1) Coolant and temp gauge sensors relatively new (replaced by previous owner). Checked the blue coolant sensor when cold and has a high(ish) resistance - ~5kohms. Gauge sensor is similar (but a correct colour - black) 2) Tried warming up the engine and then blipping the throttle a few times past 3000revs (or what i believed to be - no revcounter on this car) with the blue sensor plug off, replaced it after. Supposedly to clear any error codes associated with the sensor after it was replaced. 3) New fuel filter put on recently by previous owner Possible solutions (yet to try this weekend): 1) New thermostat housing put in a year ago (according to records) but no thermostat on the service bill - seems mad to replace the housing but not the 'stat but you never know. When heating the car up I tried to see if I could feel warm water entering the radiator earlier than it should but it was inconclusive. My feeling is the 'stat, if faulty is opening early rather than just being stuck open. 2) New plugs and leads - only pulled one plug so far (have to remove air filter housing off the top to get to the rest) and was pretty carboned-up. HT lead plug had some green corrosion around the nipple seat. Could it be simply time for new plugs and leads? 3) Throttle body clean - looks clean enough to me but worth a squirt. I found a link (unfortunately now old and dead) to supposedly a guide to adjust the Bosch monotronic SPI - anyone know if this is a thing? Something about throttle idle stop screws (I'm new to fuel injection here!) 4) Lambda sensor? No revcounter to test how it holds revs when warm but might be able to hear any fluctuations by ear. My feeling is this wouldn't have much to do with it running bad when cold The car had its MOT last month and failed first time on emissions (v badly!) and I can see why now. Its definitely running too rich when cold and may well be all the time. Air filter was changed again recently too so its not that. Could most of these problems be down to poor plugs+leads and an engine that isn't getting to temp often because of a slightly dodgy thermostat? Could it just be that the ECU isn't switching to a closed loop mode because the engine isn't getting to temp / it doesn't think its getting to temp?
  2. I drive 2 Polo's regularly - a 2016 1.0 and a very new l.2 TSI. With both, I've noticed that the central console doesn't advise a change from 4th to 5th until way after I'd naturally change up....yet I'd have thought that an early change would be better for economy etc etc. Has anyone else noticed this - is the automated advice simply wrong, or are my driving habits probably the issue??!! thanks
  3. Lbryant127

    Penny the low spec 9n3

    Late march I found a bargain of a polo, £990 for a 2006 with 12k on the clock just sadly classed as a d cat for driver side fender and door damage, for £75 I got replacements and painted by my dad as he owns a spray booth. After a minor issue matching the colour to the car, the car was looking good other than minor bits of lacquer peeling on the front bumper. My next thing to do was colour code the panels and change the wheels to alloys over the plastic crap. I really wanted my own colour on the wheel so once again with my dad, I mixed some blacks and gun metals for something and turned out with this, and yes I just got the alloys of the plastic ones as they were cheap and good condition. I later got badges to replace the corroded ones so the cap is over the building again. another simple thing aesthetically was the debadging on the rear which just looks cleaner. My upcoming mods are adding fog lights and the hexed grills on the front of the car with official parts as well as some heko wind deflectors.
  4. Hi all, would just like to share my findings when running different grades of fuel in my car, a 2002 Polo 9N 1.2E 55 (6 valve AWY) with 125K on the clock (11K in my ownership). My typical tank of fuel is burned in a mixture of town work with mild to moderate traffic, and some rural & dual carriageway in a 3:1 (town:other) ratio. My driving style is mostly sensible (sticking to limits, changing before 3 - 3.5K RPM and no more than 3/4 throttle - bearing in mind it is a 54HP car) but occasionally spirited (i.e I do sometimes floor it, and I do sometimes rev to between 4.5 & 5K. I do sometime cruise at over 70 on a dual carriageway, but not too often) From 3 tanks of 95 RON Tesco petrol I averaged: 34 MPG 36 MPG 35 MPG From 6 tanks of 95 RON Esso petrol I averaged: 36MPG 37MPG 35MPG 36MPG 36MPG 37MPG From 6 tanks of 99 RON Momentum 99 I averaged: 40MPG 39MPG 38MPG 40MPG 39MPG 37MPG I do not have a fuel computer, these are brim to brim readings with the aid of the trip, the reciept, and a calculator. I didn't count any tanks which broke away from my general driving routine (i.e those which contained a motorway run or an abnormally long dual carriageway run) From this it looks like it would be worth trying Momentum 99, at least with the AWY engine (obviously I have not tried others) as I seem to get an extra 2 - 3MPG over Esso 95 and an extra 3 - 5MPG over regular Tesco 95. Using Momentum for me, works out as approximately £1 - £1.50 cheaper per 100 miles compared with 95 RON petrol, it has the added benefit of knowing that you are being kind to the injectors and so on by feeding through a higher quality fuel. I believe that the engine is very slightly more plucky, and the issue I had with acceleration flat spots seems to have been lessened slightly, though this may be due to the placebo effect, so don't take my word as gospel! I intend on trying a few more tanks of regular 95 to further ensure that changes in driving style are not a factor, and I intend on trying a few tanks of VPOWER at some point, though I haven't so far due to Shell garages being inconveniently located for me. I have not tried 97 RON Super or 98 RON BP Ultimate, as they are priced similarly to, or sometimes higher than Momentum 99. Thanks :)
  5. hi, i have noticed recently i have only been getting about 50 miles out of £10 worth of fuel. bought some redex didnt make much difference. so i thought i would ask you boffins for some advice. its a 1.3 1995 polo 6n petrol. i put 30L of fuel in and got 150 miles. fucking shit. costing me a fortune. i cant see any fuel leaks etc so i dont know what the problem is....also there is a fumey smell coming through the air vents?? any advice is welcome. thankyou :)
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