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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have one problem with my polo classic model year 2000. I drove it a couple of days ago and everything was normal. Yesterday I tried to start it up and car just cranks but it is not starting. When I was starting it before, glow plug light always lit up for a couple of seconds but now glow plug light does not light at all and I don't hear relay click. The battery is new and voltage is good, I opened fuse box and all of the fuses are good. I don't know which relay is for what, I read on the forums that relay 109 could be bad but I don't have that relay number. What could be the cause of this and what should I check next ?
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Ercan and I have a 6n since 2008. In that time I learned a lot from this site. So thank you all for that. Now I need an information I couldn't find in old topics. I'm trying to change my manual mirrors with electrical/heated ones. I got the mirrors, switch and wiring diagrams. But I can't find wirings, so I have to connect them by myself. And the problem is I can't understand which pin on diagram equals on my switch. Which pin is pin 1/2/3 etc. Do you know something about this? I hope you do. 🙂 Thanks...
  3. Hi, I’ve been making steady progress with a lot of the issues surrounding my ‘85 Polo C, but the instrument cluster is proving to be one of the few lasting problems I can’t seem to get sorted! Any help with these minor issues would be greatly appreciated, thanks! - Indicator LED always dimly lit (goes off when indicator or hazards applied) - Main beam LED won’t illuminate even though Main beam does (LED looks fine on inspection) -Analogue clock doesn’t work (but the connection seems fine) it would be lovely to love at the instruments and for everything to be working, the car is in really good Nick otherwise and it seems a bit of a shame!
  4. Hi all My mk2f has finally decided to rust really badly so I'm gonna fix it. I want to get the tank out so am trying to depressurise the fuel system but the relays I'm looking for are not on the ECU but seem to be by the fuses. But I'm not sure?!
  5. Hello 👋🏻 would anyone be able to help me PLEASE 🙏🏼 I have purchased a 2010 Polo 1.2 Moda for my daughter & it has a parasitic battery drain which a retired mechanic friend has traced to the red cable in the picture by using a volt meter, we are having trouble tracing where this cable goes so would anyone be able to advise please ?? Any help very much appreciated as thought I’d bought her a nice little car but not looking that way now 🤦🏻‍♂️ Thanks Jim
  6. I have a very strange issue with my polo 6r, when the lights are selected to off (0) then the dipped beams come on as the DRL as designed. When the lights are turned to dipped beam, the lights do not come on at all dipped. All lights come on internally, along with the rear and registration lights. I have changed the controller switch, tried unplugging the battery so at an end now with what to do next. I don’t have a vagcom cable so it might be the next step. Thanks
  7. My 9N Polo (2002) has a issue with the Instrument Cluster. Everytime I turn the Ignition Key on, the Trip and Clock have reset to 0KM and 0:00 and the Immobilizer doesn't always allow the Motor to be started. Leave the Key in the run position for a second or two and it will then start and run fine. Both Trip and Clock work perfectly once the Motor is running. Is there a permanent feed to the Instrument Cluster that may be failing? On a few rare occasions the entire Instrument Cluster has been dead until many lock and unlock the door cycles. This problem has escalated over many months from being very intermittent to now being constant.
  8. Hello I'm new to this forum but certainly not new to vws. Having owned many many over the years before getting addicted to Audi quattros. Ive just bought a low mile 92 model polo fox in need of some love. The first issue I want to address is the fact I have the oil and coolant lights on solid red all the time. I know the oil pressure is good as I've tested with a gauge and the coolant is certainly not overheating. Has anyone got any suggestions? I'm thinking ground issue or clocks. Regards Steven
  9. A couple of years ago we had an MOT failure on one of the door locks of our 2002 1.2 Polo sticking. Unfortunately this cost us £400 to have repaired but since then other locks now intermittently stick. I try with the key in the door as well as the interior door button but the problem gets worse, even the one we had fixed has since started to stick which begs the question is it more electrical then mechanical ? The locks seem to work better when the car has been running a little but the problem does get worse these last few weeks. Don't use the car that much which won't help. Once a week usually. As the MOT is up again next month I don't want to be in the same scenario having to pay again for such an old car with over 100K on the clock, as much as I like the car still. Any advice what this could be please ?
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