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Found 9 results

  1. Evening all, I have recently purchased a 2005 VW polo 1.4 Litre, the power steering does not work, the dashboard light is permanently lit, I have the following information after having the codes read, Address 09: Cent. Elect. Labels:. 6Qx-937-049-C.lbl Part No: 6Q1 937 049 D Component: 00BK BN-SG. 1S34 Coding: 25742 Shop #: WSC 00788 VCID: 3C76BCD92CDE42AAC1-5140 1 Fault Found: 01309 - Power Steering Control Module (J500) 49-00 - No Communications So what does this mean, where is the Power Steering control module located ??? The next fault is as follows 00562 - Sensor for Oil Level/Temperature (G266) 30-00 - Open or Short to Plus What do I need to change / replace to clear this fault The next , and final fault is as follows. 1 Fault Found: 17809 - EGR Valve (N18) P1401 - 35-00 - Short to Ground Readiness: 1010 0101 So can anyone advise what I need to do in order to rectify this fault please, Any help and guidance is very much appreciated, Thankyou Sayers
  2. Hi all, I have a corroded connection on the dash electrics and every now and then i have to wiggle the plug to the instrument cluster to get the fuel gauge and engine temp gauge to work (i know its not a good idea but I havent got round to fixing it). However I wiggled it today with the engine running and I heard a loud pop coming from the engine and it then cut out, it will not start again and when i try to start it i get a strong smell of petrol....... Any ideas anyone? checked all fuses etc, there is still a spark but no fire
  3. Hello my Mk2f keeps blowing its number 12 fuse and my inside light and radio won't work ??? What's going on people ??
  4. I've checked all fuses and wiring for my radio but no power all that is happening is the cd is going in and ejecting. No display nor light. Stereo is brand new so no issues there - please help desperately need music
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first post in a looooooong time, as I've just rejoined the world of Polo ownership yesterday with this little beauty: Absolutely delighted with it, 86k on the clock, remarkable body and paint and very strong motor. A real throw back to my first car, a mk2 breadvan almost 10 years ago! However somewhere in the electrics there's a bit of a gremlin lurking. Here's the issue: With the ignition turned on, turning on the headlights causes most of the guages to work incorrectly, the dash lights to go out and the clock to stop ticking. Turn them off again and everything returns to normal. Without the ignition on, but the headlights left on, this doesn't occur, although as I'm sure most of you know, in this instance only the sidelights are on drawing significantly less power. I am guessing that there is some kind of faulty earth in the headlight circuit or a dodgy relay or something, but before I went taking everything apart (not difficult on these I know), I wondered if anybody else had experienced a similar issue and could point directly to a common cause of this fault and save me a bit of rooting around! Thanks in advance, I look forward to getting back into the Vee Dub Club
  6. alastairrigby

    Electrical Issues

    (Mods please move this post if it's not in the correct part of the forum) Kind of a long one sorry but any help would be greatly appreciated I've had my 9N3 for three odd years now and largely it's been spot on but for the past 6 months it's been a fucking pig. Basically all started when I randomly got an EPC warning light out of nowhere, looked it up, replaced the brake switch and it was sorted but about a week later I got ABS warning light frequently and the power steering would cut out for no reason. However, if I turned the car on and off again it would be fine again immediately which showed me that it can't actually be a mechanical problem. On top of this a lot of the other electrics were temperamental as fuck, such as the stereo cutting out for no reason and the interior light flickering like mad. I assumed it was a bad battery and replaced it, which solved nothing, since then, I've had another battery, replaced the alternator, cleaned all the ground points, and replaced the positive and negative cables. For a couple of days it was spot on but tonight the headlights randomly cut out as I was driving and it took a good few tries to turn them on and off again. I've reached a point now where I feel like I'm just throwing money at the problem to no avail and everybody seems to have a different idea what it might be and it's simply not worth sinking that money into a bog stock 3 cylinder 9n3. If anybody has any ideas what it could be it would be brilliant because I'm at my absolute wits end, my brain's fried at thinking what it could be and I wanna sell the car asap but don't wanna sell it until I know the car is 100% reliable and safe and I'm not mugging anyone off. Cheers : AAASA
  7. fairfield07@hotmail.co.uk

    Adding Remote Central Locking to a 9N

    Hi guys, My 3 door 2004 9N Polo only has central locking and I want to use a key fob with it. I've been reading a few threads on here regarding remote central locking. I read that #6Q0959433E (http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg209/scaled.php?server=209&filename=poloecu.jpg&res=landing) had been used to replace the comfort control module on a 9N, but upon inspection of the one installed in my car the parts are a different shape and it wouldn't fit. Currently, this is the CCM I have #6Q1937049D. (https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSCRh3bkdn1wyFabjjrxjRovbd4vZjtDnlI3er7Y4Tncu88de2x) I have found the same part numbers ending in A, B, C etc. but I have no idea which have remote central locking or if they are even compatible with my car. I was hoping it would be as simple as an upgradable plug and play, I don't have the patience to fit a different shaped one or the experience to wire it in. If anyone can help, I would like the know the following: 1. Is there a CCM that is the same shape as my old one, with the addition of remote central locking? If so, where can I get one? (part number if possible) 2. If there is such a part, what frequency fob will I need to buy? (again, part number would be grand) 3. My car is a 3 door, if I buy one that comes from another 3 door car, can I avoid programming labour? How Can I be sure it comes from a 3 door? 4. Anything else I need to know, or let me know if I am completely wasting my time with this pipe dream!!!! I can't find the information I need to start this job so any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Sam
  8. Hola guys, Was looking at my car the other day, and I noticed all of these greatly positioned, yet pointless buttons situated under the heater controls. See attached. I assume that these were used for other features on the upgraded models. (Mine is just a 1.0 so they probably dont have them) So, what are the odds of me being able to wire up some extra buttons to these switches? Are there any kits I can buy or has anybody else done this kind of thing? Thanks, Jonny
  9. Hello, Hi, Picked up a Y reg 6n2 Diesel for £400 the other day, it was cheap because nothing works on it, cat c and 5 owners I was looking at the fusebox and noticed that the fuse hole for the electric roof is missing (35 IIRC) and when I went to replace it there is no clamps for the fuse legs to be attached to like what 37 has.. any ideas? Am I right in thinking that this fuse box is from a lower spec model or am I way off??????? Please Help
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